AV App Chapter 47 ♡ Uniform Cosplay



Three high-school uniforms are hanging in the closet.

Y-shirt, blazer, sailor uniform. Uniforms for each are provided.

Oh? I don’t recognize this uniform. Could this be…

「 Ah, that’s my high-school uniform! 」

The brown gyaru seems excited, takes the shirt and necktie, and gives a nostalgic look on her face.

「 This is the uniform in our school 」

Fuyou-san picked up the sailor uniform, the staple of school uniforms.

It’s uniforms that fit their image. My imagination is going wild.

Then, the blazer-type uniform was my high-school uniform. Seems like the uniforms of the people appear in this cosplay closet.

AV app, you get it. I wanted both of them to wear my high-school uniform, but I actually want to see them in their uniforms! Not just photos, but live!

「 This is nostalgic! I enrolled halfway so I haven’t even worn this uniform for a year. 」

Leona-san puts the uniform in front of her and spins around with a bit of fun, nostalgia, and a bit of sadness.

「 That suits Leona-san 」

「 Ehehehe, really? Shojo-chi’s uniform looks good on you too! I always wanted to see Shojo-chi in a sailor uniform before 」

「 Eeh? I’m putting this on? I’m fine with it back in my school days, but I feel a little awkward wearing one after graduating. 」

「 Please! Shojo-chi! I’m putting this on with you! Nakade-chi too! Don’t you want to see Shojo-chi in her uniform? 」

“Hurry, hurry,” Leona-san says, and Fuyou-san looks at me and asks “Really?”

Of course, I want to see Fuyou-san in a sailor uniform too. I’m with Leona-san here.

Besides Fuyou-san’s surprisingly weak-willed. I have a feeling that she’ll wear it if we’re sincere enough. The person herself doesn’t even think that she absolutely won’t.

We can’t let this opportunity pass by.

「 Fuyou-san… 」

I bow deeply, following my desire.

「 I would love to see Fuyou-san in uniform. Please, Put them on

「 Shojo-chi! Please! 」

The two of us asked her, Fuyou-san looked troubled. Apparently, she didn’t expect us to ask this much.

After a few seconds of silence, she lets out a sign of resignation. It’s the usual “it can’t be helped” look from a big sister who loves her younger brother and sister.

「 Okay. Just a bit then 」

「 「 Yay! 」 」

Fuyou-san gave up. Loena-san and I did a high-five.

「 Haku-kun’s putting them on too, right? 」

「 Huh? Me too? 」

「 Of course, right? 」

「 Yes, of course. It’s unfair that it’s just us wearing them. Go ahead, Nakade-chi Shojo-chi said she wants to see Nakade-chi in uniform too, right? Your girlfriend’s asking you nicely 」

「 Leona-san’s right, it’s unfair. I’m not the girlfriend though 」

「 I see, it’s unfair if I’m the only one not wearing a uniform. I’m not the boyfriend though 」

Fuyou-san and I looked away from each other for some reason, feeling embarrassed

Awkward. I got conscious of Fuyou-san that I can’t calm down. How am I supposed to face her? I forgot everything about how I normally treat people It took a lot of courage just to call her out.

The mood between us is starting to become sensitive.

「 Gufu! I can’t get enough of my favorite couple getting awkward! M-My nose is bleeding! 」

There’s one gyaru whose eyes are shining and holding her nose.

I feel quite secure in Leona-san’s presence.

I’m glad she’s with us. If I was alone with Fuyou-san, we can’t endure it. Let’s use her as our buffer. It’s Leona-san who made this mood after all.

「 L-Leona-san, hurry up and put your clothes on 」

「 Ah, Shojo-chi~ Continue flirting with your boyfriend. I’ll just stay on the side and become the wall 」

「 Who’s flirting 」

Fuyou-san pulls Leona-san and disappeared to the dressing room. They’re going to change into their uniforms now.

I’m left alone and lonely, picked up the school uniform hanging in the closet.

We agreed to it, and it was my first time putting on my uniform after over a year.

A few minutes later and the ladies seem to have finished changing.

「 Nakade-chi, is your heart ready? 」

Ready? Of course, I’m ready! I can’t stop being excited since a while ago. I can’t wait to see them in their uniform.

「 Ehehe! Entry number 1! Kuchi Leona!! 」

The fashionable brown gyaru jumped in enthusiastically.

The red tie is loose, and her light pink shirt is unbuttoned, exposing her ample breasts. Even so, the shirt looks tight. The red skirt, looking like an idol costume, is a mini skirt, showing off her thighs as much as possible. If she moved a little, I could see her underwear.

She’s dressed up like a gyaru. It suits Leona-san’s cheerful personality.

「 There we go! How is it? It’s cute, right? 」

A spin on the spot. Her skirt flutters, and the sight of her purple underwear and her overflowing brown ass flashes in my vision.


「 I-It’s more sexy than cute. Do you go to high school like that? 」

「 Of course not! My skirt is longer, and I only take off one button instead of three. Well, the necktie is usually like this 」

A red necktie between her twin hills. I’m kind of jealous of the necktie.

Leona-san laughs mischievously, emphasizing her thighs and cleavage.

「 This is a special service just for Nakade-chi ♡ What do you think? 」

「 Thank you 」

I’m grateful. The Goddess is here!!

Kuchi Leona, thank you for showing me something so wonderful.

「 The starter’s done now, now we’ll get to the real deal! Here comes Shojo-chi! 」

「 I-It’s not Shojo, it’s Otome 」

Fuyou-san comes in with a dumbfounded look. She spins around a little embarrassed.

She dresses like an overserious girl, her skirt length is below the knee, compliant with the school rules. Despite the lack of sexiness, the mature and calm atmosphere of the uniform accentuated Fuyou-san’s cool beauty.

「 What’s wrong? 」

Fuyou-san looks at me with a mix of embarrassment and anxiety, waiting for my reaction. The gesture of her putting her hair over her ear suits her well. No, it suits her so much.

It hits my lust.

I’m helplessly awestruck by her that I don’t even know what to say.

「 Haku-kun? 」

「 ………… 」

「 Huh? Is it weird? Does it not suit me? 」

「 Heey. Nakade-chi! Your girlfriend’s asking for your impressions? Wait, huh? He’s petrified. Even waving your hand in front of him gives no response! He’s frozen in love for Shojo-chi 」

「 Huh? Haku-kun? Wake up 」

「 Hmm, restart! 」

「 Kyaa! Why are you groping my breasts! That’s got nothing to do with restarting Haku-kun 」

「 Why not? Why not? 」

「 Ahn~ Hey! Your hands! Naa~ 」

「 Haa! What was I doing? 」

When I came to my senses, I saw beautiful women in front of me, exposing their lewdness to me.

Leona-san’s smirking behind Fuyou-san, sticking her hands on Fuyou-san’s sailor uniform and rubbing her breasts. I can clearly see her hand moving violently on Fuyou-san’s breasts over her clothes.

Fuyou-san on the receiving end seems to be at the mercy of Leona-san’s techniques. She’s desperately covering her mouth with her hand, but the wet moans were sexy. The sexy woman’s face turned red, and her body trembled.

Fuyou doesn’t seem to be wearing any underwear beneath her sailor uniform, and her body movement caused her belly to show up. Sexy!

「 Hey, you two! Don’t just start without me, I’m getting jealous 」

「 Ah, Nakade-chi rebooted! 」

「 Haku-kun, help me 」

「 Nakade-chi’s my ally you know 」

「 Wrong, Haku-kun’s my ally 」

The brown gyaru asks me to do it with her, while the cool beauty’s asking me to help her

Whose side I will take on? It’s obvious

「 Fuyou-san, I’m Leona-san’s ally here 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Thought so, Nakade-chi, let’s tease Shojo-chi together 」

「 Of course 」

「 Y-You traitor! Kyaa! Aaahn! 」

I raised her hope for a moment and knocked her down to despair. Fuyou-san’s expression of being betrayed got me hornier.

Leona-san can fondle her breasts, I’ll kiss Fuyou-san.

She shows weak resistance, but it’s not that strong. She’s resisting for form’s sake.

I love teasing Fuyou-san who kisses me back with teary eyes, I roll up her skirt and feel her thighs directly. I move from bottom to top, and my finger goes to her sensitive thighs.

「 Ah, hmm! Aaah! Haku-kun…no 」

Fuyou-san reacts each time I stroke her thighs. She says no, but moans in pleasure, her eyes are melting.

Unable to endure it anymore, she began to kiss aggressively.

「 Chu, nchu! Chu! Nhaa 」

Just gentle kisses, no tongues involved yet.

The more we kiss, the more we touch, and the more the hot pleasure mingles in her breath.

「 It tickles. Nhaa!! 」

My fingers play with the base of her leg, the border of her skin and underwear.

The inside of her skirt is already steaming. It’s moist and hot from sweat and love nectar. Her underwear must be wet. Just shifting my position would probably result in my fingers touching her wet underwear.

She gasps, but my fingers aren’t in her underwear yet. Let’s tease her a lot.

「 Haku-kun? 」

「 What’s up? 」

What is it? I played dumb, she’s fidgeting her thighs together and speaks with a pouting expression. Then, she says one line while gazing at me.

「 You tease 」

Gufu! A-As usual, she’s using unfair lines to take me down.

The way she said it is a slum dunk on my fetish.

No matter how much I prepare, Fuyou-san’s attack always aims at my heart with such destructive force far exceeding my defenses. I’m no match.

「 I won’t let anyone who just teases me touch me 」

「 Ah, Fuyou-san! 」

She slipped out of my hold, glared at me a bit, and jumped on the bed. Her skirt and black hair fluttered.

Wait, huh? Where did Leona-san, go? She was teasing Fuyou-san from behind, right?

I look around the room and found the gyaru worshiping on the floor while erasing her presence.

She’s huffing and puffing from her half-opened mouth, almost drooling. Her eyes aren’t blinking, and they’re bloodshot. Honestly, it’s scary.

「 Woah! That surprised me. What are you doing there? 」

「 I was watching my favorite lovey-dovey couple from a low angle. If it’s this low, I can see their expressions and even inside the skirt! Guhehehe! Thanks for the meal 」

「 S-Sure. Glad you had your fill, I guess? 」

「 Leona-san, come here 」

Fuyou-san beckons Leona-san. The brown gyaru jumps on the bed.

I got a glimpse of her violet underwear. Hmm, lovely.

The two beauties in their uniform on top of the bed are quite the picture. I want to take a photo and keep it.

Women in a high-school uniform, love hotel, on the bed, this indecent fantasy is in progress! Well, we’ve already done a lot of indecent things together. Still! 」

「 Both of you… I know I’m late, but it suits you 」

「 Right?! 」

「 Yes. Thank you. You look good in that too, Haku-kun. It’s fresh to see you in uniform 」

It’s embarrassing to be praised that directly. I’m blushing.

The girls on the bed are also feeling embarrassed, and I’m searing that image into my mind. It would be a waste to look away. If they had been in the same high school, I might’ve enjoyed that time even more.

Even so, these two are such beauties no matter what they wear. I’m jealous.

But, I’m feeling a little bit something out of place in that outfit of theirs.

「 It sure suits you wearing that uniform…but… 」

「 「 But? 」 」

「 It’s deathly unfitting! 」

「 「 It doesn’t fit?! Deathly? What? 」 」

The two look down on their uniforms in surprise as I leak out my true feelings in a rush.

「 No, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just think that you two are much more mature in that cosplay. I was thinking that there can’t be a high-school girl this sexy 」

It’s that! To make an analogy, they look like high school girls in AV, obviously adult women wearing school uniforms.

The uniforms would’ve looked good at them a few years ago, but now that they’re university students, they’re becoming more attractive as women.

That’s what I was thinking, but Renge-neesan was also like that during high school. Renge-neesan’s got such bewitching beauty that wearing a uniform makes her feel like she’s cosplaying, which is immoral and exciting. The two of them are like that.

「 I see. 」 Now that you mention that. I guess this is like cosplay 」

「 Somehow, it felt a little uncomfortable, right? It’s different compared to how you feel nostalgic about it. I see. I get it now. We’ve changed from girls to adult women 」

「 Phrasing! I know what you’re trying to say, but just say that we’ve grown up 」

「 In fact, Shojo-chi’s breasts did grow, right? 」

What?! Leona-san’s grinning, let me hear the details

「 Nakade-chi, good news. Shojo-chi’s breasts went from D to E cup! When we went out, I had them measured at the lingerie store and so I’m sure of it! 」

「 Hey! Why are you telling Haku-kun that!? 」

I see. Fuyou-san grew up a cup and her size is now E. And she’s sure about that information. Splendid.

She was losing weight back then, but she’s still a D cup. But recently, she’s gaining healthy weight, so it’s normal for her breasts to grow.

Still, E-cup breasts. Gulp.

「 Ehehehe! Sorry~ 」

Fuyou-san stared at the brown gyaru who gave an apology without feelings, still laughing it off, then her eyes suddenly shines coldly.

「 Geez! There! 」

「 Ukyaa?! Shojo-chi? 」

「 Ufufu, how dare you reveal a maiden’s secret! Also, weren’t you groping my breasts earlier? 」

「 H-Huh? Shojo-chi’s angry? 」

The cool beauty smiled at the brown gyaru, who was binding her arms from behind, showing her a beautiful smile. But, her eyes aren’t. It’s burning yet chilling in anger.

It seems that the beauty who was left to go along without resistance has grown bitter and resentful from earlier.

「 Yes. Of course 」

「 Huh? Uhm, Sorry? Tehe? 」

「 No 」

「 Ugyaa! Nakade-chi! Help me! If this goes on Okochi’s going to grope my breasts! Hmm! Ahn! This is bad! Nakade-chi’s techniques are so good! 」

「 Who’s “Okochi?” Haku-kun, do Leona-san 」

「 Yes Ma’m! 」

「 You two are unfair! Hmm! Aaahn! 」

Role reversal. The hunter became the hunted. The sight of two beauties mingling is so precious.

Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend. The opposite is also true, and so, I feel sorry for Leona-san who was my ally earlier, but I’ll go with Fuyou-san this time. If I refuse, she’ll go after me.

Here! Here! Fuyou-san persistently gropes Leona-san’s breasts. Meanwhile, I attack the lower body.

「 Ah, haan~ Why is my favorite couple attacking me at the same time?! 」

She’s wearing a laced transparent sexy lingerie that’s digging into her slit. The area around her crotch is sticky and wet with white liquid that her panty can’t absorb anymore.

Leona-san seems to be excited that Fuyou-san and I were having a lover’s meeting.

I shifted her sexy purple underwear to the side and twirl my finger on her slippery love nectar.

My finger got swallowed in with an obscene wet sound.

Inside her vagina is hot and wet, and it seems to mistake my finger for a penis, so it’s clamping.

「 Ah, ah, ah! Nakade-chi’s finger is inside me! 」

–Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu, nuchu

「 I’m jealous of these breasts. It’s so springy, and heavy…mumumu 」

「 Hmm, naa! Shojo-chi, don’t tease my nipples 」

「 Then I’ll tease it 」

「 Ah, naa~ Shojo-chi’s surprisingly nice! Kyauu!! 」

「 Thanks for the praise, then I’ll return the favor! 」

「 You’re too intense on my nipples! I-I’m feeling it! 」

Leona-san’s body twitches and endures the merciless teasing. But, the pussy I’m fingering is overflowing with a steady stream of love nectar.

Her body’s quite honest.

I follow Fuyou-san and attacked Leona-san’s weakness.

Her weak spot is the area around the entrance. It’s what they call the G-spot.

I gently rub her G-spot so I don’t damage her vagina. While at it, I also do her clitoris.

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu…

Stirring up her moist pussy, her love nectar flies out. My palm is wet.

「 Naa~ Don’t go on both my G-spot and clitoris! I’m already feeling so much pleasure in my breasts 」

「 My, my. Leona-san’s looking less composed, I thought you were well-experienced? 」

Fuyou-san showed a beautiful smile on her face, attacking Leona-san here and there.

She enjoyed flicking the tip of her best friend’s sagging fruit. The brown gyaru reacts with a sensitive jerk. The cool beauty smiled and continued kneading the nipple.

Fuyou-san’s looking a bit sadistic, and it’s good. It’s making me shiver.

「 W-Wait! Having the couple coordinate is too good! This is different from my toys1 I’m going to cum! My head’s going blank! I’m cumming 」

「 「 Then cum!! 」 」

「 Nuuuuuu!!! Shojo-chi and Nakade-chi, you idiots!!!! 」

She rolls her body, then begins convulsing, arching her back as if exploding in pleasure.

Of course, Fuyou-san and my hand never stopped during the climax. The brown gyaru’s sexual zones are stimulated, and the intense pleasure exceeds the limit.

She was shaking over and over, calling us idiots, until she had trouble breathing.