BG Update

Here is the updates of BG. Sorry for late updates. I kinda burn myself to writing all of this.  Also from now on. I will update BG chapters on Sunday. Yes, I changed the schedule so I can do massive update like this.

Alright, I present you Double Updates for public! Just think this as compensation for late updates and for not keep my promise to update Re:Isekai.

After think about it thoroughly, I will put that on hold until I finish BG vol 1.

Seriously, I hope I can this BG Vol 1 before Endgame released~

Glossary (New Pictures Added)
Chapter 19 (Unlocked)
Chapter 20 (Unlocked)

And here the early release for my patrons.

Chapter 21 (Patreon)
Chapter 22 (Patreon)
Chapter 23 (Patreon)
Chapter 24 (Patreon)


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