AV App Chapter 43 ♡ College Girl’s first time



「 I found this sex lubricant for sale in a vending machine. So I bought it. This costs 5000 yen, expensive 」

「 Lotion… 」

「 Yes. I don’t like pain, so I might not need it, but just in case 」

She might not need it. Kasumi-chan’s panty is drenched, and I’m dripping with precum.

I feel like it would get in easily without using lubricants.

Kasumi-chan offers it while covering her face. Her eyes are swimming around in worry.

「 Can we use this? 」

「 Sure, let’s 」

I’ve got no reason to refuse, and I’m interested in using lubricants.

If it’ll ease up Kasumi-chan’s worries, then we’ll use plenty of lubricants or whatever.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, she approached and handed me the bottle of lubricant, and leaned nervously against the sofa.

She looks downwards, making a sweet expression saying “Do as you please”

Err, it’s late to ask but are you sure that you want your first to be on the sofa, not the bed?

She’s ready to go, so the mood doesn’t allow me to ask. If I were to invite her to the bed at this point, it’ll ruin the mood and Kasumi chan’s already overwhelmed, stiff and nervous. I feel like we need to remake the mood.

Well, we can play on the couch. Fortunately, the sofa’s big.

「 This lubricant should be okay, right? 」

「 What’s wrong, Onii-san? 」

「 No, you see, Fuyou-san drank an energy drink last time 」

「 Onee-chan did? W-W-W-W-W-W-What happened? 」

「 She was crazy. Well, the effect was too amazing that we both lost our reason. We just kept fucking for three hours without talking 」

「 Three hours…gulp 」

Kasumi-chan gulped down. Is it my imagination or is she excited?

Her eyes sparkled. Then she cleared her throat and regained her composure. But, she can’t hide it at all.

Fortunately, it seems that her fear of sex seems to have finished.

The lotion seems to be a bit of an effect, but it doesn’t seem to be as strong as the energy drinks. Of course, it’s okay to ingest as well.

I slathered a bit on my hand. Ooh, it’s not as cold as it should be. It’s slightly warm, about the same as human skin. Also, it’s slippery.

This is different from the slime of oil or body soap. So this is sex lubricant,

「 Kasumi-chan, I’ll spread some lotion on you 」

「 O-Okay 」

I finished applying enough to make it drip on my penis. Next, it’s Kasumi-chan’s turn.

If I want to apply the lubricant on her, I’ll have to remove her underwear first.

「 I-I’ll take these off 」

After giving the preface, she slowly removed her light blue panties.

Her legs are closed and she’s covering them with her hands, so the important part isn’t visible.

「 U-Uhm, Onii-san. 」

「 Hm? What’s wrong? 」

「 A-Actually…I-I’m a little embarrassed…Please don’t laugh when looking okay? Promise me? I just can’t do anything about it recently 」

「 Okay… 」

You don’t have to be that cautious. Why would I be laughing?

Are you hairy? Or maybe you forgot to shave it off? Or is she worried about it being dark?

I don’t really mind, and I won’t laugh, but…

「 You said it? You promised not to laugh, okay? If you do I’ll slap you 」

Kasumi-chan’s about to cry and she timidly removes her hand. She spreads her legs, and I see a woman’s pussy.

There’s a puff and a slit, and there’s no hair growing.

「 H-Hairless? 」

「 I-Is it that bad?! What’s wrong with being hairless?! Ugh, this is embarrassing 」

「 You don’t seem to have shaved it 」

I had a closer look and it doesn’t any evidence that she shaved it. There are no red spots, missed spots, or any black hairs.

The word hair removal crossed my mind, but I can assure you that it’s different as it looks beautiful. Besides, there’s no way a college girl struggling with her tuition would go to a hair removal salon.

If so, the only conclusion would be that she’s genuinely hairless down there.

I see. Hairless.

–Isn’t that exciting?!

「 Huh? What? Onii-san? Did your penis just react? 」

The younger girl got amazed in an instant, then, she grinned mischievously, as if to say that she found a weakness.

「 I see. Did you get aroused with my hairless pussy? Does it excite you that I don’t have any hair? 」

「 It’s just your imagination 」

「 I-Imagination?! U-Uhm, wait a second. Onii-san’s penis is overflowing with precum! Your nose is breathing hard too! Onii-san, you’re scaring me. Your atmosphere is scaring me! You’re aroused, right?! 」

「 It’s just your imagination 」

「 B-But… 」

「 It’s just your imagination 」

「 O-Onii-san, you liar! ah, hyaa! 」

There’s no need to argue with the frightened Kasumi. I dripped some of the lubricants on her hairless pussy and smeared it all around.

Not only on the surface but also on the valley, the pink slit to her hole. I use my finger to gently shove it in.

「 Naa! Onii-san’s fingers are inside me! Hmmm!! I’m getting slathered with the lubricant! Aahn! 」

Kasumi-chan’s instincts seem to mistake my fingers going into her pussy as my dick. She’s clamping hard.

Her pussy’s hot, tender, and tight. And it feels good. If I already feel this much from my fingers, just how much better will it get if it were my penis?

I can’t hold it anymore. I’m taking Kasumi-chan’s virginity.

「 I’m putting it in 」

「 Y-Yes 」

I press my hard penis into her virgin pussy and thrust my penis lustfully.


「 「 Ah, it went in 」 」

My thick penis got swallowed into her narrow pussy surprisingly easily. There wasn’t any resistance.

The lubricant is taking its effect. The liquid is much more slippery than her love nectar or my precum, reducing the friction of her vagina to near zero. Kasumi-chan accepted my penis with her body after waiting eagerly that it went to the innermost part of her body without resistance, it’s almost a lie to say that she’s a virgin.

「 It went in 」

「 It went in 」

It went in so easily that we’re surprised, no, I think we’re calm, but just a bit dazed.

I couldn’t feel breaking her virgin membrane or spreading her narrow pussy. It’s clamping hard, but that’s all.

Even Kasumi-chan, who had been so nervous went “Huh? That’s it?” and her face is frozen. Perhaps, there’s no pain from the deflowering. There’s no blood, and it seems that she wasn’t in pain for losing her virginity.

「 Can I move now? 」

「 Ah, yes. Go ahead. Please go slowly at first

「 Of course 」

I slowly move my hips. I started doing it just a bit, and see how Kasumi-chan reacts.

Yes. That seems okay. She doesn’t seem to be pretending to be okay. She’s just confused.

The small movements gradually became huge strokes.

I might be moving slowly but it feels amazing.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmm, hmm 」

「 Can you handle the pain? 」

「 Y-Yes. It doesn’t hurt at all…hmm 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

「 I feel relieved too…I’m…having sex with Onii-san, right? 」

「 Yeah. We’re having sex 」

「 Uuuu, so this is sex…hmm, somehow, this feels strange….naa 」

Kasumi-chan seems a bit disappointed, but she lets out a small moan every time I poke her uterus with my penis.

It seems that she reacts better to the poking motion than the pulling.

Although she doesn’t seem to be able to link it to pleasure yet, I’m looking forward to the future.

「 Nuu, woaah, it feels really weird…hmm 」

「 Weird? 」

「 Yes, uuuu, the foreign object feels amazing…hmmm 」

「 Foreign object? I can’t tell what that is? 」

「 Right. it feels really tight in my crotch 」

Kasumi-chan curiously caresses her belly.

Under her hand is my thick and hard penis penetrating her body.

While I was thinking that, I’m feeling a dark desire for conquest waking up.

I took this girl’s virginity… That fact is unbearably pleasant.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm… 」

Her virgin pussy’s tight it feels good.

Normally, it’s the tightness of the flesh that creates the resistance, but the lube makes her inside slippery and smooth.

「 Uuu, uu, hmm, nuu, hmm 」

「 Kuh, this feels good! 」

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hm! Naa! 」

The tightness and roughness of the folds generate tremendous pleasure due to the lack of resistance.

My brain’s numbed by the sweet sensation from the stimulation on my sensitive glans and my back shivered.

What is this? My dick’s hotter than usual. The surface of my dick is hot and sensitive. Her pussy feels warm too.

「 Uuuu, nuu, It’s hot. Onii-san’s penis is so hot. 」

「 Kasumi-chan’s pussy is melty wet too 」

「 Uuu, don’t say it like that. hmmm 」

Kasumi-chan closed her eyes as if saying that she was embarrassed. A troubled sigh leaks from her mouth.

The warmth of our genitals could be due to the lubricant. Perhaps it was some kind of hot lotion.

Every time our hips collide and separate, a sticky bridge of lube and love nectar connects our bodies.

—Nuchu, nuchu, Guchu!!

The room echoes with the sticky sound of water as my penis go in and out of her pussy.

I can see my thick penis being inserted into her beautiful pink pussy.

The sight of her pussy spreading out and sucking in a man’s penis isn’t obscene, but rather, sweet.

「 Kasumi-chan’s pussy is swallowing in my penis 」

「 Uuuu!! 」

She glanced at the connected part for a moment, and she squeezed her eyes tightly again. However, she keeps it slightly open, timidly watching.

I purposely slow down and show off the insertion and pull.

「 Ah, your pussy’s clamping hard. 」

「 Y-You don’t have to say it! Don’t say it! 」

「 There it goes again 」

「 W-What’s wrong with it? I can feel it! I can tell that my pussy’s getting tight! My body’s reacting on its own! 」

Kasumi-chan’s really worth teasing.

That look on her face as she cries out in shame, but she opens up in desperation and defiance. Truly irresistible. It tickles my sadistic desires.

–Nuchu! Guchu! Guchu!

I insert my cock inside while enjoying Kasumi-chan’s reaction.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm ♡ 」

I noticed that she started moaning sweetly.

Oh? She’s starting to feel the pleasures of sex?

The confusion left her face, and her lips are trying their best to stay closed as if her life depends on it. However, her mouth opens, and her moan leaks out.

The discomfort is becoming pleasure it seems.

「 Haa, haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Naa ♡ 」

The pleasure definitely seeps into Kasumi’s breath as time goes by.

Tossed around by the feeling of sex for the first time. Closing her eyes and exhaling a lot of sweet breaths. She’s lost her composure.

Her smooth skin turned cherry red, and her hot and moist sweat floats around. It trickles down her face, and her wet bangs turn sticky.

「 Haa, haa, nku, aah, aahn! Hmmm!! 」

「 Kasumi-chan, how do you feel? 」

「 Fuee? Uhm, hmmm, I-I can’t say. Nguu 」

「 I see 」

If she can’t say it then I have no choice.

I touched her puffed clitoris while I thrust my penis in.

I can feel it stiff and slippery at my fingertips. Then.

「 –Aaaahn!? 」

A clear moan escaped from Kasumi-chan’s mouth.

She covered her mouth quickly, but it was too late now. I heard it clearly. Also, I continued attacking her clitoris.

「 Aaaah! S-Stop! Onii-san! Not there! Aaaahn!!! 」

A certain charming voice spills from the gap between her hand covering her mouth. Her vagina wrapping my penis increased its pressure and twists her body.

Kasumi-chan’s closer to lying down rather than sitting on the sofa.

The younger woman’s out of breath, looking up at me with flirty and moist eyes. I can hear her say “Onii-san” soundlessly

「 You’re so cute!! 」

My blood rages and my penis grows. The piston’s becoming stronger.

「 Ahn! Ahn! Aaaahn! Onii-san! Onii-san! Too intense!! I can’t!!! 」

Her small voice sounded like a plea struck my eardrums.

Sorry, but I won’t go easy. Her pussy’s so good, but also, Kasumi-chan’s cuteness just shot through my heart.

I want to ejaculate in this female named Otometani Kasumi and impregnate her with my child.

「 I’ll go without stopping until I ejaculate 」

「 Hmm! Aah! W-Wait! Please wait!! Naa! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! 」

「 Nope. I can’t wait! 」

My penis thrusts relentlessly into her hairless pussy, stimulating her clamping folds, and poking her uterus with powerful strokes.

I’m sure that my long penis is signaling to her womb that it wants to impregnate her.

Each thrust makes Kasumi-chan scream such seductive moans.

「 Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Aaaahn! A-Amazing! It feels good! 」

Kasumi-chan shouted.

「 Sex feels amazing!!! 」

Good! I heard her say that makes me happy!!

A woman who was just a virgin is feeling pleasure for the first time. Nothing can make me happier.

I want her to know more and more and get captivated by it.

「 Ugu, it feels good! 」

「 Onii-san! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Hmmm!!! 」

Her pussy’s really tight. No. Wrong. My penis just got thicker inside her tight virgin pussy. It’s wrapping my hot and hard rod. Pleasure wells up from deep within. I’m close to ejaculating.

「 Uuu, uu, uu, uu, uu!!! 」

My sweat splatters off from my violent hip swinging and it fell to her belly.

Resisting the urge to ejaculate, I reach for her breasts which are swaying. My hands were getting sucked into her soft breasts. Her stiff nipples tickle me.

「 Ah, aah, aah! D-Don’t touch my breasts…. 」

Seems like she can’t afford to feel the stimulation from the new erogenous zone.

But that was a blessing in disguise as I held her hand. They naturally intertwine and it became a lover’s hold.

Our hands and genitals are deeply connected. Staring at each other with feverish looks, and then…

「 Ugh, cumming! I’m cumming inside! Kasumi-chan! 」

「 Y-Yes! Inside! Cum inside me! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

「 Naaaa!! Aaaaaaaaaah! Naaaaaaaaaah!! 」

–Bikubikubiku! Bikubiku! Biku!!

My white semen shoots out to the deepest part of her unspoiled virgin pussy, soaking Kasumi-chan inside.

I understand that the fluid with my baby’s seed sticks to her cervix, the entrance to her womb.

Of course. My glans is kissing the entrance to her womb after all. Naturally, my semen also pours into her womb.

A lot of semen, released over and over again, is about to overflow out of her vagina. However, Kasumi-chan’s instincts won’t allow it. The spasms of her climax, her pussy wriggles, moving healthily to carry the semen deeper and deeper. The movement stimulates the penis, remaining inserted, and more semen pours out.

-Aaah, I came inside Kasumi-chan’s pussy. I creampied her. I took the virginity of this younger girl.

I’m still soaked in the afterglow of ejaculation, my mind’s filled with a sense of accomplishment and desire for control.

「 Aah, aaah, naa, haa, haa, haa!! 」

Kasumi-chan surrenders herself to the sofa, breathing roughly while spasming in the climax.

The heat of sex still lingers, and I kissed her on the lips.

Almost as if instinct is driving her body, her arms went around my back and she returned with gentle kisses, pecking me with a melting look on her face.

A minute or two passed and we regained our breathing.

「 Onii-san…is it over? 」

「 Yeah. It felt good. I came inside Kasumi-chan 」

「 I see. I got creampied.. 」

Kasumi-chan pats her belly wonderingly. Does it not feel real yet to her?

「 How does it feel to get creampied? 」

Kasumi-chan wiped her mouth off her saliva, and her sweaty bangs, and thought for a few moments.

「 Err, I feel like something warm is in my belly…though, my memory is hazy because I came quickly 」

I see.

She seems to have regained composure, and she gave off a mischievous gleam in her eyes and a devilish smile on her face as if making fun of me.

「 Aaaah. Onii-san took my virginity and even creampied me. 」 I guess it’s an established fact now, so please take care of me in the future too! 」

「 Sure. Likewise 」

「 Woah. You sounded like you’re accustomed to this. You’re such a stud, Onii-san 」

「 Hey, I don’t think I’m a stud…maybe 」

The women I had relations with came to my mind while I was denying it. Fuyou-san, Leona-san, Sumire-san, and Suisen-chan. (All naked)

If I had sex with multiple women who aren’t even my lovers, I guess you can consider me a stud.

As I look away for no reason, I feel the younger woman’s eyes pierce me.

「 It seems that I struck a chord. Oh well, I don’t really mind 」

Phew. She exhaled.

「 I guess I’m an adult now? It’s a little emotional for me. I had a dream where my first time would be with a prince on a white horse or something, but I never expected it to be the same man who did my sister 」

「 And I never expected to have sex with Fuyou-san’s sister either 」

「 Onii-san, just asking. Who’s better. My sister or me? 」

Hey. Don’t throw that question with a smirk.

「 I think comparing them is just wrong. Fuyou-san is Fuyou-san, and Kasumi-chan is Kasumi-chan. You two are incomparable 」

Good! I made a safe answer. but Kasumi-chan looks displeased.

「 Boring. How about we go for a threesome and compare that way? 」

「 Then I’m looking forward to that 」

「 Muu! By the way, what’s good about me? 」

「 Hairless? 」

「 Pfft! Now you’re answering right away? And it’s such a simple answer… 」

You should take pride in being hairless. That’s Kasumi-chan’s selling point compared to other girls. It’s a strong one.

Please continue inviting me to use your hairless pussy.

「 Since Onii-san finished ejaculating, let’s take a break, wait, what? 」

Then, Kasumi-chan noticed. I thought “Finally,”

「 Onii-san, why is your penis still hard inside me? Don’t men usually go wither after cumming once, entering the sage mode? 」

「 Well, it seems that I’m peerless in that regard 」

「 P-Peerless? No way 」

I’m not lying you know.

It could be because of the energy drinks I drank before, but I think I can be called peerless compared to when I was a virgin. I won’t calm down with just one ejaculation. I can go for two or three rounds in succession.

Naturally, my penis remained erect even after ejaculating inside Kasumi-chan. It’s still pulsating. Saying that it hasn’t poured enough yet.

By the way, I still have my premature ejaculation worries. I want that fixed soon.

I smiled at the girl who seem a bit frightened.

「 Now that we had a break, let’s go for the second round! 」

「 Huh? N-Noo…that’s… 」

「 Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. That’s what Kasumi-chan’s been waiting for too 」

She tightens and stimulates my penis after ejaculating, extracting my semen. My penis and her pussy’s making wet and obscene sounds.

The smoldering pleasure of sudden movement must’ve hit her. Kasumi-chan grips my arm as if clinging to me.

「 Nyaa, nyaaaaaa 」


She drowned in sexual pleasure while making a cat-like moan.