AV App Chapter 63 Flirty Date



「 –Oh right, I bought my little sister her phone the other day 」

Fuyou-san’s chatting happily while we walk side-by-side, and I’m just listening. Fuyou-san’s surprisingly talkative.

「 Well, I just signed the contract, and my sister paid for the phone by herself. Seems like she’s been taking part-time jobs and earning some money without me knowing. Just what kind of work did she get? 」

Fuyou-san’s lines only make me sweat in cold.

That “little sister” is definitely Kasumi-chan. Fuyou-san’s one-year younger sister, Otometani Kasumi. She and I just recently got physical in the prize game, after being half-intimidated, and half-pressured into it.

In short, they’re also rod sisters now.

Fuyou-san doesn’t know about my relationship with Kasumi-chan. But, Kasumi-chan knows the other way around. Seems like Kasumi-chan’s fooling Fuyou-san.

Well, not that I can say anything about it.

That part-time job of hers is definitely the money she earned from the Prize game. That day, she earned 1.7M yen. She has more than enough money to buy a phone.

「 Could it be that she’s skipping school? 」

「 I don’t think so. Her grades get sent over during the summer vacation, right? How about you look it up

「 Right. I’ll do that. If she’s failing, then I’ll break her phone 」

「 Woah. Breaking it is harsh 」

She’s always thinking about her family, even though her mother sent her out so she doesn’t have to do housework. Fuyou-san is such a gentle and lovely big sister.

Her big sister’s determination is fiery hot. It’s pressing on her.

「 Fuyou-san. Focus on the date 」

「 Oh, s-sorry. I’ve done it again 」

Fuyou-san felt down. I’m not really scolding her. I like a big sister who loves her family. But, I’m a little dissatisfied that she doesn’t look at me and kept talking about her family.

After regaining composure, Fuyou-san and I walked into the commercial district.

The commercial center has all kinds of stores, and the best of it, it’s cold here. So we decided on our date destination.

Dating under the scorching summer sun is hell. We’re on a date, so I’d rather not get sweaty. But if we’re having sex, then it’s fine to get sweaty.

Besides, Fuyou-san would not want to get sunburned. She must have some sunblock, but it’s pointless if the sweat just takes it out. Besides, her breasts are exposed today.

「 Hm, what’s wrong, Haku-kun? 」

As I walk through the store entrance, where we don’t have to worry about the temperature or UV Rays, Fuyou-san who’s hugging my arm noticed my gaze, looking up curiously with a dignified face.

That upturned look of hers with the height difference is superb. A cool beauty at point-blank range. That sudden surprise is bad for the heart.

I have had an intense relationship with her for a few months now but I still can’t get used to it. Fuyou-san’s too beautiful.

「 Haku-kun? 」

「 Oh yeah, Sorry 」

Oops. That’s not good. I was at a loss for words.

「 Well, how do I say it, I’m just wondering if you put some sunblock on your breasts too… 」

「 Why are you curious about that? 」

Fuyou-san hugs me tighter to hide her bold chest.

Fuyou-san. Fuyou-san. It’s giving the opposite effect.

I’m wearing short sleeves. So, I can feel the soft and fair skin bliss in my arms.

Unaware of the rewards she’s giving me, she stares at me with red ears.

「 Well, I did put some yes… 」

She tells me with a blunt tone, to hide her embarrassment.

Hearing that information put me in a delusion. I imagined her spreading the sunblock on her cleavage by hand…

Oh shit. That’s good. I could fap to that twice or thrice.

「 Haku-kun? Focus on the date. You can get on your fantasies later 」

「 Yes ma’am! 」

「 Good 」

She just returned the thing I told her earlier.

Seems like it was obvious that I was having fantasies in my head. It might be appearing on my face.

I mean, you’re fine with me getting all those fantasies? If you’re good with it, then I’ll do it later. Well, I still would even without it.

It’s summer vacation, so the place is filled with families and couples.

Sometimes, I pick up some clothes I’m interested in, or shopped some accessories at some general stores. I feel like we’re doing more date-like stuff than our last date.

We were both nervous on our first date. Our hands were sweating too.

I feel like now we can act naturally without being self-conscious about each other.

「 What do you think? Does it suit me? 」

Fuyou-san asks me while putting a gold earring close to her ear.

Has she started to become more fashionable now that she has more money? I think it’s doing well. I want Fuyou-san to be more beautiful.


「 Hmm. I think simple designs suit Fuyou-san. I think going for a colorful and flashy one is intense 」

I want to admire her cool beauty, but the golden glow shimmering in her ears makes my gaze stray in that direction. I think it’s better to say that it goes against Fuyou-san. Honestly, it’s a hindrance.

「 Oh? Really? 」

「 You just agree to it surprisingly 」

「 Well, I don’t like it anyway 」

「 Why did you pick it up then? 」

She puts down the gold earing and then she looked for another accessory. Maybe her day out with Leona-san had indoctrinated her.

「 I thought it would be fun to pick something I would never wear. Look, that’s date-like, right? 」

Fuyou-san smiles teasingly. Wondering what she was doing, she pressed a heart-mark earing to my ear.

「 Fufu, it’s bad! 」

Fuyou-san laughs loudly, she seems to be having fun.

It sure is a date-like exchange. No, we’re on an actual date.

If that’s the case. I’ll pick something that Fuyou-san doesn’t usually wear. Oh? This is a good one.

「 Fuyou-san! Fuyou-san 」

「 Hmm, what? 」

「 Ta-da! Sunglasses! 」

I put a pair of sunglasses with large lenses, the kind celebrities seem to wear, on Fuyou.

Fuyou-san’s surprisingly playing along, moving her hair back to her ear, and making a cool pose.

「 Does it look good? 」

「 Yeah. Sold! 」

「 Huh? W-Wait! Wait! I don’t need it! I don’t use sunglasses! 」

「 Don’t worry. It looks good on you. It’s filled with the cool-beauty celebrity wife! 」

「 Cool beauty celebrity wife? 」

Fuyou-san lectured me, and I gave up on buying the sunglasses.

It’s a complete change from the usual impression, and it looked great on her.

This time, I’ll ask Leona-san if she has any fashionable sunglasses. I’m sure she’d be happy to lend it to Fuyou-san.

The date, which included that scene, passed by quickly, and now it’s lunch. I’m hungry.

「 It’s full wherever we go 」

「 Yes, it is 」

The restaurants, cafes, and fast food are all full. There’s a queue of people waiting for hours.

It’s hard to smell the delicious food stimulating our hunger.

「 What do you want to eat, Haku-kun? 」

「 Anything 」

「 That’s a problematic answer 」

Well sorry. But, Fuyou-san’s accustomed to it, her face says “it can’t be helped then.” Seems like her siblings often say the same thing.

「 Then, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “lunch?” 」

「 Fuyou-san’s handmade rolled omelets 」

My mouth responded before I could think of it.

Fuyou-san, who’s good at housekeeping, makes great omelets with lots of colorful ingredients.

We used to exchange side dishes when having lunch together in the uni, but ever since the summer vacation, I haven’t been able to eat them and so I miss them.

Kuh! I’m hungry, and now that I’ve imagined it, I’m getting a craving. That’s horrible you know, Fuyou-san!

「 T-That was a fast response 」

「 I want to eat Fuyou-san’s handmade omelets 」

「 D-Don’t stare at me so hard while making that face 」

Fuyou-san turned away. She’s red to her ears, mumbling “Geez!”

「 Do you want to eat my omelets that much? 」

「 Of course 」

「 I see. Okay 」

「 Huh? 」

She just accepted it so easily that I can’t help but stare at Fuyou-san’s face.

She looks up at me in confusion and tilted her head.

「 Huh? You don’t want it? 」

「 No, I do… 」

「 Then, let’s go 」

「 W-Where? 」

Could it be that I’m going to Fuyou-san’s house?

That crossed my mind but Fuyou-san pulled my arm somewhere, pointing at the store direction sign like it was obvious.

「 Where are the groceries… 」

Oh, that one. My short-lived joy became a disappointment.

「 If you buy the ingredients, then you can make something as simple as an omelet. Do they have a frying pan in the other space? 」

「 Other space? Oh, cooking in the free room! AV app’s the best! 」

Fuyou-san’s a genius! Now I’m getting excited.

In my mind, the free room was like a room where you can have sex. so cooking in the other space never crossed my mind.

It didn’t have a kitchen, but I can upgrade it. Perhaps there will be frying pans and other cooking utensils. A naked apron and other cooking AV exist too.

「 But, spare me for cutting corners, okay? 」

「 Sure, sure! Let’s go buy some ingredients! Fuyou-san! 」

「 Hey, Haku-kun?! Geez 」

I dragged Fuyou-san to the groceries corner, and she’s showing her “it can’t be helped” face, but she doesn’t seem disappointed.

After talking it out, no, Fuyou-san took the lead and bought the materials, and we moved to the other space where no one is around.

「 Well then, shall we cook? Give me a moment, Haku-kun 」

Standing in the kitchen, which had been upgraded with a store feature, Fuyou-san pulls her hair with a hair tie.

Ponytail Fuyou-san. This is new. She usually just let her long black hair down. The hairstyle is more neat and clean, or perhaps it’s the nape that’s more glamorous. It’s got fresh and overflowing with coolness.

If there’s something to describe it, then I’d say “Housewife”

「 Now we look like newlyweds 」

Muttering unconsciously, I came back to my senses.

What did I just say? What was I thinking?

It’s probably because I thought of her as a “housewife” that my mind took a strange turn.

She continues cooking with her skilled hands, oblivious to my writhing in embarrassment. Each movement in the kitchen was lean, refined, and efficient. You can tell that she’s simply accustomed to housework after years.

I can’t get tired of watching this cool beauty cooking earnestly. I want to keep watching.

Ideally, I wanted her to wear an apron. That would look good on Fuyou-san.

「 I feel stiff making food when someone is watching me 」

「 Sorry. Was I causing discomfort? 」

「 Not at all. Compared to my home where there’s always someone rushing me asking, “is it not done yet?” it’s cute. But, is it fun to watch me cook? 」

「 Of course 」

「 Really? 」

「 Of course. I should’ve brought you here to cook sooner is my only regret 」

「 But, I’m feeling some horny gaze too 」

「 Ugh 」

I look away from the sidelong glance as I have an idea of what she’s talking about.

D-Did she figure that out. I can’t help it, Fuyou-san looks so mature and sexy as she cooks! I’m a man!

「 What were you thinking? Haku-kun? Tell me 」

「 W-Well… you see… 」

What’s this embarrassing play? Exposing my delusions?

「 If you don’t tell me, then there’s no egg rolls for you 」

「 Wha?! Please! 」

「 Then, tell me 」

Ugugu…Using food as a hostage is unfair…

I’ll toss my shame just for the handmade omelets.

「 I imagined Fuyou-san cooking while in a naked apron 」

「 N-Naked apron?! Nothing but an apron?! That’s going to scald me from the oil! 」

Fuyou-san’s cheeks turned red, seems like she imagined it too.

For Fuyou-san, who only has knowledge of health textbooks, a naked apron is still uncharted territory. That innocent embarrassment is cute.

Naked apron is nice you know? That’s one of the favorites of men. Watching the smooth back and plump ass exposed from their behind is irresistible!

I’ll get Fuyou-san a cute frilly apron…no, I think a plain one would suit her better. The simplicity makes it sexy. But there’s also the boldness of Fuyou-san wearing a frilly apron that she doesn’t usually wear.

Kuh! Now I’m hesitating! The only choice is to have her put them on and compare them!

I hear the sounds of eggs frying as I mull over. it.

Dexterously flipping the eggs, she speaks out.

「 –As long as we’re not using flames… 」

「 Really?! You’re doing a naked apron?! 」

「 Well, if it’s that much…kyaa! 」

I embraced Fuyou-san from behind out of such overwhelming joy

「 Hey! I’m using flame here! That’s dangerous! 」

「 Just a bit! Just a bit 」

「 Geez 」

Unable to resist because she was cooking, Fuyou-san twisted lightly, but she eventually sighed and accepted it.

「 Just ten seconds… 」

「 Fuyou-san, aren’t you too amazing? 」

I don’t think there are many women in the world who are as nice as her.

Fuyou-san’s turned around with a mischievous and provocative smile.

「 Oh? You’re noticing it late? 」

「 No, it just dawned on me again. That loving side of you is cute 」

「 Can you not say that? I’m not like that 」

How else would you call this but loving?

「 Okay. That’s ten seconds. If you don’t let go the omelets would be burned. We can just continue later. 」

「 Sure. I’ll prepare the plates 」

I’m reluctant but I parted with Fuyou-san. My appetite is winning. I can just get a lot of hugs from her later.

The rolled omelets were ready, and the hot steamy fresh dish is placed on the plate.

「 Thanks for the meal 」

「 Yes, enjoy your meal 」

A quick bite. It’s puffing hot, but the flavor spreads in my mouth. It’s hearty and well-seasoned. The cold omelets from her lunch box were delicious, but a fresh hot omelet is just exceptional, it was far more than what I imagined.

「 How is it, delicious? 」

–Nod, nod!

「 I see. I’m glad 」

I felt like if I opened my mouth to reply, the delicious flavors would escape, so I kept my mouth smothered like a child and nodded to show how delicious it is. Fuyou-san smiled widely, feeling a bit relieved.

–Sorry. I want to fall for Fuyou-san’s smile right now, but can I focus on the deliciousness of the omelets for now?

I continued eating in silence, absorbed in eating. Fuyou-san kept watching lovingly and happily.


「 Man, that was delicious. So good! 」

After lunch, I lay down on the bed, relaxing and remembering the taste of the omelet. Fuyou-san nestled comfortably in my arms, looking at me.

「 How many times is that? I think you said enough 」

She sighs, but she’s satisfied. I see her trying to hold back her grin and her mouth loosening.

She doesn’t seem to be tired of hearing it, but embarrassed, right? I don’t feel like I’ve muttered it over 20 times.

I hug Fuyou-san from behind on the bed, whispering to her ears as I bury myself in her neck.

「 It was delicious. I’ll pay for the ingredients and all the other stuff, so could you make me omelets every day? 」

「 No~ 」

Fuyou-san speaks like an elder sister scolding her brother.

「 You’ll get tired of it if it’s every day. You should only get it once in a while, so endure it 」

「 So you’re fine with it once in a while 」

It’s not a time and effort problem, but a loss of interest.

Then, that would be a great way to make another dish as long as we have the ingredients. Miso soup, curry, hamburger steak, there’s a ton of food I want to eat. I’ll ask her next time.

「 In exchange, let me eat some of Haku-kun’s cooking too 」

「 Huh? I’m bad at it though…I usually let Kaho-san and Renge-neesan cook for me 」

「 I don’t mind. Do you want to cook together then? 」

Fuyou-san’s cooking class..sounds nice. Add some lewd service too.

But, I want to show off a bit so I’ll try helping out a home.

「 Let’s do that! Let’s enjoy the summer break. Oh right, Fuyou-san, while we’re at it, why don’t we go on trips? Like going to the beach or hot springs 」

「 Hot spring? 」

Fuyou-san loves baths, so her eyes sparkled when she heard “hot spring”

「 Let’s go! Overnight! No, let’s go there for two days! 」

「 Ooh. Fuyou-san’s interested 」

「 What’s wrong with it? 」

「 Nothing. Nothing at all. Okay, that’s decided. I’m looking forward to it!

「 Yes. Hey, Haku-kun. Don’t you think that a trip to the hot springs would add to the App’s situation plays? 」

「 O-Oh! It’s common in AV to have a hot spring setting. Maybe going to the sea or pool would add it too 」

「 Then, we can dip into the hot springs anytime, right?! Kuu!! Now I want to go on a spa trip! 」

She seems to be in a good mood now. She’s looking forward to it that much.

Fuyou-san back then will be holding off because it will cost her money. But now that money’s not a problem for her, she can come up with ideas of going on a hot spring date, even speaking out her desires. That’s a good change.

「 But, if we’re going for situation plays, that means we’re having sex, right? 」

「 What’s the problem? That’s the plan, right? 」

「 Y-Yeah, I see 」

She just declares it so boldly. I’m taken aback. I mean, I’m embarrassed.

She’s resolute, I feel like she’s becoming more gallant than me, right? I guess that’s to be expected of Fuyou-san the cool beauty.

Ten suddenly, her face turned red, and she mutters with a pout.

「 I’m always ready for sex anyway 」

「 Huh? 」

「 What I’m saying is…I’m okay with sex anytime 」

「 O-Okay…then, how about now? 」


Fuyou-san who’s red to her ears nods her ears bashfully.


I feel my heart beating fast, and hot blood begins to circulate in my body. The downcast sullen look makes me horny, awakening the beast of lust sleeping in the back of my mind.

Fuyou-san’s body is rapidly becoming aware. Her smooth hair fell on her shoulders. The charming nape and collarbone line. The sweet scent of Fuyou-san I’m inhaling.

Her warm body, her soft skin, and the stability and happiness from leaning her body on me relaxed.

And most of all, her bold and sexy breasts I can peek over her shoulder! My eyes are glued to the beautifully shaped cleavage, and the erotic strap of her bra.

「 Hey, Haku-kun? 」

Fuyou-san turned around… Her eyes are feverish from anticipation and shame…and her glossy lips weave sweet words of seduction…

「 –Want to do it? 」