Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 856. High Life / My worth is too low?!



New names introduced in “High Life” Arc.

★Young ladies and their bodyguards

Kanou Sakurako 16y/o Daughter of Kanou house, a family with a long history rivaling Kouzuki house.

Shiranui Shie / 17 y/o Sakurako’s bodyguard. A daughter of a family that serves Kanou house for generations.

Torii Mariko / 16 y/o Young lady of Torii electronics. She seems cut off from others, unable to read the mood.

Haiji Katori / 13 y/o Mariko’s bodyguard. However, a girl hired by contract. Half-race.

Kurama Misato / 18 y/o. Daughter of Kurama house, which is sinking. Planned to become a prostitute.

Kurama Arisu / 13 y/o. Misato’s little sister. Always covers up her sister.

Anjou Mitama / 18 y/o. Misato’s bodyguard. “Will attack from the sky” – Favorite phrase. Silent.

Anjou Kinuka / 13 y/o. Arisu’s bodyguard. Thick nerves.

Kuromiya Motoko / 17 y/o. A young warrior lady. Kuromiya spearmanship instructor.

Mikuriya Kurumi / 14 y/o Motoko’s bodyguard, a fluffy-haired cute girl.

★Kansai Yakuza spy

Tendou Otome / 17 y/o/ She infiltrated as a bodyguard of the granddaughter of Mizushima holdings’ president.

「 Do you know why you failed? 」

Edie asks Adelheid-san.

Ah, Edie’s now closer to us, and so…

Michi and Yomi are moving to distance themselves from us now.

Yeah, Yomi will be checking on the other young ladies and their bodyguards.

Tendou Otome-san, the Kansai Yakuza spy, is on the table far from us.

She’s talking to her Master, the young lady speaking for her.

They’re probably planning on doing something.

「 That’s because Seki-sama from Kouzuki SS hindered me 」

Adelheid-san glared at Edie and replied.

「 Yes, you called? 」

Shou-neechan turns around.

「 Hmm, not really 」

Edie says, smiling wryly.

「 B-But… 」

Adelheid-san seems unconvinced.

「 Then, let’s change the question. Your former master called out to the sisters over there after saying dismissing you 」

Sisters. She means the Anjou sisters.

Anjou sisters looked at Edie and Adelheid-san.

No, their Masters, the Kurama sisters. Kanou-san and Shie-san as well.

Torii-san’s the only one who’s on the catering side and is biting on a sandwich.

However, nobody comes close to her. I guess the young ladies avoid her.

「 Then, why do you think it was them? 」

Edie smiled at Adelheid-san.

「 Mariko-ojousama needs a new bodyguard to replace me 」

Adelheid-san speaks in frustration.

「 That’s all? 」

「 What else do I know?! 」

Adelheid-san is angry.

「 You derived your conclusion with yourself at the center. And since you evaluate yourself highly, it’s natural you think that way 」

「 What are you trying to say!? I’m a first-class bodyguard! 」

Adelheid-san said. Edie laughed.

「 I thought so too. Maybe you’re telling the truth. You might be strong 」

「 I get it. If you’re going that far, then let’s fight! 」

Adelheid-san takes a stance.

「 Too early. Everyone just started eating. The sideshow is for later 」

「 Don’t call my strength a sideshow! 」

As soon as she said that, Edie released a strong Qi.

「 Ugu! 」

Adelheid-san’s unable to move after applying Qi on her.

「 Listen to what I’m saying 」

Adelheid-san glared at Edie.

「 Sure, you might be strong. At least, you think that you have the skill…However 」

On the other hand, Edie speaks with an unbreaking smile.

「 Nobody knows that. You can evaluate yourself as strong as much as you want, but others will only react, “Huh? What do you mean?” 」

「 I’m an A-rank graduate of the academy! 」

Adelheid-san objects. Still unable to move.

「 And that’s why the reaction is “Huh? What’s that?” 」

Edie laughed.

「 Japan is a country that focuses on achievements more. You can graduate from all the well-known academy, but if you’re lacking in actual experience, then they’ll treat you as a beginner 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 What’s necessary is the years you worked on-site, and if possible, good results. I had an S-rank from the academy, but they evaluate me by my work as Kakka’s bodyguard than the license. He’s one of the VIP of this country, and all the people he meets are leaders inside and outside of the political and business circles. My evaluation depends on how I take control of the locations where Kakka is present 」

Jii-chan’s personal bodyguard is Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, but…

Those two are muscle bodyguards.

It’s Shou-neechan and chief Yazawa dealing with the whole division of bodyguards and all the coordination with the people Jii-chan meets.

Drafting plans for bodyguards, setting personnel, managing them, discussing how to deal with other parties, and if the guest of honor is from a foreign country, they need to learn to be proficient in that language.

「 To me, the S-rank license is only a decoration among my skills. 」 It’s more-or-less useful when dealing with people in the West. I didn’t get the job only because of the S-rank license. 」

Shou-neechan looked at me.

「 It’s both a good and bad thing about Japan prioritizing experience at work. For example, in the West, if they want an artist, they’ll look for art school graduates. The difference between professional and amateur is the education they received. And so, artists in the West have the art school they graduated from written in their profile. They wouldn’t accept you as an artist if you didn’t graduate. No matter how interesting is the work of a person who hasn’t graduated is, they’ll see it as an amateur work, and so they’ll never accept it as art 」

I see.

「 But, in Japan, lots of artists aren’t even graduates, see? Well, some cliques belong to some art university, but the question of “what kind of art do they make” is much more important. Is it a good one? An interesting one? They seek that more than others. In Japan, lots of illustrators have high value even though they haven’t graduated from an art school, right? 」

I don’t know much about that, though.

「 However, the problem is that the social evaluation and money value of art here is low in this country. It’s the cause why amateurs evaluated with high talent is paid lowly. But, just like the modern art people claiming that one should concentrate on arts university origin, I don’t think that Japan should follow the West in their Art. If that happens, the artists who accepted professional education will be left to ask for the country’s funding. I think old men make that claim to make it easy for themselves 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 After all, well, Japanese people do love getting various licenses for anything, that you can’t work at some jobs without a license. But having only a license won’t do 」

She smiled at Adelheid-san.

「 You probably don’t understand my feelings after getting an A-rank license 」

Adelheid-san speaks with a gloomy tone.

「 Oh? But I do. I also enrolled at that academy. If I recall, you’re still 13. And I know how difficult it is for a 13-year-old to get an A-3 license. You need quite a lot of skill to do that. You finished school by skipping grades, right? A high school graduate at age 13. 」

Kouzuki SS already had examined the profile of the bodyguards of the young ladies that came here.

Shou-neechan’s the head of that. She knows all of it.

「 If you know that, then why did you devalue me earlier?! 」

Adelheid-san protests.

「 Children who cut herself into adult business gets kicked out. 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Kouzuki SS is a bodyguard company specialized in Japan nobility. Reika and I, members of that company, are present. Yet, you think that we’ll let your unreasonable business go through? 」


Adelheid-san wasn’t just trying to promote herself, she was telling the other young ladies that she can introduce other A-rank license holders to them.

「 It was so rude and coarse that you don’t think of what the other side thinks. The young ladies were all having fun listening to what you had to say. Still, in reality, they won’t hire you nor show interest in the academy graduates you want to introduce them. This is Japan after all 」

「 What do you mean? 」

Adelheid-san asks with a serious face.

「 I have the skill. I can work flawlessly as a bodyguard. Also, the people I will introduce will have the academy license… 」

Adelheid-san looks at the bodyguards in the courtyard.

Most of them are following their Master closely, but.

Some eat together with their Master like they’re friends.

And some are away from their Masters, clinging to Rei-chan and Margo-san.

「 At least, I’m better than most of the bodyguards in this place 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 As I said, that’s your self-evaluation 」

Edie smiled wryly.

「 You have no achievements in this country. Those LADIES don’t know if the academy graduate is better or not 」

「 That’s right. The world doesn’t revolve around your standards 」

Edie and Shou-neechan tell her.

「 And that’s why you want me to fight you to show my skill? 」

Adelheid-san’s hand is sweating.

Oh, I see. This girl.

Torii-san is her first duty as a bodyguard as she just graduated from the academy.

She lacks experience.

「 It’s too late though 」

Edie said.

「 If you wanted to show off your skill, then you should’ve done something during Kyouko’s attack 」

Kyouko-san’s invasion earlier.

Edie and Michi participated in the battle. Yomi and Luna. Rei-chan and Margo-san.

Then, Anjou Mitama and Kinuka.

「 Torii-sama called them out because they tried to challenge Kyouko Messer 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 T-Their attack didn’t do anything! 」

That’s right. Anjou sisters’ Skylab Hurricane Mixer was a miss.

Kyouko-san grabbed Kinuka-san, who has a helmet on, and that was the end of it.

「 Really? It’s much better than freezing in place and unable to do anything, right? 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 I concluded that protecting Mariko-sama is the best thing I could do in that situation! If you talk about people who can’t move, then include all the other bodyguards too! 」

Adelheid-san objects.

「 It’s the same. You didn’t do anything as a result. The noble ladies know that you’re nothing different from the other bodyguards. No amount of appeal can change that 」

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Besides, hiring those girls is a significant advantage for Torii-sama. After all, they were the girls who jumped at Kyouko Messer with all these young ladies watching. Torii-sama will bring those girls to her, and whenever she meets someone, she can use that as a conversation starter. “These girls fought against Kyouko Messer. Well, they didn’t win, however. ufufufu” and something along those lines 」

「 That will become a topic among bodyguards? 」

Adelheid-san glared at Shou-neechan.

「 Oh? That’s a tale of heroism. That’s a good thing for bodyguards. It’s boring to bring a bodyguard who has no story to talk about 」

Shou-neechan’s right. The attention goes to Anjou sisters for fighting off Kyouko-san.

That is why Torii-san locked on them right away.

「 On the other hand. I can somehow understand now why you don’t evaluate your master highly compared to the other houses 」

Torii Mariko-san’s mother belonged to Kanou house, and so she’s accepted as a young lady, but…

Torii house isn’t evaluated that highly. They’re wealthy, however.

「 I know that. I have investigated Mariko-sama’s relationship with others 」

As expected of an A-rank license holder. Adelheid-san said with her chest puffed in pride.

「 And you came to Japan hired by that kind of Master 」

「 As a bodyguard. A professional A-rank bodyguard! 」

Adelheid-san appeals loudly.

「 But, that girl won’t hire you. Other girls never will 」

「 Why?! 」

「 They don’t like used goods. If she doesn’t accept you, others never will 」

「 I don’t understand! I’m different from Mariko-ojousama. Also, I’m only under a contract with Torii house, Torii house’s matters shouldn’t relate to me! 」

「 And that reasoning will not work in the adult’s world 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 And it’s not just in Japan. It applies to the West as well. Naturally, the West is fussy about who has connections to who. Not knowing that means you can’t cross over this world 」

「 I don’t understand! 」

Adelheid-san shows resentment.

「 Well, you’re just 13 and a fresh graduate of the academy, it can’t be helped. You didn’t have a Master as well 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 But, we can’t leave girls like you alone. If left alone, bad people will use someone like you as their sacrificial pawn for convenience 」

「 I’m not an idiot that evil people can use 」

「 We’re not worried about you. To tell the truth, if we leave you alone, someone will use you, and it’s troublesome, so we’ll get ahead of them 」

I see.

If at that time…

Edie didn’t call out to Adelheid-san, who got dismissed…

Adelheid-san will look for a new employer, and try to promote herself among the young ladies in the courtyard.

However, the young ladies in here will never hire Torii-san, a bodyguard that just got dismissed.

Furthermore, everyone in here has their personal bodyguard.

Adelheid-san will try to promote herself, asserting that she’s from Europe.

It becomes a trouble for other bodyguards.

And Tendou Otome will not let that go by.

No, it’s probably her ground to talk to Adelheid-san and say, “let’s find you an employer,” to pull on her side.

Therefore, they went and talked to her to beat her to the punch.

「 You smell trouble, but it can’t be helped 」

Edie sighed.

「 And in the end, what do you want me to do?! 」

Adelheid-san doesn’t break her challenging behavior.

「 Are you telling me to join Kouzuki SS? 」

Ah, Adelheid-san changed the force of argument.

She’s quick but troublesome.

After understanding that her skill will not get her reemployed by other families…

This time, she’s targeting Kouzuki SS>

「 You’re not suited in company work. You lack loyalty 」

Edie said.


If Adelheid-san joins Kouzuki SS…

She’ll only think of it as a stepping stool.

If she finds a better employer, she’ll resign right away.

She’ll only cause trouble to people, not even thinking of passing the baton.

It works in foreign countries, but not in Japan.

If Kouzuki SS were to hire her, it would hurt the trust in the company.

「 Rather than that, nobody will hire you without knowing your skill 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 I think you already know, but Misuzu-sama is the host for today’s party. Anything we’re to do needs Misuzu-sama’s approval 」

Shou-neechan looked at Misuzu.

Misuzu and Ruriko are discussing something.

「 The ladies of Kouzuki house will decide what happens to you ultimately. I can report to my superiors but, I have no right to say. Do you understand? 」

The problems of young ladies’ bodyguards is a delicate one.

The young ladies look at Adelheid-san doubtfully.

Shou-neechan can’t decide for herself whether she’s accepted or not.

「 As I said earlier, I’m a graduate of Academy, and I know the true worth of your A-3 license. But, it’s meaningless even if I do. You need to show your worth to the young ladies in here, and make them understand 」

「 Make them understand? 」

Adelheid-san repeats.

「 That’s right. It’s meaningless to make an appeal the young ladies won’t understand. Basically, you’re not showing your strength 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 You can have all the abilities you need as a bodyguard, but the young ladies don’t know martial arts. They might not even be interested 」

And that’s why, earlier, during the exhibition match.

Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Rei-chan, and Margo-san…

They showed a battle filled with charm.

Furthermore, it’s a fight where they appealed their strength and skills to the young ladies.

And so the young ladies had fun watching, and after it was over, their evaluation of the four never went down.

Instead, it turned Rei-chan and Margo-san popular.

「 I finally understand what you’re trying to say 」

Adelheid-san understood.

She’s not an idiot. She’s just young.

She’ll understand once you explain it to her.

「 Then, who do I fight? 」

Adelheid-san looked at Shou-neechan.

「 Reika and I won’t do. Neither will Michi-san and Edie-san. It’s unreasonable for you to fight bodyguards that are involved with Kouzuki 」

「 If the bodyguards here understood that I’m stronger, what position will you give me? 」

No, look.

That’s not how it works.

She doesn’t get how the world works.

「 Hmm. You think you can win against Michi or me? 」

Edie smiled.

「 Well, if it’s against them, I will not lose 」

Adelheid-san looks at Yomi, who stands a bit further than Michi.


I guess Miko power was a misfire.

Well, Luna…

She’s still clinging behind me.

「 Those girls have a special skill. They just started in martial arts 」

Edie explained.

「 You jest. Nobody will understand my skill if I just overwhelm a beginner 」

Yeah, well.

I think that Adelheid-san will lose.

Kyouko-san’s speed is monstrous, and so she could deal with Yomi before she used her power, but.

She can take on Adelheid-san in an instant.


「 Would you like to have a fight with me? 」

Says Shie-san, Kanou-san’s bodyguard.

「 Sakurako-ojousama, please give me your approval 」

「 Shie, why would you? 」

Kanou-san’s surprised.

Shie-san looked at Shou-neechan.

「 Seki-sama, uhm, is Kouzuki SS taking part-time recruits? 」


「 Shie, what are you talking about? 」

「 Sakurako-ojousama, I’m thinking of leaving school 」

「 What did you say?! 」


「 If I drop out, then I can’t become Sakurako-ojousama’s bodyguard in school, but when you’re studying, I will be free. I can apply myself to work at Kouzuki SS meanwhile 」

She wants to work part-time in Kouzuki SS while Kanou-san is in school?

「 I can take the job of defending a VIP during the day. I don’t mind working as a subordinate in such places. Anyway, I would like to work along with others, wearing the same uniform in a post 」

Shie-san said.

「 Is Kanou house’s financial situation that unattractive? 」

Misuzu, who was talking to Ruriko, turned to Shie-san and asked.

「 N-No, that’s not the case. However, I would like to pay for my food 」

No, Shie-san is a bodyguard of Kanou house 24 hours a day.

Shouldn’t Kanou house shoulder for her necessities?

「 No, actually, I want to save up money 」

「 Shie? 」

Kanou-san’s surprised.

「 I would like to save up some funds for when Ojou-sama becomes independent of Kanou house 」

Kanou-san will leave her house?