AV App Chapter 36 ♡ First 3P Start!


「 Huh? What? W-Why is Leona-san…. 」

We’ve come to the love hotel space to play the prize game, and there’s a woman next to me who can’t be here, or rather, shouldn’t be here.

The brown gyaru, Leona-san.

「 Huh? Nakade-chi didn’t call me? I didn’t come here on my own you know 」

「 I..oh! 」

I recalled. I was playing with the app just before and decided to test out tapping Leona-san’s name along with Fuyou-san as partners.

I-I didn’t take her out! What have I done?! I’m such an idiot!

Now Fuyou-san and Leona-san’s facing.

「 Oh, Leona-san. Good Evening 」

「 Oh, Shojo-chi?! Good Evening! 」

The two noticed each other.

Of course. I’m the only one between them. Of course, they’d see each other.

Shit. I didn’t tell Fuyou-san that I’m already having this kind of relationship with Leona-san.

Is this going to be carnage? Catfight? War?

Am I going to get killed?

I fear for my life, but the two seem surprisingly cheerful.

「 I thought it was Shojo-chi’s time with Nakade-chi 」

「 Yes. I’ll work Haku-kun plenty hard 」

「 Ooh, so passionate! What a lovey-dovey couple 」

「 I told you we’re not. Also, why are you here, Leona-san 」

「 Who knows? I have no idea. I was tending after my skin and the next thing I know, I was here already 」

Why? The two beauties on my side had that question.

Err, some reasons are higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea, but it’s hard to say that it’s simply a human error.

That aside, there’s one question I have to ask the two.

「 Could it be that the two of you already know? 」

I couldn’t say the important part, but they know what I was asking.

「 Haku-kun and Leona-san’s physical relationship? Of course. It’s obvious 」

「 Ahaha. You know, the other day, Shojo-chi called me out. She already knew since then. I’m sorry for keeping quiet 」

Eh, eeeh… I’m the only one who didn’t know?

That really scared me you know! I was afraid that the two of them would grab each other and start clawing each other out.

But seeing the two know about it and still be on good terms makes me feel at ease.

「 So, Nakade-chi? Why did you call me? Do you want me to watch the two of you play around? 」

「 Haku-kun? Do you have that kind of fetish? 」

「 No, no! It was just a simple operational error 」

I almost got framed for a crime.

Leona-san, please stop your weird remarks. You almost made me think that I want Leona-san the knowledgeable to watch.

「 I see. Then, I’m just an intruder, I’ll have to leave, right? I’d rather not get kicked to death by a horse. Nakade-chi, bring me back home 」

「 Haku-kun. Can you? 」

「 Who knows? 」

「 Huh? I can’t go back? Is this the room where you can’t leave unless you have sex? 」

The truth is we can’t go back to the real world until we do something. At least, we need to do something lewd like a hand job or blow job before exiting the app.

「 We should do something lewd before leaving. I have a hunch 」

「 It’s got a penalty, right 」

「 Penalty? For example? 」

Fuyou-san and I told her, but while we were thinking, we suddenly had a clear image of punishment in our brains. That could be a warning from the AV app devs.

「 Like, being raped by some bald fat uncles who look like they belong in some netorare anime 」

「 Oh, I’ll have sex with Nakade-chi then 」

Seems like she doesn’t even want to imagine it. She’s patting her arms, to take off the goosebumps, and Leona-san whose face is pale sticks close to me. I’m happy that she feels relieved and trusts me.

「 Ah, but I’m in the way, am I? Should I go watch until you’re done with Shojo-chi? Or take a bath 」

「 Don’t mind me. Rather, I want to learn a lot from Leona-san’s experiences 」

Fuyou-san approves the 3P?

「 If Shojo-chi’s okay with it, then I’ll join in. I’ll have my favorite couple flirt in front of me, ehehe 」

Leona-san’s also into it?

S-So my heartfelt wish of having a 3P will come true? Can I have sex with both the cool beauty and the brown gyaru?

One man and two women. It’s one of the dream plays men have. In fact, I’ve had fantasies of doing it with these women.

Gods! Buddha! App Devs! Thanks!

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

Fuyou-san seems somewhat excited. It’s probably not my imagination that I see money marks floating in their eyes.

And as usual, we’re gripping the flip boards without us noticing it. What could be the tasks this time?


【 Clear the tasks and earn money 】※First time Bonus in effect!※

【 1000 Yen 】

・10 Seconds of staring at a 10cm distance

・1 minute holding hands

・3 minute hug

【 3000 Yen 】

・Cheek Kiss

・Toe Finger Licking

・Touching chest through clothes

・Touching butt through clothes

・Touching crotch through clothes

【 5000 Yen 】

・10 Second Kiss

・Strip to underwear

・Touch Chest through clothes

・Touch butt through clothes

・Touch crotch through the crotch

・Using toys for over ten minutes

【 10,000 Yen 】

・30 Seconds French Kiss

・Get Naked

・Touching Chest directly

・Touching butt directly

・Touching crotch directly

・Licking Breasts directly

・Licking Butt Directly

・Licking crotch directly

・Climax (Repeatable Reward)

【 20,000 Yen 】

・Oral Ejaculation(Repeatable Reward)

・Vaginal sex

【 50,000 Yen 】

・Creampie(Repeatable Reward)

【 100, 000 Yen 】

・Anal Insertion and Sex (Repeatable Reward)

【 Bonus 】

・All Clear……Rewards+10,000 Yen


Using energy drinks will reduce the reward to a tenth.


「 Hm, first-time bonus? Why? 」

Although there are some changes in the tasks, they’re presenting it as if it’s the first time we’re doing this prize game. After the second time, the number of tasks got reduced in half, and we worked hard in doing creampies.

This time, it seems that if we use the energy drink, we’ll get fewer rewards.

「 I see. It’s because Leona-san’s joining in for the first time 」

Perhaps that guess is right.

It seems that the system allows the first-timers to win more with more tasks.

Once you learn that, you’ll start to invite new women.

It’s a good way to stimulate human desire.

「 Leona-san, thanks for joining in! 」

Look, there’s one beautiful woman who had fallen right into the trap.

「 Huh? Okay. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m feeling embarrassed that Shojo-chi’s thanking me 」

The two of them are so close.

「 This is different from the novice support project, right? 」

「 What novice support project? 」

「 Yes, that’s right. Nakade-chi got down on his knees and I lost to his sincere begging that I had sex with him. The reward was 600,00 Yen. I’ll treat you next time 」

「 I didn’t know that, tell me the details later, Haku-kun 」

Got it. Roger that. I’ll tell you all the details.

I’m sure that Fuyou-san’s not interested in the act, but rather in the content of the project and the pay.

Unfortunately, I can’t call Fuyou-san in the novice support project.

「 I guess we should start! 」

Fuyou-san pushed the timer button as she used to.

The three-hour countdown has begun.

「 Stand up, Haku-kun 」

「 O-Oh 」

She pulled my hand and I stood up. Then, Fuyou-san and I stared at each other at a 10cm distance.

Her eyes are always so beautiful. It’s dignified and strong-willed. Her eyelashes are long.

Ten seconds fly by when you’re not thinking about it.

As soon as the rewards start falling, Fuyou-san touched my chest, ass, and crotch over my clothes so fast, and immediately moved to hug. Then, she kissed me on the cheeks, and on the lips.

「 Hmm, chu 」

A French kiss with our tongues entwined. Our saliva starts mixing together. It’s so pleasant that my brain feels like it’s about to melt.

Fuyou-san’s gotten better at kissing. She was so innocent, not knowing how to handle a man at first, but now she’s quite aggressive.

The only one who made her sexy like this is me.

The dark sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and superiority wells up in the fact that I’ve developed this woman who never knew a man before.

「 Haa, I might love kissing Haku-kun 」

Fuyou-san says while licking her lips as the bridge of saliva between us breaks.

My heart just skipped a beat. Blood flows through my body, and my lower body heats up. My head’s about to throw reason away.

「 Aaaah, I can’t! 」

Then, I took off my top half with vigor. I got in my underwear in no time.

Fuyou-san also took off her clothes and is now in her underwear.

She’s wearing light blue underwear. That suits her cool beauty look.

We hugged each other and stroked each other all over to increase the mood and excitement, and complete the tasks while at it.

「 Auu?! 」

A pathetic voice leaks out from my mouth. Fuyou-san’s licking my nipples.

「 Oh? Haku-kun’s also sensitive here? 」

Finding out something good, Fuyou-san shows a teasing smile and continued licking my nipples even though the task has been cleared.

「 Ugh, kuh. afuun! 」

「 Fufufu. This seems fun 」

Huh? Is Fuyou-san awakening her sadistic tendencies?

This might be good. Ah, wait, stop! Something’s about to awaken too!

I look away to escape the hot upward glance from the one playing with my nipples while listening to how I react and I discovered someone I completely forgot.

「 Leona-san, what are you doing there? 」

She’s in the bed, trying to hide, only poking her nose out to get a peek at what Fuyou-san and I are doing. Her nose is breathing heavily.

She noticed me and waved her hand.

「 Go ahead. Just think of me as air, don’t mind me 」

「 Now you got me conscious of you 」

Once you notice it, you can’t help but concentrate on her because you’re worried about her eyes. Her gaze is just burning. Besides, I can’t just leave Leona-san alone since we’re having a 3P.

Still, Leona-san’s breathing heavily even though she hasn’t done anything.

「 Haa, my favorite couple’s just entwined! So precious!! Aaah! I want to become a wall. I want to be the wall of the room where Nakade-chi and Shojo-chi are making out! No, I’d rather become the bed! 」

Death from too much precious! Thank you, you two. Says the brown gyaru. It’s as if she’s a fan who met her idol at a concert.

Anyway, Leona-san, can you do something about those hands holding vibrators?

Those aren’t glow sticks you know.