AV App Chapter 02 Prize Game



A female Vocaloid voice echoes in the room.

『 Complete the tasks and win cash prizes. You have three hours. Check the flip board and press the bedside button to start 』

Flipboard? Button on the bedside?

I tilted my head wondering what it was about, and then a red button and timer appeared on the bedside table, which wasn’t present earlier, and I found myself holding the flip board.

「 What’s this? 」

「 When did that appear? That wasn’t here earlier, right? 」

「 Yes 」

Scary! We were completely oblivious to the unrecognizable actions of someone, or something that created this situation.

I feel chills on my spine.

I’m glad that it was just a flip board this time, but what if it was a knife, gun, or any other deadly weapon? No, they could easily hurt us if they wanted to in the first place?

「 M-Maybe we could die without us even realizing it 」

Otometani-san seems to have reached the same conclusion. She’s looking pale.

「 I think that’s likely. They can move us anywhere so easily, They could send us to the bottom of the ocean, lava, or up in the sky 」

「 I guess we can’t go against them 」

We looked at each other and gave up, gulped, and peeked at the Flipboard.

Please don’t be a death game!


【 Complete the Challenge and Win Cash! 】 ※ First Time Bonus in Effect※

【 1000 Yen 】


・Stare at each other for ten seconds with a distance of no more than 10cm

・1 Minute Holding Hands.

・3 Minutes Hug

【 3000 Yen 】

・Cheek Kiss

・10 Second Lip Kissing over plastic wrap

・Leg Licking

・Touching Chest across clothes

・Touching Butt across clothes

・Touching Crotch across clothes

【 5000 Yen 】

・10 Minute lip kissing

・Strip to underwear

・Touching chest across underwear

・Touching butt across underwear

・Touching crotch across underwear.

【 10,000 yen 】

・30 Minute French Kiss

・Get Naked

・Touching chest directly

・Touching butt directly

・Touching crotch directly

・Licking chest directly

・Licking butt directly

・Licking crotch directly

・Climax (Unlimited)

【 20,000 yen 】

・Oral Ejaculation (Unlimited)

・Intravaginal sex

【 50,000 yen 】

・Intravaginal Ejaculation (Unlimited)

【 100,000 yen 】

・Anal insertion and Ejaculation (Unlimited)

【 Bonus 】



「 Does it mean that we have to clear them all? 」

「 No, I think that you only need to clarify what you want within the time limit Doing the 10,000 yen would be unreasonable, right? 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Otometani-san blushed, and then looked away from the flip board.

That innocent reaction got me horny. Since she’s usually cool with her words and actions, her sudden cute reaction just brings the gap moe.

However, this situation… This SITUATION…

「 It’s like porn 」

Where the woman is reluctant at first, saying “That’s a bit…” but gradually blinded by the rewards for the simple tasks she has to clear, then it’ll end up with her spreading her legs and getting creampie sex.

The greediness and lewdness of humans are great. I’m grateful.

「 Nakade-kun? D-Does this situation match with porn? I don’t know much 」

Otometani-san mumbles quietly as she heard the word porn.

Guha! How lovely! That fidgeting from embarrassment is irresistible. I’m glad I picked Otometani-san.

「 Right. This is a common scene so I’m sure of it 」

「 I see… 」

Otometani-san who discovered it for the first time is surprised. It looks like her knowledge is at the minimum.

「 Do we have the choice to not participate? 」

As soon as Otometani-san said that… After a moment’s delay, an overwhelming weight of pressure falls on me as well, like a great waterfall.

–No, no, no… We can’t defy. If we do, we’ll die.

My soul, my instinct, puts some mysterious pressure on me.

Unable to muster even the strength to resist, Otometani-san and I could only tremble in fear.

I think the pressure was released only for a few seconds. Those few seconds felt like an eternity, they made us understand.

We have no choice. We can’t refuse. We have to go through the end, our participation in the game is already decided.

「 We have to do it 」

「 Right. We have to 」

After managing to calm down, Otometani-san and I looked at each other and readied ourselves.

「 But, will they give us money if we cleared it? Is this even real? 」

「 I don’t know. But, we’re forced to join the game. It would be troublesome if it’s not real 」

And then, perhaps in disbelief, an announcement was made.

『 –We’ll answer your questions. You’ll receive genuine Japanese yen if you complete the task. These aren’t fake. It’s legal tender money 』

To think that they’d answer

Immediately after, Otometani-san asked another question.

「 Who are you? What are you? What do you want from us? 」

『 What we want you to do is to watch you do the act of human reproduction. For us who are starved for entertainment, the ugly beauty of human beings acting out of greed and instinct is a good way to pass time 』

Hey! Do you think of us as some zoo animals?

『 As for who are we and what we are… 』

Tremendous pressure hits us for the second time today.

The nature of the pressure is different compared to earlier. The first time they took out their frustration and dissatisfaction. Time time, it’s intimidation of the overwhelmingly strong that makes the weak understand by force.

It’s hard to breathe. It hurts. It’s as if the whole space is a vacuum.

This was just a warning. Perhaps they stepped on us we’d die. Our brains will burst and we’ll collapse, and turn crippled.

There are legends of transcendent overlords that can make you crazy just from the mere mention of their names. Their entity is too unbearable for humans It’s that type.

As sudden as it occurred, the heavy pressure disappears.

『 –Do you still want to know? 』

We shook our pale faces together. Then, we tried to support each other’s exhausted bodies.

I had no idea that the warmth of human skin could be so reassuring. I’m glad Otometani-san’s here. If I was alone, what would happen to me.

We half-heartedly embrace each other for further reassurance and comfort.

This AV app just brought me something troublesome.

「 I just want this to be a dream 」

「 I get you Otometani-san, how about we end this with just holding hands? 」

「 Won’t that make them angry? 」

「 We haven’t deviated from the rules that they determined. I think, but… 」

Somehow, I don’t think they’ll get angry about that.

I have the vague hunch that the game is mandatory, but they won’t force you to participate while the game is in progress unless it violates the rules.

They said that it’s their amusement to pass time. They say that they want to see us be greedy and act on our instincts. If so, they’d never force the content.

After all, that won’t be fun for them. It would be boring to force us to do what they want us to do.

They want to see us fall into our ugly selves, while tainted by money and lust.

「 This prize game… 」

Otometani-san closed her eyes after hesitating about something.

Then, the next time she opened them, I see the strong determination in her beautiful black eyes.

「 Nakade-kun. Let’s start the game 」

「 Huh, Otometani-san? Are you sure? 」

「 If we don’t start this, it will never be over 」

That’s true. Otometani-san’s right.

We’re not getting out of here unless we start playing. All we can do is play this prize game.

We nodded to each other and pressed the red start button that suddenly appeared on the bedside.

The timer started. The time limit is 3 hours.

The prize game has started.

「 First, let’s go with the safe choice. Interview, right? 」

Then, A new Flipboard appears on my hand again.

Don’t think. Don’t think too deeply about it, me. You won’t understand no matter how hard you think.

「 Err, I see. I have to be asking Otometani-san in this interview 」

「 I see. Then, please do 」

Then, let’s begin our interview. It’s like porn where you do the interview at the start.

Q. What’s your name, age, and occupation

A. Otometani Fuyou. 20 y/o. I’m a sophomore at Seishoku University’s School of Informatics.

Q. What made you decide to enter that university?

A. It’s the closest to my home because there was a tuition waiver system for students with good grades, and in today’s society, learning how to use computers is an indispensable skill. Sounds like a job interview.

Q. Who was your first love?

A. First love? Hmm, nothing comes to mind. I don’t think I had one.

Q. How many men have you dated so far?

A. None. I don’t want to date anyone.

「 Huh, really? 」

「 Is it that surprising? Sure, I get a lot of confessions, but I never thought of dating them 」

「 Right… Sorry, I thought that you dated at least one or two. Let’s continue 」

Q. When was your first kiss?

A. Does family count? Oh, I guess not. Then none.

Q. When was your first experience?

A. If we’re going with this flow, I guess it would be that? The lewd experience? Then I’m inexperienced.

Q. Are you sure that you’re a virgin?

A. Is that even written there?! Oh, it’s there. Err, I-I’m really a virgin! Aah, geez! Forget about that one

Q. When did you last masturbate, seriously, it’s written here!

A. I get it. M-Masturbate, it’s that thing, right? If that’s the case, I haven’t, I guess?

Q. Huh? You haven’t masturbated?

A. W-What’s wrong with it? Besides, the walls at our house are thin, I can’t do it!

Hmm. I see. Far from having sex, Otometani-san never experienced kissing or masturbating.

As I can see from her extremely rare expression, which is bright red from embarrassment, she’s got a low tolerance for lewd stuff.

「 I-Is there any wholesome question there? 」

「 Don’t worry. This one’s the last. The last question is to state 10 things you like about your partner. I have to answer this too 」

「 Phew. I’m glad that it’s an okay one. Right, what do I like about Nakade-kun… 」

If you say that there’s nothing, I’d cry.

I wonder what she thinks of me, but I’m afraid to ask.

As I struggle to plug my ears, Otometani-san snaps her fingers and began to speak.

「 First, he’s thoughtful. He goes to clean up and throw away the trash in the classroom after the lectures. Next, he’s kind. I saw Nakade-kun gently help a lost child to stop them from crying. Other than that, he meets deadlines for submissions, he’s never late, and he follows up with his friends in a casual way, right? I think that this may sound obvious, but I think that it’s amazing. He’s always clean, polite, and dependable. It’s thanks to Nakade-kun that I’m calm right now. Somehow, being with him makes me feel at ease. If it was someone else, I’d be panicking. If you ask me what’s calming, then that would be Nakade-kun’s voice. I like it. I think that he also has a nice face. Oh, now that I looked at it closely, he’s got enviable double-layered long eyelashes. He also has beautiful dark brown eyes 」

「 Stop, stop, stop! Otometani-san, you can stop now. My heart can’t take it if you continue 」

My sense of shame has reached its limit, and I broke off Otometani-san’s speech.

「 Huh? But I still have more to say 」

「 That’s enough! 」

I’m dying. Dying from embarrassment, my face is burning in shame. I want to dig a hole and bury myself there!

「 Right. I forgot that we’re counting. Was that 10? 」

「 I think. Then, it’s my turn now 」

As I was about to open my mouth to take a breath, I realized.

This is embarrassing in another meaning.

In a sense, this is public shaming play similar to a confession, where participants are asked to say ten things they like about the person that’s in front of them.

Otometani-san’s amazing for doing that so calmly. I can’t look at Otometani-san directly as she sits next to me.

「 Well, I like Otometani-san’s hard-working nature, t-that… 」

T-This is embarrassing! If that’s the case, I’ll just end it fast!

「 Also, how she’s kind and reliable, makes me feel at ease when we’re together, how she’s earnest, friendly, and she’s always cool and calm, and also, she’s a beauty! Also, her voice is dignified, last but not least, it feels like she has that elder sister look when she says “it can’t be helped,” or when she’s dumbfounded and troubled, but also happy, I like that smile 」

Huh? Did I just say something really embarrassing? What was that? I liked her smile.

「 T-That’s embarrassing, but thanks. I’m glad you think of me that way. I’m happy 」

「 N-Not at all 」

Although we had the same substance in our speech, Otometani-san got red to her ears and was embarrassed to hear how I feel, which almost sounded like a confession. She’s not looking at me, flapping her hand to fan her flushed face.

Just when we could no longer stand the awkward silence between us.

「 「 Ah! 」 」

Two 1,000 yen bills appeared out of thin air, danced around, and fell neatly on the bedside table.

It’s the reward for clearing the task. 1,000 yen each for Otometani-san and me.

They’re supposed to give the reward for each task completed, not collectively at the end of the game.

That’s nice timing. This relieved some of the awkwardness.

「 It’s the real 1000 yen 」

「 Right. It seems that we cleared the task 」

It’s real from every angle. Both the touch and design are 1,00 yen bill itself. It also has the proper watermark.

My hand slips through the bill as I try to exchange and check it.

「 Huh? I can’t touch it? 」

「 It seems that the other party can’t touch it. This is 1000 yen, Nakade-kun. Try another 」

Huh?! Otometani-san’s being assertive?! So cool. So manly. I’m falling for her.

This is convenient. I’d like to gradually increase the difficulty and if possible, have sex like in porn. I hated myself for having such ugly thoughts.

「 Next, let’s try holding hands 」

「 That’s one minute 」

I hold the hand she presented.

Women sure have slender hands. It’s a little moving.

Thinking about it, when was the last time I properly touched the hand of a woman of my age? Maybe it was back in the elementary school dance?

Otometani-san’s hand is calm, and it’s much rougher than expected.

「 Otometani-san. Could it be that you do household chores regularly 」

「 Yes, I do. What about it? 」

「 No, I just wondered if it’s rough because you touch water a lot. Does it hurt? 」

「 I’m used to it. Besides, I can’t do my chores if I’m in pain 」

I see. From how she says it, I guess she’s been doing housework for a long time.

I learned a new side of Otometani-san, whose personal life is unknown.

Does she go home immediately after class because she has to do housework?

One minute passed more quickly than expected.

Once again, 1000 yen falls from empty space.

「 Now that’s 2000 yen, next! 」

Staring at each other for ten seconds at a distance of no more than 10 cm. We looked away several times and failed, but we successfully cleared the task. She has long eyelashes and beautiful eyes. She also smells good. How many times have I thought about kissing her taking advantage of the moment? That’s another 1000 yen.

Hugging for three minutes– Otometani-san hugged me and cleared it. She’s so slender. Her body is so slender! I smell Otometani-san’s lingering scent in my body! It’s a secret that I got an erection. 1000 Yen.

「 Now we each have 4000 yen 」

「 Yes, we do have them 」

All the 1000 yen tasks have been cleared. It’s been marked as cleared on the flip board at some point. It seems like we can only do these ones.

I held hands with her to try again, but there was no sign of money falling.

You can only do the task marked as (Unlimited) as much as you want. It’s not so convenient, I guess.

The next easiest is the 3000 yen task.

「 Nakade-kun, if you don’t mind, would you like to try out the next tasks? 」

「 Seriously?! Are you sure about this Otometani-san?! 」

「 Yes. There’s something I want to test out 」

I didn’t expect Otometani-san to be the one to ask first.

However, what is it that she wants to try?

「 Ei! 」

Otometani-san suddenly touched me. She places her hand on my chest like a girlfriend getting spoiled by her boyfriend and one 5,000 yen bill and three 1,000 yen bills fall from the air.

「 8000 yen? 」

「 This is my prize 」

「 Why? 」

「 Nakade-kun’s wearing a t-shirt, right? It seems to have been judged as underwear too. I just wanted to know if I could get a prize if one of us clears it but that was an unexpected bonus. 」

True. Otometani-san cleared the tasks of touching the chest over clothes, and over underwear too. It was 3,000 yen and 5,000 yen, so she won a total of 8,000 yen.

In short, if the woman was wearing no bra, then the T-shirt would be judged as underwear.

I mean, it also clears when a woman touches a man’s chest?! If this was porn, then it would be cleared when the man touches the woman’s breasts!

「 Then, if you’d excuse me 」

Pon, pon, chu!

She touched my butt, and my crotch, and I felt a soft and moist sensation on my cheek.

huh? Did Otometani-san just kiss me on the cheeks? That one was on the lips now?

While I was dumbfounded, I found several 1,000 yen bills fall to my vision.

「 That’s 9,000 yen, good! 」

「 Nonono, you don’t just say “good!” and leave it at that! Just what did you do Otometani-san?! 」

「 I touched your body lightly and kissed you on the cheek, what about it? 」

「 Do you touch and kiss someone that easily? 」

I get that she touched my butt and crotch, but she just touched a man’s body who isn’t even her boyfriend, normally, she’d be a bit more hesitant, right?

Above all, she just moved so fast that I didn’t even feel my heart beat from it.

To tell the truth, I wanted her to be a bit more embarrassed. I wanted to enjoy the situation, the scene where she’s afraid to touch me while retracting her hand many times out of embarrassment.

Just where did that atmosphere go?

Otometani-san doesn’t understand the complexities of a man’s mind, but her face turned red, perhaps from some shame, and then, she got angry instead and asserted herself.

「 This is nothing! I’ll do anything 」

Otometani-san removes her clothes with vigor. Otometani-san’s body is much more slender than imagined now that I see her in her underwear. I feel like she might break if you put a bit more force on her. Her ribs showing up shows that she’s not healthy.

This is too much weight loss. Is she even eating?

「 That’s 5000 yen clear. More! I need more! 」

I hurriedly stopped Otometani-san, who was about to remove her underwear.

「 Hey wait! What’s going on with you? 」

Her actions are weird. This isn’t like the earnest and calm Otometani-san I know. I thought that it must be because of the app, but…

「 –You see, I need money 」

She shouted.

A serious, impassioned, and desperate cry of grief. Her determined eyes show a kind of resolve that only comes from a person who has been cornered.

Her long black hair flutters and spreads as she looks back at me as if glaring at me.

It’s hard to imagine that Otometani-san has lost her usual cool impression, becoming so rough, and desperate. I was speechless at the sight of her revealing her raw emotions, she must’ve been keeping that hidden inside her for a long time.

She clenched her hands, her lips trembled, and she continued.

「 I need money, and the total amount I’ve won so far has been 2600 yen. We have three hours. That’s almost 9,000 yen per hour. That’s ridiculous for a part-time newspaper deliveryman! 」

Part-time newspaper deliveryman, so that’s Otometani-san’s work.

「 Could it be that your family is poor? 」

「 Yes. Our family has 7 siblings. I’m the eldest, and I have 6 younger siblings 」

「 7 siblings? 」

「 To make matters worse, we have a single mother. Mother’s earnings aren’t enough, so I work with newspaper delivery in the morning, and I look after my siblings after school 」

「 What about Otometani-san’s father? 」

「 That trash? He ran away with his mistress and left his debts to Mother. He should’ve just died! 」

That’s a strong intent to kill. Her eyes burn with such intense killing intent and her face has distorted in hatred.

Otometani-san had a hard time. I’m surprised that she showed no such behavior in college.

「 My younger siblings will now move to middle school, high school, and college. We don’t have enough money. That’s why I need to earn money! No matter what! 」

Otometani-san’s serious. Cornered people will do whatever it takes. For example, selling their body.

I had a feeling that the beings who developed this AV app were excited by the greedy and ugly feelings deep inside the human heart that are exposed right now.

「 Nakade-kun. I’ll be honest, I thank you for this situation. After all, I could earn money just from clearing these tasks! If I can’t escape, then I’d rather make as much money as possible. 」

Then, Otometani-san showed a self-deprecating smile.

「 I was already thinking of going for paid dating…I’m glad that Nakade-kun will be my first 」

Suddenly, I feel her arms wrap around my neck, and her moist eyes stare upward, then our lips overlap.

「 Nuu?! 」

My body turned stiff, and her arms entangled me even more tightly. She’s not letting me go even if I resist. You’re biting!!

Oh wait, thinking about it, why am I resisting? I’m kissing the unobtainable flower, Otometani-san. I should just accept it, right?

「 Hmm 」

I stopped resisting and gently wrap Otometani-san’s back in my arms. She was startled, but she didn’t resist.

That was my first kiss. I’m kissing the popular girl in our college.

So soft. I’m feeling something words cannot describe. It’s so wet, and it’s melting my brain.

How many seconds have we been kissing? 1? 10? Maybe it’s already over a minute.

Oh well, that doesn’t matter.

I want to drown in this first kiss of mine I take my time, slowly imprinting deeply into my memory and soul.

I opened my mouth and poked Otometani-san’s lips with my tongue, following my instincts and desires. She slowly opened her mouth and accepted my tongue.

Our tongues entwined stickily. Our saliva mixed. It’s making gushing sounds. She’s warm.

It’s both our first time so it’s clumsy. We don’t know how to move. But, we’re doing our best in giving each other French kisses.

「 「 Puhaa 」 」

We reached the limit of our breaths and let go. We were so focused on kissing that we forgot to breathe.

Isn’t it too hard to breathe while kissing? I’m amazed at couples.

「 So that’s kissing 」

「 And that’s also the first kiss. 15,000 yen 」

It’s money from having our first lip contact. That was Otometani-san’s first kiss too.

The mood is ruined, no, it’s actually refreshing.

It’s much easier to go for sex if we can earn money. We can go for it without feeling some weird guilt. It’s like going for compensated dating or having sex with a mistress. It’s a relationship bridged with money.

If that’s the case, let’s keep going

「 Otometani-san, want to go for this? 」

I pointed at the 50,000 yen task on board, 【 Intravaginal ejaculation,(Unlimited) 】 In short, having creampie sex without contraceptives.

There’s no limit to this. The more I cum inside Otometani-san’s pussy, the more we get paid.

There’s also the 100,000 yen anal sex, but it’s too much for us virgins.

Is Otometani-san ready to sell her body and get dirty for money?

「 Nakade-kun, yes. Let’s do that. But in exchange, pour me plenty 」