AV App Chapter 73 ♡ Intercrural Sex

–Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu

Kasumi-chan shows a sadistic smile as she lewdly moves her hips back and forth.

The penis and pussy rubbing each other makes a lewd sound. It’s clearly the sound of sticky liquids.

As it rubs, the slippery lubricant becomes more viscous and frothy white.

However, her hips don’t stop moving. In fact, she became more intense.

Nobody can resist the sweet pleasure of her debauched mind and body.

「 Are you feeling good, Onii-san? 」

Kasumi-chan, naked and in a cowgirl position, looks down on me and speaks teasingly.

I nod my head, desperately enduring the pleasure from the shaking.

「 A, aah. I’m feeling good, Kasumi-chan 」

She nods, saying “Is that so?’ and then tilts her head. Her gestures are cute despite being so sly. It suits the little devil Kasumi-chan.

「 –But..I didn’t…even…put..it..in, are you sure? 」

Yeah. My dick’s not inside Kasumi-chan. No, she’s not putting it in.

She’s just rubbing our genitals together. This is what they call thigh sex.

Kasumi-chan’s straddling me, pressing her hairless pussy against my erect penis.

Her wet and slippery soft flesh gently handles the sensitive back of my glans.

Man, this feels too good.

「 Onii-san, are you feeling good just from my thighs? 」

「 W-What’s wrong with that? 」

「 Nothing. I see. Just my thighs make Onii-san’s cock feel good already. Hmmm? 」

I wonder? That condescending look almost speaks “Loser~ Onii-san’s dick is a loser~”

It’s annoying yet so cute! Hey! It makes me want to scream “I’m sorry!”

I wonder why? Seriously, why is that? She looks just like Fuyou-san, yet Kasumi-chan’s sadism is exciting.

What to do? It’s not fun to turn the tables and get on the offensive right away.

This is a good one. I can let Kasumi-chan take control and enjoy this thigh sex.

We had light rubbing so far, so soon I won’t be able to resist and go for sex. But, doing it with her thighs feels refreshing.

「 It’s slippery and it feels good…ugh 」

「 Oh, did I find Onii-san’s weakness? Fufu, I discovered something nice 」

Kasumi-chan’s smile of delight deepens and she stimulates the back of the glans. She’s aggressively rubbing her pussy.

Her dancing hips are glamorous.

–Kuchu, nuchu! Nuchu!

「 There, there, how is that? Are you satisfied with just this? Don’t you want to get it in? 」

「 I want it 」

「 No…I won’t let it in 」

T-This little devil. She’s enjoying this.

Thigh sex feels nice, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t want inside. Sex is still much better.

「 Aha~ Onii-san’s face! Poor boy! You make me want to tease you more 」

「 Sure thing. Is that so? 」

「 I know that you’re holding back your pout. Do you still have the composure? Aren’t you about to cum from just thigh sex? 」

-Nuchu, nuchu, nuchu.

「 Hey, Onii-san! Say something…Nuuu 」

「 Oh? That voice… 」

「 Voice? What do you mean? Must be your imagination. 」

「 Nope. I heard that. Kasumi-chan’s making a lewd voice. Is it Kasumi-chan who wants it already?

「 Huh? What do you mean? I’m still good! I can speed up too 」

Kasumi-chan, who hadn’t noticed as she was riding me, got annoyed and began shaking her hips more vigorously.

For all the jokes and teasing, she has no tolerance for them. I already know from our sex before that all she does is put on a brave front.

The truth is, she’s easy to handle.

Kasumi-chan’s skin is turning red.

「 Hmm, h-how’s that? Y-You should be wanting to ejaculate now!! You’re going to release all your semen just on my thighs…you miserable thing… 」

「 Kasumi-chan’s feeling it too. Your breathing’s turning rough 」

「 Haa, t-this is just…haa, n-normal! I’m not feeling it in my…c-clitoris 」

The small protrusion in her wet soft flesh–her clitoris seems to be feeling it.

Before long, her movements became a back-and-forth motion pushing her clit against my erect penis.

Rather than thigh sex, it would be more correct to say that she’s straddling my penis and masturbating her clitoris.

Geez. Kasumi-chan’s suddenly not so honest. Where’s that honest girl from earlier?

「 Hmm…hmmm..nuuu!! Aaah, that feels good. 」

I knew it, she’s feeling it.

Kasumi-chan bends forward as if to cover me, and she swings her hips with single-minded devotion.

Her moist eyes are debauched with unconcealed sexual pleasure and her breath is getting hot and moist. Making her voice sweet.

Her clitoris is pressed hard against my penis.

「 Hmm, no! I’m cumming! 」

Kasumi-chan’s naked body suddenly stiffens and she begins to convulse.

「 Hmmmm! Hmmm! Hm mmm!! 」

Flushed skin. Sweat drops off her body. Eyes closed. Tightened lips. A muffled wheeze comes out of her nose.

Kasumi climaxed, trembling over and over again.

「 Haa, haa… 」

「 You came, Kasumi-chan 」

「 Y-Yes… Wait no! I didn’t!! I didn’t cum from thigh sex! It’s just Onii-san’s imagination! I can’t possibly cum before Onii-san! 」

No, you just said you did. You came first.

「 ………… 」

「 Hyaa! Onii-san! Don’t grab my hips without saying anything! Don’t shake me! I-I just came! Wait, I didn’t! My body is just a bit sensitive right now! Ah, ah, aaah! Wait! Wait! Wait! 」

Can’t help it then. She’s breathing roughly because she just came, so let’s give her a moment to breathe.

Kasumi-chan, having regained her breath, wipes the sweat off her face and pretends composure once again.

「 Phew. Intercrural sex is nothing! 」

Sure thing! As if you didn’t cum so easily just from rubbing your thighs on my dick!

「 Here, here. Go ahead and release your semen as I rub my crotch on you! Isn’t it about time? Isn’t it time to release your extra thick white cum? 」

I’m about to ejaculate, sure, but I’m honestly not going to be satisfied ejaculating now.

I want to give this little devil Kasumi-chan the surprise of her life.

However, the physiological response doesn’t care, the slippery and soft wet flesh rubs with the back of my glans, gradually bringing a frustrating ejaculation sensation.

「 Ugu!! 」

「 Aha! What a cute face! Your dick’s twitching! Let’s go faster!! 」

–Guchu, guchu, nuchu, nuchu!!

「 W-Wait, Kasumi-chan, I-I’m about to cum! 」

「 Go ahead. Onii-san! Cum! Cum! 」

「 Ugh, Cum! Cumming!! 」

A pathetic moan, my lower body lost strength and I surrendered to the pleasure.

—Dopyu! Dopyu pyu!!

Hot semen gushed out of the tip of my penis and landed on my belly.

It seems that it has so much pressure that it also reaches the chest. My navel and solar plexus were wet and warm.

「 Ooh, you let out a lot. So this is semen. It’s my first time taking a good look at it 」

Kasumi-chan reaches out with interest and spreads the semen on her fingers.

「 It’s so slippery. So warm and raw! So this is what’s being spurted on my belly! If I wasn’t on contraceptives I’d get a baby 」

The word “baby,” triggered her consciousness, and she started talking to herself, saying “sex…making baby…impregnation…” and she wiggled. She touched her belly and her ears turned red.

「 Kasumi-chan. 」

「 Y-Yesh?! I-I think it’s still too early to get pregnant Onii-san. But if you insist, I’d be happy to be a mom, maybe not as big as our family, I just want at most three kids…Oh, but if I become a mom before Onee-chan, that would be bad 」

“But having babies is a gift…” muttered Kasumi-chan, looking at me with a troubled expression while still straddling on top.

「 What do I do, Onii-san?! What should I do? 」

「 Calm down, Kasumi-chan. Deep breaths! Deep Breaths! 」

「 Hifu, hifu, hifu… I’ve calmed down! Papa! 」

Who’s Papa! You’re not calming down at all!

Kasumi-chan’s head is so full that her hidden desires are dripping out.

That’s her blowing herself up, I hope it doesn’t harm me. But still… Kasumi-chan wants three children? I’ll keep that in mind.

「 Kasumi-chan. Let’s discuss family planning next time 」

「 R-Right. Family planning is important. Especially the financial side 」

She finally calmed down and got to recall her situation, then she panicked and brought back her little devil smile.

「 You came a lot Onii-san, if you bring all these inside me, I’d get pregnant in no time! But, that’s unfortunate, you shot it all outside! So much sperm, what a waste 」

I know that smirk and provocation is just 90% Bluff.

It’s more effective to take the offensive than talk back.

「 Can’t help it. Your smooth hairless pussy felt great 」

「 H-Hairless?! Shut it! The hairless part was unnecessary 」

See? Her mask is peeled off right away.

「 Did it not feel good for Kasumi-chan? Hairless intercrural sex 」

「 I told you not to mention my hairless pussy! I’ve always been conscious of that! 」

Kasumi-chan covered her hairless pussy with both hands out of embarrassment and glared at me. However, she goes back to bluffing.

「 It’s just normal. Intercrural sex wasn’t much. The more I rub the tighter my stomach feels. On the contrary, I get more horny that I can’t help it. Well, it looks like Onii-san was satisfied with my thighs! 」

I see. So she’s implying “Put your dick inside my pussy?’ That means that her womb is aching and she can’t help it.

What kind of reaction Kasumi-chan, who’s in her horny and frustrated mode, would have if I put it inside her?

She might cum just from the insertion.

I’m looking forward to it.

「 Do you want to continue doing intracrural sex that made you cum from the pleasure? Or do you want to put your cock inside my pussy after you ejaculated miserably from my thighs? What do you want, Onii-san? 」

She’s enjoying teasing me. I might’ve opened a bad door for her!

However, let’s go in the direction to satisfy her taste.

Just a bit more. I’m close to a counterattack. Let’s put Kasumi-chan off her guard.

「 I want to put it in…Let me put it in 」

「 Hmm? I can’t hear you? What did you say? 」

「 I want to put my dick inside Kasumi-chan’s hairless pussy! 」

「 Aha! You said it! “No~” Or so I would like to say, but I’ll honor Onii-san’s cute face. 」

Kasumi-chan’s in ecstasy after her sadistic desires were satisfied. She pressed my still-erect penis even after ejaculating on her wet pussy, and she lowered her hips.

「 Hmm, it’s big as usual! Aaah, if I go slowly, it might be bad… 」

The glans got swallowed by her hot and wet pussy, she seem to have sensed something.

She gulped, and the insertion stopped.

–Great. Now’s the time! I’ve been waiting for this!

I took aim and thrust my erect penis all the way up.

「 Nuoooooh!! 」

As soon as I pushed it to the deepest part, Kasumi-chan moaned like a beast, she twitched and her eyes turned white.

Her soundless moans echo in the love hotel space.

「 Oooh. Ooooooh!!! 」

After a jittery climax, she managed to squeeze out a few words while breathing roughly.

「 Haa, haaa, O-Onii-san! Nguu! W-Wait! Please give me a moment… 」

「 No~ I won’t wait! 」

「 Fugooo!! Nguuu! Aguuu!! 」

With each thrust, Kasumi-chan stops breathing and her eyes open wide.

She’s lost composure. She’s making an intense look of pleasure on her face.

「 Wait! So Deep! Deep! N-Not right now! It’s bad! I can’t! Higu!! 」

「 Oh yeah. Kasumi-chan, hasn’t said it yet 」

「 W-What? I have a feeling like it’s going to be something unpleasant. I don’t want to hear it! No! 」

Don’t say it like that. Listen. It’s about Fuyou-san, your beloved.

「 Fuyou-san often does it in cowgirl position when her S-senses awakened. But she actually forbids the brute piston. It seems like she cums too much from that 」

「 Brute piston? Cumming too much? 」

Kasumi-chan who tried lifting her hips to escape the intense pleasure, stopped moving halfway as he heard my words.

Her face turn pale at the thought of what’s to take place.

「 O-Onee-chan banned it so it has to be bad! T-That’s right! It has to remain banned! You can’t do it! 」

「 ………… 」

「 U-Uhm, I apologize, I got carried away, I fell asleep on our movie date, please don’t do the brute piston…. 」

「 ………… 」

「 O-Onii-san, your smile is scaring me! Your silent smile is scaring me! Please, spare me from the brute piston! Just for now! At least now! If you do that, I…I… 」

Oh? I see a woman who’s hips are half-risen. Does she want me to thrust up?

Supporting Kasumi-chan’s shaking hips as she shakes her head, I smile gently at her.

「 Don’t you have something to say? 」

「 P-Please be gentle. Go easy on me 」

「 I’ll be careful 」

「 T-That’s the line of someone who won’t! 」

「 Let’s begin then! 」

「 So sudden!? M-My heart isn’t ready yet! O-Onii-san! Wait! 」

-Plap plap plap plap plap plap plap plap!

「 Umyaaaaaaaa!!! Onii-san, you idiot! I’m cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming already! Please stop! I’m sorry! I’m sorry for getting carried away!!! 」

That’s the sound of our hips colliding from the piston. The sound of love nectar flying off. The sound of water stirring her wet pussy. Her sweet debauched gasps and apologetic cries.

All of these echoed through the love hotel, and we indulged in passionate, thick, sweaty sex until we used up all our energy.



『 It has been three hours. The Prize game is over 』


The bright white light surrounds us, and Kasumi-chan and are back to the real world.

We’re currently on a love hotel in the real world.

Since we entered the prize game from this place, we naturally returned here.

Kasumi-chan’s sitting on the bed next to me.

「 No more! I don’t want to cum! The cowgirl position scares me! I’m afraid of the brute piston 」

Well, you know…I may have overdone it.

Kasumi-chan shrunk and trembled. Her scared appearance tickles my desire to protect.

Seems like the brute piston from the cowgirl position had traumatized her.

Even the Succubus Fuyou-san can’t endure that. Let’s learn how to restrain ourselves from now on.

Still, Kasumi-chan may be frightened but her lips are relaxed in satisfaction. She knows that too.

I’m glad that the stress that had built up for so long has been relieved.


Hmm? A notification from the AV app? Sure, what is it?


【 Situation Unlocked 】

 ・Prize Game Lv2 『 Intercrural Sex 』

【 Unlock Conditions 】

 ・Ejaculating on Intercrural sex during the Prize Game


Hey, a new situation’s been unlocked! And it’s in the prize game!

I see. Lv0, was a Theme Game, Lv1 Amateur Support Project, and Lv2 is Intercrural sex?

This is just another classic AV situation play. It’s one of those “if you complete 500 intercrural sex,” you win a prize!

Speaking of which, I’ve never ejaculated like that before, even though I did that situation before. Especially since Fuyou-san’s active in oral and vaginal ejaculation to clear the tasks.

I have to thank Kasumi-chan for unlocking this situation. Thanks!

「 Hey! Onii-san, you’re checking your phone right after sex. That’s Bad Manners. It’s lame that you’re leaving me alone 」

「 Woah! 」

I was checking my notifications, but then Kasumi-chan got impatient and attacked me. She then pushed me on the bed.

「 Hey, focus on me! Spoil me! 」

They’re sisters, alright. Fuyou-san is also in need of attention even after sex.

Well, she’s not this spoiled though.

「 Sure thing. I got you, princess, 」

「 Hyaa!! 」

She raised her voice as I gently embraced her. Her thin body twitched.

Oh? What’s this?

「 U-Uhm, don’t touch me too much, my body is still sensitive… 」

「 Really? 」

「 What’s with that “I heard something good” face?! I have a bad feeling about this! Onii-san! Please talk! Ah, my legs won’t move 」

「 My hug pillow feels so nice 」

「 Hyaa! H-Hey! Wait! No, you can’t do..kyauun!! 」

Hahaha, why would I stop? I have to show you my thanks for unlocking a new situation.

Let’s enjoy her sensitive body today. I mean, Let’s shower her with love.

「 Onii-san! Stop! Stoppppp!!! 」

Kasumi-chan’s slender body stroked her sensitive skin despite her feeble resistance.