AV App Chapter 65 ♡ Pleading




–Shiku, shiku.

「 Uuuu…I can’t be a groom anymore… 」

I sob on the bed, and Fuyou-san who played with my body, especially my nipples, speak out looking amazed.

「 That’s a girl’s line 」

「 Men can also say that…don’t make distinctions! 」

「 Okay, sure. I’m sorry 」

Hmm. Fuyou-san’s not playing along like usual.

She glanced at me, poured a glass of water, and drank it slowly. It seems that her thirst has a higher priority than playing with me.

Well yeah, it’s normal that her mouth gets dry after kissing and licking my body a ton. It feels bad to be dry, and it’s hard to speak.

Also, it must be bothersome to deal with me who’s pretending to sob.

「 Phew. This water is nice 」

Still, seeing her drink water looks picturesque. A dignified cool beauty drinking water from a transparent glass, it suits her. Today, her clothes are blue and white, so it’s even more compatible with the water.

A straight and upright posture. She’s getting a unique color and fragrance that seems to gain moisture from water. Gulp, gulp, her throat moves so seductively.

Fuyou-san’s body exudes a good mood aura. Her eyes are sparkling, and her lips loosened, it seems like she just remembered something. It’s like she vented out her stress, or something good happened, either way, she has a bright and refreshed smile, even leaking out a fun laugh.

Seems like she had fun playing with me. Honestly, a sadistic Fuyou-san doesn’t sound bad.

「 Haku-kun, do you want to drink too? 」

「 Sure 」

Naked in the upper body, I stood up from the bed and stretched before moving towards Fuyou-san, taking the glass and drinking water in one gulp.

Cold water penetrates my whole body. I didn’t realize it, but I was thirsty too.

I finish my drink and hugged Fuyou-san, who was still in the middle of drinking, from behind. Fuyou-san stopped moving for a moment, but she seem to have figured out that I wasn’t getting in the way, so she leaned back and drank the last drop.

「 Haku-kun sure loves hugging from behind 」

「 You can let me spoil you 」

「 Hey! I told you to forget it 」

「 I don’t remember agreeing 」

「 Kuh! 」

Fuyou-san looks frustrated, she turned 180 degrees and hugged me in the front. She rub her blushing face on my chest, then she looked up and kissed me gently.

A lovey-dovey kiss is like how lovers do it. My brain is melting from the moist lips that just drank water.

Fuyou-san with a bit of a sadistic attitude was good, but Fuyou-san who’s sweet like this is wonderful.

If Fuyou-san and I become real lovers, then I think that we’d fall for each other too much that we’d become a couple of fools like that one time we did in the “lover’s play”

「 Hey, Haku-kun, it’s about time 」

「 Yes. I know. I can’t hold it anymore either.

My erection shows no signs of calming down. Furthermore, Fuyou-san kept teasing me earlier so my sexual urges are boiling like magma. Yet, strangely enough, my mind is calm. It seems like a volcano slowly building from under the ground and suddenly erupting. As soon as I entwined with Fuyou-san, it was blowing out.

I’m not the only one whose libido has been heightened by our flirting. Fuyou-san is the same. We’re so eager to have sex as soon as possible, we don’t even have time to get to bed.

「 I’ll take off my clothes 」

「 Please make it as lewd as possible 」

「 L-Lewd? How do I do that? 」

I was just joking, but to think that she took that seriously! Can I raise my expectations?

Hmmm, Fuyou-san thought about it, moved a little bit, then she unzipped her tight white pants. A glimpse of her blue underwear. It’s catching my eye. Just as I thought she was going to take off her tight pants, but next, she went for the summer knit.

She’s slowly rolling it up. Fuyou-san stopped moving when her toned belly, where no unnecessary fat exists, begin to show up, her cute navel appears, and the bulge of her bra and her underboobs were exposed.

「 Like this? 」

Fuyou-san sends me a downward glance shyly. The way she wriggles around is also sweet and unbearable.

And what’s most captivating of all was the thin blue cord wrapping around the smooth curves of her hip.

Right, Fuyou-san’s wearing a macaroni cord bra…

I remembered the kind of bra Fuyou-san’s wearing.

If the underwear’s designed with lewd strings along the cleavage, so it’s not surprising if the panties also have lewd strings for the waist. And, it actually is there.

Even though her hips are already sexy, the strap even makes them even sexier. It’s too lewd to the point that I’m going to nosebleed.

Another cord was slightly visible below the waist. The bra is bold, and the panties are daring too. Today’s panty seems to be a string type around the waist.

A cool beauty in extreme underwear.

「 —Woaah!? 」

「 W-What’s wrong? 」

「 Fuyou-san’s so lewd that I almost coughed up blood 」

「 What?! 」

「 Can I take photos? 」

「 No! You can only look! 」

Kuh! I can’t? I wanted to see it on my phone every time. Then, let me carve it into my memory.


「 I’m taking them off… 」

Before I could take a good look from all angles, Fuyou-san took off her tight pants quickly.

「 Aah! I’m not yet…no, wait, this is good 」

Her beautiful and slender legs are exposed. Blue panties covering the fleshy thighs and crotch. The underwear is more extreme than usual, so the cloth area is captivating.

「 Fuyou-san, stay still. Face the sofa and turn your ass to me 」

「 Do I not have to take off my top? 」

「 Keep it like that 」

「 Okay 」

She obeys without showing reluctance, and Fuyou-san got on all fours on the sofa. A female panther pose, sticking out her ass. A stimulating and sexual figure.

「 Is this good? 」

「 Yeah, this is the best 」

The small cloth exposes a large amount of ass, and it’s digging into the gap. Then, I can tell how she’s excited on her crotch. It’s wet with love nectar.

Is she embarrassed by my gaze? She’s tightening up her ass. That reaction is so cute.

I unconsciously reached out and touched her soft ass.


An instant response, she didn’t reject, only getting ticklish from the strokes. I’m sure it’s not my imagination, she’s wiggling her hips, begging for more.

「 Hmm, ah, yaan~ 」

I rub her firm and elastic ass, and stroke the back and inside her thighs with lewd movements. This works well with Fuyou-san, whose sensitivity is higher thanks to her arousal.

「 Ah, aahn! No, I’m feeling it 」

Fuyou-san kissed and sucked my nipples earlier. If so, I’ll return the favor and kiss your plump ass!

I bring my face closer…

「 Naa! I-I feel some hot breath— 」


「 Hyaan! What was that? I feel something soft and wet on my butt 」

「 Hm? That was my lips. I just kissed your ass…chu 」

Fuyou-san turned around and I show off kissing her ass, her body jumped.

「 Hyaan! H-Haku-kun?! N-Not that place…aah! 」

「 Fuyou-san’s ass is so beautiful 」

「 Don’t rub your cheeks there 」

「 What a nice slit 」

「 D-Don’t bury your face… 」

I dropped a few kisses and licked her finely shaped ass, rubbed my cheeks, rubbed it, and sniffed… The smell of her sweat, and thick and lewd female pheromones come from the fabric.

Apparently, Fuyou-san was feeling it from the perverted actions I’m doing. She says “No,” but her expression and voice were all melting.

I stroke her secret place over the underwear, and the stain spread out, and the wet sound makes a faint echo.


「 Aaahn! Ah, there, that feels good! Aaah! 」

Fuyou-san leaks out a sexy voice.

I’ve been teasing her this whole time. It’s time to caress her secret place. I mean, I’m also at my limit. I want to play with Fuyou-san’s pussy.

「 Hmm, hmmm!! Ah! More, lower 」

「 Here? 」

「 L-Lower….aaaahn! Yes! There! Touch there! Please! Stronger! Harder! 」

Fuyou-san’s tone obviously changed when I touched the place she points at. She just let out the sexiest moan.

Swelling in her secret place, I can see it through the cloth, and I can feel it with my fingertips.

–This is her clitoris.

The most sensitive part of a woman. Her clitoris has already swollen from the excitement of pleasure, so it must be highly sensitive.

Fuyou-san’s experiencing such intense pleasure that she grips the sofa so tightly. I’m stimulating her intensely.

「 Hmm, hmmm, muuu! Aaah, wait! I-I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

-Bikubiku! Biku! Bikubiku!!

「 Nguu! Guh! Kahaa!! 」

Her hips bounce wildly, wobble, and her legs clamped. The beauty made a soundless scream and her hot breaths have become lewd.

Fuyou-san easily climaxed.

Her spasming body is like an explosion of pent-up lust. It’s almost like she’s shaking in joy.

Moist and sweaty, she relaxes her body.

「 Haa, haa, I came… 」

「 Seems like it. Did that feel good? 」

「 Yes, very 」

Fuyou-san’s drooling and sweat formed on her head. However, she doesn’t look like she’s satisfied yet.

She got back on all fours, her moist eyes gazed at me, and she whispered, pleading.

「 Haku-kun, please touch me more! Make me feel more pleasure 」

「 !! 」

That blew off my reason in an instant.

She doesn’t just want it, she’s craving it.

Geez. You sure know how to shoot straight through my heart! Furthermore, it’s not using a thin bow and arrow, but you’re using a cannonball!!

It’s scary that she’s doing it unconsciously. What a natural tease. A devilish woman.

You’re such a bad woman.

The flame inside my body has erupted. The momentum has increased, and my soul is roaring and burning.

「 ………… 」

「 Haku-kun? Kyaa! 」

I attacked Fuyou-san with so much urge, it was almost like I’m starving. I slid off her blue panty to the side and exposed her soaking wet pussy..

The obscene slit is tightly closed by her labia. Her secret place was so wet that it stained her shorts, reflecting light as it overflows.

If you push it open on both sides, you’ll see her beautiful inside, glistening pink like a virgin.

But I was too lazy to get through the trouble so I just devoured Fuyou-san like an animal.

–Juru!! Jurururu!!

「 Hyaan!! Aaahn! T-Too intense!! 」

My tongue licks up the slimy slit.

The indescribable and unique softness of the labia is conveyed to my tongue, and it’s lovely The pubic hair that sticks out of her skin is also a nice accent. Then, the love nectar dripping out of her pussy without end is like the heavenly nectar.

—Juzo!! Juzozozo!!

「 Hmm! Naa! Ah, aah, aah!! Amazing! It feels good! It feels amazing! Haku-kun!! 」

It’s overflowing with a bewitching aroma, like a blooming poisonous flower. My head’s getting feverish.

Aaah, it’s filling me up. I can’t get enough of this rich smell of a female scent that’s tickling my male instincts.

「 Aah, naa! Y-Yes! There! I feel good there! My clitoris! Aaah!! Your tongue! Haku-kun’s tongue is inside me! naa~ Noo!!! That feels so good! Haku-kun! Do more of that! Make me feel more!! 」

Her voice is so lewd and lusty, she can’t hide her emotions of pleasure, and she calls my name lovingly making me tremble.

I want her to feel more, so I inserted a finger into her pussy.

「 Aaahn! Y-Your finger’s inside my pussy! 」

「 Juru! Fuyou-san’s insides are so hot…Juzozo…it’s also clamping my finger. So cute…juzozozozo 」

「 Hyaaaaa!! W-Wait! Another finger!! If you stir me up with two fingers…noo!! You can’t… 」

My index and middle finger went inside Fuyou-san’s pussy, stirring her up, and it makes lewd wet noises.

My intense movement scrapes the love nectar from her vagina and splashes around.

Her pussy mistook it for my penis, sucks on the finger, and teases it.

「 Aah, no, no!! I’m cumming! Cumming again! 」

Fuyou-san’s back bends backward.

My fingers are inside her pussy, and my tongue licks her clitoris. She’s stimulated at two points at the same time, and she quickly reached climax again

「 Nuuuuuuuu!!! Hmmmm! Naaaaaah!! 」

Fuyou-san came. I made her cum.

I’ve been making her climax so many times already, and yet, my tiny man pride gets tickled. I could do this forever.

My pride is satisfied, but not my lust. It only intensified the burning desire. My dick’s already painfully erect.

「 PUt it in 」

Fuyou-san who just came is breathing roughly, yet she asks earnestly.

「 Haku-kun, please, put it in! I want it! My insides feel so lonely… I can’t hold it anymore! Please don’t tease me anymore! I don’t want it! Please, Haku-kun, pierce me with your penis! Hurry!! 」

「 Yeah, I know!! That’s the plan… 」

I place my stiff erect penis against her throbbing pussy and penetrated her with a powerful thrust.

A gouging blow reached the deepest part. The sweet shock would’ve been felt from the cervix and beyond.

「 Haaaaan~ S-So deep! So sudden! 」

「 Kuh! W-Wait! It’s coming out! Woah!! 」

—Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

Just once… Just from shoving it once and I ejaculated too easily.

Her melting hot pussy felt too amazing. It’s also because of the vaginal folds entangled to attempt and squeeze out the semen and her clamping. And the number one reason was that the lust was already simmering and boiling.

The stimulation of inserting into her pussy caused the lust that had been building up to explode like a volcano. As a result, I ejaculated.

「 Aah, uaaah!! It’s coming out 」

Fuyou-san, whose lust is leaking out, seems to have reached a light climax. She’s trembling.

My penis won’t calm down from just one ejaculation. Rather, it’s just getting harder.

My lust is unrestrained. I started slamming Fuyou-san’s hips intensely.

-Pan! Pan! Pan!!

「 Aaah! Iyaan! Wait! I just came! My body’s sensitive! Aahn1 Aahn! Cumming! I’m cumming again!! 」

「 Sorry, Fuyou-san, I can’t stop my hips! 」

「 Don’t stop! I’m getting to the good part! Don’t ever stop! 」

Fuyou-san’s shouting from her throat. Her supple naked body warps and involuntarily thrusts her ass out, and the ass makes a ripple from the impact. Her black hair, damp in sweat, shakes from the violent movement.

What I see is a woman panting in pleasure and seeking a man without care. I’m also just a beast driven by instinct.

We’ve reduced to animals, indulging in acts of reproduction as our instincts tell us.

「 It feels amazing! Haku-kun! Haku-kun! More! Get rougher! I want you to carve your existence in me 」

「 If I go harder than this, Fuyou-san’s body… 」

「 I’ll be fine! Hmm! Hmm! Haku-kun!! 」

—Would you mess me up?