AV App Chapter 45 Character Introduction




Name: Nakade Haku

Age: 20


・Sophomore in the Department of Informatics at the Seishoku University

・His biological mother died during childbirth.

・His father remarried when he was in kindergarten.

・His father (Shirohiko) is away from home because of job relocation.

・He’s quite interested in sex, but he shies away from it (His renewing his thinking thanks to the app and the heroines)

・He’s proud of his penis size.

・He’s bothered that he’s got premature ejaculation.

・Calls most women with “-san” as a suffix.

・Inherited the double-layer long eyelashes from his mother.

【 Author’s Notes 】

His name comes from “Creampie” and “Cloudy Liquid” There’s nothing in his image that stands out.

■■■ Current AV app Status ■■■


Name: Nakade Haku

Level  4 → 5 Level Up!

Rank: Novice AV Actor → Amateur AV Actor (Rank up!)


<Available AV Situations>

・Prize Game

・Compensated Dating Play (Payment: Each Use)

・Sex Friend Play

・Mistress Play(Payment: Monthly)

・Lovers Play

・Esthetics & Massage ←NEW!

<New Features>

・Adult Shop

・Free Room

・Cosplay Closet

・AV Bank


Name: Nakade Hana

Age: 38


・Renge and Kaori’s mother, and the protagonist’s stepmother.

・Remarried Shirohiko.

・She’s not at home because she’s accompanying her husband on the job relocation.

・Not planned to appear with Shirohiko at the moment.

Name: Kageran Kaho

Age: 33

Hairstyle: Black, Semi-long


・Step-Mom’s Sister. (Aunt)

・Appearance is young, could be mistaken for a college girl in her 20s

・A cheerful personality living in the groove and momentum.

・She’s happy to be called by her sister and nieces.

・She had a fiancee a long time ago, but he died in a car accident the day before the wedding.

・She loves the main character as if they’re her own children. (Even desire to bathe and sleep with them, hugging, and kissing is common, especially when she’s drunk) ← Her response to her desire to have children

・Calls the protagonist “Haku-chan”

Appearance: Kiri** Kyouko (To **** Ru)

【 Author’s Notes 】

She’s originally set up as the mother-in-law. Her character was changed to an aunt when the E-book was published due to the label’s regulations.

Name Origin: “Lewd”→(Read as: Inran)→(Kageran)

Whether or not she’s lewd is still a secret.

Name: Nakade Renge

Age: 21

Hairstyle: Half-Raised



・She matured early, and she looks like a bewitching beauty in her late 20s.

・A third-year student at Seishoku University (A regular competitor in beauty pageants)

・Her figure is of a gravure idol

・She’s insecure about being mistaken as an older lady.

・A bit of an airhead

・Brocon (So much that she immediately goes to kiss and bathe with him)

・Calls the protagonist “Haa-kun”

Appearance: Mik** Ryouko (To *** Ru), Yakumo **Ni (Vtuber)

【 Author’s Notes 】

Originally, the setting was supposed to be in high school, and she’d have the bewitching aura of a mature woman while wearing a high-school uniform. I associated her with high-school AVs.

As for her name, since her mother was Hana, I decided to name them using flowers. And that’s why It’s Renge. It was an easy decision

Name: Nakade Kaori

Age: 19

Hairstyle: Ponytail



・Freshman at Seishoku University

・Slender Figure among the family

・Her tongue is quite sharp. Also, a bit selfish.

・Lightly dressed at home.

・Hangs around the protagonist’s room a lot.

・Actually a brocon.

・Calls her mother, sister, and aunt with the “-chan” suffix.

・Calls the protagonist “Haku,” but when the family isn’t around, “Nii-san”

Appearance: Yuki **kan (To *** Ru)

【 Author’s Notes 】

Is it normal for siblings to call each other by their first names? But, it’s hard to abandon the idea of calling “Nii-san” or “Nii,” so that’s her setting.

I don’t think there’s a scene where she called him “Nii-san” yet.

<Heroines who have a relationship with him>

Name: Otometani Fuyou

Age: 20

Hairstyle: LSBH (Long Straight Black Hair)

Breast Size: D → E

Preference: Deep Vaginal, Uterus, Missionary, Lotus. (She likes it when she can see the face and embrace her partner)


・Sophomore at the Seishoku University Department of Informatics (Full Tuition Waiver as a Scholarship student)

・A cool beauty archetype (Friendly and Caring)

・She was skinny at first, but she’s gradually becoming well-fleshed.

・The eldest of seven siblings in a single-mother household

・Poor Family

・Doing household chores from early in the morning until late at night.

・Prefers Money over Love. However.

・If it makes the woman happy, then she would allow the protagonist to have a harem. Rather, she welcomes them for the increased reward in prize games.

・She hates her father who was a domestic abuser, and cheater and ran away leaving the debt to them.

・To earn money, she signed the mistress contract with the protagonist. (In the E-book, it’s an exclusive actress contract)

・Calls the protagonist 『 Haku-kun 』 Others are called with the “-san” prefix

Appearance; Ka****gaoka Utaha (Sae**no) and Kote**wa Yui (To *** Ru)

【 Author’s Notes 】

Originally, I was going with “Aoi” as her name. But, when I was researching, I learned that there’s a flower named Fuyou(Cotton Rose) in the mallow family, so I adopted it.

Her original hairstyle was short-cut hair. (Just to save money on shampoo)

In fact, I listed her as having short hair on my initial submission.

Name: Kuchi Leona.

Age: 20

Hairstyle: Silver Hair and Side Ponytails

Breast Size: F

Preference: Shallow Vaginal, G-Spot, and a bit Rough play.


・Student at Seishoku University, Department of Informatics.

・A cheery brown-skinned gyaru.

・A quarter Blood. Half-French, and Half-Japanese Father, Half African-Italian and Half-Japanese Mother.

・Tremendous tits with great firmness and elasticity.

・Virgin Bitch (Looks Experienced, but only has experience with vibrators and other toys)

・Calls adult toys her “Boyfriends”

・Loves to counsel and watch other people in their relationships. (She doesn’t care about herself, even wanting to become the wall or the bed)

・Her favorite couple is Haku and Fuyou

・She gets really horny twice to thrice a month

・A bit of masochist.

・ Prefers to call herself “A–shi” (Not Translated)

・Calls the Protagonist “Nakade-chi,” or “Darling,” Fuyou-san as “Shojo-chi,” and Suisen as “Oshiri-chi”

Appearance: Yu**na Yame (Haji**** no Gal) and Kawa**mi Mai (Musaigen no Phantom World)

【 Author’s Notes 】

I received feedback from the reader saying that they want to see an experienced gyaru, so that’s what I did.

I find it hard to Gyaru speak.

Her name just came from feeling. I wanted a name that would work both in Japan and abroad, so “Leona!” That’s it! As for the surname, I thought of something that meant coochie

Name: Yumejiri Suisen

Age: 19

Hairstyle: Brown Colored (Brunette) Bob Cut

Breast Size: C

Preference: All, prefers forceful male play.


・Freshman student at Seishoku University

・Kaori’s Best Friend

・A junior since high school.

・Insecure about her big butt (Comparative to her Height)

・She’s extremely sensitive, and can only wear clothes and underwear with small fabric areas.

・Soft Tennis Circle Member

・The circle teases her with the nickname “Dekajiri(Big Ass)”

・Was in love with her senior, Tadokoro Shinji, but her heart was broken

・She’s bad at dealing with Gesushima Minami-senpai ← The perpetrator of the bullying

・Can’t forget her sex with the protagonist.

・Her favorite books are Teens Love stories, (Selfish Men)

・Calls the protagonist “Nii-san-senpai”

Appearance. “A*-chan” (Tawa** on Mondays)

【 Author’s Notes 】

A big butt girl. She was born as a result of thinking that sports girls look nice.

Her name comes from Japanese Narcissus. That’s because it means “Unrequited love” in flower language.

I want a sports girl in AV situations!

Name: Shigawa Sumire

Age: 25

Hairstyle: Ruffled. Single Knot.

Breast Size: It’s F due to the sagging, but later on?

Preference: Unknown


・A former beauty with a child in the neighborhood


・Thin innerwear and no bra.

・Her husband’s a domestic abuser, (Despises Sumire, who’s haggard, and cheats on her)

・She was stout but never regained her figure after childbirth and fatigue from childcare.

・She’s mostly expressionless at home.

・She’s a genius technician, never satisfied with sex because her organ is too great that her partner always finishes first.

・Daughter: Rin (4y/o Preschooler)

Appearance: Oosuki Ma**ko (Oka**-san Online)

【 Author’s Notes 】

Her name comes from violets, which means chastity and love in the flower language.

She’s currently a thin woman. She’s the number one character I can’t wait to make happy.

Sorry. Because of the story, we have to be a little patient.

Name: Otometani Kasumi

Age: 18

Hairstyle: Shoulder Length

Breast Size: D

Preference: Anal


・Fuyou’s sister

・Freshman of Hajioka Women’s college.

・She feels sorry because her family’s poor, yet she’s attending a private school. (Half of her Tuition is waived)

・She got suspicious of Fuyou’s search history.

・She discovered the wad of cash hidden in the desk and contacted the protagonist pretending to be Fuyou. Midway threatened to become a mistress too.

・Little Temptress personality

・Hairless Down there

・She masturbates with her anus at times.

・Calls the protagonist “Onii-san”

【 Author’s Notes 】

Her name’s based on common gypsophila It just matched her family name.

While I was trying to give her a distinct feature, she became a hairless and anal lover.

Who knows when it will happen, but look forward to the Shimaidon!

<The rest of the Characters>

Name: Otometani Yuri

Age: 37


・Fuyou and Kasumi’s mother.

・Her recent goal is to teach her daughters how to put on makeup and send them on dates.

・Single Mom

・Losing weight.

・Her former husband was a domestic abuser, took their savings, and disappeared with his mistress. Leaving all the debt behind.

Second-year College Daughter: Fuyou

First-year College Daughter: Kasumi

Second-year high school daughter

Third-year middle school son.

Fourth-grade elementary daughter and son (Twins)

Third-grade elementary daughter.

Name: Shigawa Rin

Age: 4


・Sumire’s Daughter


・Cute girl

Name: Tadokoro Shinji


・A soft tennis club member

・Handsome and Famous

・Likes Yumejiri Suisen

・Asked his classmate, Gesushima Minami for advice As compensation, she gets a massage after training (wholesome)

Name: Gesushima Minami


・Soft Tennis Circle Member

・Likes Tadokoro Shinji

・After receiving a request from him because he likes Suisen, she felt jealous.

・Started bullying Suisen and calling her “Dekajiri”