AV App Chapter 62 Sexy Bust



「 Okay. That’s the last lecture! Now I can spend my summer vacation without a care in the world! 」

The list of students who passed the final exam is posed on the college’s board. My name’s listed there, saying that I don’t have to take the supplementary exams.

I know that I would be fine, but I was still anxious about it.

Now I see that I’ve passed, I’m feeling relieved. I feel lighter.

I took a photo and post it on the group chat. This is perfect. Now they don’t have to come all the way to the university as I did.

Ten seconds after posting the image, the group sent their one-line response, saying “thanks”

「 Fuyou-san replies too fast! 」

「 Well yes 」

「 Ooh! 」

I hear a dignified voice behind me and there was a cool beauty, standing there with a mischievous smile with a phone in her hand.

It’s bad for the heart to have a beauty suddenly show up. Recently, her beauty’s becoming even more polished.

「 If you were here, then you should’ve called me 」

「 Fufufu. I wanted to surprise you. I was actually going to cover your eyes and ask “who’s this?” but I just replied when I heard my name. Still, that was a nice reaction, Haku-kun 」

Seems like she was trying to surprise me even more. I didn’t even notice it.

I was just caught in Fuyou-san’s plan. However.

「 Guuu!! 」

「 W-What’s wrong? Why are you biting your lips frustratingly?! There’s blood coming out! 」

「 I wanted that plan of yours to happen instead! 」

「 R-Really!? Then I’ll just do it again next time when I can 」

「 Yes! That’s what I want to hear! 」

Fuyou-san seems dumbfounded for I’m being too simple, but she doesn’t seem disappointed.

Anyone would love for a beauty like Fuyou-san to cover their eyes and ask “Who is it?” If she uses her hands to cover my eyes, then she has to be close enough, and it would be great if she leans in for a hug. I could feel her breasts from behind.

Men are simple creatures indeed.

「 Why is Fuyou-san in coll-I mean, I don’t need to ask I guess 」

「 Yes. I also wanted to check the test results just like Haku-kun. Seems like there was no need for that however 」

She lightly waved her hand holding her phone showing the image of the results I just posted.

If I had come a little earlier, Fuyou-san wouldn’t have traveled to the Uni. No, I’ll consider it a job well done because Fuyou-san’s here. Let’s think positively.


「 Fuyou-san, you wear that clothes on the way here? 」

「 Yes, of course 」

「 Did anyone try to hit on you? 」

「 There weren’t any, but I feel like I had more gazes from people than normal. Wait, is there something wrong? Did I forget to remove the tag? 」

「 No, that’s not the problem 」

Fuyou-san looked at her attire, wondering what was wrong.

She’s wearing tight white pants, clearly showing the shape of her legs, and a navy blue sleeveless summer knit. I think it’s called a cardigan? It’s another fit design that accentuates the curves of her body and the shape of her breasts.

If that’s the only case, the colors of white and blue, and the cool impression she has would make her look cool and mature enough to blow away the summer heat, but the problem was the bust area.

–The V cut is so deep that her beautiful cleavage is exposed.

You can’t help but get sucked into those. I’m doing my best just to avoid staring hard at it. But, my consciousness is glued to them.

Bold, too bold, Fuyou-san.

You feel the lewdness, but sexy is more appropriate to say.

The beauty is dazzling. This mature and cool look of Fuyou-san suits her. It suits her too much.

Furthermore, the two thin pale blue straps extending from her bra, running along her cleavage are visible. What a lewd string. I believe they call it a macaroni code bra or bustline bra.

That deep V-neck line is already sexy, but the bra straps just add a higher level of sensuality.

No wonder she’s attracting attention. Of course, everyone will take a look.

「 Look, Fuyou-san, you’re being sexy right now 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Honestly, I want to push you down and bury my face in that breast of yours 」

「 B-Breasts?! 」

After I point it out, Fuyou-san suddenly realized what was happening and covered her breasts with her hands.

She’s looking away awkwardly.

「 T-This is…Leona-san chose this for me…I guess this is a bit too bold? 」

「 Oh, I knew it. It’s Leona-san. I just thought that was too aggressive for Fuyou-san 」

It must’ve been the clothes she bought on the day they went out together before the summer vacation.

As expected of the fashionable Gyaru. Her sense of style is great. It suits Fuyou-san well. But, isn’t it a bit too much?

I feel like Fuyou-san also has something in her mind.

「 Leona-san said that this much is normal… 」

「 Showing off underwear you mean? 」

「 Err… 」

「 I see. I mean, I can get a glimpse if I just peek in 」

The tip of the deep v-neck is just right at the edge of the bra, and if you’re close enough to huddle with her, her light blue bra is peeking out.

Still, the strings running along her cleavage are pure sexy. This is a good one.

「 Hey, don’t stare too much 」

「 Oops. Sorry 」

「 Geez! 」

She’s not angry, she has that expression of a loving big sister who says “you’re so hopeless”

Thanks for the fantastic glimpses.

「 T-This solves the problem, right? 」

「 ?! 」

Suddenly, I feel some blissful softness on my arms. Fuyou-san’s hugging my arm.

It’s summer so she’s wearing a half-sleeve shirt, and I feel the elasticity of her boldly exposed breasts directly.

I know that she’s trying to hide her cleavage by hugging me like this but, you’re whittling away my reason.

「 I can’t? 」

Ugh!! She’s using all the women’s weapons she has, moist upturned eyes, and breasts pressed against my arms. Who taught you this?! Leona-san?!

「 W-Well, not really 」

Naturally, there’s no chance I would refuse, and on the other hand, I feel intensely embarrassed, blurting it out in a small voice.

「 Fufufu. You’re so simple 」

「 What about it? 」

「 Nothing. Don’t mind it. I just think that Haku-kun’s honest 」

That’s okay, but, was that a compliment?

Fuyou-san and I walked in arms inside the university. Fortunately, it’s summer vacation, so there aren’t a lot of students, and even if someone saw us, they just passed us off as a couple.

Our hands are also holding before we knew it, but I don’t remember who went for it first. Was it me? Or was it Fuyou-san? It doesn’t matter anyway

「 –Fuyou-san, why don’t we go on a date today? 」

When I noticed, I’m inviting her on a date already.

Huh? What am I talking about?

It was late when I’d come to my senses. I recalled what I said and now my heart’s beating too fast.

I have a reasonable amount of experience in sex, but dating is a rare case. Even I think that it should be the other way around.

Fuyou-san’s usually busy with housework. She might refuse, but, Fuyou-san who was hugging my arms looked up with a dignified face, and nodded, making the same cool beautiful smile she always has.

「 Yes, why don’t we. Where to go? 」

「 You sure? 」

「 Why are you surprised? My schedule is free today and I can just return home by evening 」

「 What about your little sister and brothers? They’re also at home because of the summer vacation, right? 」

「 Mother is at home today. She sent me off home saying “You should let mom do work sometimes” 」

Rather than getting kicked out of her house, I think she meant that you should go out and spread your wings. That said, if she’s told that she doesn’t have to do housework, Fuyou-san’s personality will make her take care of her siblings. That’s why Fuyou-san’s mother sent her out of the home by force.

「 Geez, she was grinning while saying “Why not invite your boyfriend to a date” Haku-kun’s not even my boyfriend 」

Fuyou-san’s muttering some lines I couldn’t hear. Those sounded like come complaints so I didn’t listen.

「 Geez! Sure, let’s go on a date Haku-kun! Let’s forget everything and have fun!

「 S-Sure. Okay 」

Why do you sound like you’re irritated?

She pulls my arm, so I just feel even more of her breasts across the cloth.

Fuyou-san’s ears were bright red like apples, even though she’s usually the one who leads the way with her cool face.