Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 855. High Life / Imitation Gold



New names introduced in “High Life” Arc.

★Young ladies and their bodyguards

Kanou Sakurako 16y/o Daughter of Kanou house, a family with a long history rivaling Kouzuki house.

Shiranui Shie / 17 y/o Sakurako’s bodyguard. A daughter of a family that serves Kanou house for generations.

Torii Mariko / 16 y/o Young lady of Torii electronics. She seems cut off from others, unable to read the mood.

Haiji Katori / 13 y/o Mariko’s bodyguard. However, a girl hired by contract. Half-race.

Kurama Misato / 18 y/o. Daughter of Kurama house, which is sinking down. Planned to become a prostitute.

Kurama Arisu / 13 y/o. Misato’s little sister. Always covers up her sister.

Anjou Mitama / 18 y/o. Misato’s bodyguard. “Will attack from the sky” – Favorite phrase Silent.

Anjou Kinuka / 13 y/o. Arisu’s bodyguard. Thick nerves.

Kuromiya Motoko / 17 y/o. A young warrior lady. Kuromiya spearmanship instructor.

Mikuriya Kurumi / 14 y/o Motoko’s bodyguard, a fluffy-haired cute girl.

Torii-san’s family isn’t in nobility?


I heard that only those who are nobility among nobility are allowed to have personal bodyguards in Misuzu’s school.

「 Torii house isn’t a family that will try to run over everyone else 」

Torii-san retorts.

「 Right. Torii-san’s family is indeed wealthy 」

One of the young ladies said.

I always hear the name “Torii electronics.”

It’s a big company.

If I recall correctly, they have a somewhat long history as well.

And it’s an enterprise known abroad, not just in Japan.

「 However, we don’t call families who are wealthy a nobility 」

「 Indeed, furthermore, Torii-san’s family business started at Showa, and it was post-war, wasn’t it? 」

「 A fruit of the economic boom? 」

「 Torii electronics was established 50 years ago, right? It’s just recent 」


Jii-chan mentioned the same thing on Yukino’s Shirasaka house.

True nobility doesn’t let owners of companies that started 50 years ago join them.

It doesn’t matter if their company has piled up multiple achievements and how rich they are.

「 If you want Torii-san’s family accepted, you need 50 more years 」

One of the young ladies says while showing a malicious smile.

「 You shouldn’t even be allowed to bring your bodyguard in school 」

「 Seriously, I detest people who don’t understand their position 」

Now I understand the reason why Torii-san’s the only one out of place.

And the reason why she couldn’t find herself a bodyguard in the country and hired one from outside instead.

She belongs to a family that doesn’t have the right to bring her a personal bodyguard.

Naturally, no bodyguard family served Torii house from generations before.

Other families won’t lend her a bodyguard either.

And bodyguards would refuse to work for them.

Other nobility will look at them coldly, after all.

「 I-I!!! 」

Torii-san, who is about to talk back in frustration, got stopped by Kanou-san’s hand.

「 Sure, Torii-san’s house isn’t qualified to have a personal bodyguard accompany her 」

Kanou-san tells the young ladies.

「 However, she, Torii Mariko-san, is qualified 」

She speaks with a serious look.

「 Mariko-san is Kanou Morinaga’s Granddaughter 」


「 Just like me 」

Kanou Sakurako-san and Torii Mariko-san are cousins?

「 Geez, you really are…. 」

Kanou-san sighed.

「 You have the blood of the head of Kanou house. Kanou house sent a wife to Torii house, one with lowly family status. That is a shame in the household. But, I don’t blame you, who were born as a result 」

「 W-What was that?! Are you mocking my mother! 」

Torii-san bites back at Kanou-san but…

「 Shut up! I belong to Kanou house! By all rights, you’re not allowed to speak to me directly! 」

Does that kind of status still exist in the modern age of Japan?

「 Your father seduced a woman of Kanou house, wanting power. And you will be used as a political marriage tool soon. Because they want to raise the status of Torii house 」

Kanou-san speaks harshly.

「 Your mother was nobility, and soon you will follow, knowing that, we allowed Mariko-san to behave as a daughter of nobility. We even let you have a bodyguard 」

In short, they know that she’s a “semi-nobility daughter.”

「 Mariko-san isn’t a genuine noble! You should notice that already. If not, you’ll just embarrass me! You have my blood in you! 」

Torii-san bites her lips.

「 I-I don’t consider myself as Kanou-san’s relative! 」

「 But I do! The society does! Truth is truth. You can’t bend it! 」

Kanou-san speaks with hate.

「 That’s enough for you two 」

Misuzu intervenes.

「 Torii-san, Kanou-sama speaks harshly, but she’s worried about you 」

Misuzu looks at Kanou-san.

「 If not, then the young lady of Kanou head house will not visit this mansion 」


「 Kanou-sama’s family rivals Kouzuki house in history. No, I believe that Kanou-sama’s house was established 300 years before Kouzuki house 」

Kanou house is older than Kouzuki house?

「 Therefore, I’m highly grateful that Kanou-sama took my invitation and came to this mansion for the party. But, the daughter of Kanou house not sitting together with everyone else is… 」

Kanou house has a high status. They have so much history.

Therefore, she was sitting alone in one table before the start of the lecture.

Jii-chan asked Kanou-san to sit on Misuzu’s table.

He concluded that she can’t join in with the other young ladies, and so he gave her preferential treatment.

「 Everyone, it’s in the past. Currently, Kanou house is far from reaching Kouzuki house’s prosperity 」

Kanou-san said and looked at Misuzu.

「 However, the pride as a nobility still remains 」

Indeed, since Kanou house has a high status among nobility…

Torii Mariko-san, who has Kanou house’s head as her Grandfather, is accepted as a nobility daughter.

「 I thought of coming personally to monitor Mariko-san so she won’t put shame on Kanou house. I’m genuinely sorry for the trouble she caused in Kouzuki house 」

This is a gathering of young ladies who have bodyguards in Misuzu’s school.

Torii-san is invited naturally.

And then, Torii-san who came to Kouzuki house may do something impolite, and so…

Kanou-san came here, worried.

If Torii-san wasn’t here, Kanou-san would’ve refused Misuzu’s invitation.

She has no interest in a party hosted by Kouzuki house…

「 And Mariko-san seriously said unpleasant lines, and her bodyguard was also an idiot! I’m incredibly embarrassed that I’d like to bury myself into a hole! 」

Kanou-san said.

「 Mariko-san, apologize to everyone, and we will take our leave! 」

She glared at Mariko-san.

「 I don’t want to! 」

Torii-san glared back.

「 I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong! 」

「 Mariko-san! 」

「 No means no! 」

Torii-san said flatly.

「 I also have my pride as the daughter of Torii house. I will not withdraw after my parents were turned to laughingstock! 」

I can understand what she’s trying to say.

Torii-san’s family, Torii electronics, is a first-class enterprise in Japan now.

She probably couldn’t agree with their idea of family standing.

「 Besides! What Kanou house?! Sure, they have pride in their past, but that was before I was born! Kanou house is nothing now! 」

「 Kanou house is… 」

「 Kanou-san’s father is only assigned as the honorary president or board director on a few societal organizations. He’s not a company manager, an important person in the government, nor a member of the Diet. Kanou house doesn’t bring anything new nowadays! You’re just barely living with your name as nobility from the past! 」

I see.

Kanou house is collapsing, only having their high social status remaining.

「 Even so! Kanou house isn’t just another noble family! We have history! 」

Kanou-san shouts.

「 Indeed, you do have history. If you were an ordinary noble house, then you’ll crumble down once you start sinking like Kurama-san’s family, but… 」

Torii-san looked at the Kurama sisters.

Kurama Misato looks down in embarrassment.

Arisu-san embraces her elder sister from behind.

「 But Kanou house which has a high social status won’t collapse that easy 」

Torii-san said. Kanou-san groaned.

「 That’s why other families assign members of Kanou house as honorary members since Kanou family doesn’t want to feel disgraced as a member of the nobility, showing that they still live in wealth 」

Torii-san grinned.

「 Mariko-san, are you serious about that? 」

Kanou-san talks back.

「 Torii house even lets Kanou-san’s family have some honorary position in our company! Don’t think that I’ll allow all this ridicule on my family! 」

I see.

Kanou house is only a family with nobility status, but they don’t have any money or social status.

On the other hand, Torii house has a lot of money from its company but not accepted as nobility.

I don’t know the reason why Torii-san’s parents married, but…

Most people think that it’s a political marriage for money and honor.

Therefore, everyone thinks that Torii-san will soon become another wife for a political marriage to a family that is about to fall to ruin.

And with that situation, the young ladies don’t keep Torii-san company.

And everyone is at a loss on how to deal with Kanou-san, who belongs to a family that has nothing but high nobility status.

I now also understand why Torii-san suddenly introduced herself to Jii-chan without warning.

It’s not that she can’t read the mood.

She has no care about nobility, social status, nor authority.

Therefore, she greets Jii-chan, the head of Kouzuki house, as someone equal to her.

「 Are you done, Kanou-sama? Torii-san? 」

Misuzu said.

「 It’s improper for relatives to insult each other 」

Kanou-san, who gushed out her screams before she knew it felt ashamed.

「 I-I’m very sorry for the fuss we made 」

She stands up and bows to Misuzu and the other young ladies 」

「 We will leave right away. Torii-san, let’s go 」

Kanou-san tells Torii-san, but…

Torii-san looks displeased.


「 Wait 」

Misuzu says calmly.

「 It’s much more discourteous if you leave after that situation 」

Kanou-san looks at Misuzu angrily.

「 Just as you have your pride as the daughter of Kanou house, I have my status as the daughter of Kouzuki house. If you two went home, it would develop as a problem between my Grandfather and Kanou-sama’s Grandfather 」

It’s hard to preserve the relationship between two families with high social standing.

「 If that happens, I don’t know how I should apologize to Grandfather. To tell you the truth, Sakurako-san… 」

Misuzu calls her by her first name.

「 I’m a year older than you, and so you call me your senior in school, however… 」

She stares at Kanou-san.

「 Even if your family has a higher status than others, you mustn’t forget to be considerate with other families. You look only at yourself, and never at others 」

I mean, it’s as expected from the lady of Kanou house, she hardly cares about the face of Kouzuki house or other families and just acts on impulse.

She’s like Torii-san in a sense.

The two of them are basically arrogant people.

「 I apologize 」

Kanou-san bows her head.

「 Stay until the end of the party. We will send you home by car later 」

Misuzu looks at Torii-san.

「 Torii-san, please sit down 」

「 Yes 」

Torii-san reluctantly agrees.

「 As expected of Misuzu-sama! 」

The young ladies are impressed.

「 As expected, Kouzuki house is of higher rank than Kanou house! 」

「 Shh! If she hears that, Kanou-sama will cry! 」

「 Oh my, you’re right 」

「 Torii-san is no match against Kouzuki-sama’s authority after all 」

「 They’re no match. Torii electronics against Kouzuki group 」

Family social standing, assets, and lineage, Kanou house nor Torii house, is no match against Kouzuki house even if they pile that up.

With that thought, nobody other than Misuzu can handle these cousins better than Misuzu.

「 Now then, I’m very sorry to keep you all waiting everyone 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’m also hungry now. Let’s eat 」

As soon as Misuzu said that.

Kouzuki SS maids take off the cover on the garden party catering meals.

They also bring cold drinks from the mansion.

They bring over warm and delicious meals from the side.

As expected.

There were some troubles after the toast, but…

They coped with it so they could serve the meals in their best state during the party.

They’re probably accustomed to serving parties Jii-chan hosts.

Parties where they have VIP from foreign countries, or guest of honor coming in late often happens.

At times like that, they consider bringing delicious food at perfect timings.

「 You two should eat 」

Misuzu smiled at Kanou-san and Torii-san.

「 I-I… 」

「 I also… 」

The two show a gloomy face.

「 Oh? Are you still trying to be rude? 」

Misuzu smiled and said.

「 Enjoying the party is a way of consideration for others. Naturally, speaking your thoughts for the meals are included 」

「 Yes, let’s go, Mariko-san 」

Kanou-san stands up and heads to the meals in the catering.

「 W-What? Just go by yourself, Kanou-san 」

Torii-san complained.

「 We need to show the other young ladies that we made peace after Misuzu-sama made arrangements. This is the gratitude for Misuzu-sama’s care 」

「 Haa. I get it, we cannot cause more troubles on Kouzuki-sama’s party any more than this 」

Torii-san stood up.

Shie-san, Kanou-san’s bodyguard, walks behind her like it’s natural.

Torii-san noticed that.

「 Haiji, let’s go 」

She calls Adelheid-san behind her, but…

Adelheid-san’s not moving.

「 Right, very well. I’ll end my contract with you by the end of the month 」

Adelheid-san looked at Torii-san in surprise.

「 There’s no other way. I cannot have you around me after embarrassing me that way 」

Adelheid-san looks down with a teary face.

Torii-san looks at Kurama-san…

「 If possible, I’ll take Kurama-san’s two bodyguards. Naturally, that means Torii house will pay the transfer fee to Kurama house. Your family needs every little bit of money, right? 」

Kurama Misato and Arisu don’t answer.

「 W-We…! 」

「 We!! 」

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka try to refuse Torii-san, but.

「 I’m not talking to you two 」

She’s showing that she’s negotiating with the Master.

「 Oh well. You have until the end of the party to think about it. I had to stay until the end, after all. I’d prefer not to go home without a bodyguard 」

That means she wants to hire Mitama-san and Kinuka-san and go home with them.

「 Well, it doesn’t have to be you two anyway 」

Torii-san leaves the table with Kanou-san.

「 Danna-sama 」

Misuzu calls me

I head to Misuzu along with the disguised Luna.

Ruriko and Shou-neechan come over.

Edie’s behind Michi.

On the other hand, Michi and Yomi are separated from us.

If Yomi and Luna are together, they’ll find out that Luna was the girl who fought Kyouko-san earlier.

Tendou Otome, the Kansai Yakuza spy, is still there.

Rei-chan and Margo-san are having a friendly chat with their fans.

Yoshiko-san’s keeping company of the young ladies of the Kouzuki group.

「 That was amazing, Misuzu 」

I said.

「 I’m worried that things might go sought, but you managed to settle them down 」

「 Well, only half of it, yes 」

Misuzu said.

Right, Tendou Otome might still have some tricks up her sleeve.

「 But, I was worried. I thought of various countermeasures with Michi and Yomi, and yet 」

For now, let’s put them to use.

「 We also brainstormed 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Ruriko and I are in the frontlines of Kouzuki house’s battlefield 」


Misuzu and Ruriko will continue their lives as daughters of the nobility.

「 Just a bit more and you will take hold of the young ladies’ thoughts 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 For the bodyguards of the young ladies to accept the control of Kouzuki SS… 」

The bodyguards have to be with them for 24 hours a day.

And they’ll become aware of that house’s movements.

「 And another one 」

Edie smiled.

「 That’s why we will cause a disturbance for that 」

A disturbance?

Edie goes to Adelheid-san, who’s feeling depressed.

「 Hey! You! Yes, you 」

Adelheid-san looked up. Edie smiled.

「 Doesn’t look good for you, does it? Your life in Japan might be over already 」

Yeah, in this situation.

Torii-san will dismiss Adelheid-san, and no other family will hire her.

She failed on her exaggerated A-class license, her way of promoting herself.

「 But, do you have the skill? 」

「 My skill? 」

「 I’m asking if you’re useful 」

Edie said. Adelheid-san looks blankly.

「 Maybe not now. The party just started, but something will happen in 25 minutes 」

「 Something? 」

「 A sideshow for the party! 」

Edie said.