AV App Chapter 74 Lucky Item

『 Thigh Sex Challenge 』

An internet search of this world will show you a couple of AVs

Under the guise of earning a cash prize for completing thigh sex, the pair gradually gets in a good mood and the man’s penis gets slurped up and goes inside the woman’s pussy raw. Then, they continue having sex. That’s the kind of AV it is.

By the way, if you go inside during the challenge, then it’s a failure.

The usual pattern is after clearing the challenge, either the man or the woman is unable to hold back anymore and goes in, but sometimes, the challenge fails because they start having sex in the middle of it.

Situations where one gets carried away by the situation or defeated by their desires are quite fun and arousing.

I prefer the situation where the man puts it in raw pretending to be an accident, and then the woman shows resistance, but she somehow accepts the penetration without any complaints. There is also the woman who couldn’t resist the pleasure and put it in herself.

「 Hmmm 」

I leaned back on my chair in the room at night and got lost in my thoughts.

Seems like doing it with Kasumi-chan has fulfilled the condition, and the new scenario, “thigh sex challenge” has been released on the AV app.

I haven’t given it a try yet, but I’m sure it’s that challenge I’m thinking of. It’s an AV app after all.

It’s frustrating that it doesn’t have a detailed explanation. Well, the name of the play already gave me some ideas.

App devs, please improve it!

The only way to find out is to play it I guess. If that’s the case, I’m a little hesitant about who to pick as my partner.

「 Hmmm… 」

Fuyou-san and Leona-san seem like they’re going to join the ride. Sumire-san will hesitate like an adult, but then, “It can’t be helped, keep it a secret, okay?” Kasumi-chan or Suisen the Kouhai girls will do their best while looking shy.

Who should I pick? They’re all lovely women so I’m troubled. I can’t pick!

But, if it’s a first play, it’s usually Fuyou-san. I asked her to play along whenever there’s a new scenario, she adapts quickly, and she’s dependable in any situation. Besides, there’s a prize for the challenge.

Okay. I’ve decided. I’ll pick Fuyou-san as my partner.

Then, let’s send a message right away.

「 –What are you thinking about? 」

「 Woah? That surprised me. Kaori? Don’t startle me like that… 」

It was my step-sister, Kaori who suddenly called me out. She’s on my bed as usual, lying on her back and looking at fashion magazines.

Right. Kaori was here. I’ve become accustomed to having her in my room that I forgot.

I wasn’t speaking my thoughts out loud, right?

Kaori glanced at me, then returned her gaze to the magazine losing interest.

「 It’s you who got surprised 」

「 Well yeah, still, my sister, why would you intrude upon your brother’s room? 」

「 Because it’s cozy in here 」

「 Can’t be helped then 」

「 Pfft. Easy 」

She looked at me with a teasing look that said “You siscon,” and then she flapped her legs cheerfully.

Sure thing, I’m a siscon. Still, you’re also a brocon.

According to my source, she’s a super brocon. I also heard that you call me “Nii-san” when I’m not around, right?

「 What are you grinning about? 」

「 Nothing? 」

「 That annoys me. Oh, I get it. Are you getting aroused seeing your sister’s underwear? What a perverted brother 」

「 Far from just glimpses, you’re showing them off! It’s all in plain sight! Hey, can you hide them at least?! Put on some skirt or shorts, or just pajamas! 」

My little sister wanders around the house in light clothing, and today she’s wearing a thin camisole and just her panties.

Today’s underwear is white and light blue striped panties. These shorts feel cold to look at. It looks great on her plump butt.

「 I’m worried as your brother as you’re lying on such thin clothes… 」

「 The bed will get wet with my sweat? 」

「 Correct! My bed and pillows are now soaked in Kaori’s scent! Every night, there’s a sweet scent of Kaori I smell before I sleep 」

「 Really? You don’t sniff it Haku? 」

Stop sniffing your brother’s pillow without hesitation. Wait, stop pressing your face there! You’re rubbing the smell instead.

「 So, what’s the problem? 」

Satisfied doing her scent marking for the moment, Kaori asked me as she rolled the fashion magazine as if nothing happened

I-I can’t say it. There’s no way I can tell her that I was thinking about a thigh sex challenge and wondering who to pick as my partner.

Even if tell her, I don’t feel I could manage to alter her perception using the AV app, but it’s better not to tell because of the possibility that Kaori gets involved in the future.

「 W-Well, nothing significant 」

「 Hmm, oh, a lucky page 」

「 Now you show zero interest?! Oh, how’s my luck? 」

「 Hmm, Haku’s…”It’s time to face the unexpected again and again. It’s good if you accept it gracefully,” it says. Your lucky item is your smartphone 」

Unexpected situations? I wonder. I feel like I have an idea.

Like the AV app, or the AV app, and the AV app.

There were several forced events, and there’s likely more of them in the future, so don’t give up! That’s possibly a sign, or perhaps a warning from the heavens.

If that happens, accept it gracefully.

The current season is summer. There are several AV situations perfect for that. A forced event could happen at anytime.

Haa. I should be ready.

「 As for me, my fortune reads “It’s time to fulfill your long-held desire. Don’t be passive but don’t rush, don’t let the opportunity get away,” Your lucky item is pink underwear 」

After looking back to check something, Kaori got up with a mysterious look on her face and strolled out of the room.

「 Gonna change clothes 」

One minute after leaving… Kaori came back and lay down on my bed as if nothing happened.

I was secretly impressed that she was finally putting on some loungewear or something, but I was disappointed to see that she returned still wearing her thin camisole and panties.

Nothing’s changed at all! She didn’t change any clothes!

「 Huh? Hmm? 」

I sighed and then noticed some small changes.

The panties Kaori was wearing changed from white and light blue stripes to pink panties.

It’s her lucky item! So that’s why she changed.

As her brother, I want her to hide that she’s wearing underwear, but she won’t listen to me anyway.

Can’t help it. I can at least appreciate the pink underwear covering her beautiful, plump ass and the flesh protruding from her ass, and the fascinating bite of her underwear.

Though I’m a non-blood-related brother, it’s still bad to show it to a man.

Her thighs have grown fleshy and meaty, and it’s unbearable, it’s outrageous.

「 You’ll catch a cold 」

「 I know 」

Kaori responds by flapping her legs.

Desperately trying to suppress my anger, I read some novels to distract myself.

About thirty minutes later, I looked at the bed and saw Kaori fast asleep with her back turned to me. I hear her sleeping breath.

No wonder it’s quiet. She’s left defenseless in her sleep.

It’s okay that it’s my room, but if this were another man’s room, she’d be eaten alive.

It’s too late after that happens. She needs to have a bit of a sense of crisis. I’m begging you.

「 Good night, Kaori 」

After covering Kaori’s body with a blanket, I returned to my desk and found a message from Fuyou-san saying “I’m ready, so call me”