Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 22

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“What did you do?” Diamond demanded, an ugly expression on her face.

“I don’t know… I didn’t mean to.” I spoke helplessly.

I had been letting out all of my lust on Misty. It had even gotten to the point where Diamond had grown tired of watching her nemesis tortured and had left me to my vices. I didn’t know if it was because Misty was my type, the cyclops’s extreme sensitivity to females, or because I had shared so many firsts with Misty, but she enflamed my sexual desires like no one else could. Then again, my only other choices were a foolish slime and a bitchy corpse.

“What are you looking at me for, pig?” Diamond noticed I was glancing her way, and she covered her chest even though she was still dressed.

Yeah, compared to the bottom-barrel skanks I had been fucking, Misty really was a goddess. Her body was round and soft in all the right places, and she was beyond beautiful. She gave off an alluring scent that inflamed my desires. I couldn’t help myself with her. The cyclops I inhabited proved to have the stamina to meet my extreme libido cultivated by a lifetime of sexlessness, and in a single day and night I unleashed all of that desire onto Misty.

When I finished my last round, she had collapsed. That wasn’t unusual. She had been unconscious for quite a bit of the fun. However, after falling unconscious, I received a warning, and she became wrapped in mana which seemed to solidify into a cocoon. At that point, her usually green eyes turned red, she grew curly ram’s horns on her head, as well as a spade tail from her tailbone.

At that point, I freaked out and ran to get Diamond, who became speechless after finding Misty in this transitive state. It was strange. Her body was changing. The bump on her head had disappeared, and all of her other wounds closed up. All of her scars began to disappear, and her skin was becoming milky smooth. It was almost like she was rejuvenating, all of the abuse I had given her during her many visits being rolled back as she turned into a perfect version of herself, more beautiful than even before.

I was no longer in the cyclops. When I was inside him, I had too much trouble remaining in control. I had sent him to his throne seat and made him wait like a child sent to the corner. I made sure he had his loincloth covering himself too. Honestly, his size and the level of lust inside him made me a bit nervous when I wasn’t in control of him. I was thinking of finding him a chastity belt that only I had the combination to. In that moment, I was just a glowing orb next to Diamond though.

“Explain what you did, exactly. Did you use any dungeon points?” Diamond rubbed her forehead.

“I didn’t!” I declared. “The system said something about her becoming corrupted. It said she is a demoness minion.”

Diamond spun to me. “What did you say?”

“Ah… corrupted?”

“A demoness?” Diamond looked back at Misty, and for a second, her eyes held a hint of fear.

“What?” I asked. “She clearly is a demon. You’re undead and Sandy is a slime. I don’t see the issue here.”

“You don’t understand.” She shook her head. “Demons come from the Fallen Shadow realm. They’re all A-rank monsters or higher, and denizens of the demon king. Female demons do not exist, but if they did, they would not appear here.”

“Well, one has.” I responded awkwardly. “The information given to me seems to suggest this is the ultimate goal of dungeons. We’re supposed to break heroines and turn them into demonesses.”

“This is…” She looked like she was deep in thought. “I need to go.”

I blinked. “Go?”

“What?” She gave me a mocking smile. “You want to keep me around? Misty is defeated. I’ve fulfilled my side of the bargain.”

“Sh-she’s not dead yet.” I tried to defend.

I knew we had already talked about this, but I still hadn’t expected her to leave so quickly. In many ways, I realized I had come to depend on Diamond. Although she was mean and always had an attitude, she was also smart and soothed my anxiety quite a bit.

“As much as it would please me to see Misty dead.” Diamond grimaced. “I don’t plan to kill her, and you shouldn’t either.”

“Didn’t you say she works for the demon king?”

“I said demons work for the demon king.” She made a face. “Didn’t you say she was your minion? Can’t you feel her like the other monsters?”

“It’s similar.” I frowned. “But it’s different too. For example, I don’t feel like I can take over her body. I also don’t feel like I can hold her in my dungeon. Instead of costing me dungeon points in maintenance, it almost feels like she increases the flow of DP. Although, its hard to tell because its not as high as when she was a human invader.” 

“Brail’s adventuring guild has a small library.” Diamond began after a long moment of silence. “I’ll like to return there to do some research. I want to learn more about this demonification. There has to be some record of things like this happening. Besides, the more I learn, the more I can help you.”

“Help me?” I looked at her in surprise. “You want to help?”

“Tcht… it’s just an investment. If I put work into you, then you can provide me fame and fortune. Don’t think I care about you at all or anything like that.” She huffed.

“An investment…” I nodded.

“Speaking of which, give me the armor pieces you’ve inscribed.”

“Eh? Why?”

“To sell…” She rolled her eyes. “If I can sell some products from your dungeon, I can lure more adventurers.”

“More? We finally stopped the ones who have been threatening me and you want more to come?”

“Are you seriously an idiot?” She demanded. “You need to continue to grow to provide me the things I want. The women who come will be low rank and greedy. They won’t be able to defeat your dungeon. They’ll be free points and supplies. I don’t know why you’re concerned. With your cyclops as backup, even a B-rank adventurer doesn’t pose much of a threat.”

“Who says I’m your provider?” I cried out. “Although, I guess you’re right, I should continue to grow.”

“If you want my assistance, you better think of providing for me.” She pouted. “It’s the least you can do after what you’ve done to me. Besides, you’ll need more points if you’re going to get a male avatar. I won’t do it with a monster…”


“There are no men left!” She snapped at me. “You’re a girls only chance at experiencing… shut up! Just remember, the male avatar you decide on better be tall and attractive, w-with a beard! I like beards on men.”

“I don’t even get what you’re saying.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She huffed, her face turning red. “I’ll be taking your three sluts with me.”

“Passion’s Summit?” I cried out. “Wh-why?”

“If I’m returning, I need to come up with an adequate excuse. Bringing the Passion’s Summit girls back will smooth out a lot of details with the adventuring guild and may even put be back in good standing.”

“Good standing? You’re saying you were in bad standing?”

“Ahem, that’s not important.”

I glanced over at the nearest cage, where an adventurer was lying in an almost catatonic state. “Won’t they talk?”

“You underestimate the level of trauma they’ve received here. Between the multiple doses of forget-me-not and the other traumas they experienced, they might not even remember their names once they leave.” She glanced at Misty and frowned. “I’m surprised they didn’t demonify like her. Perhaps, there are other factors involved.”

Misty was still lying in her magical cocoon. Neither of us had any clue what would happen when she woke up, but I had a distinct feeling she’d no longer be my enemy. When I turned back, Diamond was already returning to the core room. She began packing up her bedding, which was to say she was tossing everything of value into her storage ring. When she was done, the room was pretty much empty. Although it wasn’t like she decorated the place, her presence did make it feel lived in, and now I felt a bit like I was missing something. She stopped at the door way.

“Do you have any points remaining?” She asked.

“About 2,500.”

“Give me all of the treasure you have. Buy any armor you can afford and transcribe it and populate the dungeon with that.”

“Why do I feel like I’m being robbed here?”

“Nonsense… I’m going to use all of this to try to encourage others to come to your dungeon. Once your dungeon has been recognized by enough people, even if the guild mistress wanted to do something, she couldn’t. Dungeons are allowed to exist as much due to popularity and public pressure as they do for economic reasons.”

“In other words, my dungeon needs to be a place people want to return to?”

She made a face. “Let’s just say if you were planning on doing to the next group what you did to Passion’s Summit, you might not last very long.”

I made a coughing sound, even though I wasn’t in a body that needed to breath. She had been correct. I had been considering starting another point generator. However, if every girl who entered my dungeon left severely traumatized if they didn’t disappear completely, wouldn’t that give my dungeon a bad reputation and result in my early demise? Plus, it sounded like I might get more than one party at a time, so such a generator wouldn’t work anyway.

In the end, I did as Diamond asked. I gave up most of the treasure from my dungeon, and even my three toys. It felt really painfully bringing the three girls out of their cages. They were all unconscious and delirious. Speaking of which, it wasn’t until Diamond pulled them out into the sunlight and fed them water from a waterskin that I realized I hadn’t really fed or watered them since I captured them.

They had all severely lost weight, to the point even the plump girl was supermodel skinny. They were also covered in bruises, and their bodies shook from cold and exposure. They might not have lived too much longer had I kept them anyway. It was probably for the best that she took them with her. I was always bad at keeping pets.

Diamond only waited at the entrance long enough for the one of the girls to wake up. It was the leader, the blue-haired girl, who woke up. Diamond didn’t treat her with any pleasantry. In fact, she berated the confused and disorientated girl until she was crying. She had her convinced her party almost died and it was all her fault. Then, she made her carry her friends as they walked back to the city.

Since the girls were all light from weight loss and wearing only the surviving rags from what they had on, they were pretty easy to carry. Diamond had taken all of their supplies and told them they were lost to the dungeon. She also wouldn’t help carry the two women, forcing the leader to take the burden.

“You can leave one of your friends behind for dead, if you’d rather.” Diamond shrugged.

“N-no… please… just give me a bit to rest.”

“If you slow me down too much, I’ll just return on my own.”

“No! Please… great heroine. I’m coming as fast as I can!”

The leader of Passion’s Summit had a surprising amount of reverence for Diamond. Apparantly, the adventuring rank wasn’t just skill, but also the pecking order within the guild.

Like that, they left my range of senses. I felt strangely empty inside. Diamond had been the only intelligent person I could talk to, and the with the Passion Summit girls, the dungeon had felt full. Now, with all of them gone, I felt like I was in an empty home. On top of that, my points took a massive hit. They went back to increasing only a little faster than when I first came to this world. Considering I still had so many monsters with upkeep, I supposed I should feel satisfied it was still going up at all.


I brought my consciousness back to the boss room. I had heard the moan from Misty. Her magical cocoon had dissolved and now she was slowly coming to. I felt an extreme wave of anxiety. For as many encounters as I had with Misty, I had never actually spoken to her face to face. I was afraid of what she would do and what she would say. It took everything I had not to flee. I noticed Sandy hiding behind a column, watching with some interest. Her foot had grown back and she was back to her original, beautiful self. The cyclops was sitting in the boss’s throne where I left him like a statue.

Misty’s eyes fluttered open, and she rubbed them almost like she had woken up from a nice sleep. I watched her body stretch as she yawned. She suddenly seemed to realize she was naked, and let out a gasp, covering her chest and jerking upright. She looked around the room, her eyes flashing from place to place. When her eyes landed on Sandy, the slime ducked behind a column. Her eyes finally fell on me. It seemed like she could see me in my spectator form.

“Do you know who I am?” I asked.

She frowned for a moment, and then nodded. “Master.”

I felt knots in my nonexistent muscles release. That was a good answer. It made things a lot easier. 

“What do you know about your situation?” I asked.

“I entered your dungeon in order to kill you. I failed.” A defeated expression fell across her face. “I fell into complete despair, and in that moment, you claimed my soul.”

“You have become a demoness.”

She winced. “Yes, Master.”

“Will you do what I say?” I asked.

“Yes…” She responded.

“Stand up.”

She stood up, using her arms to cover her naked body.

“Show me your body.” She lowered her arms, and I could see her naked body.

I had seen her naked body countless times and even had my way with it, but watching her spread her arms and show me still caused my heart to start beating faster. I couldn’t help but admire her entire body. It was the same, but it was also very different. It was like her metamorphosis had perfected her. Her skin didn’t contain a single blemish. If it wasn’t for the horns and tail, she’d be a goddess, so I supposed it was apt to call her a demoness.

“Um… suck my cock!”

She blushed. “Master doesn’t have a cock to suck.”

“Oh, right…”

Was my glowing ball of light turning pink? That was probably my imagination.

“If Master wants to control a monster, I will do my best to pleasure Master.” She spoke quietly, but politely.

“You know that? You know I can control monsters?” I asked in surprised.

“I was able to reason as much, after you… with me… so many times. The only connection with each of those monsters is the dungeon. Now that I’ve seen Master, I know it was you all along.”

“I’m… sorry… you’re beautiful and I couldn’t help myself.” I responded without thought.

Saying it now, I even wanted to punch myself in the face. If this was back in my previous world, I’d be in prison. Then again, my true body had done nothing, and noone in my previous world would guess I could control other bodies. I found myself feeling guilty for my actions, but if I was being honest, I would have done it again if I had the chance. I was worried she’d wear a disgusted face or glare at me, so I was surprised to see her blush cutely.

“Thank you.” Was her only response.

Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help myself any more. Although she was the same woman I had enjoyed countless times, the tail and horns made her a completely different person. Not to mention she was interacting with me and would do anything I asked. It was true that Sandy would also do whatever I wanted, but I felt slightly more excited when it came to this goddess. I flew right past her and entered the cyclops. Her eyes followed me and watched as I took over his body.

My dick immediately grew hard. However, I noticed that scent, while alluring, didn’t cause me to lose control like it did when she was a human. It wasn’t so much that my desire was any less, but that the cyclops’s brain didn’t react to demoness pheremones in the same volatile way. I found myself relaxing considerably, and even smiling.

“Can you suck it now?”

She bowed her head. “As Master commands.”

She walked over to where I sat in my throne. Her body moved more sensually now, her tail swaying side to side between her legs. Watching her approach me with the intent to suck me off was enough that I nearly blew my load just watching her. However, when she fell to her knees and then took my dick into her mouth, I couldn’t help but roll my head back and moan in extacy. This really was the life. Sitting  in a throne, having your dick pleasured by a beautiful goddess, what could be better?

Of course, my massive cock nearly the thickness and length of a small arm couldn’t enter her entire mouth, she still used her tongue and mouth skillfully.  She was extremely talented, or maybe it was just she was the first blowjob I recieved on a real penis from someone smarter than a slime. The pleasure was so intense, I felt like I might lose consciousness. However, it was just too good. I reached a hand down and stroked her green hair. It was so pretty that it made her look like some kind of dryad or nymph. My hands then gripped the horns on her head. It was such a surreal feeling, holding onto her horns while she sucked my dick. It felt so natural.

I could feel the tension in my body build and then break. My cock exploded in her mouth. My cum filled her mouth and dripped down her throat. She kept her mouth on my cock, sucking it clean, her cheeks bulging with my seed. She then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, showing me her mouth was empty.

“Good job. Now come sit on my lap.”

We were just getting started.

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P.S. This is probably closest to what Cyclops should look like,but its kind of hard to get AI to handle two people at once, hince the variation.