Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 944. Night of Flirting / Tired penis sex




「 I’m a bit worn-out 」

I mutter while waiting for the elevator to return to the monitoring room.

「 Somehow, there are too many events packed today 」

The party, the fight in the karaoke bar, dealing with the Yakuza and their daughters, raping Rie, and then Tokuda Sonoko-san and Tendou Otome.

「 Darling, want to take a rest? 」

Edie asks worriedly.

「 There’s no need to deal with the twins right now, you can do it tomorrow. Black Forest already has the girls, and tomorrow, they will move together with Kurosawa-san, Tokuda-san, and Otome-chan, the extra to that building in front of the station 」

Nei said.

“That building.” It’s an annex of the Black Forest located underground of a city hotel in front of the station where Minaho-neesan will reopen the brothel.

Rie and Eri are my sex slaves, but they’re not family, and so they can’t come to the mansion.

Therefore, the prostitute candidates will also stay in that establishment.

「 That’s not all, Nei. Kurama sisters will also go there 」

Edie said. I remembered.

Kurama Misato-san and Arisu-san, the former young ladies.

It’s only the elder sister who’s going to become a prostitute though.

Arisu-san will become my sex slave.

I haven’t talked to the sisters yet.

「 And maybe, the Anjou sisters will chase after the Kurama sisters 」



Anjou Mitama and Kinuka, the bodyguards of Kurama sisters.

We haven’t decided what to do with them.

Currently, the sisters will always accompany their master, the Kurama sisters.

「 That’s a lot of trouble 」

「 And that’s why you don’t have to force yourself, Yo-chan. How about putting the other twin for tomorrow? 」

Nei says, but…

「 No, Rie and Eri need to know their place from the start or it’ll get problematic. That’s why I’ll finish it today 」

If I show weakness, even for a bit, they’ll use that.

Sex with them is a constant battle.

I can’t yield, not even once.

I’ll make them surrender each time in sex.

I can’t let my guard down.

That’s what it means to have sex with women who aren’t in my family

And perhaps.

I have to train and polish myself with that kind of sex.

If I want sex where I can take it easy, then I have all the girls in the family.

「 I finally get what Minaho-neesan expects from me 」

With the Yakuza.

With turning Eri and Rie to my slaves.

With letting Tendou Otome and Sonoko-san hate me.

「 I must not fear hate from people. Fear, and hate. I need to become accustomed in threatening and making people surrender 」

I must not try to reach a mutual understanding with all the people I meet.

This world has people that we can never come to an understanding.

Shirasaka Sousuke. Cesario Viola.

Tendou Sadao.

Then, Tendou Otome and Sonoko-san.

I can’t reach a mutual understanding with them.

「 It’s just like a computer language. People who have different logic in their hearts will never understand each other 」

Nei speaks mournfully.

「 I feel sorry to say but if the rules and logic matches with the other side, I might be able to endure it alone, but if it only brings danger to my precious family, then I will avoid it 」

For example, if I talk to the Yakuza and they want to make a deal where we both declare draw due to injury, then…

It will only cause trouble for Kouzuki house. Jii-chan, Misuzu, and Ruriko will receive severe damage.

Kansai Yakuza placed Misuzu’s friends, the young ladies of nobility as their targets.

Therefore, I have to stand my ground.

Even when I know that Tendou Sadao and Irokuchou Ichirou will die as a result, we still sent them back to Kansai.

I must steel my heart and become cruel if we don’t want them to make a move on the young ladies of nobility ever again.

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia are already heading to Kansai, but that’s only the first step for the payback.

「 It’s the same with Kurama-san’s house too 」

I understood.

「 The young head of Kurama house is suffering the consequences of his actions, and if Jii-chan helped him. Other nobility will all rely on Jii-chan and Kaan house all the time 」

Kaan and Kouzuki house isn’t that mighty that they can save all the nobility.

If there’s no punishment for Kurama house, then all nobilities will collapse.

「 Therefore, it doesn’t matter if they call us demons. Kurama Misato-san will have to become a prostitute in exchange for keeping Kurama house at their minimum shape. It’s to show the nobility that if they carelessly cling to Jii-chan, there will be big compensation 」

「 Well, that’s basically it 」

Nei said.

「 Minaho-oneechan’s managing the New Black Forest alone means that only the big-shots from the nobility will be the customers. Therefore, only the upper-class will know that the young lady of Kurama house has fallen as a prostitute. The fall of Kurama house’s honor will not be known by the general public. Furthermore, there’s also the consideration of the eventual revival of Kurama house 」


Only the upper-class will know that Kurama Misato-san has become a prostitute.

It’s a punishment only in the world of nobility.

「 Well, they have relatives on other nobility, and since they don’t know if their daughter will receive the same penalty, her situation will create a rumor 」

Edie said.

「 No, Black Forest itself is a secret high-class brothel and a criminal organization, and so they will not speak of it in public, and those who do, will get punished 」


I see. That’s why Jii-chan entrusted the Kurama sisters to Minaho-neesan.

The Black Forest before Shirasaka Sousuke took over is a secret society meeting place among the nobility.

The parents of the nobility during Jii-chan’s age all go there.

Minaho-neesan has all the recordings of that time.

It holds the possibility of causing a fire of scandals on each family…

That matter is conveyed to the nobility during the time Shirasaka Sousuke was in control.

Officially, Shirasaka Sousuke stole the client list of Black Forest to some criminal organizations, and so Jii-chan punished him.

Kouzuki house is a nobility among nobilities that started during the Muromachi Period.

They fear Jii-chan but they trust that he doesn’t wish for the destruction of nobility.

Therefore, they believe that for as long as Jii-chan has the Black Forest under his grasp, there will be no leaks of records.

In that situation, no nobility would want to purposely attack Black Forest.

If they make a poor move, they don’t know how much the flames of scandal can spread.


Jii-chan is in control of the major mass media.

His face is known in the government too.

Furthermore, he also owns Kouzuki SS, a private army.

「 Thinking about it, this party has a lot going on 」

I thought.

「 The daughters know information about the problems of nobility 」

First, the fall of Kurama sisters.

They don’t know that Misato-san will become a prostitute, but…

They can imagine that it would be unthinkable.

The fact that Jii-chan didn’t save Kurama house too.

「 Right. When the young ladies return to their home, They will ask fathers and grandfathers “Are we okay? Did we not do anything that will anger Kouzuki house?” 」

Nei’s right.

If it’s the heads of nobility, they should be able to endure that serious question from their daughter or granddaughters.

And when they discover that the daughter of Kurama house has become a prostitute.

They will become serious as they don’t want their daughter to experience the same.

「 Then, Yo-chan, introducing yourself as Kuromori Kou to the public, and as Mii-chan’s fiance is a show to tell them that Kouzuki house has Black Forest in control 」

Minaho-neesan. No, Black Forest will not ignore Jii-chan’s orders and move on their own, that’s what the other heads of nobility know.

「 They will ask their girls “What kind of man is Misuzu-san’s partner?” 」

Nei said.

「 But, Darling is always by Misuzu’s side and is quiet. Darling didn’t show any arrogance nor try to make a move on other girls 」

「 Indeed, I’ve read everyone’s thoughts and they don’t seem to have any bad impressions with Sensei 」

Edie and Yomi said.

「 That means, they’ll see it as Yo-chan doesn’t make light of Kouzuki house 」

That’s great then.

「 Right. Kurama house received a heavy punishment but it also made an appeal that other nobility will trust Kouzuki house 」

「 Kaan house and Kanou house becoming friendly with each other is also big news 」

Yeah, Kaan Momoko-neechan and Kanou Sakurakou-san all pledged to become Misuzu’s sworn sister in front of everyone. That’s big news.

Surely, the daughters at the party will tell their parents and the head.

That means.

The fact that I’ve been at the party all that time.

I thought that it’s to improve Misuzu’s relationship with the young ladies, but…

Jii-chan intended to use it to show off to the nobility.

Therefore, Kyouko Messer entered the party.

For the young ladies, she’s only a celebrity on a battle show.

But for the adults who know Kyouko Messer’s true identity.

It shows that Kouzuki house hired Kyouko-san and she’s under control.

「 Then, there’s also the fuss with Otome, right? It was to have other nobility rally together with Kouzuki house to destroy Kansai Yakuza 」

Kansai Yakuza assaulted the party of the young ladies.

If Jii-chan says “I won’t forgive them,” then the other nobility will follow suit.

「 Oh, to make it happen, they allowed Tendou Otome to swim around and created a lot of noise for the other young ladies to see instead of dealing with her secretly 」

「 Yep. But, in truth, some nobility has some deals with the Yakuza. Thus, they will become conflicted on who to follow, is it Kouzuki house or the Yakuza? However 」

「 By tomorrow, Tendou Sadao and his group will return to Kansai as a counterattack. While they hesitate, Kouzuki house already started their retaliation. Kyouko-san is also making her move. The damage on Kansai Yakuza will grow and so those who hesitated before will have to follow Kouzuki house 」

「 Then that means 」

「 Kyouko and Cordelia’s operation in Kansai means that the dispute is over. Kyouko will completely destroy the groups over there. And Miss Cordelia will take Kansai before they can reach out to the other underground organization in Japan 」


「 If a foreign organization takes away a province, then they will have no time to deal with Kouzuki house 」

Right. Miss Cordelia.

Her objective is to spread her organization to Japan.

「 The nobility and Kouzuki would find it easier to negotiate with Cordelia compared to the current Kansai Organizations. There’s no unnecessary honor or something. It’s purely a negotiation of money 」

「 With that said, by next week, the dispute with the Kansai Yakuza will come to an end. The subordinates could still bear a grudge but there will hardly be any organization vs organization fights. Tsukiko-chan and Yomi-chan can go back to Takakura shrine in peace 」

There’s still a need to be careful with the individual Yakuza, but…

There will be no big organization coming to assault.

「 But, Yomi decided to live in here already 」

Yomi pushes her prided loli big tits to me.

Ooh, that’s squishy.

Haa, I feel horny now.

「 I want to go to take my personal stuff, but… 」

She’s been talking about going to the Takakura shrine all this time but we can’t do it for real.

I guess it’s because that place is the stronghold of Kansai Yakuza.

I embraced Yomi’s body.

「 Does this place have a shower room? 」

I thought.

「 I want to take a shower before going to the twins 」

I sweat a lot.

My penis still has Rie’s virgin blood.

I want to wash it away before I shove it inside Eri.

Eri’s deflowering is precious too.

「 If I recall, there’s a shower room on next to the nap room where the twins are staying 」

Nei said.

I see; it’s a set with the nap room.

「 Then, I’ll take a bath. Yomi, wash my back 」

I haven’t done it with Yomi yet.

「 Yeah, right. Yo-chan, you should take a shower and freshen up 」

Nei said.

「 After all, Otome and Sonoko left a bad taste in the mouth 」

The two will hate me forever.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s better than getting washed away by fate.

「 Uhm, should I come and wash your back too? 」

Haiji-san asks.


「 No, I’ll give you your time. I don’t want you to regret losing your virginity. For now, treasure yourself 」

「 However 」

「 I can enjoy Haiji-san’s naked body by then 」

I smiled.

「 For now, it would be a waste if I look at it, touch it, embrace it 」

I want to give my all in making love with this half-race cute girl.

「 I-I understand 」

Haiji-san accepted it.

「 Either way, Ruriko, and Nei’s going to record the other twin, right? That’s why Haiji can wait with me in the monitoring room. 」

Edie will look after Haiji-san again.

I see. Edie wants a little sister who can fight, like Haiji-san.

「 Nei, got anything to kill time? 」

Edie asks Nei.

「 Well, if there’s two of you, there should be game consoles to entertain you. I think that the guys from Kouzuki SS have some at the nap room to use during their break times 」

So it exists.

Oh right, when Nei was installing the video cameras, she connected it to power cords.

「 What are those? 」

「 If I recall, there’s “Major Wii Perfect Closer” 」

「 You know what kind of game is that, Nei? 」

「 Yeah, I do, I know. It’s a famous game, it’s a baseball game but “The batter, pitcher, and umpire all pose with their asses facing you, and then, the head of the pitcher while pitching twists 180 degrees, and then the arm of the pitcher become so fat that it surprises you” 」

「 What the hell? 」

Edie’s dumbfounded.

「 It’s famous for all its bugs! Furthermore, it’s going in the 9th inning with 5 on 2 on overtime. 」

W-What’s with that baseball game?

「 If I recall, it has the awarded as the shittiest game of the year 」

Oh, the people from Kouzuki SS didn’t leave it here, they threw it.

「 Uhm, I don’t even know the rules of baseball 」

Haiji-san said.

「 It’s okay, don’t mind it, the game’s baseball rules are messed up anyway. Like, it’s a foul when the catcher takes the ball the center batted.

T-That’s messed up.

「 That’s unplayable then 」

Edie speaks regretfully.

「 Also, there are plastic models to make. If I recall, it was the Original SD No.18 Warrior Seita Lowgrade calm cloud horse-riding special. Want to make that? 」

「 I’ll decide when I see it 」

Edie replied.


This American girl who never knew Japan until half a year ago, and…

This Half-Foreign girl who stayed in Europe all this time…

Do they get it? Gunpla?

「 Oh well. Darling can take his time refreshing with Yomi 」

Edie smiled and said.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, I’ll start washing Sensei’s back 」

Yomi and I are in the shower room.

「 Ah, this shower is the same as the ones used in pools 」

Yomi looked at the nozzle of the shower.

It’s not the type that you can hold the showerhead and wash oneself with it.

It’s the type that has the nozzle on the ceiling and let it flow down.

Well, thinking about it, this is the shower room attached next to the nap room in this Kouzuki SS building. So it’s mostly the same type as the one they use at school.

Putting that aside.

「 Yomi, come here 」

I embraced Yomi.

「 Kyauu 」

Ah, shit. That was a bit strong.

What’s wrong with me?

Why am I being impatient?

「 It’s okay. Yomi can read Sensei’s thoughts 」

Yomi smiled at me.

「 Nei-oneesama and Edie-oneesama understand. Haiji-san doesn’t seem to understand it, but… 」

Huh, what?

「 Err, Nei-oneesama thoughts said that it’s something about fatigue erection? 」

The loli big-tits girl said with a smile.

「 When men feel mentally exhausted, they want to have intense sex, right? That’s what Nei-oneesama’s memory tells me. 」

Ah, I…

「 I know that Sensei’s feeling horny ever since coming out of Otome-chan’s room. Also, when Yomi pushed her breasts earlier, your penis got hard, right? Onee-sama noticed that too

They noticed that I got erect?

「 Yes, we all have sex with Sensei. We’ll notice it naturally 」

That’s somewhat embarrassing

「 Then, Sensei, you feel horny right now that you want to break the other twin’s virginity, right? But you feel sorry that you’ll deflower them with that emotion, right? That’s why you invited Yomi to take a shower, right? 」

I can’t lie to this girl who can read minds.

「 Yeah. I guess, er..sorry 」

「 Why apologize? 」

Yomi looks blankly at me.

「 Like, Yomi’s looking like a sexual outlet for me right now 」

Yomi embraced me and kissed me in the lips.

「 Yomi’s happy that you chose me as your sexual outlet 」


「 Nei-oneesama and Edie-oneesama thought “Why he didn’t pick me, Tsk” 」


「 I know. Haiji-san’s present and so they have to look after her 」

Yomi laughed.

「 Besides, you felt Yomi’s breasts and so you now want to mess Yomi up, right? 」

Yomi shows her front.

She shows me her huge lump of meat wrapped in her bra.

「 It’s okay. Although, Sensei 」

Yomi speaks.

「 Yomi doesn’t want to read it from Sensei’s mind, Yomi wants to hear it from Sensei’s mouth 」


「 I want to fuck Yomi. I want to mess you up. I want to release all that horny inside me to your insides 」


「 Yes. Yomi wants the same. Please release it all inside Yomi

「 Yomi!!! 」

I embraced Yomi.

I bury my face on her chest.

「 Yomi will take off Sensei’s clothes. Sensei, take Yomi’s clothes off 」

「 Yeah 」

Then, we…

We take off each other’s clothes while standing.

Kissing each other again and again. Entwining our tongues.

「 Hurry, hurry! 」

「 Yomi! 」

We’re now naked

「 Do you want to violate Yomi from behind while taking a shower? 」

Yomi’s eyes are already wet from lust.

「 Yeah, I want to bang Yomi from behind while grabbing your breasts 」

「 Then, let’s do that. Sensei! 」


Yomi twists the shower nozzle.

Now we wait for the water to turn warm.

I attack Yomi from behind.

Water flows to us intensely.

「 Aahn, wait, Yomi wants to watch Sensei violate Yomi in that mirror over there 」

I want to see that too.

I bring Yomi to face the mirror.

The water flowing in our body warms us up.

Water pours above my head and wets my whole body.

「 Okay. Come, violate me Sensei, rape Yomi! 」

Yomi shouts the words I want to hear.

She sticks out her ass to me.

Compared to her chest who developed too much for her age, Yomi’s ass is just right.

It’s an ass of her age.

「 Sensei. Ufufu, Sensei wants Yomi’s butt. Ufufu 」

Yomi looks at me through the mirror as I stare at her naked back with lewd eyes.

Ooh, I can feel the water from the ceiling reaching my penis.

It feels great to have water flow through my erect penis.

I stroke it two, three times to wipe off the blood.

「 It’s okay. That’s good enough. It’s okay if it hurts, just shove it inside Yomi! 」

Yomi waits for insertion as she places her hands on the mirror.

「 Yomi!! 」

I embraced Yomi from behind.

I massaged her cute breasts from behind.

I lick Yomi’s smooth back.

「 Aaaahn~ Sensei! 」

Then, my erect penis.

It faces Yomi’s entrance while we’re in standing position.

「 Ufu, Yomi will guide it 」

Yomi grabs my penis.

Then, she leads it to her entrance.

「 Now penetrate me like this, Sensei! 」

I grab Yomi’s breasts tightly.

Then, I shoved it in.

「 Aaaaaaahn!! 」


It’s warm, a different warmth from the water pouring on our body.

Then, the sliminess of her love nectar.

Yomi’s insides are already moist.

Furthermore, her young body hasn’t completely opened up.

I push my penis in and make way inside her narrow vagina.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Sensei! Aahn~ You’re breaking Yomi!!! 」

Looking at the mirror in front of me.

I can see my dark brown penis going inside Yomi’s body from behind.

「 Aaaaahn! Aaaaahn! Sensei! Aaaah! Mess me up! Sensei! Break me!! 」

I empty all my thoughts.

And concentrate on violating Yomi’s body…