AV App Chapter 42 ♡ College Girl’s raw Masturbation



I undress Kasumi-chan, who’s sitting on my thighs facing me.

I roll up the hem of her upper clothes, exposing her slender belly and cute navel.

Kasumi-chan’s red to her ears, but she didn’t resist. She’s trying her best to look good and act like she’s composed. Yeah, she’s looking downwards, averting her gaze in shame.

「 Nnn 」

She leaks out a cute voice and closed her eyes.

That’s because the bra that’s been covering her up is now exposed in front of the man she just met earlier.

Her bra is a cool and pale light blue color. The white lace ribbons are cute.

I’m assuming that this is her “lucky” underwear that she doesn’t usually put on. It looks almost new.

The breast size is in C or D cup range as expected. Her breasts, supported by her bra, form a smooth beautiful cleavage.

A quick glance tells me that it’s a little smaller than Fuyou-san, her elder sister. But, it’s not bad. Breasts have no highs and lows!

She did a shy arm raise and I slipped off her upper clothes.

Hmm. She has a lovely body.

「 Onii-san, you perv! 」

Perhaps she noticed that I’m admiring her body, Kasumi-chan covered her breasts with her arms and bared her teeth at me cutely.

Sorry, Kasumi-chan. That only does the opposite. It arouses me.

「 H-Hey! Onii-san, take off your clothes too! It’s not fair that I’m the only one taking off clothes! Are you embarrassed to take off yours? You’re such a coward Onii-san 」


I see. You’re calling me a coward? I see. I see.

I get that you’re just hiding your embarrassment, so you’re trying to stir me up. I know that you’re averting your tension. But, I’ll take you on. Of course, on purpose.

It’s not like I’m offended by Kasumi-chan’s smirk. And nothing else. It’s irrelevant.

So, I silently took off my upper clothes.

「 Kyaa!? D-D-D-Don’t just suddenly take off your clothes! Perv! Onii-san you perv! Getting naked in front of a girl…ooh, nice body 」

Kasumi-chan stares at my body through the gap between her fingers. Thanks for giving the reaction I wanted to see. Oh, she’s staring hard. Now it’s embarrassing if you stare that hard.

「 You’re unexpectedly a macho…slurp 」

「 Well, I’ve been doing some muscle-building recently 」

I started doing it as part of my physical fitness training since I started having sex with Fuyou-san. Recently, the entire family’s doing it. The ladies want to lighten up their bellies it seems.

Thanks to that, my room is filled with the smell of women’s sweat and their lusty moans, but that’s a different story.

Kaori, my little sister usually interrupts me by poking and touching me during training, so I think it’s doing its effect.

Even if I don’t want to, I have to be aware of where I place the load. And so, my muscles feel good and they work out effectively. I can’t slack off because I have someone watching me.

I’m secretly grateful to Kaori, who intended to do it as a prank. Thanks. But she’ll never hear it.

At this rate, I’d like to continue training and eventually hold a woman in a bridal carry and even have sex while carrying them.

「 Kasumi-chan also has a nice body. 」

「 Naa!? 」

Perhaps remembering that she was wearing nothing above but her bra, Kasumi-chan blushed explosively and her mouth was agape. Again, she covers her light blue bra with her arms. She’s tearing up in shame.

That cute behavior of a girl of her age makes me feel sadistic.

Well then, you’re good at teasing others, but you’re weak when it comes to the receiving end. You don’t have that much tolerance, do you?

I’m starting to figure out Kasumi-chan’s personality.

「 You were rubbing your crotch against me just now, yet you’re embarrassed to be in your underwear? That’s so cute. After all that sex talk, that’s what happens to you when your top half is gone? Pfft 」

I snorted and made a mocking smile, and she gave me the reaction I wanted.

「 Shut it! I’m not embarrassed by this! I have nothing to be ashamed of! Watch me! I’ll prove it to you! 」

Taking on my provocation, Kasumi got off my thighs, unhooked and unzipped her skirt in front of me, and removed it with such vigor.

She’s wearing light blue panties with a white lace ribbon accent. Matching her bra. Her slender thighs extend out of the panty.

Kasumi puts on her hand behind her back and unhooks her bra. The loose shoulder straps slip down to her arms without resistance and removed themselves gracefully.

She tosses the bra she took off to the couch, revealing her nipples and areola.

「 W-What do you think? Do you have complaints now? 」

Perhaps it’s because of her slender body, her breasts appear larger. However, her sakura-colored areola is small. And the cherry on top of the pudding looks cute.

The sisters sure have beautiful bodies.

「 It’s not as much as my sister’s body, but still 」

「 Really? I think it’s just as beautiful as Fuyou-san 」

「 I-Is that so? Ehehe, well, I can tell that Onii-san’s totally aroused for me, so I wasn’t worried or anything like that 」

I see. So she had her worries. Her big sister’s a beauty, and she has a nice body. So she might be conscious and insecure about it.

No, wrong. Kasumi-chan is happy to be compared with Fuyou-san?

I see. Kasumi-chan loves her sister.

I’m a little jealous that she has a sister like Fuyou-san. If I were her brother, I would definitely be into her.

「 Kasumi-chan, are you aroused? 」

「 W-What?! I-I can’t possibly be, no way. You shouldn’t be that direct with girls or they’ll hate you 」

Her nipples are so erect, and her light blue panties are clearly showing off a darker stain in the front. But she laughs, trying to fool me while her eyes are swimming around.

She’s definitely aroused.

Rubbing our genitals over our clothes during the interview got her excited.

「 I see. So you’re not, then I can’t help it 」

「 Huh? 」

I smile and tell Kasumi-chan, who’s somewhat anxious and frightened.

「 How about you masturbate? 」

「 M-Masturbate? Here? In front of Onii-san? 」

「 It’s priced at 10,000 Yen 」

「 I’ll do it! Let me! 」

I see. That’s just how her sister would respond. Her eyes are even making the same money marks.

We switched places and Kasumi-chan takes the seat. She raises up her legs and spreads them to an M shape. Her panty has a dark stain spreading, and it’s digging into her slit. Obscene.

「 I’ll start masturbating now, but it’s embarrassing, so please don’t stare so hard 」

Nope, can’t do that. I’m going to stare really hard.

Phew, Kasumi-chan breathed out, closed her eyes, and went for her breasts.

Her fingers sunk into her soft skin. Her breast change shape with each squeeze. At times, her breasts overflow between her fingers.

Woah. I can see how soft her breasts are. Those must be nice to fondle.

「 Hmm, hmm, aah, naa 」

Her hands squeezed and stroked, and gradually moved closer to her nipples.

Her index fingers stroke the edge of the nipple. I thought she was going to touch it directly, but she wandered around the edge for a while and didn’t play with the important part.

She’s teasing herself. She’s raising her excitement and sensitivity by teasing herself.

「 Ahn, haaan~ Hmm, naa, just a bit more 」

Her breath leaking out gradually became louder and began to take a sweet tone.

「 Aah, aaahn! Ah, ah! Naaa 」

Kasumi-chan closed her eyes, surrendering to the pleasure surging deep inside her body. Seemingly forgetting that I was watching her masturbate.

「 Haa, haa, haa! 」

She exhales and her fingers finally touched her nipples. Her index finger and thumb pinched her erect nipples. It’s starting to point out.

「 ?! Ugh! ngu!!! 」

–Bikubiku! Biku!!

Kasumi-chan’s back and belly curved up and her body started convulsing.

She doesn’t seem to have reached climax. Her nipple teasing must’ve just made her body jumpy.

I think that’s erotic on its own. Go ahead, twitch more for me.

「 Ah, ah, aaah! Uuu, nuu, nuuu!! 」

She rubs her pinched nipples and her body writhes in pleasure.

Her other hand let go of her breasts. That hand went down to her belly and went inside her blue panties.


I heard a wet sound. An obscene wet sound.

「 Hmm, Aaaahn! 」

I can only make guesses from the movement of her hand inside the panty, but I can say that she’s probably twirling her fingers around the love nectar overflowing from her pussy and she touched her clitoris.

In fact.

「 Ugh, Nuu, my clitoris feels good 」

Her unconscious voice drowning in pleasure, mutters.

Kuh! I can’t see the important part because she still has her panty on.

I want to see the details of how she touches herself with those fingers, how she plays with them, and how she masturbates. I want to see Kasumi-chan’s pussy clearly.

I’m getting impatient. I’m bothered by the fact that it’s hidden. But having it obscured is also exciting. It’s arousing.

I find myself staring, unable to blink, wondering if I can peek through the small gap in her panty.

I-I can’t see. Just a bit more! A bit more! Your hand is in the way.

「 Haa, haa, nhaa, hmm, hmm, hmm, muuuu! 」

She used her entire finger to stimulate her clitoris up and down or so I thought, but now her hand is moving inside the panty in a circular motion.

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu.

Kasumi-chan’s quite intense when masturbating. Her panty’s drenched now. Maybe rubbing her clitoris caused her love nectar to bubble.

Oh, just imagining it makes me hard.

Her hands go deeper after touching her clitoris.

I can see her finger bending in as she pulls her panty. Then.


「 Naa~ 」

An unbearable sigh breathes out from Kasumi-chan’s half-opened mouth.

She just inserted her fingers in her pussy.

Her index finger…No, I think it’s the two fingers that went in.

She did mention that earlier in the interview. She uses two fingers.

Her fingers go inside and out of her virgin pussy. Kuchu, kuchu, it’s making indecent noises.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, ah, aah, naa!! 」

Her sweet breaths are getting intense. From the movement, her finger was probably stroking the G-spot in her pussy gently.

Kasumi-chan hasn’t climaxed once since she started masturbating. The waves of pleasure that have built up from stimulating her nipples and clitoris should be coming in all at once now.

Just as I expected, her hand is moving even more intensely.

Guchu, guchu, guchu, guchu!!

「 Ah, aah, aaah, naaa! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!!! 」

Her body curled, and she closed her legs.

The round breathing sounds have stopped. Her lips are tired together as if she’s holding something back, and suddenly, the sound of chattering and splashing liquid echoes through the room.

「 Cumminggg!!!!!! Hmmmmm!!! Hmmmmuuuuuuu!!! 」

—Biku, biku, biku! Bikubiku!!

Kasumi-chan’s slender body repeatedly twitches.

She’s also squirting a lot. Her light blue panty is now so wet that she looks like she peed herself.

It’s so soaked that it’s already dripping. And then, Kasumi-chan’s thick female smell reaches me too. The pheromone’s making me feel horny it stirs up my lust.

Aah, what a nice smell. I’m loving it.

「 Haa, haa, haa, I came. That felt good 」

Kasumi-chan mutters, exuding a slight sense of fatigue. She pulls her hand out of her panty, looking at her hand soaked in love nectar with a dazed look. I wondered what she was thinking, then she licked it with her tongue.

「 Nfuu~ ♡ 」

The beauty and alluring look on her face tickle my deep desires.

「 Kasumi-chan… 」

「 Eh? Kyaa?! W-What? 」

My voice was a bit muffled, probably because I had been silently watching this college girl masturbate.

Kasumi, who had been so absorbed in masturbating had forgotten my presence completely, and she was surprised enough to jump out when I called her out.

She hides her breasts and crotch—and stopped moving.

「 Ah… 」

Her eyes open wide, looking at me.

Following her gaze, I was also masturbating unconsciously, holding my erect penis in hand, with my briefs pulled down.

The overflowing pre-cum is shining on my glans.

I didn’t notice that. When did I start masturbating? No wonder I was also feeling good. But, kuh, I might ejaculate if I continue…

「 Huge! 」

Kasumi-chan’s blushing hard, staring hard, and she speaks out impressions that would please me. She doesn’t seem frightened by the size or its grotesque figure.

Rather, she’s swallowing her saliva.

I’m such a simple man. Kasumi-chan’s words and actions filled my tiny self-esteem with pride.

Kasumi-chan suddenly came to her senses.

「 Uhm, err, ah! Wow! Onii-san, you’re such a perv, your dick’s so huge! Did you get erect because of me? Was it because I was masturbating? Did you masturbate on your own too? Your penis is twitching. Look, are you about to ejaculate? Are you spewing out your semen?! 」

That’s actually flirty. It’s teasingly cute. Kasumi-chan looks good in that teasing little temptress smile.

And I want to make this little temptress go crazy in pleasure

I resist the beastly urge to pounce on her right at the moment, but I get on top of Kasumi who sits on the sofa.

I placed my hands on the wall.

I make sure that she doesn’t escape.

「 U-Uhm, O-Onii-san? You’re making a scary face… 」

「 Kasumi-chan 」

「 Y-Yes? 」

「 I want Kasumi-chan. I want all of you. Why don’t we? 」

「 Eh?! Fue?! T-That’s… 」

Kasumi-chan blushed explosively, it sounded like it made a poof sound, and her eyes swam around.

I continue watching her face close, and I can feel the breath coming out of her mouth. Then Kasumi-chan finally gave in. She nods lightly, hiding her embarrassment.

「 O-Okay 」

「 I’ll take Kasumi-chan’s first time 」

「 S-Sure…ah, give me a moment 」

I tried to kiss her, but Kasumi-chan stopped me with her hands and got off my bind.

Half naked, she went to the bedside.

She squats down, grabs the bag on the bed, and rummages inside.

「 Good, I found it. I’m glad I bought this 」

She stood up after picking up something, and she holds a bottle that has some clear liquid.

「 What’s this? 」

「 This? It’s a sex lubricant you can buy from vending machines! 」