AV App Chapter 48 ♡ Keeping the uniform On



「 Nakade-chi? 」

A low voice sounds like it echoes from the depths of hell. Ample breasts peeking out of the light-pink shirt, her super mini skirt gave a full view of her fleshy thighs and purple panties. Her panty is shifted to the side, her pubic hair is sticking out and her pussy’s opened, leaking love nectar, desperate for a kiss.

That’s how Leona-san looks after returning from the climax.

She’s got some sense of fatigue in her eyes, which were framed with long eyelashes, then she stares at me with her sweaty hair.

「 Hey, Nakade-chi? 」

「 W-What? 」

I mean, why are you glaring at me? The one who started bullying Leona-san is the cool beauty who seems to feel like she’s done a good job behind you, see? That’s your best friend there.

No, I did tease Leona-san too, but Fuyou-san ordered me to do it, it’s not like I wanted to…not that excuse would work.

The gyaru’s anger is only directed at me.

「 You traitor! I won’t forgive you! 」

「 Dowaa! 」

I got pushed down on the bed. The brown gyaru pushed me down with both hands on my stomach.

「 Shojo-chi! Bring out the dick of this traitor 」

「 Leona-san? W-What are you talking about? 」

「 Sure, let’s go 」

「 Fuyou-san?! You don’t have to listen to Leona-san you know 」

「 No, you also betrayed me earlier, Haku-kun 」

Oh, right. I did betray Fuyou-san first and supported Leona-san. After that, I betrayed Leona-san and helped Fuyou-san.

I betrayed them both. I went with the flow, and now they’re cooperating and punishing me.

In fact, taking my inability to resist to advantage, Fuyou-san unbuckled my belt and removed the hook, and unzipped my pants. Then, she slipped off my underwear, exposing my stiff erect penis.

I don’t need to see to know. The veins on my rising cock are showing, and the tip of the rod is overflowing with juices, reflecting light.

Free from the tightness of the underwear, my dick jolts, and pulses in the slightly cooler air.

「 Oofu! 」

「 Hm. It’s hot and big 」

A graceful slender hand gropes my penis. She’s stroking it with moderate force and speed.

Fuyou-san had little sexual knowledge at first, but now she’s giving pleasant handjobs. Of all people, it was me who taught her the lewd knowledge and skills. My dark emotions are tickled.

Guchu, guchu, their handjob makes wet sounds in the room.

「 Oh? You’re doing well Shojo-chi, nice handjob! Good! 」

「 Really? I don’t feel like I’m doing well. Is there a knack for this? 」

「 Uehehehe…Shojo-chi’s relying on me 」

「 I’m being serious here! 」

「 Sorry! Sorry! When doing this, you have to… 」

The brown gyaru glanced at my face and she grinned. She points at me with her fingers.

「 –You just need to check Nakade-chi’s reactions 」

Huh? My reactions?

Then, my gaze met Fuyou-san while I tilt my head. Then she clapped her hands and got convinced.


「 Ah! 」

「 I see. It’s easy! 」

「 Huh? That much?! Ugh! 」

「 So it feels good here? Fufufu 」

「 Auu, yeah, that feels good… 」

What’s this sense of humiliation, like I’m forced to confess. I found myself thinking that this might be nice.

–Guchu, guchu, gu chu

The cool beauty’s earnestly giving a handjob. What destructive power. Visually destructive. It’s arousing me.

「 Hmm! 」

Fuyou-san stuffs my dick in her mouth while keeping a moderate handjob.

My dick is wrapped in something sticky and warm. Her slightly coarse tongue crawls over the glans, and a tingling pleasure is similar to an electric current, rushing through the brain.

Fuyou-san makes sure to look at my face with each move. Her upward glance is so wonderful, and she’s directing a little embarrassed, yet passionate gaze at me.

「 Do you like this? Rero, rero… 」

She licks the back part of the tongue and shows it off.

Hey! Even if it’s not sensitive, that face is just too sexy!

「 L-Leona-san! Help me! 」

「 Eeeh? Just forget about me and surrender yourself to Shojo-chi! 」

The gyaru’s making a thumbs up with a satisfied face. She even winks playfully.

Kuh! She won’t help me…

Also, she has a fetish for just watching Fuyou-san and me do stuff. Even now, she looks like she’s trying to erase her presence, yet she’s breathing roughly as she watches us.

「 Hey, Haku-kun, how about this? 」

「 Ooh?! 」

Looking up at my face to tell me to focus on her, Fuyou-san flicks and licks the sensitive glans with her tongue.

The chilling pleasure runs through my body.

The modest licking leaves a strong impression. Which is good. It’s even better since the one licking me is the cool beauty, Fuyou-san in her sailor uniform.

Sometimes, she brushes her hair over her ears, continuing to lick my penis enthusiastically.

「 –Does it feel good? 」

I silently shake my head repeatedly at her question. I don’t even have time to make a sound because it feels so good, and the blow to my heart from her upward glance is too much.

「 I see. I’m glad 」

A blossoming flower.

Too cute! Are you stopping my heart from beating, Fuyou-san?!

「 Shojo-chi… If you do this, Nakade-chi will feel happy 」

「 Then tell me!! 」

Leona-san, what are you trying to do?

I was getting wary of the brown gyaru’s intrusion who I thought would just stay on the sidelines, and then she nestled snugly between my legs, gripping my penis with her manicured hands. I was wondering what she would do, then she licked my balls.

「 Woahh!! 」

I’m feeling some thrill from the unknown pleasure rushing through the spot licked for the first time.

「 You even lick that place? 」

I agree with Fuyou-san’s comment she just spoke in wonder. I didn’t expect that part either. However, this feels absurdly good.

「 Ehehe, it feels good, doesn’t it, Nakade-chi? Try it too, Shojo-chi 」

「 Yes. I’ll do that. I just have to lick it, right? 」

Leona-san passed the baton, and this time, Fuyou-san buries her face and licked my balls.

Oh, shit, this is too good.

I was holding back the heightened sense of ejaculation, but the brown gyaru with a mischievous glint in her eyes grinned and laughed.

T-That’s the face of someone about to do a prank. The same face children do.

My hunch was right, and the brown gyaru opened her mouth and stuffed my dick inside.

「 I’ll make this one feel good too 」

She wraps my penis in her sticky mouth. The tongue entwines with such skilled movement, and the passionate fellatio makes some obscene sounds.

Is she in her serious mode?!

This is the same fellatio that Leona-san uses in our training. I can only grit my teeth as the brown gyaru sucks my dick, I can’t stand this for too long. If I lower my guard, I’ll cum right away 」

「 Jubo, jubno, juzozozozo!! 」

「 Guah!! That vacuum fellatio is bad! Stop! 」

「 Pleasure hell! This is just the appropriate punishment for traitors! I’ll do more of this! 」

What a sweet punishment. If you’re going to give me such an intense vacuum fellatio, then I’ll keep betraying you, Leona-san.

Well, as long as she’s not hurt physically and emotionally.

I might invite Fuyou-san to give her a naughty surprise next time. Then do some reverse too. I’m sure she’ll forgive me there. Fuyou-san is good at playing along too, so she’ll surely set it up.

I have to keep that in consideration.

–Jubo! Jubo! Juru! Juzozozo!!

「 Nakade-chi’s dick is huge as always! That’s so manly 」

「 Right. It’s big. I don’t know any other but Haku-kun’s, but is this normal? Oh, I did see my little brother’s 」

「 No way! Nakade-chi’s on the big side. At least, it’s as big as the heavy dildos I use 」

「 I see… 」

「 If it’s too big, then it’ll hurt the girl, but strangely enough, Nakade-chi’s dick doesn’t hurt at all. Rather, it feels too good to be true, see? He rubs inside, pokes and prods deep, and then grinds the good parts! If I knew about a dick like this, I’d never be able to try another one 」

「 True, it rubs and slams hard. Well, I don’t plan on doing it with other men 」

「 Ooh! Now a sudden lovey-dovey line! Thank you! 」

「 That’s not it! It’s just normal 」

「 I see! Lovey-dovey is normal! So pure…Shojo-chi’s going to kill me with such innocence! My nose is bleeding! 」

The love-story enthusiast brown gyaru holds her nose while her face is flushed.

I agree. I’m also dying. Fuyou-san’s sudden lovey-dovey mode is just unfair. Furthermore, the fact that she thinks of that as normal is bad for the heart.

Maybe her perception has been altered by the lover play contract, but I’m honestly glad that she has no intention of doing it with other men.

It tickles my tiny manly pride.

「 Oh, Nakade-chi’s about to cum. Feeling good from Shojo-chi’s love? 」

No comment.

「 Shojo-chi, let’s swap! You shouldn’t stop moving your hand until you reach the finish line. You want your boyfriend to cum, don’t you? 」

「 Haku-kun’s not my boyfriend…Well, I’ll still swap 」

Fuyou-san holds my penis turned stiff as I near ejaculating. She then begins to handle it with exquisite force.

The pleasure is rapidly rising. My pre-cum’s overflowing. Blood’s gathering in my dick, making it harder.

Uugh, it feels good! I want to cum now! But, I also want to keep enjoying it.

「 Wow. You’re in so much pleasure. Nakade-chi’s making a cute face! 」

「 Go ahead, Haku-kun. Don’t hold back and cum 」

「 Hmm! Cumming! 」

The glances from the beautiful women in their uniform were the final blow.

「 「 Kyaa!! 」 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

The thick semen spurts out vigorously and lands on Fuyou-san and Leona-san’s beautiful faces. Of course, it would land there since their faces are close.

However, even if I shot in their face, they didn’t move away, just closed their eyes and accepted the semen.

And so, I squeezed out semen into the beautiful faces until the last drop. Too sexy.

「 Woah, so hot! Nakade-chi, you cum too much! You’re melting my makeup 」

「 Right. This is hot…what do we do with this? 」

「 Let’s use tissues. Give me a moment… 」

While I was soaking in the post-ejaculation fatigue, feeling a strange sense of calm, I reached for the tissue near the pillow.

I got tissues and wiped the semen from their faces.

I hear that most women don’t like facial ejaculation, but I’m relieved to see that they don’t seem to hate it. Leona-san’s having fun, and Fuyou-san’s just confused by her first facial.

Let’s put the situation in perspective for once as we look at the beautiful women wiping the semen on their faces.

I told the girls about the new features of the AV app and they decided to put on their high-school uniforms from the cosplay closet.

After that, Leona-san and I teased Fuyou-san.

Next, Fuyou-san and I teased Leona-san.

And now, Fuyou-san and Leona-san went and teased me.

From the looks of it, it’s my turn to tease them.

「 Fuyou-san, Leona-san. Get on all fours and face your ass toward me 」

「 Huh, Nakade-chi? Why so sudden? 」

「 Yeah, I don’t mind 」

They seem confused by my sudden request, but the girls got on all fours and turned their asses to me.

They’re wearing sailor uniform skirts. It’s showing the round shape of their asses. Their thighs peek out from the hem.

Hmm. What a lovely sight.

What if I rolled up their skirts, exposed their asses, moved their panty to the side, and stuck my finger in both pussies at the same time?

I think that’s a genius idea. Praise me. There!

「 Oh, are you going to roll up our skirts? Nakade-chi? Rolling up skirts is romance for men, right? Nakade-chi’s so horny! 」

Leona-san turned around and grinned as if she read my thoughts.

Kuh! Yes! It’s romance to flip up skirts! It’s a crime to do that on a stranger’s skirt, but I’m sure that you two will allow that, right? Right?

「 Just face forward. It’s hard to do this 」

「 You’re really doing it 」

「 You don’t want to? 」

「 No. Do it. It’s already late for Haku-kun to think about flipping skirts anyway 」

Yes, it’s already late. We’re both feeling embarrassed.

Fuyou-san’s so cool for saying it out loud. That grace is her beauty, and it’s something I admire.

While I was thinking…

「 Sorry. I lied 」

Fuyou-san looked back for a moment and spoke in an embarrassed voice.

「 –I guess it’s a little embarrassing 」

「 Kuh!! Spare me… 」

That sudden lovey-dovey mode is bad for the heart. No matter how many hearts I have, it won’t be enough.

As I writhe in agony, the cool beauty whose red to her ears, suddenly turned defiant.

「 I mean, what’s embarrassing is embarrassing! What’s wrong with that? Hey, Leona-san, why are you grinning? Stop that 」

「 Haa, so precious! Precious!! 」

She’s going to melt from Fuyou-san’s lovey-dovey mode. But, this can’t go on forever, so I converted my desires to make the lovey-dovey Fuyou-san melt in sexual pleasure.

The evil sexual desire simmers and boils. I want to hear her lewd voice.

「 Then, excuse me 」

I turned over their skirts.

Exposed are the panties and ass of these beautiful women. What a lovely sight. It left me speechless.

「 Leona-san’s so lewd… 」

Leona-san’s skirt is short, so it reveals her underwear easily. However, exposing it by turning over her skirt shows her purple underwear digging into her fleshy brown ass. What’s more, it can’t absorb more of her love nectar that it trickles down her thighs.

「 Fuyou-san’s innocence is also lewd 」

Pure white underwear is hidden under the sailor uniform. A neat and simple design with a smooth and shiny surface. But, it’s filled with a sense of elegance and high class. This underwear suits Fuyou-san, who’s a cool beauty.

Of course, The underwear is also stained with her love nectar. The dense female pheromones rise up and waft around.

This situation of Fuyou-san, who still observes the school rule,s wearing a school uniform with a serious look…having her skirt rolled up, exposing her ass and underwear, and it’s even moist with her love nectar just arouses me.

There’s the guilty pleasure from the difference, or maybe it’s the shock from seeing a serious-looking woman doing something lewd? I’m sure men would understand how I feel.

「 Hmmm 」

「 Aahn! Nakade-chi’s hands are lewd. 」

I caressed their asses.

I feel the blissful softness as my fingers sink in, and the elasticity pushes me back. The shape, color, size, and feel are completely different. And when I say it’s different, I meant it in a good way.

My fingers went to their panties and moved them to the side. Their love nectar made some silver strings.

Their secret spots are drenched down to their black pubic hairs. Their anus is exposed too, and their pussy, dripping with love nectar, opens and closes.

「 「 Naa!? 」 」

They shook their hips along with a moan. After all, I shoved my finger into their wet slits.

After going in and out a few times, twirling around the love nectar on my fingers, I buried it deeper into their pussy.

Their bodies turned stiff.

My fingers went in smoothly. It’s wet, a little rough, but it had hot vaginal folds I can’t describe. Their vaginas mistook my finger for a penis and tightened up.

–Guchu, guchu, guchu

The sound of liquid spurting out echoes from their holes each time I move my finger.

Love nectar overflows and falls to the bed.

「 Hmm, naa, ah, aaah!! 」

「 Kuh! nuu! Hmm! Haa, it feels good 」

One’s trying to endure the pleasure that’s rising within them, and the other hand just accepts and enjoys the pleasure.

I think that’s a good contrast. Two tastes in one…no, I think it’s something else.

「 Ah, aah! Haku-kun, not there… 」

I know. When Fuyou-san says “no,” that means “it feels good, do more of that” As proof of that, she’s gripping the sheets in pleasure. Also, she’s the type who would be clear if she hates what I do.

「 Nakade-chi! One finger won’t satisfy me! 」

Leona-san swings her brown ass. As expected, that’s different with someone who has experience. She has composure. Maybe because Mabe it’s because she gave me a handjob earlier.

「 Sure. I’ll increase the fingers just as you wish 」

「 Yay! I know you got this! 」

「 Eeeh?! Increase?! Will it fit inside me? 」

「 Don’t worry! His erect dick is about 4-5 fingers! You’re fine with fingers if a penis is okay with you 」

I pull my finger out of their pussies, and this time, I’m going in with two fingers.

So far, I’ve been using my index, but now it’s both the index and middle finger. It’s common in AV to use those too, so I just copied it.


My fingers are swallowed into their pussies. My four fingers are wrapped in something sticky and warm.

「 Hmm, hmm, ah, Haku-kun’s fingers are inside me. 」

「 Hmm~ Yes, it’s this! I knew it has to be like this 」

After shoving it in, my fingers went all the way to the base.

Amazingly, two thick male fingers go inside their small holes. It makes me think that way every time I have my dick go inside. The human body is a mystery.

「 I’m moving. Woah, that’s tight 」

「 Ah, hmm, I-I feel more compared to earlier 」

「 Hmm, aaahn! Nakade-chi! How does it feel to give two women a finger? 」

「 It’s the best! Both of you girls are wearing school uniforms, so I feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t 」

「 Nakade-chi’s such a perv~ 」

Yeah. Call me a pervert. Cosplay sex feels completely different than usual. I’m a perv, but healthy!

「 Shojo-chi, say something too 」

「 Hmm, I-I’m sorry, I don’t have time to talk… Aaaahn!! Nguu! It feels so good I’m going crazy 」

「 Oh my. Do it Nakade-chi 」

「 Of course, that’s the plan 」

「 Aaahn! Ah, ah, ah, ah! No, no! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Nooo!! 」

Fuyou-san screams. She was actually close to the climax. Her sweat moistened her flushed skin, and the sweet scent coming from her increased. Her body tensed from the posture has started twitching.

Rather than putting my finger in and out, I shove it in and stir from the inside. I rub the wall near the belly part the most.

Based on my experience, Fuyou-san likes it deep inside her, so I’m teasing that part.

Her love nectar sprays around, as she moans seductively.

「 Naa~ Hmm, hmm, hmm!! There! I’m cumming!!! 」

It’s unfair that I’m giving only Fuyou-san the intense attacks, so let’s make Leona-san feel good too.

Her weak spot is in the shallow area of her pussy, the G-spot. So, I intensely stimulate the rough area on her belly part.

「 Aah! Aaaah! You know my weakness! Aaahn, aahn, aaah! Yes! There! More! 」

She’s pretending to be composed, but I know that she can’t.

Her vagina’s been developed by masturbating, especially the G-spot, which is really nice to play with. Even with my poor technique, she cums quite easily.

Therefore, the gyaru who already had her pussy developed went to climax first instead of Fuyou-san, whose just starting to develop.

「 Hmm, hmmm! I’m cuming! Cumming! I’m feeling so much pleasure! Aaaah, aah, aah!! Naaa! Cumming!!!! 」

Her pussy became tighter and tighter, clamping my penis comfortably. At the same time, it’s making gushy, and wet sounds, splashing liquid from her secret place.

She just squirted.

The stimulus on the G-spot made the brown gyaru squirt a lot.

That’s a lot.

My hands are now drenched. The bed also has a big stain on it.

The brown gyaru ran out of strength, and collapsed on the bed, jerking and shaking. Her rough breathing is sexy.

As for the other one.

「 Nuuuu!! Aaaaaahn! Cumming! Cumming! I can’t hold it anymore!! 」

Fuyou-san stopped resisting the boiling pleasure. The next moment;

「 Naaaah!! Nuuuuuuuuu!!! Hmmmmmm!!! 」

–Bikubiku!! Biku!!

Fuyou-san’s body twitched and she reached climax. Their charming moans echoed throughout the room.

I continue to move my hand as the intense pleasure exploded throughout their bodies. Her sensitive sexual zones are continually stimulated, new pleasures attack her and the chain of climax never stops.

Fuyou-san’s body bounces over and over again. She’s having trouble breathing so I stop my hands.

「 Aaah, naaaa! Haa, haa… 」

Fuyou-san didn’t squirt, but her secret place is drenched. The white and muddy love nectar drips down the bed.

Her pussy is opening and closing as she breathes, it’s dripping wet and ready for sex.

「 Sorry, Fuyou-san. I can’t hold it anymore 」

I put my painfully erect against Fuyou-san’s pussy as her ass sticks out. Then, it went in smoothly.

「 Naaah!! 」

「 Kuh! It’s comfortably warm inside. My dick’s about to melt from pleasure. 」

「 Hmmm!! I just came…Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!! Haku-kun’s dick feels so good! Aaaahn!! Yes! I want more! More! Deeper! 」

「 As you wish! 」

「 Naaaaaaaah!!! If you grind that part right now…nhiiii!!!!! 」

Stimulating her cervix with my penis, Fuyou-san easily reaches orgasm as her sensitivity is higher at the afterglow.

They say that vaginas start to develop well, making it easier to cum. At this rate, I want to imprint that “insertion = pleasure” in her mind and body.


I’m sorry for Fuyou-san who just came, but I can’t stop my hips, sex feels too amazing.

Her ass ripples as I slam her down hard.

「 Aaah, aahh, aah, aah!! Naa!! I just came and yet…Nhaaa!! 」

Doggy style with her ass sticking out. A pure school uniform. Her skirt’s turned over. Her panty is slipped to the side. Her round ass.

This combination is too powerful! Looking at them makes me too aroused.

「 Fuyou-san! Fuyou-san! Fuyou-san! Ugh! Your pussy’s clamping!! 」

The vaginal folds cling to the penis to urge ejaculation, and the hot flesh presses against it. It feels good just putting it in, but it’s already seeking higher pleasure.

「 Hmm, hmm! Hmm! Haku-kun! Wait! 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Kiss! Kiss me! I want to do it facing each other 」

Do you want to do it while sitting? Sure

We moved from doggy style to sitting. Fuyou-san rolled up her skirt, pressed my penis into her pussy, and dropped her hips.

「 Fuyou-san 」

「 Haku-kun… 」

We brought our faces closer to each other and pressed our lips. Losing ourselves in the crazy kiss and embracing each other strongly, our bodies melt into one.

I bury my face in her nape and sniffed her sweet scent. What a good smell.

「 Hmm, hmm, chu! hmmm! 」

Fuyou-san swings her hips as if she can’t take it anymore while kissing. The folds entwine and handle my penis gently.

Ooh, what pleasure. We’re having sex while sitting, hugging, and even kissing. What a lovely position. It’s killing three birds with one stone? No, it’s further.

「 Chu..hmmchuu…haa, naa….My uterus can feel Haku-kun’s penis…It feels amazing… 」

My warped penis is gobbled up to her uterus and it tells me to seed her.

Fuyou-san’s face looks happy as I tease her weak spot, the depths of her vagina.

The ecstatic look shines in her moist eyes. She gasps in pleasure, and tears spill from the corner of her eye.

「 So beautiful… 」

I noticed I blurted it out. So that’s what they mean when they say that words just come out of their mouth.

She’s always been a beauty, but Fuyou-san drowning in the pleasures of sex is much more beautiful.

I became speechless. And then Fuyou-san smiled.

「 Fufu. Thanks. Hearing Haku-kun say that makes me happy 」

「 !? 」

I turned stiff from that unexpected remark. Taking advantage of this nonresistance mood I’m giving Fuyou-san as many kisses as she likes thanking her compliments.

When I came to my senses, my head was already melting in pleasure.

The smile is so mischievous, sexy, and charming as if she’s saying “got you!” She attacks with a wink and shot through my heart.

「 You sure are a sneaky woman 」

「 Fufufu. Haku-kun knows my weakness, but I also know yours 」

Fuyou-san holds my weakness…I can’t go against her. I’m weak to her.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmmm!! I’m going to cum again! 」

「 Haa, haa, me too! I’m going to cum inside Fuyou-san! I’m giving you a creampie! 」

「 Yes. Do it! Pour in Haku-kun’s semen! Pour in a lot! 」

Our climax is approaching.

Her pussy clenches and clamps, increasing the heat and pressure, and my penis is swelling hot, thick, and large.

Her vaginal folds twirl around as much as they can to encourage ejaculation.

「 Uguu! C-Cumming! I’m cumming inside! Fuyou-san!! 」

「 Yes! Cum! Cum inside me! I’m cumming too!!! 」

The heightened sexual urges, exploding sexual pleasure, and the bottomless hunger for the partner burst all at once. Our visions suddenly were filled with white.

「 Take it all!!!!! 」

「 Hmmmmaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

-Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu dopyu!!

As I declared, I ejaculated inside Fuyou-san’s pussy. The hot and sticky semen is released inside her. It’s filling up her womb.

My penis pulsates repeatedly, pouring the semen that remained in the urethra inside this female.

Fuyou-san’s spine bends backward, squeezing hard the seed. Making sure that none are left in the urethra.

「 Haa, haa… 」

The climax finally passed, and Fuyou-san leaned on my shoulder weakly. The hot breath blew on my neck and tickled me.

「 I feel it. Haku-kun’s semen is inside me 」

「 I see. It felt so good that I let out a ton 」

「 Seems like it. I feel it. It’s so warm 」

We whisper in ecstasy. That was too sexy that I might get erect again.

「 Can we stay like this for a while longer? 」

「 Yeah. Take as much time as you want 」

「 Okay 」

We dipped in the afterglow while my penis is still inside her as we sit down.

We’re both experiencing each other’s warmth and breaths.

Pillow talk is nice, but taking it easy like this without talking is also nice. I feel like we can understand each other even without talking…

It’s calming. The smell of her sweat heals me.

「 –Hey, Haku-kun? 」

「 Hmm? 」

How long was it? Fuyou-san whispers to me, breaking the silence.

「 Can we do it again? 」

「 Huh? 」

I looked at her face, but she seemed embarrassed, so she buried her face in my neck and hid her face. But, she’s red to her ears.

I’m feeling her slender arms embracing me tighter.

「 Can we? 」

「 Of course! I’ll gladly do it with you be it once, twice, thrice, or even four times! 」

「 I-I don’t think I can last four times 」

I see. So doing it three times is within her limits.

Hearing her beg cutely for another round made my dick react inside her. It got hard and readied for another battle.

We’ve already done it sitting and doggy style today. So, the next one should be a missionary. Cowgirl is nice too.

With that in mind, I was about to kiss Fuyou-san, whose cheeks were dyed red in shame and anticipation, and then…

「 Ah, where did Leona-san go? 」

「 Ooh, shit. I forgot about her! Sorry, Leona-san 」

We got too absorbed in sex that I forgot about the brown gyaru.

I don’t think she’s angry that she’s ignored, but if it was me, I would be. If I see someone flirting and having sex with me, I’d snap.

I look around.

「 Yahoo…I’m here… 」

「 Kyaa! Leona-san?! 」

「 That was shocking! 」

The brown gyaru’s peeking her head from the edge of the bed, waving the vibrator like it’s a lightstick.

H-How was she able to erase her presence in the bed! I didn’t notice her at all!

「 Thanks, you two were so precious…thank you..show more of your lovey-dovey sex to me…thank you…truly…zubi 」

「 Hey! Don’t just give that look like you’re ascending to heaven! Ah, Leona-san, your nose, it’s bleeding! 」

「 Wooah!! This much blood is bad! Tissue! Where’s the tissue! Need to stop the bleeding right now., 」

The brown gyaru started bleeding from her nose like crazy. Bright red stain spreads across the white sheets in a blink of an eye. It’s already bad enough that even amateurs can tell that it’s dangerous.

The beautiful woman has turned into a doll who doesn’t even try to wipe the blood, just smiling and muttering “thank you”

It’s scary as it is bizarre. I’m getting goosebumps.

「 Thankyou…truly 」

「 Stop the bleeding first! Hold your nose! Hurry! 」

「 Ehe, ehehehe!! Zubii 」

Fuyou-san and I were left to assist Leona-san, who was in a trance.

Unfortunately, we didn’t go for another round.

Let me just say this before it ends.

School uniform cosplay sex is the best!


【 Situation Release 】


【 Release Condition 】

・Engage in sexual activity on school property, or wearing a student uniform