AV App Chapter 44 ♡ Blindfold and a different hole.



With occasional breaks, Kasumi-chan and I indulged in sex for more than two and a half hours.

「 Ahn, ahn, ahn, Onii-san! I feel so good! Rubbing my pussy feels so good!! 」

On the sofa, the floor, and the table, we lay our bodies on top of each other in such places.

My penis stirs up her pussy, slamming our hips hard. Our intercourse was so intense that our sexual fluids fly everywhere. Semen overflowed and bubbled, running down Kasumi-chan’s slender thighs.

We’re both breathing roughly. Pleasure comes over. The flirty voice also continues to echo in the air.

「 Hm, hm, hmm, hmm! Nuuu! I-I’m cumming! Cumming!!!!! 」

I don’t know how many times I’ve creampied her. I don’t know how many times Kasumi-chan climaxed either.

We made love like crazy and we’re still having sex, now in doggy style this time.

Gripping the back of the sofa lightly, I grab Kasumi-chan’s hips and support her as she kneels on the seat, slamming her hips as her body wobble and spasm.

Her pussy’s melting under the influence of the climax clamped tightly, and sweetly stimulates my erect penis.

I feel the intense pleasure swelling up.

It feels good! It feels so good! I can’t hold it

「 C-Cumming! I’m cumming inside Kasumi-chan’s pussy! I’m cumming!! 」

Dopyu! Dopyupyu!! Dopyu!!

「 Naaaaaaaaaa!!! Hmmmm!! Hmmmm!! So hot! Onii-san’s pouring a ton of semen inside of me 」

I gushed hot semen inside Kasumi-chan’s body. The thick white liquid goes down into her womb.

Her virgin pussy never knew a man until a few hours ago. Now, it’s wringing every drop of semen, and my seed’s swimming in large quantities.

Some of them may have entered her womb already. I’m pretty sure that she will get pregnant after giving her this many creampies.

If she’s not using contraception, then I’d be excited just imagining my sperm fertilizing Kasumi-chan’s egg in a few days.

Oh, speaking of which.

I just noticed…

Did Kasumi-chan mention that she’s on pills?

「 Oh, I can’t even count how many times I’ve been creampied…I’ve been creampied again…let’s give you a clean-up fellatio 」

She pulls out my penis and squats down to suck the fluid-soaked meat stick in her mouth. The sweet feeling spreads over the penis that just finished ejaculating

–Jubo, jubo, jubo

「 It’s late to ask now but Kasumi-chan, are you on pills? 」

I ask while she stuffs her cheeks with my dick. She looks up with her passionate eyes, filled with endless amazement.

「 It really is late to ask. Ngu, also, yes. I drink them. I did consider my period 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

「 I suggest you ask first before giving the woman a ton of creampie, that’s bad, Onii-san 」

「 I’ll keep that in mind 」

I’ll take her insult as a warning I’m the total asshole for not checking if she’s doing contraception first.

「 C-Cumming 」

My sensitive penis easily ejaculated in Kasumi-chan’s mouth. My hot semen fills her mouth and I hear her throat gulping. She’s drinking my semen.

「 Phew. That tastes weird. Thanks for the meal. Can I take a break? My throat’s dry. I want some drinks. 」

I’m also getting thirsty. I’m still erect, but since I didn’t drink any energy drinks, it’ll take some reasonable time to regain my strength. Just in time. Let’s take a break.

Semen trickled down Kasumi-chan’s tiny hole as she stood up.

「 Uuu, tissue, tissue 」

Her hand got accustomed to this for the past few hours, Kasumi-chan grabbed a tissue and wiped her pussy covered in body fluids.

We rehydrated ourselves naked. Moisture soaks into the body as sweat and fluids flow out of our body.

「 There are only 15 minutes left in the game 」

「 We had sex for more than two and a half hours, and most of the time I have Onii-san’s penis inside my pussy 」

「 Ahahahaha, I told you I was peerless, right? 」

「 I didn’t expect you to be this peerless, however. Ugh, my hips, they’re going to be sore tomorrow. Just how many times did you cum inside? 」

「 Dunno? How many indeed? I’m looking forward to the results 」

Kasumi-chan, could you stop staring at me with your moist eyes?

「 Timewise, we could still go for another round 」

「 Are you still going for it? You’re already past the peerless level, you’re a monster 」

「 You know that it’s even more amazing when I was drinking the energy drinks 」

「 Please don’t ever drink it when I’m around 」

I can’t promise that, but I’ll be careful, sure

I have to be ready for it when I drink it. In exchange for pleasure, the recoil, once it wears off, is also terrible. The drink does restore your strength, but the fatigue accumulation won’t go away.

Am I the only one who thinks that Fuyou-san’s the monster for being in a good mood and still having energy after drinking that stuff? She’s not a succubus, right?

「 Then, let’s go for another round! 」

「 You’re surprisingly into it 」

「 I-I didn’t say that I don’t like it! Hurry up and lie down! I’ll move this time. 」

This little temptress is quite the tsundere.

I lay down on the sofa as she told me and Kasumi got on top of me.

I see. Cowgirl. What a nice girl to give me a cowgirl position experience on her first sex. I’m sure the connected area would be visible since she has no hair.

Just when I was to enjoy the sight of her hairless pussy swallowing my penis,

「 Okay, no looking this time Onii-san 」

「 Eeh?! No way! 」

Kasumi-chan covers my view with her clothes. A sweet smile permeates my nostrils.

A simple blindfold play?! Also, this smell…

「 This is Kasumi-chan’s panty?! 」

「 Hey! Perv! Did I get the underwear mixed in?! Don’t sniff, don’t breathe! Stop breathing! 」

「 No, I’d die if I don’t breathe 」

「 Enough. You can sniff my underwear, but don’t ever look! It’s embarrassing! 」

Is it more embarrassing to be seen in a cowgirl position than having her underwear sniffed? I don’t know what’s the standard of her embarrassment.

We’ve done a lot of positions for over two hours, and I’ve seen her in all positions so far, but am I the only one who thinks that the cowgirl position is better?

I felt her hand gripping my penis, as my vision is covered.

I think she added some lubricant. The tip of my slippery glans makes a small sound as it kisses something warm. That’s likely to be Kasumi-chan’s pussy.

My penis rubs her secret place.

「 Hmm? Huh? This can’t go in? 」

She seems to be taking her time since this is her first time riding a cowgirl, and also her first time putting it in herself. This awkwardness and innocence are giving me higher excitement.

「 Ah, get in, ngu! Onii-san’s dick is too huge 」

「 Ugh, tight! 」

I feel my dick plunging inside Kasumi-chan. It’s surprisingly tight.

What’s this? It’s much tighter than when I went inside her for the first time?!

The tremendous tightness refuses my penis, but the smoothness of the lubricant makes sure it moves inside.

「 Hmmm, hmmm! Aaaah! It’s big! It’s big! It went all in! 」

「 This is completely different than earlier 」

「 N-No, there’s nothing different! It’s the same! It’s my pussy! My pussy! 」

「 Why are you panicking? 」

「 I’m not panicking! It’s normal! Okay, I’m moving now! I’m moving! Hmmm! Aaahn! 」

Kasumi-chan moves her body slowly up and down, and my penis is stroked with incredible tightness.

Kasumi-chan’s body is melting hot, stimulating me with her soft and sticky insides.

Isn’t the cowgirl position much more forceful? The pressure is much stronger than ever. Mainly the pressure in her entrance. It feels warm deep inside, but I don’t think I’m reaching her cervix. I can’t see Kasumi-chan’s deepest part and it seems far.

「 Hnmm, hmm, Ah, this might be good 」

After experiencing several positions, missionary, doggy style, lotus, rear facing. She seems to like the cowgirl position. She moves her hips awkwardly, and her sweet color begins to mix with her voice.

「 I feel good too! Kuh! 」

「 Aha! You seem to be in pleasure, Onii-san. Where’s the composure? 」

There, there. She moves her hips back and forth happily. Ugh, this feels good.

I indeed lost my calm. If I don’t hold back, I’m going to ejaculate soon. My penis is sensitive because I’m blindfolded.

But well, even without the blindfold, the view of Kasumi-chan in a cowgirl position would’ve aroused me the same.

「 Hmm, hmnm, how is it, Onii-san? How does it feel to get attacked by a woman? 」

「 Well, it’s not bad 」

It’s not my first time on this side.

Leona-san’s special training is basically her on the offensive. Also, Fuyou-san turned from being a cool beauty to a predator. Sumire-san also took the lead in the support project.

Huh? I’ve had a surprising amount of experience being in a female-dominated play, right?

「 Huh? Is Onii-san a masochist? 」

「 I’m not 」

「 Wawa! Don’t take off your blindfold! 」

I tried to rip off the clothing covering my face, but Kasumi-chan hurriedly grabbed my face through the clothes.

Sorry, sorry. I just unconsciously did it. The last sex we had today was a blindfold play.

She kept reminding me again and again, and the blindfold cowgirl resumed.

The lewd sounds echo in the room, and I kept fantasizing about the sight of my dick moving in and out of her hairless pussy turning me on.

「 Hmm, hmm, this is a first. It’s different than when I do it alone! It’s big, but it feels good! I might get addicted to Onii-san’s dick 」

「 I’m also into this. But, this feels, where did I? 」

「 Eh?! Onii-san! Ahem. who did you do this with? 」

「 Cowgirl? I’ve experienced this before 」

「 R-Right… You already know about cowgirl 」

Why is she speaking so stiffly? I can’t tell the expression she’s making because I’m blindfolded.

「 Ah, I just remembered 」

It was the same feeling when Sumire-san gave me a cowgirl. Hot, melting, sticky, and clinging pussy. It’s almost like a thousand wriggles.

It’s in a cowgirl position, and it feels similar to sex with Sumire-san who has an amazing pussy.

Kasumi-chan also has a good one that could please a man.

It feels clearer now that my questions are answered. All that remains is to let out the horny emotions by cumming.

-Nuchu! Nuchu! Nuchu! Guchu!!

「 Hmmm! Hmm! Aaah! Aaaaahn!! 」

An unbearable sweet moan. Unstoppable hip movement.

She’s an inexperienced virgin, but now she’s become an adult woman who’s wiggling her hips on top of a man, moaning in pleasure as she seeks the penis.

I can feel so much pleasure in the fact that I made her that way.

Her rhythmic movement makes my desire to ejaculate rise up. My penis swells, becoming larger and larger. I can’t hold it anymore. I’m about to cum.

「 Uuuu, uuu, uu! Onii-san, give me a moment!! I’m about to c um too! So…hmm, hmm, hmm!! 」

「 I’m holding, but I can’t keep it any longer! 」

「 Do your best Onii-san! Hmm, hmm, hmm!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s hips move even more intensely, she’s closing to her climax.

She moved to cut down the time to ejaculate while telling me to wait. Oh well. We’re both feeling good.

If she’s this close to climaxing, then I should help her.

I raised my knees and vigorously thrust Kasumi-chan’s body up.

「 Kyauu!! Ah, wait, wait! Wait! Don’t move your hips! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

The violent pistons caused Kasumi-chan to bend over involuntarily.

The sudden rhythm must’ve thrown her off and the sudden pleasure must’ve hit her.

We’re having intense sex and the clapping sounds mix with our moans, and rough breathing.

「 Onii-san! You’re too intense! I’m cumming! I’m going to cum! 」

「 Go ahead! I’m about to cum too!! 」

「 Cumming! Cumming! Aaaah! Cummin ! Cumming!!!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s hips drops under the gravity on top of my body, and my penis inserted deep into her made her climax.

「 Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Hmmmmmmmm!!! Mmmmmmuuuuu!!! 」

—Bikubikubiku!! Bikubiku! Biku!!

I can feel her pussy wriggles and the vibrations of her hips and ass.

The vibration and rough breathing caused the clothes she used as a blindfold to slip off, and a refreshing feeling of freedom caressed my face.

For the first time in a few minutes, a naked woman came into my view. Her breasts shake in small vibrations.

Between her open legs is her secret hairless place, what a wonderful sight. Semen and love nectar trickle down her pussy….and my penis is inside her anus…

I see. I get it now. It was anal, not vaginal, that’s why the sensation of insertion was different. I get it now.

Hmm. Wait a second. Anal?

I went stiff for a few moments.

I kept blinking but the scene doesn’t change. This doesn’t seem to be an illusion or a dream. I’m not inside her pussy, but the hole behind. The anus. Her anus which should be closed swallowed my penis tightly, without any gap.

Huh? Eeh? Haa?! W-Why?

「 K-K-Kasumi-chan?! W-W-W-Why are you doing anal? 」

「 Fueea? 」

Our eyes met as our faces are melting in the afterglow of climax. Then, she noticed that I’m looking at her crotch. Kyaa, she screamed cutely and closed her legs.

「 O-Onii-san, you saw? 」

「 Yes. I saw 」

「 Uu 」

「 Uu? 」

「 Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!? 」

Hey! You can scream, but don’t tighten your anus! You’re clamping hard! Too hard!

「 H-How do I say this? It’s not like I’ve always been interested in anal, there’s no way I would masturbate with my butt!! No, I’m not! I had no interest in doing it in my butt, thinking “it might feel good doing it there!” Yes! I just inserted it in the wrong hole! It’s my first time so it can’t be helped! I’m surprised too! I never thought I’d mistake my anus for my pussy! How embarrassing! This is basically a black history for me 」

「 ………… 」

「 She just confessed it all

I see. I get it now. She’s usually into anal masturbation. She became interested in anal sex, and so she took advantage of the blindfold and cowgirl position, inserting my dick in her anus instead of her pussy.

To think that I’m taking both her holes today. She even climaxed from it.

I mean, that was my first anal sex too.

「 What’s with that warm gaze? At least poke something 」

「 Well, my dick’s poking Kasumi-chan’s anus 」

「 No jokes! Not that! 」

Kasumi-chan fell depressed, saying “I can’t get married anymore”

How do I say this, she’s getting just deserts?

「 Didn’t you prepare for today? 」

I speak out my question, then Kasumi-chan speaks to me defiantly.

「 No, not at all. But, when I saw the vending machine that sold anal sex pills along with the lubricant, so I bought some and took them 」

「 Pills? 」

「 Yes. The drug was meant to take out the digestive matter in the digestive tract, preventing e-coli and other bacteria. You have to be considerate of your partner too, you know? 」

Oh, I see. So the app devs prepared something beyond human knowledge again.

It’s bought from the love machine in this space, so the effect is credible.

She probably bought the pills along with the lubricant when we rehydrated earlier.

「 So, what does it mean to take out the digestive matter in the tract? 」

「 It’s as it says 」

「 So what’s the principle behind it? 」

「 Dunno. Not that we can figure it out 」

「 Right! 」

How can you decide to drink something so suspicious? Courage and recklessness are two different things you know.

「 The warning states that you should be careful of malnutrition when taking this pill. True, if you delete any digestive matter, you won’t be able to absorb the nutrients. I guess we can use that for diets 」

「 Hey! No drug abuse! I’ll hold to this 」

「 Give it back! I bought that! It’s also useful when you’re constipated! 」

She had the pill bed left on the desk. There are still 10 pills left.

Kasumi-chan, you’re already slender, yet you’re still thinking about dieting? If I don’t control it, she’ll be drinking this secretly behind my back. I’ll only give it to her when we’re having anal sex.

As the two of us were fighting over the pills, ruining the afterglow of sex, the announcement that the game was over has come.


『 Three hours have passed. The prize game has ended 』


【 Clear Tasks and Win Prizes! 】※ First-Time Bonus!※

【 1000 Yen 】

<All Clear Bonus!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku 14,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 14,000 Yen

【 3000 Yen 】

<All Clear Bonus!!>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 25,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 25,000 Yen

【 5000 Yen 】

< First-time Virgin Bonus!>

・10 Second kiss Prize double

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku 40,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 40,000 Yen

【 10,000 Yen 】

<Climax Count>

Nakade Haku: 9

Otometani Kasumi: 12.

<Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 190,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi 220,000 Yen

【 20,000 Yen 】

<Oral Ejaculation Count>

・Oral Sex and Ejaculation: 1

<Fist time Virgin Bonus>

・Double Prize for Intravaginal sex

<Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 70,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 70,000 Yen

【 50,000 Yen 】

<Intravaginal Ejaculation Count>

・Intravaginal Ejaculations: 7

< First-time Virgin Bonus!>

・Double Intravaginal Ejaculation Reward

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000 Yen

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 710,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 710,000 Yen

【 100,000 Yen 】

<Anal Insertion and Ejaculation Inercourse>

・Anal Insertion, Ejaculation, Intercourse: 1

< First-time virgin Bonus>

・Double Prize

<All Clear Bonus>

・Prize + 10,000

【 Total 】

Nakade Haku: 210,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi: 210.000 Yen

【 Bonus 】

・All Clear: Prize Money for each Field + 10,000 Yen

【 Secret Bonus 】

・First time Virgin: Double Prize Money

・Perfect Clear: Prize + 500,000 Yen

【 Expenses 】

・Love Lotion

・Anal Sex Pill 『 Analun 』

Otometani Kasumi: 15,000 Yen

【 Total Prize Gain 】

Nakade Haku 1,759,000 Yen

Otometani Kasumi 1,774,000 Yen


Looking at the results floating in the air like a hologram, Kasumi pulls and shudders in shock.

「 I-It’s over a million 」

That’s the reaction I expect. I feel you. But I’m surprised that I’ve gotten accustomed to this much prize money. It’s scary that you get used to things.

「 That’s a higher reward than expected. Giving 500,000 Yen for a perfect clear is just too big. What would Fuyou-san do if she finds out about it 」

「 Fuhi! 」

「 Fuhi? 」

「 Fuhihi! I can’t stop now that I’ve done it. It feels good, and you also get money. Isn’t this the best? 」

Wow. As expected of the sisters. Her eyes are making the same money symbols as Fuyou-san. A smile of a predator stalking its prey, ferocious, yet bewitching.

She just licks her lips but it’s oozing with sex appeal.

「 Please take care of me in the future too, Onii-san 」

She took my lips with a kiss to say that she won’t let me go, but before we could enjoy our soft kiss, our bodies were enveloped in a white glow.

Our prize game has ended. We’re deported to the real world as usual.

It was too bright that I had to close my eyes, but when I opened it…

「 Huh? I was hugging Onii-san naked earlier but, this place is…. 」

Kasumi-chan and I are sitting on the bed in a small room. We’re both wearing our clothes.

「 Yes. We’re back in the real world, teleported from the love hotel space 」

Most of the time, I use the app from my room, so if I use it in a different location, it feels strange when I come back.

There’s hardly any time passed in the real world, and I still feel exhausted from sex, so I want to take a little break in this love hotel.

「 I want to take a bath 」

「 I agree. My body’s not sticky, but I want to refresh myself 」

「 Uhm, want to go together? 」

What a charming invitation? She tilts her head with a cute expression while looking embarrassed. It’s a good point that she looks away in embarrassment.

『 By all means! 』As I was about to nod and say that–My phone shows a hologram and shows the log.


【 Nakade Haku had sex with the 5th woman! Level Up! 】

【 Level 5 New Situations! You’ve unlocked the beauty massage situation! 】

【 Level 5 Reached! You’ve ranked up from Novice AV Actor to Amateur AV actor! 】

『 Promoted to Amateur AV Actor! New Features: Adult Shop, Free Room, and Cosplay Closet is now available 』

【 Developer’s forced present. New Feature, 『 AV Bank 』has been installed 】

【 Developer Commentary: “You’re doing well. Keep it up 』 】


「 Okay, let’s take a bath 」

I put off sorting out the information for later, abandoned my thoughts, and enjoyed my bath with Kasumi-chan.