AV App Chapter 35 ♡ Carelessly



「 Jubo, jubo, jubo, jubo 」

The brown gyaru sits on the bed and buries her face on my crotch. She’s making obscene sticky water sounds. She happily sucks on my thick meat down to the base and moves her face real hard.

「 Kuh, this feels good 」

「 Nfu~ You’re doing well enduring my blowjob techniques now, Nakade-chi 」

「 That’s because my mentor teaches me every day 」

「 Oh? Which one could that be? The hard training stroke or penis stroke? 」

Guchu, guchu, guchu…

Leona, the brown gyaru’s giving a mischievous grin while also stroking my dick with just the right amount of force.

Ugh, well, it’s both. Both the rigorous training in improving my premature ejaculation, and stroking my penis.

I gradually got accustomed to Leona-san’s techniques and became more tolerant of them. Slowly, my ejaculation time is getting longer.

Well, that’s because Leona-san’s not taking it seriously. If she gets serious, I wouldn’t last five minutes and cum.

「 There, there. Hang in there, go for it, it’s for Shojo-chi 」

「 Ah, ugh! 」

「 It would be miserable if Shojo-chi’s boyfriend is a premature ejaculator 」

「 I know that. Wait, I’m not even Fuyou-san’s boyfriend 」

「 When will you have sex with Shojo-chi? 」

「 You’re just ignoring it? Ugh, I think tonight 」

I’ll be playing the prize game with Fuyou-san tonight again.

She’s in her usual cool beauty mode in the morning. But, I know that she’s getting intimate. She’s getting excited at times.

From Fuyou-san’s point of view, she wants more money, so she’d prefer if I cum faster. But, my pride as a man gets in the way.

It’s embarrassing to have premature ejaculation you know.

That’s why I asked Leona-san to train me in fixing it.

As compensation, Leona-san gets to use the shampoo and body soap in the love hotel space.

The effect is so amazing that it can’t be compared to anything in the market, so she seduces me, begging me almost every day to take a bath in this magical space.

Even after just one use, the effect is tremendous. Her hair’s silky and shiny, and her skin’s moisturized and white as an egg, and you can see them all right away.

She’s been a quarter-blood beauty, but recently, she’s become a brown gyaru whose beauty is superb that you can see sparkles around her.

She complained the other day that more and more men are looking at her body.

「 I see. Tonight. Nakade-chi’s doing it with me before having sex with Shojo-chi, you’re bad 」

「 W-Well, that’s because you were inviting me half-threateningly 」

「 Hmm? What do you mean? I’m a quarter blood so I don’t understand 」

「 Kuh, you’re a native speaker 」

「 Ehehehe, that’s Nakade-chi’s fault for falling to the temptation 」

「 Maybe, but still 」

If you say it like that, you make me feel like I’m a scum No, I sure am.

Fuyou-san’s a mistress. Our relationship is a give-and-take one using the AV app. She even told me to have sex with other girls. I’ve already had sex with three other women.

「 I guess I’m not being faithful 」

「 Hmm. Nakade-chi’s so kind. Usually, boys would just think that they’re happy to have a harem, right? 」

「 I also think that way. But still, I figured it out after having sex with Fuyou-san and Leona-san. I’m a little awkward, so harem’s out of the question for me 」

「 Hm, I see. Isn’t that why it would be fun to have Nakade-chi as a harem king? 」

「 Leona-san? What are you talking about? 」

Leona-san said some strange things and then happily licked my penis.

「 I’d rather have a man who doesn’t want to be the harem king than a man who wants to be one. I mean, it’s more fun that way, all the girls who like Nakade-chi gather together and surround him, forming a harem to brainwash you little by little 」

「 That’s scary! 」

I’m not sure how she came up with that idea, but I may have to rethink my relationship with Leona-san once more.

「 Whispering sweet words to Nakade-chi’s ear, pushing his back, sometimes spanking too! Let’s aim to have fun in our lovey-dovey life! 」

「 Please don’t even think about spanking 」

「 That’s nice. This has become fun! Let’s tell Shojo-chi later! 」

「 Please spare me from spanking. Also, let’s keep our relationship a secret from Fuyou-san, okay! 」

I wonder what would happen if Fuyou-san discovers that I have a physical relationship with Leona-san. I think it’s okay, but I’m scared of women’s jealousy, I want to keep it a secret as much as possible.

「 Huh? You don’t know that yet, Nakade-chi? 」

「 Huh, what? 」

The brown gyaru’s blinking with a surprised look, looking for something from my reaction.

「 Oh, nothing. Don’t mind it. You should just focus on having sex with Shojo-chi tonight 」

Now you got me curious! What is Leona-san hiding from me?

Now I’m too curious to think about sex with Fuyou-san.

「 Leona-san!! 」

「 Ahaha, hamu!! 」

「 Ugh!! 」

「 Jubo, jubo, jubo, juru 」

What’s the point of giving fellatio to gloss it over…ooh, this feels good

Her sticky and coarse tongue wet with saliva stimulates my sensitive spots. The pleasure shoots through my penis and into my brain.

「 Juru, juru, juru, jubo, jubo, jubo 」

「 Ah, kuh! Gah!! 」

「 Fuoorafuoorahorahora, don’t hold back 」

「 Ah, ah, aguu! 」

「 Farafaramadamada! Hmm, hmm, hmm, ngu!! 」

As I was close to ejaculation, she loosened her fellatio, and the pleasure rises up Then, she stopped moving, and my feeling of ejaculation recedes.

This time, she slowed down, and when the pleasure rises, she loosens and repeats.

What’s this teasing play. She’s good at stopping just right before.

Her eyes are sparkling as she looks up at me, checking for my response.

I desperately endure the hell of short-lived pleasures. It’s all for the premature ejaculation remedy.

「 Nhaa. Good. That’s the end of our training today 」

「 Huh? 」

We’re not ending in ejaculation? Mentor? NO way

I want to cum! I want to cum right now! Please

「 So you make a cute face like that too, Nakade-chi. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you cum all your semen now that the training’s over. My special training ends with ejaculation, right? This is the last spurt, Nakade-chi 」

Leona-san sucked my dick with her most intense fellatio for the whole day.

The lewd sound echoes in the room, and my body’s attacked with a huge wave of pleasure.

That feels good. Super. The pleasure is so good that I might disappear.

This is her final spurt. Leona-san won’t stop moving. My ejaculation is coming.

「 Ugh! Kuh! Leona-san! Cumming!! 」

「 Fuifuifuo…sure… 」

The pleasure that had been rushing up bursts all at once.

I grabbed Leona-san’s head without thinking and shoved my dick to the root.

「 Hmmm!!! 」

Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

「 Ngu! Nuuu!! 」

I feel like I let out all the semen I’ve been accumulating so far. I let out a ton of semen from pleasure.

Leona-san’s throat makes a gulping sound.

My kenja mode comes in soon after. A sense of fatigue after the pleasure.

Now that I’m calm and collected, I noticed the distressed brown gyaru making a silent plea with tears in her eyes.

「 S-Sorry 」

「 Keho, keho…Aah, that was painful 」

「 I’m really sorry 」

「 I don’t mind. But Shojo-chi would be angry if you do that to her 」

She pouts and turned her face away. I feel like her cheeks are a bit tinted red.

Speaking of which, Leona-san’s a bit of a masochist.

「 Could it be that you like it when I’m a little pushy? 」

「 I-I think I’m going to take a bath today 」

「 You can’t make it any less obvious 」

「 S-Shut it! It’s just that I always wanted to get a little irrumatio before! 」

I see. Now that’s a good thing to hear.

I can’t stop grinning as I pursue further.

「 I see. So you want irrumatio 」

「 Guh! A-And here I thought of inviting Nakade-chi into the bath, but if you’re going to make fun of your mentor, then I might go alone 」

「 I’m sorry. I apologize! Please let me go in the bath with you! 」

I immediately turned over. This kind of temptation is unfair.

「 I wonder… 」

Leona-san laughs happily.

Rather than making fun of her and enjoying her bashful face, I’d rather choose to take a bath with her.

This brown gyaru’s got a voluptuous body you know! Her breasts are explosive! I’d even beg on my knees just to go in the bath with her

「 Mentor! Please! 」

「 It can’t be helped then. I’ll forgive you this time! And so, let’s go in the bath now 」

「 Thanks 」

And so I went to the bathroom with the brown gyaru.

Leona-san’s underwear today was a mature black and pink colored one.


「 I think Fuyou-san should contact me by now 」

That night, I dressed up and waited for Fuyou-san to call me.

I’m about to play the prize game with Fuyou-san.

I wonder how much I will earn this time? I’m also looking forward to having sex with her.

We’ve already earned over 5 million yen in total.

I hid the stacks of cash on my desk, but I’m dreading that my family would find it. How do I deceive them if they see it?

I mean, there’s nothing to use the money for.

Maybe just save it for the future. Who knows what will happen.

I could use some of it to buy gifts for the family.

「 Anyway, I’m going to have fun tonight 」

Let’s put the money aside for a moment.

I picked the usual prize game button and have it ready so I can start it anytime, and picked Fuyou-san as the partner

「 Hmm? is this limited to just one? 」

I had a question. I picked another woman apart from Fuyou-san, I tried tapping Leona-san’s name to test it out.

Then, both their names have been checked.

「 I see. So you can enjoy it with several people 」

As soon as I discovered a new way to use the AV app…

Multiple partners are common in AV. Well yeah, doing it one-on-one all the time would be boring. The AV app is saying that it’s also fun to do it with multiple partners at the same time.

「 AV App Devs. I’d like an easier-to-understand explanation please 」

I don’t know if it went across, but there’s a point of improvement here. Could you update and improve them? Besides, do you even update this app?

「 Oops. Fuyou-san’s calling 」

Fuyou-san’s long-awaited call has come in. Seems like she’s ready now.

I’ve experienced this multiple times so I don’t feel nervous at all. I’m just looking forward to having sex with Fuyou-san.

「 Then, let’s start. Press! 」

I’m surrounded by a bright white light and moved to the love hotel space.

The bright light made me close my eyes for a moment, and when I opened my eyes, I’m in the usual space.

「 Good Evening, Fuyou-san 」

「 Good Evening, Haku-kun. Then, let’s do it right away 」

I smiled at the cool beauty to my right and then…

「 –Huh? Nakade-chi? Called me again? That’s too sudden! If you’re calling me, at least tell me first 」

The brown gyaru’s voice, which I shouldn’t be hearing, came from my left side.