Bonded Goddess – Chapter 38

When I came to, I felt as if my consciousness was returning to me after a really long time.

It was the same room… For the record, I guessed I have survived….

But for some reason….. I feel at ease and peace…. Wait, is this the afterlife? I could not say or think if I liked that feeling I was getting. What was that feeling? The feeling of having been through this again… deja vu? Because I felt that I had been through events such as that so many times… passing out, blacking out, and then waking up again, in such unfamiliarity, it was a strange feeling, more than just a déjà vu-ish feeling.

I felt like I saw a dream, I was so damn sure that I saw a dream, very long one… after so long. A typical forty two year old man does not always get to see dreams…but I couldn’t remember the dream… I probably seeing very pleasant and nice dream….

The feeling that I could NOT seem to remember it made me go weak on the knees.

It gave me a deja vu feeling, as I have mentioned before. But the thing here was it was hardly deja vu kind of deja vu, you know? It was more like, I had passed out too many fucking times, that it always felt like I had that sensation before: of passing out and then eventually waking up all of a sudden, as if from some kind of world of comatose.

HOWEVER, that is NOT the point of what I was going to say. THE POINT is: I SURVIVED! I really thought I was going to be kicking the bucket!

To be honest, I want to give up because it was so fucking unbearable, I would sacrifice any other lifetime to NOT go through it again; and yet, another part of me mocked me for wanting to give up, because it was NOT me to face to give up like that when I face so many struggles and mountains just to die…

Anyway, when I came to, I felt weirded out because I was so damned sure it was important dream, and I had not a clue of what it was. That, and the most part of my feelings were based on feeling pleasant… like, really nice, soft and almost… mother like, but that was only for a moment, because when I regained a full sense of that reality and my consciousness returned to me after travelling for so long… I was in a girl, Emilia’s lap.

It was really great feeling!

Come think of it, this is the second time I was lying on her lap…  The girl really got nice thighs, and she smelled good at that.

“Ah, you’re finally awake,” she said and then smiled at me.

“Yeah, I am awake… or please don’t tell me that you are DEAD TOO? Oh shit, you’re dead too, aren’t you? How did YOU end up dead though?”

I was in a jiffy as I tried to get up, only to be pushed back by her too- large- for- a -six- teen- year- old pair of melons. It was an instant collision, one of the most blessed collision a man would have ever dreamt of; and if you disagree, it’s okay… really, I mean, it IS NOT your fault that your hormones are ding so soon.

“Are you an Idiot? Or You just still deranged from the potions,” she said, with smirk, “How COULD I, of all people, DIE? Sure, I could die and be killed by someone stronger than me…. But I am not going to die easily… ”

“I certainly am NOT sure if I am an idiot,” I replied with an innocent smile.

“Well, how are you feeling?

“Feeling?” I said, making a thinking face, and then immediately realised that she was probably talking about her thighs… and I did not want to ruin it for her.


I ran a ragged hand over her right thigh, up and down. It was a perfect as it looked. It smelled good, felt good and very smooth! Now, there was only the tasting left. Of course I would NOT go that far… yet. She felt very similar to Evelyn, they probably used the same soap or something like the water in the Palace.

As my hands took the liberty to enter her inner realms, I felt a sharp elbow on my stomach.

“Ugh” I grunted.

“Please mind your manners. It is not civil to go to uninvited places,” she said with her signature smirk. Her elbow, by the way, felt like an arrow head. And not just an arrow head, rather, a sharpened arrow head.

“Excuse me, I thought YOU asked me what it felt like, and certainly, you don’t think that I will offer you a report without sufficient data to draw a concise conclusion, do you, now, princess?” I said, putting on my business- tone.

“Why do you have to connect everything to your OWN perverseness?”

I don’t want to hear that from pervert who masturbate on battle!

“And I didn’t ask your impression about my thighs,” She said pretty calmly. But when I saw her face, it has a slight, a very slight tinge of the faintest red. She must have been so damn flustered to show that level of embarrassment.

“Then?” I said. I really was NOT able to understand what else she meant. I had said something related to the dirty world of the adults, and so I had NATURALLY assumed that she was biting on that same line of perversion. Besides, she was already sixteen, which was pretty old enough to discover sexuality and the pleasures of it. SO, why the fuck was she making it such a big thing? Of course, I didn’t want to die yet, so I didn’t ask.

“I meant your body condition, idiot” she said, annoyed. “Are you truly become an idiot because drink the potions?”

“Ah! I probably could get more enough seeds” I said with a grin, and though ah, she was just worried about the possibilities of becoming an aunt. Hah, what a child.

“Listen here, Kyousuke” she began, first, mildly, but gradually shifting into a completely dark and threatening mode, “If you don’t stop this dumb and silly charade, will do things to you that will make you go all the way to Vaerian.”

Why the hell she sounds demanding? If you are worry about me, just say it!

For my body… I don’t feel strange or weak. I feel like it was same as before and feel nothing changed. Am I really got power boost?

I got up, did some push ups and stretches, “Hm, not very bad, I say… well, I guess nothing has changed so far. I mean, I don’t feel any stronger at all.”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes all at once when I said that I didn’t feel any stronger. But I really didn’t see anything high and mighty about it that she would have the need to waste her eye rolls and scoffs at that. It was way too petty.

“See that spot?” she said, and then pointed to her left. Her eyes were closed as her face was towards me. My head followed her hand, to her left.

“Yeah?” I said, feeling all my insides churning, “isn’t that the spot where you gave me the potion off your mouth?”

“Wow, what a cruel way to classify a full fledged kiss… that is very mean of you,” she said, leaning back on her palms, “And that is not even where I am pointing to… see further.”

And then her finger went to a little more to the left. My eyes followed her fingers again.

It was then that my vision rested on the pool of blood at that distance. It was hard to tell from how dry and thick the blood was, but I tell you, people, the thought that I was actually dead resurfaced in my head like a zombie.

“….Am I really not dead?” I question with my voice barely audible.

“Oh, Kyousuke,” she said with a sly grin. “You are pretty much alive now!”

“Huh?” I felt a chill at that last statement from the princess. That didn’t sound good at all.

I confused at her words. I don’t understand what she is talking about…

I am alive now?

Glancing at the pool of blood again, I then looked at my torso.

My clothes were completely tattered, and blood stained. My body had no wounds, even though scraps of blood were there splashed on my skin in any random way, as if a toddler had been given a paint brush, dipped on MY blood and asked to do whatever he wished to my body.

Holy shit…

“…. Emilia, what happened?

“Oh, I was so hoping to hear that question, because it really is the most marvellous story of you that I wanted tell to you so much,” she said, as a smile crept in her placid face, and her hands came together like an evil mastermind. rather. Anyway, she looked sneaky and she explained in her most casual fashion, “After taking the potions, you immediately bore the pain for a little while… just a teeny- tiny bit of time, and then you passed out, but, but that did not mean that your physical body was actually NOT conscious, and your body had the brunts of the pain…”

“Cut the chase, Emilia,” I said, feeling the urgent need to know what the fuck had happened while I passed out.

“… till you eventually…” she continued without paying attention to me.

And then she PAUSED! Are you kidding me?! She stopped for a breath! Argh, I was done with her, I wanted to bang my head on a wall. Damn.

“….Eventually, what?”

” Ah, nothing much…” she said, her voice losing that same interest, “Not worth mentioning actually, now that I think about it.”

“Tell me, Emilia,” I growled.

“Ah, are you that curious? Well, it’s your body after all… I guess you need to know…”

This girl…! I’m going to spank her!

“The thing is… you exploded.” Emilia said as her lips curled up a wicked grin and her eyes narrowed again for a bit,

…………What the fuck….

“And that is NOT worth mentioning?!” I practically yelled. She was impossible to deal with. It was official! Brats are eccentric creatures.

I was exploded?! Oh my god… I don’t want to imagine that… just hearing that already terrifies me!

“Of course,” she said, “That was enthralling to watch… and to think about it, and to think about telling you about it; but when I am saying it… the flavour has all gone bland and out of taste.”

“What- I can’t believe it!” I began and stopped mid way. I was in no mood to argue over trivial matters. What she thought at that time was of least importance to me. All I wanted to know was whether I was really stronger at that time, at least by some bit.

“You have no idea, Kyou!” Emilia retorted, almost too emotionally for someone like her, totally unexpected. Then her smile returned, “I really, really enjoyed it…I really am! That was the best, or one of the best moments of my life. Seeing someone explode due to potions and that too, you, of all people… the thrill was real. That gave me a new sense of heightened pleasure, you probably will not understand it, and I find no need to explain it. However, and I was even more thrilled after the whole explosion, because I could NOT stop thinking about it, the image of your explosion had seared itself into the pupils of my eyes, and I saw it constantly… I was looking forward to narrating it to you, as well; but now that the time has passed for that long awaited narration, it just didn’t, couldn’t work out anymore. Now I don’t see why I was bent upon someone exploding in front of my eyes. Do you know how alarmed it makes me feel, like I am not myself anymore…”

“I didn’t mean to be all bent up… too,” I mumbled out. On one hand I was concerned about her. I could more or less, understand how she felt; she, too was subjected to permanence in the ever transient world, and was duly alarmed and probably even scared of that sudden change in her reality.

“Forget it,” she replied, becoming all cool and cold again. Hah, she decided to hide the vulnerability that had slipped off… she was so… human, even more than me, it was almost terrifying.

Anyway, aside from the romanticism of Emilia, I really was concerned with NOT feeling ANY stronger! The potion was painful enough to tear me into shreds of little flesh.

I ought to have felt some strength. Or, was it that all the power from the potion went to heal me? You know, regenerate my body or something? If it was indeed that, I hoped that restored every pound of flesh, particularly the important parts like my boy down there.

“It feels the same as ever,” I said to myself, trying to flex my sinewy arms.

“Hey, there is no quick effect!” she remarked, “And because of those potions that you can stand like this! When you were very beaten up and weak, and most of all, desolate back before the potion…!”

“Tsk,” I clicked my tongue loud enough.

“What was that?” she raised an eyebrow, with puckered lips, like a chiselled doll’s. She was so much like Evelyn, and yet so different from her.

“By the way, Eve-” I began and then bit my lip, “Emilia, will this really boost my strength? I mean, even though I am fully restored now, don’t you think I should feel stronger even if it is by just a tad?”

“Like I said, the effects will take a little time,” she said with a nonchalant shrug, “But it will definitely boost you, don’t you question that ever again.”

“Um, okay…” I said feeling all awkward. Was she perhaps offended that I almost called her Evelyn? Women sure are petty, eh? But this pettiness was what made them different from men, and from each other. It showed their lovable- ness, I thought, because it was the little things that they paid attention to. That was probably why they were as cautious as assassin, ah damn, I hate them… most of them, at least.

“Don’t worry about your current weakness,” she said.

“Current weakness?” I laughed in a sarcastic way, “I didn’t say I felt weak, or I was weak. I just said that I feel the same, no weaker, no stronger.”

“Exactly, you feel the same. That is the key word,” she smiled in glee, “And in essence and all honesty, you really don’t stand a chance against me, Elsha nee-sama, let alone Leo nii-sama… you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Hm,” I said. I mean, I grunted.

It was a bad feeling to hear that from her, and I thought she was ON MY SIDE. I didn’t expect to be roasted so early, and so easily. Ah, what a pussy way to behave to take offence at truths… it was a pain.

“The potions will take its effects in a short while, Kyousuke, and then you will probably be stronger than us all,” she said, uncharacteristically kind (but not that kind, I mean… she was kind compared to how she wasn’t usually kind) “You will be stronger than us all, in terms of power, at least.”

“Just in terms of power, huh?” I said, more to myself. What she said was true, I had no time to be all confused or offended, though I would have retorted with an original sarcastic remark of my own, but I decided against it. It didn’t seem to be the best option at that moment.

“Of course,” she said, a hint of pride escaping her voice, “We are all trained in the Vaerian Sword God Techniques style of the sword, including Evelyn nee-sama… and honestly, I don’t mean to brag, but it is the best style out there, the sword technique  with both perfect offence , perfect defence and perfect counter… There are two type for this sword techniques: Flame Rage, and Calm Water. Leo nii-sama has mastered both of them… you get what I mean right?”

“More or less,” I said, scratching my cheek.

Once again, I have to face the truth of Leonardon’s power. With this kind of strength, this man indeed fit to be hailed by people.

I was completely beaten to pulp by him… And I am going to face the bastard again… It’s not I am scared or anything but… with that much power, can I defeat him?

“So, what am I supposed to do now? Wait for the power or something?”

“Well, actually, I would like to tell you that we don’t have time for that and you need to destroy Evelyn nee-sama and Leo nii-sama’s grand wedding quickly soon as you woke up… But luckily, they wasting time on unnecessary details for wedding so we got more times!”

“Huh, unnecessary details?”

“Not exactly unnecessary, because both of them deserve such luxuries, they’re royalty after all,” she said with a resignation, “HOWEVER, their wedding… well, it is meant for one purpose only, and that is destruction… I can feel it in my bones. And, I have this urge… well, I believe you understand me enough for me to not say that out loud, right?”

“…Okay…” I mumbled, waiting for the power to come emanating into me, though it never came at that instant. I soon gave up and sat down on the hard ground, not far from Emilia.

To be honest, I don’t understand what are you talking about, Emilia…. But let’s put that aside for now.

“So, are you ready to destroy some wedding cake and all that?” she said, smiling brightly.

“You sure seem excited,” I said, with a sigh.

“Of course, I am. How could I not?” she said, her face showing the innocent glee of any other child, “It has always been a dream to be able to sabotage such a happy environment, I can feel the blood in me gush with a hot excitement… and my own sister’s wedding, too. Don’t you think that is just awesome? I could NOT have wished for something better! That will be a wedding gift to them!”

“How cruel,” I commented with a smile, “But I like this cruelty.”

“Of course you do,” she said, “It serves your purposes, eh? Besides, I will not be, technically and practically responsible, but will still be one of the reason to instigate the destruction… the joy of it~” she bit her lip as she thought with diluted eyes, “Oh! Get ready, Kyousuke. We’re going to leave for the venue soon… after some people come to fetch us.”

“What?!” I said, jerking back. Didn’t you just said we have more time!? Because WHAT THE FUCK?! SOON?! That’s mean it’s TODAY?

“What do you mean what?” she said, eyes wide, almost innocent. But I had seen through her. It was just a façade. She knew what I was talking about.

“What do you mean?” I cried out, my arms flailing.

“Oh, you didn’t know? The wedding is in about,” she said, and then checked a silver pocket watch, “Two hours… Oh, it’s an hour and fifty nine minutes now.”

She closed her pocket watch and kept it in an inner pocket, and then smiled.

Her face showed an array of emotions till it rested into a little sheepish face. And I was obviously shocked. Hell, I was SHELL SHOCKED! I didn’t even have time to train now! Wow, the things that happens to me!

This girl deceiving me! I was deceived!  To think I actually believe this crazy bitch! More time, my ass!  I was near fucking deadline here!!

Emilia cleared her throat and then said, “Oh, did it slip my mind? I forgot to mention that you were out for three whole days….”

….and she just casually dropped another bomb just like that… I was too tired to say anything.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I forgot,” she said, nonchalantly shaking her head.

Shit happens, huh… cold have prevented that, brat. I could not help my fucking frown. A total fuck face, that was my complete frown.

“So, where do I have to go?” I said, ready to take off. Fuck not being strong enough yet. Fuck not getting the power from the potions. I needed to get out and go crash a wedding, and that too, in two hours. And I still was NOT sure where I even was.

“Vaerian island, in the Grand Cathedral,” she said and then pointed to the ceiling, “and the Island currently floating up there… ”

“Ah, what a sacrilegious thing to do, destroy a wedding, and mess up a cathedral in the process,” I shook my head in a fake pious manner.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Kyousuke… while it was smaller than the Palace itself, it is still a massive structure…” she said with a smirk, “It WILL take a lot of time, and pain to demolish the whole thing… though that would be a treat to see. Well, that if you can do it!”

Cathedral huh.

I was no religious person, and I didn’t even go to churches. Yeah, you didn’t know? I go to the temple on New Year’s day, every year. That is about the amount of religiousness you could possibly extract from me.

I need a lot of weapons, and I hoped I had something like a nuclear bomb to drop on Leonardo’s head, killing everyone else in the process. That would have been ideal, but Evelyn could also die, and then I would also die, it would be like suicide bombing, and I was not into that kind of shit. I mean, I was into several kinds of shit, but NOT that.

“I need weapons if I want to beat your nii-sama.”

“Ah, don’t worry about weapons… they’re coming here for you.”

“They are?”

Who would be bringing the weapons?

It ought to be some people, though I could NOT have guessed who was on MY side? I mean, if I were a citizen of Vaerian as well, I would probably NOT be on MY side, I was everything despicable and unstable, and yet… somehow, I always got lucky, running on a slippery ground. Two things in my mind: The first was of course my curiosity. And the second was how on Earth- Vaerian… do I beat Leonardo, and not just Leonardo… the people, like Leroy and other knights, who would be more than willing to lay down their lives for the kingdom and for their hero Leonardo? And I have basically NO support!

I can’t consider Emilia as my ally here. Sure, she’s helping me here. But no one must know her involvement with me. And I can’t see her killing the soldiers despite would enjoy it.

But I’m pretty sure; she’d love to fight her sister to dead if she given opportunity to do so.

…..Speaking of her sister, I wonder what Evelyn doing right now…

I don’t know but I think she probably in no condition to talk. She would probably be numb and broken… Ah, I wanted to meet her! The thought of her marrying a man she did not love was a hard pill to swallow. Even if I was NOT the man for her, Leonardo was also NOT the man for her. He was everything that was desirable, but he was not the right man for her! The conversation before our first ever fight (where I lost terribly, by the way) told me millions about Evelyn’s feelings about him. And allowing her to wed him was making her go into a world, if not of ordeal, of unhappiness. And I didn’t want that for the person who basically made me stand up again, taught me to fly again… my goddess, my Evelyn.

As I was making my resolve stronger in my head, the sound of footsteps running came loudly. I glanced at Emilia, and saw her grinning widely. It was a face worth seeing. Would Evelyn smile like that too?

I was overly cautious as the footstep getting near; I saw Emilia was hardly concerned. In a time where everyone was your basic enemy, it was really hard to believe that any one would be on our side.

And then the door sprang open, like the sound of a thunder in the clear light of day. It drew all my attention, making my thoughts to snap like threads.  And what met my eyes made me surprised, but NOT that surprised, but surprised, nevertheless. Fianna and Sera were heaving, as they entered the room. Their faces had beads of sweat, and they seemed to be slightly breathless. They must have ran to the cell… it was a moving thing to see that. There I was, making a hell for myself by the lack of allies, when I had people like them to ask me up. It was the greatest form of respect I could have given to them, and I felt a slight embarrassment, though I left it unaddressed.

But I was still unable to understand why they were there at that moment. Fianna was Evelyn’s best friend, so I had naturally assumed that she would be attending Evelyn’s wedding day. And, Sera… this was an even bigger mystery.  Today was her own brother’s wedding yet she was standing here. I doubt her love toward me bigger than her love toward her family.

And what about Emilia? Well, she was different to Sera. Sera was more… domestic. Yeah, she would be so mad that I actually called her that.

Ok, it’s time to back track…

“What are you ladies doing here?” I said, hardly enunciating the words.

“Don’t beat yourself up with that question,” Emilia said, “They’re both my accomplices… it’s just a one time thing, though. No strings attached.”

“We are NOT YOUR accomplices, Kyou! I would never associate with her!” Sera retorted quickly. I didn’t understand that logic though.

Emilia didn’t react to it, nor did she say anything, unlike my expectations. In fact, she seemed more pleased for some reason.

Ignoring Sera, Emilia turned to Fianna.

“Did you bring it, Fianna?” Emilia said, as she gave the breathless Fianna a small rounded bottle of water.

Fianna was more than grateful to have that offered to her. She took in all the water in long gulps. She must have been tired. But as she drunk the water, the crystal clear water dripped down her chin. She quickly wiped it away, with an embarrassed face, but I still caught a glimpse of the most important part: The exact moment the water ran down her chin to her neck, and she realised it, making her feel embarrassed which in turn made her face flush a little; and right before wiping it away. That scene of less than one whole second, that was the important scene. because it showed the right stage between total adulthood and childhood, not too young but not old either, the face of transition. It was a very attractive part in the whole act. I am lucky to be able to recognise such important parts.

“Have you got it?” Emilia asked again.

“Yes,” Fianna said, keeping away the bottle, “I have it.”

“Good,” Emilia said with a serious nod.

“Hey, what are you two talking about?”

“And, you,” Emilia continued, looking at Sera, ignoring me.

“Were you able to retrieve it?” Emilia questioned.

“Eh, ah. yeah,” Sera said, her eyes cast sideways. She was guilty. Definitely guilty, even I could read her face like an open book. As if she did something wrong… maybe, betrayal? What a pain, betrayal was something that followed me everywhere, even if I was not DIRECTLY involved.

“I brought it, yes,” Sera said, and then took out an old looking pouch. It was one of those nice dimensional storage… I had basically stolen one before. I wondered where the hell was it. Imagine if it was really in hell heh, (I make bad jokes but do YOU make better jokes?)

The dimensional pouch was very old, and worn out and was even slightly burnt, and rugged.

“I could get a hold of only a few things… things didn’t go so well, you see. But I am quite certain that Kyou still can use it.”

So that OLD WORN OUT AND BURNT POUCH WAS THE POUCH I HAD BEFORE! They actually burn it! I hope I don’t lose my weapons and equipment there!

“See,” She said, tossing the pouch to me. Yep, it felt as rugged as it looked. Heck, it was worse than my rice bag coarse prison clothes. “What is inside, and suit up, Kyousuke. We have no time to waste.”

“Yeah,” I said casually, checking what remains inside the pouch were.

There was my armour.

I thought they had stripped it and burnt it. I can’t say why, but that was what I thought. Legit! The suit. That suit was the most durable thing I had ever worn, even though it may have pained me sometimes. And, it was repaired! Ah, the heaven’s must be really in a good mood, because even that suit, repaired was one of the biggest impetus I could have thought of.

The other things in it were a few guns, my sword and some ammo. It was not much but something was better than nothing. It would at least last me a few rounds with Leonardo, that was, IF and only IF I had to face ONLY Leonardo.

I began undressed my already tattered clothes, with all the possible strategies in my head. There were so many possible outcomes, and the problem was most of them involved my death even before touching Leonardo, and I was not interested in dying… yet.

I flexed myself before putting on the suit, totally oblivious of the three girls gasping. Ah, what little innocent girls, it was not an everyday sight for them to see a man’s bare body. I didn’t notice them right away. No, I did see them, I saw them gasping and gulping, but I was so in my own head, I didn’t exactly notice or though much of it.

More than the fact that I was a feast to the eyes, I was more concerned with Emilia’s purpose to help me CRASH her sister’s wedding. I mean, aside from the fact that it was ‘dream’ for her. I knew she was better than just a sadist, she would probably never want to be the reason a wedding of HER own sister goes bland.

As I saw her face, slightly pink, I asked her trying to be casual, “Say, Emilia, why do you want to crash Evelyn’s wedding? I mean, it makes sense for Fianna, and maybe for Sera too because they’re friends… but you, you don’t seem to have a very close relation to her.”

“….I thought you already know…But well, you are correct,” she said, her eyes smiling with that same sadism, “And Sera may be even closer to Evelyn nee-sama, than I. But I have told you before… it’s all because I want to derive the highest kind of pleasures from the wedding that has gone bad. It is a very rustic kind of pleasure, no?”

“I suppose,” Sera mumbled.

“Besides,” her face went from that sadistic smirk to a thoughtful, almost considerate face, carefully choosing the right words to say in such a situation, “I don’t like the idea of Evelyn nee-sama getting married just because she was forced to it by my father, or because she was obligated, though she really IS NOT obligated to get married to anyone. Even both Elsha nee-sama and I chose not to get married yet, and no one is forcing us to. The fact is that she will not be happy, she would be cared for and loved; but she shall never be happy this way… and that thought does NOT sit right with me. If she gets married, I want it to be for her own happiness, and her own choice… not this kind of way, even if it was Leo nii-sama, who is really a good match, no doubt. But… have you seen her… face…?”

That’s really surprising… I know she love her sister, Evelyn… but I don’t know love her this much.

I want to tease her as she would be unduly embarrassed. But I refrained from saying it out loud.

“What an extremely live example of siscon,” I commented, to lighten the mood.

“Siscon?” she said, her face growing dark. Her bangs shaded her eyes. And I thought, Oh fuck, I am so gone… forget fighting Leonardo, I will die here. But thank my stars, that didn’t happen.

“Siscon, huh?” she said and then as if turning over a new leaf, she gave a bright smile, “Of course, I am SISCON! No one else deserves my dear sisters~ hahaha!”

I patted her head. She had fluffy hair, soft like Evelyn’s as well.  She was all like a kitten. The way she moved her head as I patted her hair, she was exactly like some kind of white kitten.

“Mmm,” she said, “Longer… Kyousuke. I like it.”

Yeah, that feels good for me as well. Though, seeing her like this was a sign of her that she was never been patted much, she was NOT close to people. I’m sure her father never patted her. What a poor girl. Maybe she become like this because of her childhood.

“In any case,” she said, becoming the normal Emilia again, “We are almost ready to go and storm into the cathedral, yeah?”

“Almost?” I said out loud, as Fianna and Sera looked at each other, silently questioning whether they had forgotten something.

“Yes, almost,” she said, and then gave a lopsided grin, “I need to transfer some of my mana to you, Kyou, because unless your mana base is increased, you will be unable to wield all the power that will awaken soon.”

Awaken, eh…

“Okay? That is very reassuring, Emilia,” I said. The thought of getting stronger was indeed a very exciting thought.

“Hey, the both of you!” Emilia said, narrowing her eyes at Sera and Fianna, “You are both obligated to share you mana as well, if you want the operation to be a success, okay?”

They looked flushed and jittery, gasping as if they were asked to give me their kidneys or something.

And I was confused, seeing their reaction. Anyone would be, though. What was it like, was it like asking for their blood? Though I guessed it was more tangible than just giving blood.

Hmmm… Oh! That method! That infamous way of transferring mana!

“He-”I began.

Emilia shushed me with a finger, “Don’t talk, don’t think; you’re making them nervous! It is only natural to share our mana, because if not, you might die, and we will definitely get executed: Electric chairs, Guillotine, skinning alive… it’s the price for basically plotting things against the welfare of the kingdom… ah what kind of shit face though this was a plot against the kingdom?”

“Okay… that was… something,” I said unsure of what I should be saying. “Anyway, give me the mana then,” I held out my hand. Maybe it would be in vials as well. “I will not fail you ladies.”

“Sure thing,” Emilia smirked, and then I felt it again. I felt her hands around my face, denting my skin. I felt it on my lips.  he taste of her lips. On mine, fairly roughly, like the first time. The first time she mouth- fed me, it was hardly a kiss, though it was full fledged wet and slippery. But that second time, it was more lips than the first time.

….This is much normal than I thought… I believe transferring mana in eroge and anime tend to be sexual… Well, not like we had time for that!

And that time, I initiated the tongue fight. It went on for a while, till I felt something enter me. It was warm and I felt it go down my throat even though I didn’t swallow a thing. I told ya, I was not a swallow sort of person.

“I swear that I will haunt you even in death if you lose now,” She said, wiping her mouth with her sleeves, “That was a good amount of mana from me, you know.”

I nodded with a smile.

It still felt different, kissing her. I know it may not have been exactly a kiss of choice, and something completely necessary for things to work out… but a kiss was a kiss, right? If you say no, screw you, you never got a chance to kiss a real loli with real oppai.

“Now’s your turn Fianna,” Emilia turned to Fianna who hiding her face behind her hands.

I can see Fianna’ showed her fear. She seemed to be surprised and even scared. Like I would even kill her by kissing her. Besides this was hardly a kiss. This was a… process… to help rescue Evelyn.

“No, please don’t make me do this, Emilia!” She pleaded, but Emilia was not going to have any of it. “You know about the Elf rules… Kissing opposite sex members means that we have decided to get married.”

“Fianna. This is NOT a real kiss… Just a necessary process to transfer mana. Did I make the system be this way? No.” She changed her tone into a less condescending manner, “a real kiss is not just something you flight around people. And you will know it when you get it. This just happens to be the unfortunate process and price you got to pay.”

“But the Elf law-” She squirmed.

“Forget that. Besides, even if you’re married… You could always sign up for a divorce. Or, I will have to force it out of you, Fianna~” Emilia threatened, “He needs your mana, you know, to be able to beat Leo Nii-sama. You’re just thinking too much about it.”

“B- but…” she said, as her tears trickled down her cheeks.

She slowly walked towards me, still crying. It was both funny and endearing. I acknowledged her self- sacrificing soul. It was a fire to my own soul.

“You don’t have to do this, Fianna, you know…” I said. I felt terrible about it, mainly because this was a similar scene, where she received backlash from Sera and Evelyn back then, and it was important for her, even if it was not as important like the rest of us, “I’m sure there are other ways or better yet, Emilia is strong enough and her mana was a lot… I feel stronger already.”

“Quit your lying. Mana does not make you feel stronger, though it increases your skill and strength base,” Emilia cut me off.

Fianna who still red looking breathless already.

“Here goes,” Fianna said, taking a deep breath…

“Chill, girl. You don-” I said, getting cut off by the sudden crash of her lips. She held my face tightly, kissing me yes… but also holding me captive.

She was so damn awkward, making it so obvious that it was her first time kiss man on her own. Out first kiss was accident, I won’t count it. It was a sad thing that her first kiss had to turn out this way, and due to the kind of situation. And she was so sloppy and awkward, it made me want to tease and bully her a little.

And I remembered that perfect timing! That scene with her flushed face with a runnel of water down her shin and neck. It was enough to make me want to kiss her real, make it the best kiss for her. She was sacrificing her single status for me and I ought to make it the best feeling in the world. I didn’t want her to walk away never wanting to ever kiss a man again.

I placed my hand around her, pulling her close. Also, remember children, when you want to make a woman feel good during a deep kiss, pull her in, it makes a perfect hand- to- mouth coordination.

I embraced her tightly, not willing to let her go. She didn’t try to move away. I suck deeply at her lips, basically eating her full plump lips. Now that I describe her lips, Let me have you know that her lips were very well shaped, like a work of art on a wooden status. It was sloppy, but a nice and wet kind of sloppy. I probably overdid it for a first timer, like her. Her body jolted against mine, like sparks of electricity… almost as if she were riding me. Damn, it almost made me hard. But that was no time to be hard. I had a wedding to crash.

“Hmm, not a bad way to take initiative…” I heard Emilia mumble from behind. I didn’t see Sera’s reaction but I was half certain that she was gaping at us. She may try to be a mature woman with ‘experience’ but she ain’t got anything on ME!

I let Fianna go when her mana entered me; again, it went down my throat like warm water, no particularly liquid or sludge, but it was smooth, and down it went. She was breathless, and as soon as I released her, she sucked in a deep breath. And as soon as it ended, she passed out, a trail of blood flowing from her nose.

It was… amusing, to see a real nosebleed.  I was not sure how I was supposed to react to that.

I picked her up, bridal style. I mean, that was the only style appropriate for someone who just passed out due to a nice and deep kiss. I wondered how she would be like, if she had experienced a really good dicking, and not just good kissing. She would probably pass out for days. I really shouldn’t be joking and deriving fun at her expense, when she still is passed out because of me, in its most basic senses)

“Now,” I said, looking at Sera. Her face was as red as a tomato. Really like a tomato. If you have watched DanMachi, remember, when Bell was called tomato boy? That was the kind of dominating feeling I felt at that time. Hell, go watch more animes, shit bag.

There would be a different fun to kiss erm- I mean, to take Sera’s mana. She had been a naughty girl, into the M of S and M, and spanking felt nice to her. Shit, I would love to shove her down somewhere, kiss her roughly and then shoot her.

“Don’t you dare come near me!” she said weakly, as I walked towards her.

I could hear Emilia giggle at the back. She sure was enjoying that scene, almost too good to see someone so flustered, like Sera.

After a short while, I cornered her like a small animal. She was just a little scared, but I saw it in her eyes, she didn’t mind this. Besides, it was not something that we could help that was the only way to beat Leonardo. Speaking of Leonardo, I got a little concerned about Sera. She was essentially plotting her own brother’s murder, if not murder, death. I wondered how she felt, and if she felt.

As I pushed her to the wall, she covered her face with her hands. The fluster couldn’t be really hidden though. “I am not… ready for this…” she mumbled.

I really felt it to my heart, damn.

“Listen to me, Sera,” I said, crooning, “I….might end up killing your brother, you know……”

She turned her flushed face to face me. I was being very serious and she could see that, for she also nodded, with a seriousness in her blue eyes. Damn those blue eyes, alluring just like Leonardo’s. Mundane details like these will only make thing harder for me.

“I understand where you’re coming from, Kyou,” she said, sounding serious yet timid.

I nodded as well, glad that the point went across.

“However,” she continued, sheepishly, “If it were at all possible that you overpower him, and if it were at all possible, please don’t kill him… spare him, if he ends up in a lurch.”

I smirked to myself.

“Don’t you think you’re a little too NOT concerned about your OWN brother’s safety?” I commented, which was very careless of me. “I reckon he is a great man, and brother… I mean, I would pick him over me any day.”

“Anyone would pick him over you any day,” Sera said flatly.

“That is probably true… y’all believe he is some kind of demi god, eh?” I said, “So why are you okay with all this? You know that he loves Evelyn dearly, and all that… and he would be so damn happy to marry her, right? So why are you in the way of one of his happiness? Should you not be trying to stop Emilia and I, try to make us bleed and die and all that. Or, maybe just hit me hard on the gut, or slap me on the face because I dared to try to destroy your brother’s happiness. Why don’t you hate me?”

“It’s all your fault!” her voice was a silent one, but carried the weight of a scream.

“My fault?” I was shocked and surprised. How could it be MY fault? It was hard to understand, but I got what she meant eventually.

“Yes, it’s all your fault!” she said, her voice getting louder by the second, her blue eyes trembled, watery and diluted, “It’s your fault for making me fall for you!” tears ran down from the corners of her eyes, “Did I ask to fall for you, did I?”

“I- … Sera-” I said and stopped.

“Shut up!” she said, hitting my chest with her small fists, “I love you Kyou! And because of you, I am this horrible person, plotting against my own brother’s happiness with the love of his life! I know how much he loves her and here I am, trying to destroy it for him! I became… this horrible woman! All because of you!”

“I… I’m sorry,” I said, caressing her downy golden head, “Hey, I won’t provoke you that way again, okay?”

She gave a short laugh, ” Kyou… see, I am sorry for not being there when you were facing my brother back in the villa… I couldn’t be there on time!”

I cupped her face, and kissed her forehead.

I hoped that she would never cry because of me again. It gave a distaste in my mouth.

I turned her face to look at me, her eyes on mine.

And then I kissed her. YES kissed her, NOT the process of transferring mana kind of kiss, but the gentle kind of kiss; it was the least I could do, it was my offering at her altar.

it was a different kiss, soft and gentle; also warm and innocent.

I broke away from the kiss for a second and then crashed my lips down to hers. Her lips were not as plump as Fianna’s but were well shaped, and soft like linen. The kiss was first just aggressive from my part, but she began to respond and finally outdoing my pace. It was not a war of the tongue, it was a dance of waltz.

I lifted her legs up and she wrapped her legs around me. Yes, it went on for a while, it was pleasurable and nice. It didn’t matter that we were NOT alone in that room at that time. There was no way I would stop the dry humping just because of a pair of eyes on the pair of us. The mana flowed into me during that passionate exchange of mouth fluids, I felt the mana go down my system into the pit of my stomach. But that didn’t stop us from the passions of the kiss.

Hey, it was not just me, it went two ways with Sera. I kissed and she would kiss back, and then she’d initiate it and I’d respond. It was one of the best tongue things in days. There was indeed a pleasure in NOT competing for the position of the top in a sexual or even platonic relationship, but letting things take its own course, or even switching between top and bottom. heh, I sound like I am describing a yaoi relationship.

The little revive came to a close when I felt a pang on my head. It was definitely the hilt of a sword that hit me. And who else, but Emilia?

I turned back, slowly releasing Sera, least she falls down and get hurt. “What?” I said, face half frowning.

“Don’t you dare have the audacity to ask me that, we have barely an hour and some good quarter till the wedding, and you’re here having all the fun in the world, as if you have all the time in the world to suit your interest,” she said. her voice was calm, but she seemed a little angry. Heh, just kidding. She looked FURIOUS! And not just the super angry kind, rather, the kind where my life was at stake.

I simply failed to fully understand this girl.

Well, I figured what was up though. A simple case of that petty jealousy all *normal* women were subjected to. it was not even limited to women, but to every gender, regardless of identity. No one likes it when people are better than they are.

“Emilia,” I said, getting serious, tightening my arms around her, “I am not that incompetent, you know.”

She nodded, eyes still on mine.

And then I don’t know what ran across my head, but I bent and kissed her one last time, my chapped lips falling on her way softer ones pretty roughly.

“But hey,” I whispered hoarsely, “don’t you agree that I AM a great kisser?”

“I don’t know about it,” she muttered, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t mind going all wildly with you,” I said with a sneaky grin, “who knows it will; be a reward for your hard work?”

Emilia sighed. And then bam, my gut felt all the pain it could possibly feel in forty two years of serving me. She had punched me, not very hard but still pretty painful, I could feel blood surging out of my throat. Of course, that was just a melo- dramatic way to express it. But it really served me a good one. I almost forgot she was all SISCON! Ugh, why won’t see be flexible?

“Don’t get too cocky,” she said in a low growl. If voices could kill a person, that was the voice that would have been the death of me, because not only was it threatening, I heard the seriousness in her voice; because at the end of it, even she could destroy the wedding herself. And she would not have to be scorned so much like thy would scorn me. Of course, I kept my thoughts to myself. Strong and sadistic people like Emilia hardly liked to be given suggestions or even ideas.

I laughed as I stood straight, “I am ready, Emilia… to go and crash the wedding.”

Emilia nodded, quickly putting that entire attempt at dirty talk behind her. She seemed to have rejected the whole notion of it. It was a very subtle rejection. She really was a siscon material. What a waste, I would love to see her in an anime.

“Here,” she said, pulling out a rectangular ticket- like paper. It was off white in colour with a patter in the header and footer, in golden sequins.

“This is?” I asked.

“Well, while you get frisky with Sera, I took this from Fianna. This is her present for you, the teleportation paper.”

“I see.”

Receiving the paper, I suddenly feel nervous. Yeah, I was so darn nervous, though I didn’t tell her. In a bit I was to have a face off of the century, with my fated arch- enemy, the hero Leonardo Taebutopia Rey. Funny, the protagonist of this story is not a hero, and the supposed antagonist is a real hero, a demi god with his own set of worshippers. But don’t even think about pushing such ideals into me.

“This teleportation paper will take you to the Cathedral, which is really a waste of space, I tell you,” She said, hands on her hips, “Don’t be stupid, and just go and challenge Leo nii-sama fora fully fair duel.”

“Just like that? I don’t think that would be that easy. ”

“Ohh you have no idea…”

“Then what about you?” I said, eyebrows raised, “Please don’t tell me that I am going to go there ALONE?”

“Why not?” she grinned, looking down at me, “The sleeping beauties and I will join you later, when they are awake, it seems a really good kisser sucked out the life out of them as well. I need to wait for their lost souls to re-enter them again.”

“Okay, just be sure to take care of them.”

Emilia just smirked at that. Now, I feel worry about the two….

“Now, before you go,” Emilia said, sitting down on the bed, and crossing one leg over the other, “Listen to me carefully, Kyou.”

She was serious.  And she had all my attention… well, at least most of it. The other parts of my attention was on how exacrly I would have to fight his style of sword, what was it even called? Vaerian sword art? fufufu, I didn’t mean to try to draw Sword Art Online this way, but it was similar. In any case, Leonardo was skilled as fuck, even Emilia had acknowledged it.

I had seen a few parts of it, as it incorporated more than just one kind of style from earth: and I had seen only Kendo and fencing, the two easiest styles possible. I was sure there were so much more in that. There was definitely more to it than he had used during our fight, and were probably not the normal lunge and stuff, but also stuff that dealt with magic. And there I was, still as unskilled as ever, and yet not even string enough yet. The power from the potions were yet to surface in me, and I was still very unsure of my skills.

I mean,  was pretty confident in combat, but after being in a real fight once… he was like the overpowered main character while I was the villain in the story, as seen by the residents of that fucked up world Vaerian. I could stand a chance if there was no fucking bull shit like magic, but with that as his major impetus… no, NO! FUCK NO! There was now ay in heaven or earth or hell or Vaerian that I was going to lose. I had taken three girls’ mana just for that: to beat that man who is going to get married to a woman he loves, who doesn’t love him back. That is pretty much a villain to me.

“When you get in there… openly challenge Leo nii-sama in a duel, to prove your worth,” she said, “That is the easiest way to prove it all… if you beat him, I know he would consider himself not worthy of Evelyn nee-sama… he is a real warrior, unlike you,” she looked at me, “And so, I can vouch that that is the only way to finish this.”

“I guess so… if the groom refuses, it’s not like he can force a marriage upon TWO unwilling people,” I nodded.

“Once again, don’t forget the important key, Kyou,” she said, “It is a fair fight. A FAIR FIGHT! That is the only way no one would come in between and support him, even if he were wounded… because coming in to face you would be disrespect to him, and he would not stand that.”

It was not like Leonardo would not stand that, more like, he could not. He was just NOT capable of that kind of thing.

I nodded.

“Now, good luck, Kyou.” she said, with a grimace, “Don’t you dare die, and only emerge victorious. If you get defeated, do an honorary killing… by cutting yourself and dying.”

Eh, hara-kiri? Why would someone from another world know about something as ancient as seppuku in Japan?

“How do you know that?” I laughed, “That is not for children to know, you know… besides, it’s not of this world, is it?”

“I guess not,” she nodded, “But my mother once told me about it… it was called seppuku, if I am not mistaken. She told me stories of people cutting open their bellies when ever they lost their dignities as warriors. I personally liked that idea of self mutilation. It was liked denying the enemy even the right to tear open the body. That is the final form of defiance for any defeated person,” she breathed, “Well, I don’t know how my mother knew about it, but I still liked the stories… it was what I thought was ideal.”

Now, how did the Queen of all people know that?

Wait a minute, I lose and do hara-kiri then that’s mean Evelyn as well, right?

Fuck all that. I was getting late.

“Good luck, Kyou.” she said, preparing to use that paper on me, to transfer me to where I really was NOT invited: the wedding of Leonardo and Evelyn.

She chanted something, as she held the paper in her up raised hand. What I recognised as a blue magic circle appeared underneath me.

I felt my body slipping away.

Emilia was right when she said that it was a different kind of teleportation paper. Because it was comfortable. Almost like when I slipped into and out of my world, by what I thought was MY own power.

White covered me, and then I knew I was in Vaerian Island.

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