Bonded Goddess – Chapter 16

After putting everything I needed in the bags, I turned to Grace and RK. “Thank you, I can’t appreciate this enough.”

RK was still eyeing the ring in his hand, a greedy look in his eyes. “Ah… ahem… the pleasure is all mine. If you can bring back even a gram of magicite, I’ll be able to set you up for life, my friend.”

Watching me pack up, Grace had an uncertain look on her face. “I know it’s considered breaking mercenary etiquette to ask these kinds of questions, but what is it you’re trying to do? Where are you going?”

I let out a uncomfortable laugh. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Grace looked down sheepishly. “I could… join you.”

I was already shaking my head. “This is something I have to do on my own.”

“It involves a girl, huh?” RK said, finally putting the ring away carefully in a locked wallet that was in a bulletproof container on a chain wrapped around his neck.

“Why do you say that?” I let out a sound, and then coughed. “I mean, it’s complicated.”

RK let out a laugh, slapping me on the back as if this was expected. However, his humor died immediately when he noticed the less than happy aura emanating off Grace.

“G-grace…” I coughed. “Naturally, after my wife, another woman…”

I went quiet as I started feeling a bit of killing intent coming out from her.

“There are only two kinds of people I know who can emit killing intent without necessarily planning to kill the person, world-class assassins… and women.” RK murmured wryly.

I agree with you there, buddy!

Grace let out a sigh, finally releasing her anger. “Hmph… so that’s why. I thought the owner of that ring must be a woman close to you. Well, it’s not like I’m in a place to say anything about it. Can you at least consider taking some mercenaries. I know a few guys who can keep their mouths quiet and follow orders.”

That’s a really good offer, normally I would accept her help without a second thought, as I could use more help from extra hands to crush the wedding, but… this problem of mine was in an Isekai! How could I bring others to another world when I don’t even have a complete grasp on my power!  How the hell was I supposed to bring them there?

“I wasn’t trying to show bravado, this is seriously something I have to do on my own. It really is complicated.”

Grace nodded, and then shot RK a wry look. “It isn’t that women don’t plan to kill you, we’re just quick to change our minds.”

“That actually explains some of the actions of my wives a bit.” RK chuckled wryly while scratching his cheek.

“Well, if your business is concluded then, I need to head back up. I’m a busy woman and this wasn’t the only event I needed to come to tonight.”

“Myself, as well…” RK locked back up the gun container. “More deals to make, the night still young.”

I glanced at the obstacle course around me. “You were right about one thing. I’ve gotten a bit rusty. You don’t think Marie would mind if I spent some time familiarizing myself with this equipment?”

Grace gave a complicated smile. “I think she probably would be happy to lend this facility whenever you want. You know, it’s strange, but I think my daughter might have a crush on you.”

“S-seriously?” I let out a forced laugh. “That’s… well, she’s young, right?”

“Of course…” Grace narrowed her eyes, looking at me suspiciously.

I put my head into the bag to avoid looking at her. Fortunately, she wasn’t too suspicious and left with a snort and another wish that I stay safe. RK echoed those sentiments, along with another promise that if I could deliver, we’d be rich men. I didn’t know how I felt about the Magicite or Adamline myself. It was just a rare gemstone in her world and Evelyn said Adamline was easy to find and hard to get. So, I didn’t know how much I could obtain. But if I used this to obtain my wealth, I’d be just doing what Evelyn wanted in the first place. It gave me a complicated feeling knowing that if I had just listened to her, none of this would have happened.

Before I knew it I was alone at the shooting range.

I focused myself back on shooting practice. Since the range was too short, I stepped back. I realized I was already double the distance from the target by standing back from the safety of the shooting area before it even felt like the distance was too much. This basement really was ridiculously oversized. Did the permits for this kind of building also come from the government?

At least, eight hundred meters out, I turned and  looked at my target. I pulled the gun and shot the dummy. I shot ten to twelve times. The bullets were on target, hitting the dummy’s shoulder, neck, and stomach. Yeah, I hit the target but… It did not hit where I wanted it to.

I took a deep breath then reloaded my gun and shot it again. Yet, I missed dead center again. I tried taking aim at the head of the dummy while firing. This bullet missed pretty bad, flying off to the side.  I guess I’m really rusty but I still had time to improve myself.

And just like that, I kept shooting. Reload and shoot. Reload and shoot. I steadily grew more familiar with the pull back and hand-eye coordination.

Hours went by, and all I did was shoot at the poor dummy the entire time. Each shot I could feel myself making improvements. I felt I was getting better as I adjusted my shooting stance, remembering how I used to do it. I recalled how I held the gun, and my accuracy rose with each shot. Finally, I shot of three bullets, and each one hit the head. It wasn’t a perfect bullseye, but with a pistol at 800 meters, it’d do.

As I put the gun down, I realized I needed more ammunition. Fortunately, RK had left me tons of extra outside of the lockup. It was then I noticed that was was standing in what was the weight lifting area. Curious, I decided to put the gun away from the moment and work on some weights.

I put on the amount I had benched. Although, in most soldiering, endurance was far more important than maxes, I decided to put 180 lbs on the bench press. That was my personal best in my prime. So light! Is it really supposed to be this light? I added more weight. Still light! More!

I kept adding weight while frowning. Soon, I had added every weight that would fit. When I picked it up, finally I felt some strain. I brought the bar down to my chest and back up. Once… twice… three times. My arms were starting to burn. By the time I had done a set of ten, I barely managed to get the bar back up. I really needed a spot for this.

I sat back up, rubbing my arm as I glanced back at the weights. How much did I bench press? I looked at all the weights. There were 10 45 lbs weights in all. Weight, doesn’t that mean I just benched 450 lbs! The bar has some weight too, more than 450! I felt like one of those strong men at the festivals! If I hadn’t gotten that bar up on that last go, I seriously would have died! Even a spot couldn’t save me! I decided I was done with weight lifting.

Instead, I took to the track. Stretching a bit, I started running. The track made a complete circuit. A single round was about 1 km. As I moved, I started out slow, but I moved faster and faster. There were numerous hazards that required me to jump or crawl. However, they didn’t seem to slow me down by much. I had never crawled this fast in my life. I ran around and around, moving faster and faster. The hazards seemed to come at me more and more.

“Fufu, It looks like we have a shooting expert here.” I heard giggling voice suddenly spoke out to me from the side.

Marie was standing in front of the shooting range, admiring the dummy I had been taking shots at.

“Wha-” My feet grew tangled as I glanced at her and I ended up taking a pratfall on the ground.

At the speed I was going, I ended up crashing hard, rolling several times before I slid to a stop.

“Ah! Kyou… are you alright, Darling?” Marie cried out, running up to me.

“Y-yeah…” I sat up and said in a surprised voice.

I was sore, but a fall that violent should have broken an ankle or something. The fact that I was completely fine was very impressive to me. As she helped me up, I stared at her suspiciously. How much of my workout routine had she scene? The obstacle course, at the very least, could have been misleading. Even I didn’t know how fast I was going.

“Marie, it’s you.”

“Yes, it is I, Darling.” Marie gave a mischievous smile.

“…..I hope you don’t mind me using you training stuff.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. You can use this place as much you want… my body too….”

I helplessly smiled at her answer, but I pretended I didn’t hear Darling and that last part. Alright, I’ll just leave her happy blushing and her infatuated expression aside for now.

I’m busy with testing my abilities. But from her looks, it was clear she didn’t mind interrupting or minding what happen to this morning. Man, she was a really tough lady, no wonder she was Grace’s daughter! But because of this, I needed to keep a distance. I don’t want to lead her to believe that there was something going on between us.  She was also my ex-girlfriend’s daughter and it was very awkward! I seriously didn’t know what to do when Grace found out that I nailed her daughter.

I couldn’t show her any superhuman feats, so I went back to the guns. There were snipers all over the world who could accomplish magnificent feats. At least this wouldn’t raise too many questions.

As I ruffled through my gun bag, Marie walked to my side and gently brushed her body against mine. She hugged me around my waist and snuggled up on my shoulders.

Ugh… She felt so damn nice and I felt my breath starting to become shallow. That perfume’s scent, ah now, I understood why I had a sense of familiarity with her, she used the same perfume as Grace’s! It made me feel warm and relaxed… but on the other hand, I was torn and this was Marie, my ex-girlfriend’s daughter! That was like morally wrong, wasn’t it? How could I possibly be thinking of making a move on her!

I shook my head quickly.  That was enough for me to recover from lost train of thought and lust.

“Erm, Marie… I think this is inappropriate.” I said.

“Inappropriate? Why?”

“You are my ex-girlfriend’s, Grace’s daughter! Your mother is going to kill me if she knew! Also I’m old enough to be your father”

“Yes, my mother is your ex-girlfriend but she can’t say anything about this. I don’t need her permission. I’m old enough chose my own partner… and I prefer older man…”

Whoa, hold on… Did you have daddy issues or something? No, that’s not the point here. I needed to make her understand.

I reached my hand out and pressed it on her shoulder then pushed her away slowly.

“You will find someone better than me. You’re a very beautiful young woman and some guy will be very lucky to have you when the time comes.”

“There is no lucky guy so far… You are my chosen one.”

“And again, why am I the chosen??” I asked incredulously, “There had to be boys that you’ve been with.”

“Ohh, there’s been various ex-boyfriends,” she stated softly. “But those were boys that I didn’t love. Not the way I love you. And I’ll never hurt you the way your ex-wife did. I will stand beside you for the rest of our lives no matter what and I swear to you that no other man will ever touch me without killing me.”

That’s really one of the best love confessions I ever heard. She would have already sold me on it completely, if I had never met Evelyn. I could have seen myself falling in love with Marie instead.

“Marie, I am so sorry. But I can’t return that feeling.” I sincerely spoke.

“Yes, I know. I only confessing my love and I won’t give up without a fight.”

Man, she’s really Grace’s daughter.

“Well, Marie, I’m just man messed up in the head and in need of help,” I said. “Can’t we just be friend for now?”

“I guess that’s a start,” she said. “Because that friend status will level up to lover. I will steal you away from your current girlfriend.”

I could only laugh wryly at her optimism. Stealing me from Evelyn, huh?

“Well, I guess I should join your shooting practice? Maybe I can show you my sniping skill?”

“Ohhh, sniping? How good are you at sniping?”

“Well, I’m pretty good enough to get Mr. RK’s approval and thumb up. According to mom, it’s very rare that Mr. RK gives that.”

That bastard who is very petty when it comes evaluate someone actually acknowledged her? That meant her sniping skill was really top notch.

Marie pulled a rifle without scope from the crate and reloaded it. Marie smirked as she got to standing shooting position as I watched her patiently. Her target is 500 meters from here, the max target. She took a breath and tapped the trigger.


I looked at her target and saw hole right in the middle of it. Man, she was the real deal!

Bang, bang, bang!

Three shots with only a few seconds in between and with each round she fired I saw the hole getting bigger and bigger. I had to admit that Marie’s skills are real top notch! Maybe it’s just her natural talent!

“How about you, Darling?” Marie gestured to me. “Can you shoot long range too?”

“Huh? Well… not as good as you but I think I can”

Marie raised her eyebrows.

“Hoo? Is that challenge I heard?”  Marie smirking at me. “I don’t mind… Show what you can do!”

That’s really quite character change you had, you really resemble Grace at this aspect! You can’t ignore the competition! Also this situation is very similar to Grace’s.

“Hey now. I’m not trying to compete with you.”

“Either way, this should be good. Why don’t you try hitting the target over here?” She pointed to the line next to hers.

I looked over. “Easy.”

“How about you start, back here.” She pointed at the far wall.

Wait. That was close to 1200 meters! That’s the farthest distance possible! Nevermind that, why was this basement so damn big! I headed all the way back until my feet hit the wall. When I turned back, the target was far enough that now I was actually sweating. It was a target far enough that I had to aim up. A quick calculation in my head told me that if I picked just the right angle, it’d hit. But just a bit low and it’d miss and a bit high and I’d shoot through her ceiling. I hoped the dance floor was bulletproof!

“Can you do it?”

“Worth a shot…” I answered looking a bit unsure. “I should be able to hit it from here.”

“Darling, why don’t you use my rifle instead?” Marie offered which I politely accepted.

I adjusted my sights and aimed at the dark spot that was supposedly my target. Then I noticed that she returned to her position down the sightline form me. Basically, she was right next to my target 900 meters down on a 1200 meter shot! That was almost the same as being in the middle of the shot!

“Marie… c-can you move a bit?”

Marie smirked, crossing her arms, “Why, you gonna shoot me?”

Marie was a complete adrenaline junkie! This was like shooting an apple off someone’s head! Yet, there she was. If I missed, I could kill her! No, that was just my insecurity talking. I could see this target. I could definitely shoot it.

“No, don’t worry. I’ll only need one shot for this.” I  forced a smile on my face.

“Oooh… you are so confident… I really love a confident man!”

Well, I guessed this can be used to train me to analyze and farther my fullest extent of my enhanced power.  I slowly raised the rifle and kept it steady. Bang!

My shot went off without a hitch but I still couldn’t tell if it hit or not. I quickly grabbed the binocular and zoomed in from a distance. I saw my target… it was small… really small but I did hit it. Though it wasn’t a complete bulls-eye I was pretty close to the center at least.

I lifted my gun to my shoulder with a proud face before turning to Marie who had amazed expression.

“That’s amazing Darling!” Marie applauded with a loud voice. “You hit it!”

“It wasn’t hit the center though…” I admitted.

“Yeah but even I can’t shoot that good. You’re about few centimeters from the center dot! That alone is incredible!”

“You think?”

I returned to the shooting range and the pair of took turns shooting targets. We wasted a ton of ammo, but Marie didn’t seem to mind. She had a smile on her face and seemed quite happy. She even gave me a few pointers, further improving my shot from what I had managed on my own.

“So, are you done with shooting practice?” She asked, finally putting down her gun.

“Hmm…. I think so… it’s about to time for me to start close combat.”

“Ohh, how about sparring with me?”

“Ah…” I looked her up and down, a little nervous as I didn’t know the strength of my own power.

“I’m a lot stronger than I look. If you look down on me, I’ll hurt you.” Marie said with a toothy grin.

I nodded reluctantly. With Marie deciding to be my sparring partner for the session, each of us equipped ourselves with nothing but our body. Even after what she said, I really needed to hold my strength back. I looked at Marie who already changed to tight clothes and short pants. That was really a nice outfit for working out you have there and that’s really arousing to see. Shit, I can’t focus if she wears revealing clothes like that. This gonna be hard in certain meaning. But I can tell, despite her sexy slender figure, Marie was too trained by her mother which make her a fine example of female warrior. She was strong and undoubtedly fearless. I guess Marie really took her mother’s training very well.

Marie took a breath and prepared her stance, charged toward me and threw a punch straight to my face.


I block her punch easily. That’s really good punch. Like she was trained for this. I figured Grace trained her for self-defense.

“Wow, you block it like nothing!”

“Well, I do have good teacher!”

As a matter of fact, the one who taught me better CQC was your mother, Grace. Now, if I remember correctly, I got my ass kicked by Grace because I acting too cocky when I spar with her. That time, I thought I was badass because nobody can beat me in brute strength however Grace easily overpowered me, not with brute strength but techniques.  After that, she taught me how to use knives, swords and hand to hand combat correctly. I realized that my way is too sloppy, immature and too rush. How nostalgic. But in the bed… Grace is easy to defeat.


“Whoa!” that kick nearly hit me.

“What’s the matter? You’re not concentrating!”

“Why didn’t you take advantage of that?” I asked returning to my usual combat stance.

“Mercy.” Marin grinned.

I cracked a smirk. “You gonna regret that.”

“HAAA!” Marie charged at me with everything she got. Her moves were predictable because I knew them too well and got her by them more times than I’d rather count. I parried her strike and countered with a punch only for her to back away. She was good as her mother but… I’m far superior.

We traded blows and blocked each other’s moves. Her move is easily blocked by me.

Her kick was and probably still is her most dangerous move as it has the ability to stun me for about a second. I avoided her leg and blocked her fists and countered it, scoring a few lucky shots to the shoulder and the chest which was rather soft by the way… wait gotta stop thinking about that.

“Kuh…” Marie withdrew to a safe distance before returning to a stance. “To be honest, I did not think that you would be this skilled. I thought only mom was the only one who could corner me at close quarters”

She then threw a feint punch followed by a knee hit which I blocked and countered with my elbow. She withdrew again to a safer distance.

I decided to provoke her “Oh. It’s barely been five minutes. Don’t tell me you’re gonna throw this fight already? Your mom is last longer than you.”

“Silence!” Marie cried out.

I keep blocking her attack as I could hear Marie’s breathing. She seemed to be tired from the all-out attack and she probably didn’t expect me to last this long against her. Judging from the way she darts her eyes back and forth she seems to looking for a blind spot in my defense.

“You won’t find anything to break my defense.” I teased which she answered exactly as I expected.

“I will find it!”

She suddenly made an attack for my face. I reached to block, only to see a glint in her eyes. It was a fake. She was going for my chest. I blocked that one instead, A moment later, she pulled back, her leg flying up, and landing right between my legs. A moment later, she collapsed to the ground with a thud, having lost her energy.

“Ah…” I said, my face turning green. “You found it alright.”

I collapsed next to her.

“S-sorry, Darling, I got too excited.”

“When you get excited, that’s not the kind of play my dick likes.”

“I–i-i’m sorry!” She cried out, “I-I’ll make it feel better.”

“No, don’t touch it!” I cried.

For the first time, the bad-ass Marie looked completely flustered. She seriously had gotten too excited trying to land a blow and ended up kicking me in the balls. She looked so repentant now that it was almost cute enough for me to forgive. I said almost, because she still had kicked me in the balls. On the up side, the recovery rate was pretty fast.

“I-is there anything I can do?” She asked, looking almost in tears.

“Yeah… I just realized my armor was missing something.  I could use a cup.” I said, looking down into my bag.

It was 1.00 AM when I left the club. Marie had walked me out, holding me the entire time like I had a broken knee, not sore balls. I hoped her mother wasn’t around to see this. When we reached the door, Marie looked me up and down one more time and flushed.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine.” I sighed.

“A-also… I’ll keep your secret.”

“Hah? What secret?” I took a step back.

“My training facility automatically collects the data. A laser detects from the moment you cross the starting line until it reaches the ending line. I was curious if the computer was glitching when it claimed you were benching 450 pounds so I came down. You ran a km obstacle course in less than 2 minutes. That’d break world records. You’re some kind of superhuman, right?”


“I-it’s fine.” Marie looked away. “I’ll keep it secret.”

“Marie…” She started walking back into the club but I stopped her. “Don’t let your mother know.”

Marie turned back, and with a pretty smile, gave a nod. “It’ll be our little secret.”

As she re-entered the club, I sighed and turned away with a complicated expression on my face. She had seen me after all. I didn’t know how to deal with that right now. Looking down at the bag full of weapons in my hand, I realized I had more important things to worry about. I went to my car. As I drove through the city, I steeled my nerves, ready for the moment I had been dreading for a while.  Once I reached my home, there was no turning back. There was only one path open for me… War.

Was I going to fight Evelyn’s country just to get her back to my side? I had to. I formed the resolve inside me to continue forward.  I saw my home in the distance, and I pulled up in the garage, turning off the car.

Alright, this was it. I stepped towards the door and opened it, stepping inside, I locked my door the behind me. It wasn’t like anyone would miss me on my journey. All my bills were caught up and paid for the next few months. I liked to leave things on automatic.

I opened the duffle bags and pulled everything out. Like guns, knives, ammo, food supply and etc…

Lastly, I pulled out my so-called power suit. I didn’t want to try it on around Marie, just in case. According to RK, once someone wore it, it would wear down the wearer until they couldn’t move while giving the user immense durability. Seriously, it was very unbalanced and this suit was basically cursed. The suit itself was made by unknown materials called Code-T that was capable of absorbing physical impacts. What is this Code-T anyway? Real life Vibranium?

Well, it’s time to suit up. I don’t have leisure to wonder about that.

I undressed and changed my clothes to the suit.  It was surprisingly comfortable, then the suit suddenly tightening and reshaped itself. It’s really fit my body. I didn’t feel like it would wear on my stamina. I then proceeded to put on the gauntlet, pull on the boots, put the holsters on, and strap the utility belt.

I looked down at the mask. I hadn’t put it on. it should be last, right?

Hmmm… I wonder how strong this suit is. Let’s test it.

I took the gun out from my shoulders, I put the silencer on it as I didn’t want to bother neighbors at this hour. I pointed the gun on my stomach and shot it.


It just me or I feel the suit bounce the bullet?


I saw the bullet rolled on the ground and I didn’t feel anything at all. I’m still standing unscathed and unfazed. When I check my stomach to confirm it whether I was injured or not. And I found that I’m completely unharmed. It’s real! This suit durability is real! This suit is freaking awesome! I believe this suit! Yeah, this was going to be extremely useful! But of course, I won’t be foolish enough to challenge that king or that Leonardo guy just with this armor alone. It was foolish attempt.

I took a deep breath, reminded myself that I am not invincible. I wasn’t an overpowered protagonist, and I knew I wouldn’t be lucky enough to run into some wuxia technique scroll or a legendary weapon. It would be great if reality worked like a web novel or light novels and I got happy coincidences, but in the end I had to rely on my wits to survive.

It was eat or be eaten, kill or be killed.

Yup, that was enough for me and I could go through with it. That’s how I trained back twenty years ago.

With that, I think it’s time.

Ups, I guess need to double check my equipment before I go. Two handguns on shoulder holsters, check. Semi-automatic rifle on back holster, check. One combat knife on chest holsters, check.  Waist bag filled with magazine and ammo, check.  And lastly, tactical bags filled supply and spare ammo. Man, I really wish I had something similar Evelyn’s dimensional storage. If I had something like that, I won’t bother to carry all of this.

With this, all my preparations were finally complete.

I pulled my hood up and put the mask as I steeled myself.


Please wait for me. I’ll come back for you… I promise!

And with that, the familiar light appeared. Ah, it’s really desired… I finally understand a little how this power work… I need a pure desire without a doubt in my mind to active this.

I could finally embark on my mission to take Evelyn back and end that once and for all.


After the light settled down, Instead being surrounded by the knights after appear out of nowhere, I found myself in the empty throne room where I starting havoc two days ago.

“So, I managed to make it work afterall.” I sighed with relief.

It seemed to be activated exactly how I had thought. Also there appeared to be a cooldown which sat around 24 hours or could be longer than it? Like 48 hours? I’m not really sure. I mean, was it really desire to active this power? or are there even cooldown to my power? Is this magic? I doubt that. Or it something else, something different.

Sighed, I believe thinking that now won’t help, let’s focus on my current situations.

I narrowed my eyes as I scanned my surroundings.

There is no one on sight. Really? Why was there no one here?

…. It was really great no one was here as I really didn’t want to involve myself on an unnecessary fight and waste my bullet… I should be happy, so why did I feel uneasy about this?  Why did I have this lingering feeling that something bad was going to happen?

I came to one conclusion… Evelyn and Leonardo’s wedding had already started. Ah, please don’t tell me… the reason why there was nobody here was because they were in the church to celebrate the wedding and I was too late to stop it.

I suddenly felt nausea.  Fuck, as if I would let that happen! Shaking my head, I forcibly controlled my temper. I needed to focus. My only goal, take Evelyn back and kill everyone who stood in my way.

I looked towards the door where I entered before. That was the only route I knew. I moved toward the door then proceeded to push the doors open and stepping into the large hallway.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped forward, sparing the empty room one last glance before I walked out of the door. But there were no guards outside of the throne chamber either. Where the hell did the people go to? I decided to stroll through the hall aimlessly.

After walking for ten minutes. Seriously, I started to believe that I was too late to take Evelyn back.

Halfway through the corridor, I heard the sounds of footsteps move toward me. Finally! There was someone here! But damn, if they found out I’m back here, I definitely going to be hunted for real. Instinctively, I quickly hid myself behind one of the big pillars.

The footsteps got closer, I peek from the pillar and saw two knights appearing. They are wearing the same armor from the knights I killed before. But they had a slightly different atmosphere as they didn’t wear the helmets. Hmmm, maybe they were a higher rank?

Well, I didn’t want to waste too much time for this and I sure as hell wasn’t going to hide in this place knowing that the bastard king might come here sooner or later. But, as much as I wanted to leave this place, it was an opportunity. I could be gathering information from them. Guards would normally have good information. I needed Evelyn’s current location or where the wedding being was being held.

I hope they had the information I wanted. If they didn’t have any useful information I needed, I would kill them immediately. I focused and listened to the footsteps as they began approaching the pillar where I hid. As their distance to me was about four steps, I jumped out of the pillar, shocking the knights. Using this momentum, I punched one of the knights in the gut, knocking him out and before the other knight could reach or pull his sword, I threw my knife from my chest holster to his shoulder and punched him in the face ferociously.

I dragged the knights into the empty space and tied them with their own belts. Man, they were surprisingly very light. Alright, this time, it was my turn to interrogate the knights of this kingdom that threw me in to that dungeon cell. I needed them to talk fast because I feared that the other knights would come too. I kicked them in the stomach to wake them up.


“What happen!?”

The knights jolted awake immediately.

“Morning, people.”

“Who are you?!” One guard demanded in a fluster.

“Intruder!?” The other added.

The knights looked panicked when they saw me and tried to stand but failed due to me tying their legs too.

“Hey, I won’t harm both of you as long as you give me what I want.”

The knights looked each other and started fidgeting as I just stood before them waiting for their answer.

“What do…you want?”

“I could use some information.”

“….What information?”

“Well, I want to ask about few things but first… Where is Princess Evelyn staying right now?”

The knights look bewildered at that question and looked each other again. What? Did I just ask the wrong question?

“…Are you an idiot?” One of the knights threw out such a question. Let’s call him knight A.

Hey! What do you mean by that?

“Are you ever watching the news on the TV?” Knight A asked again.

News on TV? How the hell was I supposed to know!? I was in the dungeon and went back to my world! Also, this world has TV too?

“No, the only information I know was the princess Evelyn staying with her fiancée in his villa.”

“Then you should find out from someone else! We are not going to put our beloved homeland at risk for that information!” Knight A snarled.

“I might torture you if you don’t give me the answer.”

“Do you think I care? I will withstand every torture you throw at me! I will not tell you anything!”

“Fumu, you sure?”

“Give your best, Criminal! Soon our comrade going to noticed something wrong! My loyalty is not something you can break with torture!”

“Ok,” I smirked before I kicked him in the face. Hard enough to send him fly.

His eyes sparkled for a moment, rolling in their sockets, and he was hauled into the wall and with one last yelp, splatch. Ouch, been there.

I looked the knight A who was lying on the ground, he was still alive and still consciousness. Good. Because we just getting started. I move towards him, grab his hair and shove loincloth to his mouth.

Then, I threw him into the wall and punched him hard in his stomach. I give him one punch after another while ignoring his agonizing scream. Halfway through the punch, Knight A seems to almost puke right there from the punches. I keep punching and kicking every part of his body. Then when he was almost about to faint, I give another hard punch into his gut. He quickly turned his head and puked on the floor. Before he finished puking, I kick him in the stomach which made him flying back against the wall and lost his consciousness.

I turned and glanced at Knight B, who was still frozen.

“I hope you are smart enough to talk.”

“….what are you planning to do with Princess Evelyn?”

“I am not planning on doing anything to her though.”

Of course, the knight was not buying it and I also didn’t want to waste time for him to make up his mind, so I took a couple of steps, reached my hand out and grabbed his hair.

“Now, tell me… Where is she?”

He just angrily stared at me. It seemed like he didn’t even consider answering me. I sighed. Man, I was getting duller.

“Oh, come one… are we doing this again?”

The knight B paled hearing my words. Well, considering what I just did with his comrade.

“Shall we begin?”

I looked at the Knight B, he was paled and shook his head in fear.

“Sigh. Then tell me what I want to know and I will let you go.”

“…Do you think I would believe that?”

“Well, that’s up to you. I know you don’t believe me, and you have every right not to. After all, what I’m saying is just words.”

I knelt down in front of him and speak in low voice.

“Now, tell me everything you know.”

The knight merely glared at me defiantly while gritting his teeth. I guess he won’t talk.

“No? Well, it’s okay. I’ll find someone else.”

I sighed as I reaching my hand that covered by a blood-stained gauntlet out to his neck

“W-w-w-w-!”  Knight B start trembling. His teeth were clattering and no coherent word could heave his mouth.

In his wavering eyes, it was the vile hand of death. It signified his untimely and agonizing demise.

“W-w-w-wait!! P-please!!”

That was why, in a hoarse, broken voice, the Knight B declared his defeat.

“I-I-I’ll talk!!”

I smiled under my mask.

In a few minutes, The Knight B divulged everything that he knew in a rapid voice. From pointless gossips to useful information, he didn’t hide anything. I guess, snakes existed everywhere. This knight’s loyalty wasn’t directed to the kingdom but to money. And to my disappointment, his knowledge was very limited. Well, considering his position was the vice-captain of small squadron from this kingdom, he won’t get classified information.

“And that’s all I know! I swear!” The Knight B plead.

“Ah. I believe you.”

I nodded at the knight after seeing his eyes. This knight telling the truth. Well, thanks to this, I have learned quite a few things.

-Leonardo owned hundreds of villa. Fuck, this bastard is freaking rich! Ahem, because of it, no one knew exactly where Evelyn was or which Villa she stayed.

-The information related to that was very-classified as it was to prevent assassination toward Evelyn as few of Leonardo’s supporters already trying to kill her. I need those people’s names because I definitely planned to visit them later. And because of that reason, apparently there was a rumor that the wedding would be pushed to an unknown date. I felt so good when I heard that… even that was just merely a rumor and I couldn’t let my guard down yet.

-The reason why nobody here was unknown. Damn. I really had bad feeling about this one.

-Well, while I hate to admit, this is the only valuable information for me. If the rumors are false and wedding would be on schedule. Evelyn would return to this palace in few days, a day before the wedding. I can use this to kidnap her. Yup, what a very simple solution.

Yup, this was the only solution I can come up with right now! Get the princess before the wedding and go back home. And happy ending! Hmm? What about this world? Screw this world! Let it burn!

I glanced at the knight who looked pale and still trembling. Hmmm, what to do with this dude and other one? They already have no use for me. Should I dispose them? While thinking, then it hit me.  I suddenly remember about something important. Yeah, this is important too. I need that. The Dimension Storage!

“Hey, before I let you go, I want to ask one last question.”

The Knight nodded slowly.

“Do you have dimensional storage?”

The knight looked confused at my question. Again? Why?

“…Sir, normal soldier like us doesn’t own something luxurious like that.”

“Luxurious? You mean you don’t have that?”

“Yes. I don’t know if you knew about this but only royalty and noble are allowed to have Dimensional Pocket Rune.”

“I see… but do you have something similar to it?”

Dimensional Pocket Rune… Dimension storage.

“….Yes… I do.”

“Hand them over.”

The knight slowly reaches the small pouch bag on his waist and hand it over to me. I received it happily. Now I would finally be able to get my own dimensional storage! With this, I can fight without worrying about anything.

“What is this called?”

“Spatial storage pouch.”

Storage pouch, huh. For how to use it, I believe it same the way Dimension Storage work.

“How big capacity of this thing?”

“It’s about 200 stones.” The man explained.

“I don’t know what that means.” I glared at him.

“It’s big enough to put in a human sized statue!” He stuttered, wide-eyed in disbelief.

Ignoring him, I reached into my bags and placed the contents inside the pouch, which was a convenient pocket of extra-dimensional space where I could store my stuff. There was limited storage space, so it wasn’t as if I could put an entire house or a year’s supply of food in there, but I should have enough space for few duffle bags worth of supplies.

“Y-y-you’re him, aren’t you…” The knight muttered. “That guy who kidnapped the princess and escaped the King’s dungeon, the one the king put a bounty on?”

My eyes widened. I mean, technically it was the King’s throne room, but it looked like the king had put a bounty on me. They knew I kidnapped the princess, but given everything this knight had said, that was likely all he knew about the story.

“It’s a shame… can’t let the King learn of my presence.”

“Wha… wait… no!” The guard cried as my eyes flashed with murderous intent.

I pulled my knife from my chest and slit his throat. He looked surprised as his blood sprayed across the ground. Ignoring his collapsing body, I then brought my knife straight at the knight A’s head who still lying on the ground, killing him instantly as blood gushing profusely from his head. Of course, he didn’t know who I was, but I never planned to let them live in the first place! I didn’t come here to play nice.

Although, I doubted that they had anything useful, I started looting their corpses. After I finished, I quickly left the area. There would be many more bodies by the time I was done.


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