AV App Chapter 66 ♡ A new Side



–Would you mess me up?

「 Kuh! That’s unfair, Fuyou-san. That’s bad you know! It makes me want to mess you up for real! 」

My heart’s beating so strong and my body feels hot. It’s as if the blood flowing in me is boiling.

I grabbed her hips and thrust repeatedly.


「 Ahn! Ahn! Aaahn! Y-Yes! That feels good! Noo, Noo, I can’t think anymore!! 」

I’m swinging my hips without going easy. Even so, the cool beauty moans in pleasure.

「 Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!~ Muuu!! 」

My penis rubs her small and narrow pussy, making obscene wet sounds from the love nectar and semen. The white frothy body fluid makes it hard to distinguish between semen and love nectar. Perhaps it’s both.

「 Ah, ah! Ah! Ah! Y-Yes! It’s this! I wanted this! I wanted to have sex with Haku-kun! Do more! 」

「 Fuyou-san, let’s change pose 」

「 Okay. Got it. Hurry, hurry up and let’s do it 」

Fuyou-san hurried me and we swapped from the rear to the sitting position.

Unable to hold it, she immediately moved her body lewdly.

–Pachun! Pachun! Pachun!!

「 Aaah! This feels amazing! It’s not as fast as earlier, but it’s powerful and it’s reaching so deep! Amazing!! 」

Fuyou-san mutters in a euphoric voice.

The cool girl is now just being lewd, bold, and daring, spreading her legs for my penis. She’s straddling her body on a man.

Looking at her from the front, I can worship the sight of the beautiful small and pink virgin-like pussy sucking greedily on a thick penis Her pussy spreads out and the penis moves in and out, it’s the best.

Kuh! I want to see that up close and persona, but since I’m sitting on my back, I can only fantasize about it.

「 Ah, ah, ah naa! Uu! Uuu! Uuu! 」

The beauty bounces. She’s making huge up-and-down movements. She’s doing it rhythmically. She’s singing with a seductive moan.

「 Hmm! It’s so hot! I’m sweating a lot! 」

“There we go,” Fuyou-san took off her summer knit.

The sweet scent of her sweat spreads softly, and her soft black hair.

Her fine skin and blue bra are exposed before my eyes.

「 Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! 」

Fuyou-san removed her clothes and become even more obscene. I supported her hips and thrust upwards.

–Pachun! Pachun! Pachun!!

What a lewd sound. The sound of our skins colliding and our genitals violently mingling with each other makes wet sounds echo.

「 Aaahn! Aaah! Why? 」

Then, the pleasant warmth I was feeling on my penis disappeared…

「 Oh, my penis slipped off. 」

She was in a daring and intense back sitting position, on the verge of falling out, so the slickness of the body fluids and the angle of the joint caused it to nuzzle out of the pussy.

Before I could reinsert it, she held it with her hands.

「 Geez! Don’t slip out! We’re not done yet… 」

She moved the penis and guided it to the small hole that it should be in. Feeling it placed at the right spot, Fuyou-san dropped her hips.

And my penis is enveloped in pleasant warmth and pressure once again.

This time, we grind our hips forward and backward without pulling out. The movement is so smooth, like dancing.

–Nuchu, nuchu, guchu, nuchuri…

「 Hmm! Ahn! Haaan! Sex feels amazing!! 」

Fuyou-san’s body bends backward as her back arches.

「 Haku-kun…I want to kiss…Can’t I? 」

Her cute begging shot through my heart.

Of course, you can! Rather, I’m also asking for it!

「 Then, let’s face each other 」

「 Okay 」

Fuyou-san who was in her underwear, turned 180 and sits down, facing me, and dropped her hips.

「 Hmm! Your big thing is inside again 」

We gazed at each other for a few seconds, intoxicated by the lingering sensation of the penetration, and then our lips met.

Warm and moist lips. We suck wildly as if devouring the softness, entwining our tongues.

We kiss hard as we connect facing each other.

「 Mchu~! Chu! Hmm! Hmm!!! 」

Fuyou-san seems to love kissing during sex. She also loves to get stimulation deep inside her vagina. And so, she prefers doing it in missionary and sitting face-to-face, where we can have sex while kissing.

「 Haku-kun? 」

「 Fuyou-san… 」

When I kissed her charming neck, she reacted exaggeratedly because of her heightened sensitivity. Her expression is ecstatic and lewd, and she looks like she’s in so much pleasure.

Staring at me with her feverish gaze, Fuyou-san shakes her hips bewitchingly as she presses her clitoris against me.

—Kuchu! Kuchu! Nuchu!!

「 Haa, haa! Haku-kuun!! 」

I’m leaning back on the sofa, and Fuyou-san looks at me lovingly.

Her skin’s flaming red with drops of sweat, wearing a blue macaroni cord bra…Fuyou-san exudes so much sex appeal.

Her gaze is so seductive. Her lips loosened in pleasure. I can’t endure it when she calls my name like that.

I also stimulate Fuyou-san by giving an upward thrust with my hips.

「 Your breasts are so soft 」

I firmly rubbed her E-cup breasts.

This feels good, but the bra’s on the way.

Perhaps she sensed my thoughts. Fuyou-san puts her hand behind her back and easily removed her bra, tossing it aside.

Now the only thing covering her naked body is a pair of blue panties. I also shifted it off widely, and my penis is inserted into her exposed pussy. The underwear serves no purpose now.

The half-naked beauty smiled.

「 Hmm, touch them directly 」

「 Then, I won’t hold back. Woah! Fuyou-san’s breasts are so soft, no matter how many times I touch them! Are these marshmallows?! Water balloons? Or maybe pudding? Anyway, these are supreme breasts? 」

「 Aaahn! There! Hmm! My nipples feel good! 」

I rub it with my hands as if wrapping it, cupping them with my fingers, sucking the cute nipples.

It’s great doing face-to-face sitting since I can look directly at her breasts up close, and still also touch and suck them. This pose is stable, kissing is easy, and her breasts press against me when hugging tightly. Yes, just like now.

「 Haa, haa, haa!! 」

Her breath is ticklish. The unfamiliar sensation sends a tingle down the spine.

–Guchu, guchu, guchu!!

She whispers as she puts her arms around my neck and clings closer.

「 Hmm! It’s coming! Something big! It’s rising up! I’m about to cum! 」

Seems like it. I can feel her vagina tightening as she braces herself for the climax.

Fuyou-san declaring her climax may have been a signal to me, but I also felt an unexplainable and unique urge from deep within to ejaculate. Pleasure wells up my penis became hard and thick.

We’re both passionately and violently seeking pleasure.

「 Cuming! Cuming! Cumming! Aaahn! 」

「 Fuyou-san! I’m cumming too! I’m about to ejaculate inside your pussy! 」

「 Yes! Cum! Cum inside me! Uuu! Wait! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Haku-kun! Haku-kun!!!! 」


「 Kuh! I’m cumming! Ejaculating! Take it!!!! 」

「 I’m cumming!!!! 」

-Dopyu-dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!

「 Hmm! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Ah! Hmm! Mmmmmmmmm!! 」

The pleasure was so intense we thought our vision’s gone blank.

The intensity of the ejaculation increased in the proportion to the intensity of pleasure in the climax, and the semen spurted out like a fountain from the tip of my penis and shot hot through Fuyou-san’s womb. My penis pulsates as it bounces, spraying thick semen inside Fuyou-san.

「 Aaaaaaaaah!! Naaaaah!! Aaah!! 」

Fuyou-san seems to be aware of the sensation from the stimulation of the ejaculation in her uterus.

The slippery folds of her vagina are sticky and entangled. Her vaginal flesh tightens up. Her entire vagina was wriggling, squeezing out every drop of semen.

I can feel the viscous semen released in volume, spreading through her vagina. It sticks to the walls and stains the cool beauty from the inside.

「 「 Haa, haa, haa 」 」

Drunk in the afterglow of climax, we remain connected, and our lips locked together. It’s not a rough devouring kiss, but a gentle and sweet kiss as if we’re communicating our feelings to each other.

Our pillow talk doesn’t need words. Just kissing is enough.

The pleasant sense of fatigue and contentment fills our hearts. Today’s sex was also very pleasant.

「 I’m pulling out 」

「 Okay 」

The languid Fuyou-san stood up and pulled my penis out of her pussy. As soon as she pulls out, a puddle of white liquid drips from her crotch.

Even I could say that was a lot of semen.

「 Haku-kun, is that not enough? 」

Despite ejaculating so much, my penis still remained erect. My meat rod, sticky with body fluids, faces towards the sky, soaring majestically. Still undeterred.

Fuyou-san looks at my erect penis in surprise, but there’s a slightly pleased gleam in that gaze.

「 Geez. It can’t be helped then 」

I was wondering what she’d do, then the half-naked Fuyou-san bent down and sucked my penis.

「 Ooof! 」

Jubo, jubo, jubo!! Fuyou-san gives a gentle cleaning fellatio while making wet sounds. Sometimes, sucking deep in her mouth, and sometimes, licking it up stickily and obscenely, cleaning the fluid-stained penis all the way down to the base.

Then, while I was thinking that I should ejaculate from her handjob and fellatio, Fuyou gently clamped my penis between her breasts

It’s a bit reluctant, but my penis is enveloped in a new blissful softness and heavenly bliss. It’s all different from her mouth, and her pussy.

「 There, hmmph! Does it feel good, Haku-kun? 」

「 Y-Yeah, this is the best 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

Fuyou-san’s giving me a paizuri! Of course, it’ll feel good!

Fuyou-san smiled happily, and then she drips saliva into her cleavage and my penis. Stimulating it wet.

「 Hmm, hmm, fuu, fuu 」

Fuyou-san’s earnest paizuri makes her leak out noises, and it’s all so vivid. So cute!

A sight of a naked beauty using her breasts to grab and stroke my penis. Unconscious leaking out a sweet voice. A soft wrapping sensation. And a lewd smell from a woman tickled my nose.

My sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste…all my five senses are stimulated. Well, the taste is from remembering the kiss.

There’s too much pleasure in my senses that I can feel my ejaculation rising up.

I want to enjoy it for a little longer. I want to feel more of Fuyou-san’s breasts. And yet, there’s so much pleasure I can’t hold back

「 Ugaa!! 」

「 Kyaa?! 」

–Dopyu! Dopyu! Dopyu!!!

I ejaculated before I could tell Fuyou-san. That’s how much sweet pleasure I was in, I didn’t have time.

That’s my third ejaculation for the day. I just came earlier, and yet, the volume isn’t decreasing.

The semen blew from the urethra and splashed on the cool beauty’s chest, and even her face. The white drip fell onto her cheeks and lips.

「 That shocked me, that’s so much momentum 」

Fuyou-san’s eyes blinks in surprise, and then she looked at the semen on her breasts.

「 Ufufu, so warm… 」

Fuyou-san scooped the semen on her face and just stuffed it in her mouth without hesitation. What a seductive expression!

I was admiring Fuyou-san but I managed to snap out of it.

「 Oh right, tissue! Where was it? 」

「 No. There’s no need. It’s much easier to wash it off by taking a bath. While at it, let’s also rinse off our sweat 」

「 R-Right, that’s way faster 」

The cool beauty, covered in sweat and semen, got up and headed to the bathroom. Stretching out her body.

I watch her behind walking gallantly like a model. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Well, she’s just in her panty, and it’s off to the side. Her thighs are dripping with semen.

I watch her disappear to the bathroom, but the beautiful and lewd Fuyou-san turned around.

「 Haku-kun, do you want to go together? 」

Oh? Seems like Fuyou-san wants to go in with me. She seemed curious why I’m not moving.

If she’s okay with it, then I’d gladly join her.

「 Of course, let’s go 」

Fuyou-san smiled happily and she disappeared to the bathroom. I followed after her.

After that, we had a lot of flirting in the bath, and I decided to give her another two creampies.


After bathing, we were cuddling together on the sofa, wearing bathrobes.

I put my hands on Fuyou-san’s shoulders, stroking her hair and cheeks, and she rests her head and body on me comfortably.

As we chat, we enjoyed the silent afterglow, the peaceful time, as if we were on a home date. Then, I noticed that Fuyou-san’s starting to doze off.

「 Sleepy? 」

「 Hmm, not sleepy 」

She clearly is. She’s sleepy. Her voice is turning soft, and her eyes are barely open. Her body’s exhausted.

It’s my first time seeing a sleepy Fuyou-san. When we return to reality from the other space, oftentimes we just part ways, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her sleep in here. Fuyou-san got sleepy without knowing.

She’s usually acting dignified and mature, so the sleepy Fuyou-san seems like a baby. She’s regressed to a child. That’s also charming.

Fuyou-san, who’s on the brink of sleep, tries hard to open her eyes, but slowly closed them in less than ten seconds.

「 Fuaa…hafuuu 」

What a cute yawn. She also snuggles and rubs like a kitten.

「 Sleepy…not…I’m not sleepy…kafuu 」

Fuyou-san’s yawn doesn’t stop.

My god! Fuyou-san’s sleepy mood is so different! It’s far from her usual cool self! Moe! This is Moe!

How about you say that you are sleepy? I know you are

「 Fuyou-san, want to go to bed? 」

「 No! I want Haku-kun’s hugs! 」

Dear me! Are you trying to kill me with Moe?! T-Too cute! What’s with this creature? It’s firing up my desire to protect!

Fuyou-san hugged me tightly, not letting go, and she felt relieved to feel me.

Oh boy. I feel like I’m going to vomit sugar. This is healing my heart.

「 We can hug even in bed. We can hug tighter than we are now 」

「 Let’s go 」

She immediately agreed. Fuyou-san’s sleepy, so let’s move while making sure it doesn’t blow her drowsiness away.

Then, she embraced me from behind.

「 F-Fuyou-san? 」

「 Take me 」

「 O-Okay. Let’s do that 」

S-So cute! Why is Fuyou-san so cute!

I guide Fuyou-san to the bed while she’s hugging me. She squirmed in the bed Then, she pats next to her.

「 Hmm 」

Yes, yes… I’ll lie next to you.

I lay down next to Fuyou-san, and she used her whole body to hug me. Even her legs.

「 Hafuu 」

She closed her eyes, and Fuyou-san yawned satisfied.

Just how much of this innocent look is she going to show me? This is proof that she truly cares about me. And that makes me happy…

I rub her cheek how many times already, she took a deep breath as if sniffing me.

「 Haku-kun….fufufu…I love Haku-kun’s scent… 」

「 Huh? Fuyou-san? Oh, she’s sleeping…. 」

The beauty sleeps peacefully. Seems like she’s reached the limit of her drowsiness and she’s fallen asleep.

「 Geez, that’s just unfair 」

Fuyou-san, how far are you going to make my heart suffer before you’re satisfied? Every time, you give me such trouble…I mean, she probably doesn’t even notice that.

「 You’re such a lovely woman, it’s a waste that you have me. That’s why I’m sorry that only Fuyou-san can’t make the choice. Sorry 」

I don’t know if it’s love or not, but I can be sure to say that I like Fuyou-san. However, with the AV app in my hand, forcing me to have sex with other women, I can’t choose only Fuyou-san.

Besides, Leona-san, Suisen-chan, Sumire-san, Kasumi-chan, and of course, Fuyou-san, I have this relationship with them, but now I’m reluctant to let go.

To society, that’s what they call scum. But when it comes to Leona-san, I already gave up and accepted it.

If that’s how it is, then that’s how I will go. I’ll have tons of sex! I’ll have my harem! And I want to make every woman who chose me happy!

If there are any troubles along the way, I’ll let the AV app take care of them. These powers are beyond human understanding, so they’ll do something…

「 But for now, let’s take a photo of Fuyou-san’s happy sleeping face 」


I took a photo of Fuyou-san’s defenseless sleeping face with my phone.

It’s a super rare photo!


【 Condition: Take a non-consensual photo of a woman 】

【 New Feature: “Peeping Photo” has been unlocked 】

「 Peeping photo? Shut it! 」

I checked the app notification and tossed out my phone.

No, sure, this is non-consensual, but it’s Fuyou-san, can you do something about that? Oh, wait, even if it’s Fuyou-san, it’s still non-consensual. Sorry.

「 Okay, I’ll sleep too 」

I’ll just pretend that the peeping photo feature isn’t there. Maybe this is just a dream, and when I wake up, it’s not there anymore.

I’ll think about it when I wake up. For now, I want to escape reality.

Good luck, future me!

I closed my eyes, feeling Fuyou-san’s warmth and softness, and also her sweet scent.

The date started when I met Fuyou-san by coincidence at college, she served me a home-cooked meal, had lots of lovey-dovey sex, and now we’re napping on our date.

The objective for the day was just to check on the exam results. It became a lovely day.

The feeling of Fuyou-san sleeping next to me…I’m not that sleepy, but the intense feeling of security sent me off to a comfortable dream a few seconds later.