Bonded Goddess – Chapter 28

Fully equipped in my armor, I was standing in open ground that wasn’t far from TR villa. I following the location where Emilia gave. This CM also can be used as GPS too, huh. By foot, from there to reach here, it took more than 20 minutes.  Well, I arrived early, but that was to be expected. I didn’t want to disturb Evelyn and probably Sera have them worried, so I waited for them to fall asleep before I left the mansion.

Shrouded in darkness, this place was deadly silent, with no sign of life. It had completely bustling space into one hidden in shadows. The air above the ground was still, and the place remained empty and motionless. It was hopelessly quiet and barren, devoid of any activity.

The place was dark and lonely – there was not even a bird to be seen or an insect to be heard. It was completely lifeless. Add to that the terrifying clouds above and the pitch-black darkness that covered every inch of my vision, it truly represented the striking image of Vaerian. Not for the first time, I had to remind myself that this world was a whole different world.

Despite that, I wasn’t afraid. No, after being in this place for so long, the environment no longer scared me. I was more apprehensive of the people and monsters residing in this world than the horrifying environment itself.

“So, you came.”

Without looking up, I could sense Emilia’s presence as she approached from the shadows. She stopped a few meters away and smiled at me. I see she’s still wearing her usual revealing military uniform. Yup, Loli version of Evelyn is here!

“Well, you’re the one who called me,” I said as I shrugged in a relaxed manner.

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to answer my challenge. You must have confidence in your current strength.”

Emilia chuckled. Wait a minute. What challenge? She asked me to come here to challenge me? I thought she come here for something else such, warning about the king or something. But knowing her, I should see this coming. Ah, I am really stupid!

“…challenge, huh? I can’t say I wasn’t looking forward to it.”

Emilia raised her eyebrows.

“If you’re not looking forward to it, then why are you here? You should know that when I sent you that message.”

How the hell I supposed to know? If I knew, I definitely won’t be here for death battle. I would rather spend my night with Evelyn on her bed instead of meeting you here.

“I was here because I thought you come to get me and bring me to your father again.”

“Oh my, well, I have good news for you! I didn’t come here to get caught you, nor I was under my father’s order. I come to challenge you… Just for fun~”

Fun, huh… So this girl is that type… Battle maniac that usually you found in manga.

“No offense, but that’s…pretty childish.”

Emilia grinned naughtily.

“I totally agree. That is childish.”

“So, you act in every way through your impulse?”

“Like a three-year-old? Yeah!” She answered almost proudly to behave like a crazy brat.

“Ah, what a brat.” I sighed.

Emilia stretched her arms as though she do some warm. After finishing, she looked at me.

“Well then, shall we start?”

A chill went down my spine. I gulped. What is this? Is this her killing intent?

“Before that, can you tell me how the hell did you find me?” I raised my hand in surrender.

Emilia put a wide grin as I asked that question.

“Ohhh… That, I have known all along.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The battle in the palace and tournament. I know all of them. What? You look surprised.”

I was baffled – a loss for words. True, I am surprised. What’s wrong with this girl? How the hell did she recognized me? Was I that obvious?

“Well, do you think you can slip from me?” Emilia laughed out loud. “You sure think ‘big about yourself’, Kyousuke”

“Looks that I am not the only one.” I hoped she wouldn’t sense the defensive tone.

I looked around hoping nobody was hearing them out. Emilia seemed to be the only one who had realized who I was.

Noticing me watching my surrounding, Emilia shrugged.

“Don’t worry. I already set up a barrier so, we can do all out without nobody will bother us.”

“I see. That’s good.”

I looked at her who seems still letting me to ask more questions.

“So, the tournament… You knew all time, huh?” I stated indifferently.

It didn’t matter if she’d know. It was just postponing the inevitable. It was easier to breathe this way, and the fact made me consider should I just cut the chase and kill all of these. I’d think I could do it. Heh.

“Of course, idiot.” She mocked me. “And to answer your confused look, yep. Just think that I have eyes everywhere.”

Yeah, she’s royalty. I guess she paid a pretty hefty price for information, but for what? She didn’t mention me to her father or Leonardo. And she just told me that she doing this for her fun. Her own enjoyment. She sure has a few screws loose if you ask me.

“So, I am here to play a game of tag then, ‘princess’?” Sarcasm dripped from my lips as I mentioned her title.

“Ahahaa, I am too old for that.”

“Doesn’t seem like…” I said loudly enough Emilia to hear.

She ignored my comment. A creepy smile spread under her face.

“Well, it’s time. No more question.”

Once again, a chill ran down my spine when I saw the ominous smile on her face.

Emilia walked slowly as her clothes started glowing white light.  I blocked the blinding sight, much as I could, but I had to see what she’s up to.

Her clothes has transformed into armor…! Well, if you could call that outfit ‘armor’, that is. She was wearing a pretty revealing, slutty outfit. Emilia was wearing a black body suit with a deep cleavage that allowed me to see deep as I wanted if you follow. In the middle, I could see her bare stomach, and the lowcut made the whole ensemble look like a string. Sadly, I didn’t see her from the behind – not yet, but I was hopeful.

“Wow, nice outfit… If you work in a brothel.” I laughed, but Emilia didn’t find this as funny. “Get it?”

“This is my battle uniform!” She stomped her feet.

Magical plate armor covered most of the clothes, but her long evening gloves, and over knee boots were the most secure place of her suit. The long black hoodless-cape lowered behind her – it was the only element that gave the outfit any credibility. I could tell her favorite color as almost everything was black, which complimented her silvery hair, quite well actually.

“Nah, I don’t buy it – you just wanted to show me little more than I asked for. Mhm. Fresh meat.” I slurped.

Emilia blushed a little. I guess she didn’t expect me to provoke like this.

“Oh, wow. I was going to get beaten by an under-aged stripper?!” I stated overly dramatic.

I laughed but then continued.

“No, but really. You’re sexy. I can’t just keep that inside. Gorgeous, actually. Look at that body…!”

As I scanned her from head to toe, I concluded my judgment was true. ‘Yes, your honor – she’s sexy as fuck!’ I stated in my head and pictured myself sitting at the court like giving a testimony.

Emilia looked complicated. Was that shyness I just saw? Yeah, she was into compliments – all of the women are they just don’t want to admit that to themselves.

“Hey! Shut up… Umm… Pervert!” She snapped after a moment of silence. “Shut up and fight!”

I was hesitant on fighting her. It didn’t feel right. But she won’t stop unless I fight her. I quickly dismissed the thought and unsheathed my sword. I don’t bring my dimensional pouch. Ah… once again, I forgot about that! Have I become senile? Yes, I have! Dammit! What’s the point regaining my youth if I become senile in this rejuvenate body!?

At this moment, Emilia pulled out her blade out of nowhere in same manner as Evelyn. But unlike Evelyn’s sword which seems normal to me, Emilia’s sword was emitting a red radiant color. As if it was the sword that wreathed in crimson flames.

I could feel it, the warm radiating glow from the sacred, and undeniably strong. What is that sword!?

“What’s up with your sword?”

“This? It’s just a lowly legendary sword with power of sun.” She grinned. “You don’t need to worry about it! I won’t use its ability on you!”

I’m worried! I’m genuinely worried about this, you know! All of sudden, I’m going to face loli with the legendary fucking sword able to harness the power of fucking sun?! This is definitely not going well for me. Also, I rather feel complicated because she’s not going to use her sword ability on me! I should be happy, dammit!

I quickly chanted and felt my body revitalizing as I cast the spell, I knew the best – the one that boosted my agility and dexterity. It was going to be a close combat fight, and the spell had the most utility in that kind of fighting style.

“Oh, you have learned magic! Guess entering tournament wasn’t waste!” Emilia smiled happily.

“Like it?” I challenged her.

“Oh please, I mastered that spell since I was five.” She yawned, and suddenly, her face turned to sinister as she looked at me under her brow. “And since then, I have learned a lot of things!”

Upon saying that, Emilia wasted no time, conjuring a ball of flames in her right hand. The flames flared brightly, coalescing into a deadly shape that seemed to take a life of its own. Narrowing her eyes in determination, Emilia threw the flickering gout of flame at me. The tiny flame exploded into life and expanded into an immense fireball, growing unceasingly as it roared toward me. It hurled a gigantic fireball towards me, I dodged it, but this fucking thing was homing at me! The fireball made a sharp turn!

I quickly cast magic shield but…


The sheer force of flame had thrown me against the elastic barrier. I fell face first and groaned in pain. As I rose up and noticed that the fire had scalded me pretty bad.

“Ugh. Right. The barrier.” I ignored the pain, but it was hard.

What’s with that flame? That’s definitely not normal spell! But I was impressed by the scale of Emilia’s spell. She can do chant-less spell, one that did not require to casting, but seriously, that flame was dangerous! It was enough to blow a hole through a city block. And it can even shake the barrier! Holy shit that so scary! And I managed to survived that?

“Do you think such a pathetic barrier will work against my flames?”

Emilia sneered as she bounced back, her fiery attacks repelled by my magic shield. Fuming, she withdrew to prepare for her next attack. As for me, I was readying myself for the next blow.

The killing intent poured off Emilia in waves. There was no hesitation in her attack, no pause in her fire spells as she relentlessly bombarded me with furious strikes.

If I’m not learning the basic of magic and how to fight them from Fianna, I definitely would be killed by her already. But I can fight her! I can do it! I’m not going to win! I’m going to survive! Emilia was going to pay dearly if she continued to underestimate me.

Perhaps basic magic could not hope to stand against her flames, but I’m going to use that as my slight advantage counted.

Emilia came back for a second attack. Casting a fire spell on the blades of her sword, she caused the metal to burn furiously with superheated flames. The fiery blades cut through the magic wall, melting the surface and caused the rest of the magic shield to crumble.

I feigned surprise when my wall cracked, even though I actually expected it. Emilia bought my acting, closing in to finish me off, but it was all part of my plan. As I said, the girl was too dense to realize that she was sorely underestimating me.

I grinned. Once Emilia got close enough, I swung my sword with my right hand, catching my opponent by surprise as I unleashed a wave of magical energy that struck her full on her chest. Caught off guard, Emilia lost her balance and fell back.

Despite taking such a powerful hit at pointblank range, Emilia immediately sprang back to her feet, a little dazed from the attack by hardly hurt.

“What is that?”

“Just a basic spell. Maybe similar to that fire spell you launched earlier.”

“Hmmm, not bad at all. I guess Fianna taught you well. Well, I guess I have to start getting bit serious.”

Those words sent a chill up my spine. Yes, I know Emilia hadn’t been serious the whole time. She was just testing the waters, let too much opening and now that she confirmed my strength, she was ready to play. She’s going to devour me for her entertainment. And she knew about Fianna taught me magic too? Fuck, this girl really scared me.

Despite being capable of casting such devastating spells, that was not even her full strength. How terrifying could she be when she unleash her true power?

But I still believe can do this though.

“Do you really think you can go against the whole Vaerian?”

Emilia was shaking her head in lazily as she circled me. I eyed her cautiously, turning my body to match her movements.

“Even if by some miracle you beat me, there are still Elsha nee-sama and Leo Nii-sama.”

“I’ll worry about them when I’m forced to face them. Otherwise I’m just going to take things one step at a time.” I shrugged nonchalantly. “There’s no use worrying over things that might or might not happen. The present is more important than contemplating possible futures. The only route to take is forward.”

“Heh…you sound like you’re trying to be wise.”

Emilia smirked. Hey, I’m trying to be cool here. Let me have my moment!

“By the way, let me tell you something… when Elsha nee-sama fought you. She was holding back”

…….As I thought. I had feeling but I strongly reject that. I believe I equal to her, however Emilia prove different. She and Elsha was on different level.

But even so… I won’t back down.

“Was that the best you can do?” I stated between my teeth.

Emilia then straightened up and tilted her head a little, her eyes twinkling in relief and joy.  Oh shit… Shit, I push the wrong button. When I learn to stop using my vulgar mouth again?

“No.” She smiled happily as she charged at me.

I dodged, but she kicked me in the stomach which thrown me against the barrier, again. I bounced from it with a backflip. She flew towards me and swung her blade. I parried and felt the heat on my face. I hit the ground, she continued the attack, but I rolled aside, and then back to my feet. Emilia was relentless and gave me an overhead blow. I redirected the blade, but it cut my arm.

Emilia laughed and grabbed my injured hand. She pulled me towards her and with one suave move she threw me over her shoulder like a black belt judoka. She threw me like I was nothing!

“I see you also martial artist…”

“Hahaha, can you imagine I am self-taught?”

“Uhh… You…” I rose up heavily. “Mentioned that already.”

“Did I really?” Emilia smirked.

This allowed me to catch my breath. Fuck. She’s overpowered. My spell was working, but it wasn’t enough against her. It must’ve been the spell. The only reason I could even keep up with her blows.

“Whatever,” Emilia said, and jumped towards me.

Fighting her made the fight against Mike like a child play!

I didn’t even manage to finish my thought until I was the victim of another fire strike. The sparks from Emilia’s blade rained over me every time I parried one of her strikes. It was like a fight inside a blacksmith’s shot.


Our blades clinked against each other with a great force. I felt the only thing I was equal with her was body strength, but even that was hard.

“Want a see another spell?” She said had shaking against mine.

“No,” I replied confidently.

She brought her face next to mine; we could’ve kissed. She was so hot though. Yeah, figuratively and apparently, literally.

“Okay.” She stated boringly.

I concentrated with all my power, and I felt time stop. The spell I had cast overtook me. I readied my blade and swung. Emilia blocked, and I pushed my advantage. For the first time, I was on top. Emilia concentrated on blocking my rapid attacks. She counterattacked with a high swing as I left a small opening on my guard. I blocked the blade with my sword, but both of us stopped at this moment.

I felt something slightly soft in my other hand. I looked down and saw that I had grabbed on her breast. LUCKY PERVERT STRIKE AGAIN!

“Whoops.” I smiled awkwardly.

Emilia started blushing; I guess she liked the feeling, huh? Would not have been the first.

But then as her brain caught up with animal instincts… a red vein popped to her forehead instantly. She didn’t say anything, but I just kept fiddling with her boob – a mistake. I must’ve tried to stop her from pushing me, but I didn’t stop. In hindsight, what was wrong with me?!

Then I feel hot for some reason, I looked down and see her sword was glowing red dangerously.

Oh shit…!

Emilia pushed me away and swung at me. I instinctively jumped back instead of parrying the strike. For all I knew, her strike might contain the power of the sun.

She charged at me. I got ready to parry the blow, but suddenly she was no longer in front of me.

She seemed to have disappeared.

Frowning, I looked around, hoping to find her. Suddenly, my instincts screamed danger. Sensing movement behind me, I whirled around, bringing my sword up to defend myself.

Then she almost took me by surprise when she suddenly appeared in front me again and stepped forward to thrust her sword at me.

But I was too slow.

A couple of blades screamed past, slashing me as they flew by, bringing up several sprays of red. Blood dripping from the wounds on my left arm, I staggered back, but I fought back, struggling to keep up with vicious slash Emilia unleashed on me. Unfortunately, I sustained several more injuries before I was finally forced to leap back.

As expected, Emilia was still superior to me in terms of swordsmanship. That’s not compared to me that just trained for ten months and decided to quit. I could not hope to best Emilia who had been honing her swords skills nearly her entirely life. Taking up a safe distance, I gazed at the beautiful girl with silver hair.

Emilia charged forward at a frightening speed, nearly catching me by surprise. I managed to barely block her attacks in time.

Struggling, even as blood unceasingly dripped from my wounds, I parried blow after blow. But for every strike I managed to successfully block, I received twice as many cuts from Emilia. Even if she didn’t kill me instantly, I would still eventually die from the blood loss.

Emilia lunged at me again.

I blocked her strike, but she spun around and got below my guard, kicking me in the stomach and sending me through the trees before slamming into a trunk that snapped cleanly in half, almost falling on me. I rolled away and staggered to my feet, my wounds already rapidly regenerating in spite of the damage and the Holy Blessings that suffused the area.

I gritted my teeth as I endured the pain shooting through my body. With no time to even react, I saw Emilia launching at me again, but this time I shut my eyes. I will use the thing I unleashed when I fought Mike!

Just as Emilia was about to reach me with her red sword, my sword lashed out, stopping just short of her throat.

Opening my eyes, I grinned at Emilia, even as a trickle of perspiration rolled down my face.


Charging my sword with magical energy, I swung it, catching Emilia with the full blast of my attack at pointblank range.

Emilia was hurled high into the air and struck an extended platform that jutted out of the forest. She broke through few trees just like I did.

“That won’t be enough to defeat her though,” I whispered to myself as I staggered to stand as I was keeping my eyes on my opponent. Just as I expected, Emilia pushed herself off the trees and standing unscathed. She proceeded to approach me while smirking as if nothing had happened.


“Is she immortal or something?” I wondered, feeling a little frustrated.

“If that’s all you can do, you should give up.” Emilia almost sounded disappointed. “If you’re already having trouble against me, you can’t even hope to defeat Leo nii-sama.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Yes. We’ll see.”

Her blades flashing, Emilia lunged at me, who responded by bring my sword up defensively.


I panted as I lay weakly on the ground, blood flowing relentlessly from the numerous wounds I had received. Emilia was truly skilled beyond imagination, and despite getting in a few good hits, she was in a much better condition than I was. No, I think I should say she’s still in top condition and unscathed. I don’t see any visible wound on her body. Not even small cut on her smooth skins.

As expected, Emilia’s skills with the sword were vastly superior to mine. It’s like heaven and earth. I could not match her in a sword fight. Then again, I never did. Despite losing horribly here, I haven’t lose yet! While I never believed that I could somehow best Emilia in a duel involving swords, I had confidence in my stamina!

The problem was that Emilia also hasn’t got serious yet and worst; I just realized that my regeneration become slower.

I laughed internally. Even by some miracle I could defeat the completely unsealed and full-strength Emilia, there is no tell what I would lost in exchange.

“It looks like you have reached your limits,” Emilia said with boringly. I guessed she expected more from me.

“If you can’t even last this long against me, how were you planning protecting my sister?”

I grinned and forced myself to stand up. Staggering, I felt weak and dizzy from the massive loss of blood, but I wasn’t going to let trivial injuries get in my way of protecting Evelyn.

“We’ll see about that.”

Upon saying so, she rushed at me at inhuman speed, a speed so fast the normal human eye would never be able to capture her movements.

Charging at me, Emilia slashed away furiously. I brought up my sword to block, but Emilia just knocked my blades back with her own, forcing me back a few steps.

She almost became invisible. In less than a second, she was already above me, bringing her red sword down for a fatal strike.

Channeling my mana to strengthening both my hand, I struck with such immense force that I actually knocked the red sword from her hand. Spinning around, I kicked her, sending her crashing heavily to the ground.

I didn’t give her a chance to recover. Moving across the forest at a speed that belied my earlier reflexes, I was upon Emilia within seconds. She barely had time to bring up her Red sword before I began slashing at her furiously.

I didn’t blame Emilia for reacting in surprise. I was like a completely different person before. It wasn’t as if I was holding back earlier, but I still had slight hesitation or moments of compassion and mercy when I was attacking earlier. Because she is Evelyn’s little sister. Now, however, I had transformed into a cold, efficient killing machine, striking Emilia with a deadly precision that matched the immense power that I was now radiating. Not really… I’m just go all out for the kill!!

Executing slash after slash, I swung my sword swiftly and lethally, forcing Emilia onto the defensive. She struggled to keep up, receiving several cuts and scrapes from my fast and deadly attacks.

The injuries I dealt her burned strangely and painfully. It was almost as if darkness was eating away at her flesh and contaminating her blood.

She smiled as she deflected yet another lethal blow meant for her head. “You’re totally unlike before.”

I didn’t respond to her compliment, instead carrying on my attacks with deadly precision, seeking out any gaps in her defenses and seizing any opening to sneak in a cut or two.

I’m not done yet! I brought up my sword and struck Emilia with such force that, even though she managed to somehow parry the blow by crossing her blade, she was hurled across forest.

Wiping the blood off her mouth, Emilia stood up and glanced at me. Before, she was looking down on me. Now, she was looked differently.

A sly grin slowly began to creep up Emilia’s lips as she circled around me like a predator shadowing its prey.

“Ahnn…..” she moaned, flailing around as she attempted to regain her balance.

Hmmm? Was she moaning? It’s just my imagination, right? Nonono! That’s my imagination! She‘s not masochist, right?! She’s not feeling good, right?! Shit!


Then I can hear her laughing in small voice and her laugh were slowly getting louder and more apparent. Shit, I was right…


I unconsciously stepped back. Probably out of instinct. It’s really scared me. I feel like I was triggering wrong person.

As Emilia continued laughing manically, she hugging her sword tightly as if it was her favorite doll. Well, I’m sure she’s look extremely cute if she’s actually hugging teddy bear. But she was hugging her sword in the indecent way. She actually put the sword between legs as she hugs it. Man, this really erotic.

“Mnnn… I was….wrong about you, Kyousukeeeeeeee!!!!!!” She said as she moaned delightfully !

She then lift her sword and enter battle stance which is very different from before.

“The current you are worthy for me to unleash my Xarmozonne on you!”

After hearing that, I realized that I just made her “bit” serious. She’s going to use that sword’s ability. But… No no no! I wasn’t worthy at all. I’m just mere humble low citizen! Please don’t grant me the worthiness of that legendary sword! Also, Xarmozonne? What’s with that name? Pffff!

Alright, I need be careful for what Emlia trying to do.

Seeing me ready than ever, Emilia put a very lewd smile as she raised her glowing sword in the air. I looked up, and the air ripped open. HOLY SHIT!!

I saw bunch of small flamed rocks falling down! Oh shit! It’s the meteor shower!

I just dodged the burning rocks, but each the rock touch the ground, it will explode and the explosion made me lose my balance. I attempted to hit one of the rocks back at her, but that was also a mistake. Whadda ya know? Hillbilly inside my head said as the vibrating force passed through my body.

“Urgh!” I heard my bones crunching loudly, and a torrent of blood sprouted from the bottom of my throat.

The rocks hit me repeatedly, and I managed to stay conscious only by will power. Staggered, swaying side to side. I stood up – I had lasted through a powerful attack.

“Still standing, eh?” Emilia nodded in as she put her hands on crotch. Please don’t tell me you’re not masturbating when I was rained by meteor?!

I was exhausted; her attacks were relentless. I kept parrying, but I reality started fading to black. I didn’t know what I was parrying anymore. Just black shadows that flailed before me. I felt how most of the blows started to sink into my flesh. The warm blood caressed my scarred skin and dripped to the evergreen grass… but I didn’t feel pain. I didn’t… I… I….


First, it was black, and then a faint shimmer of light penetrated the darkness

I saw a man sitting on a chair, under a spotlight. He was watching TV. He looked like me, but I knew he wasn’t me. How it could it? I am standing right…

“WHOA!” I said and the words echoed through the emptiness.

My hands were merely fleshly blobs. I couldn’t see my body, but I figured myself looking some sort of mutant from Silent Hill. The man watching the TV had noticed me, and I could read a resentful look on his face.

“Don’t you have better things to do?” The man asked me, turning back to his TV.

“Did she do this to me?” I asked the man, assuming he was some kind of doctor.

“No.” The man answered, and suddenly I was before him, on my knees. “You’re the first one I’ve been interested in a… long, long time. “

“Hey, man. Fuck…” I hissed, but I couldn’t move a muscle in my body. “What is this? Let me go, motherfucker…!”

And as I said that man started to laugh. He laughed so hard like I’ve told the best joke in the whole universe.

“A motherfucker? Get your shit together man. I have good money riding on you… I want you to win!” The man pointed at me. “So, don’t disappoint me.”

The gesture reminded me of those American propaganda posters and the character ‘Uncle Sam’. And just as I finished the thought, the darkness gorged me.


Everything was a blur, but a face manifested before me. It was Emilia. I was lying on her laps. Her thigh was comfortable and soft.

“Rise and shine.” She greeted me. She was gentle, and for a split second, I could see my Evelyn in her.

“Am I…?” I looked at my body.

My injuries were mended. My bones were intact, and skin unharmed. My body was broken no more. It was likely that she had healed me. It was easier than last time. I could still taste the potion!

“I lose, huh.” I muttered. “I bet you feel disappointed.”

“Oh no, you are not disappointment! Thanks to you, I had some fun and feel so full for the first time.”

“You mean… like sex?” I coughed and felt pain in my chest.

Emilia put naughty smile as she put my head down slowly on the ground.

After fighting this girl, I came to understand what kind of girl she was, Emilia is a pervert girl who gets sexual satisfaction out of battle. Death battle is like sex for her. She’s fucking insane. A battle maiden who lusted only for battle. That’s the only way she could get satisfaction. Yeah, I was talking about the sexual sort. She’d get her yah-yah’s from blood and gore.

I simply cannot grasp how she ever can be related to my lovely Evelyn…?

As I sit up, Emilia already had disappeared to the darkness of the night. Damn, she left without saying word or warning. Well, that’s so like her…


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