AV App Chapter 01 AV App



「Ah, I tapped on a weird ad!」

I, Nakade Haku, am a 20-year-old college student with no girlfriend, was browsing an adult video site on my phone when I accidentally touched an ad.

By the time you regret it, it’s too late. I got into the strange website and the app started on its own.

「It’s installing an app?! Wait! What the fuck! I didn’t press install! What’s this, a virus?」

When I tried to stop it, it was already installed.

I tried putting it to airplane move and turned off the wifi in panic. This shouldn’t allow any remote control or information leak, even if it’s infected with a virus.

「So far, it’s not acting weird, right?」

It doesn’t look like it broke my phone at all. I hope my personal info wasn’t extracted in that short time it took to disconnect from wifi.

「What was installed? The hell? AV App?」

The newly added icon on the screen only has the word AV written in red letters and light pink background. The name under the icon says “AV app”

What’s with this app? But honestly, I’m curious. Super curious.

A dedicated app to view Adult Videos?

It was installed without my permission, but I’m afraid that I’ll get charged if I use it.

I should delete the suspicious app without opening it. That’s the ironclad rule.

However, my curiosity got the better of me, so I opened the app.

「Shit, my fingers went in and did it」

The app opened and text appeared on the screen.

『Thank you for installing the AV app!』

No, no, you installed it on your own! I didn’t even plan this.

『This AV app we developed allows you to experience the situation in adult films』

Experiencing adult video situations? What? More details!

『No fees are charged, except for some elements. In fact, you can get paid for it too!』

Suspicious. Too suspicious. That aside, go back to the part where you said I could experience AV situations, please!

『Then, Nakade Haku-sama, lv0 virgin porn actor. Please start the tutorial』

What? Tutorial? Also, who are you calling a virgin porn actor!

As I snapped on it, my vision lit up bright. I closed my eyes because it was too dazzling, then I found myself sitting on an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room.

「Huh? What? Huh? Where is this?」

The atmosphere seems like a love hotel. Clean double beds, huge TV, panels for music and light controls, adult toys, and condoms.

Yep, that’s a love hotel alright.

「I was just in my room earlier, right? What’s going on? Am I dreaming?」

I pinched my cheeks and it hurts. It hurts a lot. I guess this is reality.

Wait no, what’s going on?

「Is this by any chance the famous isekai thing? If that’s the case, status open!」

I mumbled in timid anticipation, then a buzz and a status screen appeared on my phone.


Name: Nakade Haku

Level: 0

Rank: Virgin AV Actor


「Wait, what the hell?! Also, it says I’m a virgin!」

The futile pretentious lie vanished into the hotel room. The silence hurts.

【Please choose your partner】

「Yeah, I think this guide who can’t read the atmosphere saved me. So, can you explain the details?」

The AV app had no response.

When did this appear? A partner search button…

It can’t be helped. Just when I thought I was following the directions, I decided that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

「Huh? wait, I can’t stand up?」

It’s as if my hips were fixed in space rather than my legs relaxed. I can’t move, nor even fall to the bed.

What’s going on with my body.

The words “Please choose a partner,” flickers to emphasize my vision.

Seems like there’s only one thing to do. It’s to choose a partner.

Okay, I get it. I just have to pick one, right?

I can’t consider such an unrealistic situation. It’s a waste of time to think.

The AV app explained that I can experience AV situations. Then that means that I can experience an adult film that takes place in love hotels. Then, the one I’m about to experience is…

「Wait, there are too many situations you can do here」

I type out the appropriate words in the search field and hit out my frustration.

I’m venting it out. I should be allowed to do this much. Actually, I want to punch the developer right in the face.

The partner search also shows the image of the person along with their name. I typed the right name and even foreigners come up. It’s not restricted to Japanese people.

「How do they pick the partners? Do you call them? Or maybe they get summoned like me? Hahaha, no way! Wait, what is it this time? I get it, don’t shine too much. It hurts my eyes! Huh? Acquaintance search?」

The icon flashing shows emphasis on recommendations. Apparently, it’s a function that searches for those registered with an email or SNS.

The only people registered are family members or male friends. If I pick a guy here, I feel like it’s going to be bad.

I scrolled down and one name jumped out at me.

「Otometani Fuyou」

She’s a classmate from the university I’m attending.

Tall body. Long black hair. Estimated D-cup breasts. She’s a cool, mature, beautiful woman with excellent grades. She’s also a mysterious figure that rushes into early morning lectures, spends her spare time studying, and returns home immediately after the lessons are over. She’s not in any clubs and never attended any drinking parties. But, she doesn’t have an unapproachable atmosphere. She talks to her female friends and they adore her.

She’s extremely popular among male students for the gap between her friendly, cool beauty, and the mystery of her personal life.

Naturally, there were many confessions, regardless of the year. But, it just broke the record of honorable deaths.

「Why is her name in the acquaintance search? Otometani-san isn’t registered in any…oh wait, in the university group?」

The peer faculty group existed to share important communication such as class cancelations. Naturally, Otomeatani-san is in there.

It says that you have to be registered as an individual to search for acquaintances, but only if you belong to the same group.

She’s an unattainable object to me. I’m just happy to see her from the sides.

But now, this mysterious app is creating unrealistic situations.

I don’t know what will happen next. If we have the opportunity, then I’ll pick someone beautiful, and dependable. Then, she’s the best partner I could pick.

「I’ll pick Otometani-san as my partner.」


Then, a blinding white light appeared next to me.

「Kyaa?! W-What’s going on?」

Someone screamed in surprise.

It’s Otometani-san, a beauty wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts. She might be doing housework. The apron suits her.

「Otometani-san? The real one?」

I instinctively reached out to her.

Seriously? It’s warm, it feels like a real person’s warmth.

This isn’t an illusion. This isn’t a 3D hologram either. It’s surprisingly real. It’s Otometani-san herself.

I’m 90% suspicious, but what’s with this app, it summoned not just me but also Otometani-san herself?

I feel like this app is much more dangerous than imagined.


When she called me, I noticed. She’s staring at me in confusion, suspicion, and disdain.

Ah, I got too absorbed in my thoughts.

「H-Hi, Otometani-san.」

「Did Nakade-kun do this? Don’t joke with me! What did you do?!」

「Wait, wait, wait a second! Do you think I could do this?」

I chose her, but it’s the power of the AV app that did it. It wasn’t me who did it.

After a few seconds, Otometani-san looked around and thought calmly.

「No. I was just doing housework at home until now. Then, a saw some white light, and then I came here. Nakade-kun couldn’t do that. Unless Nakade-kun is rich enough to pull such a big surprise」

「I’m just a commoner. I’m also taken here so suddenly, or maybe summoned, or kidnapped, either way, I got taken here too」

「I see. Maybe is this a dream?」

「You thought so too? Try pinching your cheeks. It’ll hurt」

「Ouch. The pain seems real」

Otometani-san got up from the bed and began exploring the room.

Oooh. She’s not scared of the situation? So brave. Oh, wait? I can move now. I should also check the room.

「Let’s see. Toilet, bath, and it’s spacious. The TV and bed are also big. I’m jealous. The sofa has plenty of space to lie down, and a vending machine by the bed? It looks like they sell a lot of things. Drinks? Underwear? Hmm. Entrance…seems like there’s none. Also…」

Otometani-san turned red as soon as she saw the adult goods. That’s an innocent reaction. Could she be a virgin?

「Seems like this is a hotel room」

「Same thoughts. To be precise, a love hotel」

「L-Love hotel, right… It feels like that」

After carefully checking the walls, ceiling, and under the bed to make sure that there are no hidden exits, we gathered in bed again.

「How long have you been in this place, Nakade-kun?」

「About three minutes before Otometani-san」

I accidentally touched the ad, the strange app installed itself, and started the tutorial on its own, then we’re back to the present.

「What has changed since then?」

「I was told to choose a partner, so I went and picked Otometani-san since you seemed dependable, sorry about that. It’s my fault that Otometani-san was summoned」

「No. Don’t be. Thanks for thinking that you can depend on me. It’s a lonely feeling to be alone in a situation you don’t understand」

Oh my, such a cool guy move! You’re making me fall for you~

I feel guilty for leaving the matter unsolved, and so I confessed that I’m the one who summoned her, but she didn’t blame me at all.

She’s too kind! Is she a goddess? I’m glad I called Otometani-san! She’s so reassuring.

「I get that I was summoned here, but what does it want us to do?」

As if her question was the trigger…suddenly, a female voice came from the ceiling speakers.

『Let the prize-winning games begin!』