I made a Slave Harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 2 Part 6

Episode 6★: Female knight Leona’s Blowjob and semen drinking

「*kiss*…We finally meet, my love…!」

Leona separated her lip from my dick and rubbed her cheeks on it gently.

「Do you want it that much?」
「O-Of course! For this past month, I see this big thing…no, it was displayed」
「You don’t need to speak formal. Speak like usual」
「No, I’ve sworn my loyalty to Ryu-sama. That’s why…!」
「Then that’s more of a reason」

Leona opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「You’re the captain of the Female Knights. It’s unnatural for a captain to humble oneself for a man」
「I won’t get angry with just your speech. In addition, if you’re cautious of your manner of speaking, you’d make a mistake on a critical moment. You still belong to the female knights after all」
「…understo…Got it. However, let me call you ‘Master’ at least」(TN: Wakarimashita is formal and Wakatta is casual they mean the same)

Well, that’s fine. It’s in a category of permissible.

「I don’t mind. But keep the location and time in mind」

Leona nodded and put my thing in her mouth at once.

Doing this as soon as the talk is over… As expected she’s thirsty.

「*Suck*…*Slurp*……! I always wanted this…!」
「You, is this your first time doing this? You’re good」

Leona is a strict knight. Naturally, it is expected that she never mingles with men.

However, she caresses my lower body-my penis exquisitely.
She’s not using her teeth, and she doesn’t grasp it too much.

「During this past month…I was always watching. And…*suck*, *slurp*…Memorized it」

She’s quick to learn as expected.

I didn’t cast charm on her, is it because of her composure?
I’m expecting growth from this fellow.

「Master…This bulging part is weak to stimulation right?」
「Do you know?」

She crawled her tongue on the tip of the penis.
She flickers the tip of her tongue to stimulate it.
As she lick the sensitive part, I can feel shivers from my back.

「When licking the sensitive part, it transmits shivers on your back. But…」

Leona opened her mouth, and swallowed the penis to her throat.
「N, mooooo!」
「Good. Take it deeper」

Leona swallowed my penis with a momentum that might dislocate her jaw.

In addition
Her throat tightens on my penis


It’s a power I’ve never felt before
So this girl can do such things?

「I’m doing this because other girls can’t meet the expectations of master. Therefore, I…」
「Is that so. That loyalty, I have certainly received it」

Leona further tightens her throat, then moved her head back and forth.
Saliva drips from her mouth, as she shakes her head violently.
I felt my penis turning hot as the feeling was just like inside a vagina.

「Master…It’s getting bigger」
「It’s because you’re good」
「I’m glad I’m being praised by master」
「It’s the master’s job to praise the slave」
「Slave…! I’ve become a slave of Master!」
「Yeah. But, you still hadn’t fulfilled the promise」
「nbu!?」(TN: Choking sound)

Leona began to moan painfully probably because of my dick getting bigger.
Under normal circumstances it’s already painful, it even got bigger.
It might have dislocated her jaw for real.

「Master…! Master…! *Juboo* *Gobo*」(Blowjob SFX)
「What a nice sound」

Leona shows an appearance fitting for a Knight
Her high level beauty combined with her gallant figure.

That woman is servicing me hard as she suck my penis.

「If it’s for master…I would do it no matter how vulgar it is…!」
「That’s right. A woman should be Erotic, Indecent and vulgar. Show it to none but me」
「G-got it!」

Leona further accelerated the movement of her head
Every time the throat has been reached, it tightens.

「Leona, I’m about to…!」

The heat inside my urethra is like a red-hot magma.
My penis even turned harder and thicker.

「I’m letting it out」
「Cum! Fill up my mouth…!」

I grabbed Leona’s head and pulled it.

Then, I ejaculated.


Both Leona’s eyes and cheeks widened for a moment.
Since I ejaculated inside her mouth, a huge amount of semen must have piled up.
Her cheek swells like a squirrel.

「*Drink*…! W-what quantity」
「Drink. Drink it without spilling a drop!」
「n, nn…!」

Leona faced upwards, desperately trying to keep her mouth from spilling.

Hearing a gulp from her throat, she drank my semen

「N, *Gulp* *Gulp**Gulp**Gulp**Gulp**Gulp**Gulp*!!」
「How’s it? Delicious?」

Leona nods as she drinks.

「*Gulp*…Haa, haa, what an amazing amount…!」
「Drink everything. 」 Drink to prove that you’re my slave」
「*Gulp**Gulp*…D-delicious. If I am master’s slave, can I drink this everyday?」
「Of course」
「Haah,haah…It’s thick…*Gulp*, there’s still some left in my mouth…」(TN: Just how much did he let out, she’s been gulping it since the beginning of time)

The semen that is from the area of Leona’s mouth was licked too.

「I have never drank something this delicious」
「Fuu. With this, you’re one of my slave」

Saying so, Leona smiled happily.

「Even if you’re a slave, I would hear anything you want to say」
「Understood. Please accept this filthy sexual treatment」

I want to tsukkomi what she said, but I knew that Leona swore her loyalty to me.

「Now then, Leona. Will you cooperate with me for my ambition?」
「Of course」
「In that case, there’s one thing I’d like to hear. I want to invade the castle of the empress, I want to know where it’s most effecient to attacl」
「That is…」

Leona eyebrows approach each other showing she’s in trouble

「What’s wrong? You don’t know?」
「I am Master’s slave For that reason, I want to become Master’s power. but…」
「You don’t know it?」
「No, I know it」

So you know?
Then, why can’t you answer.

「Then answer me. Your cooperation is necessary」
「I-I am master’s slave as well as Her Majesty Queen Elena Ria’s subordinate. I cannot betray her majesty…!」

I see. From this situation, she dislikes the Queen being in danger」

For that reason, Leona said 「I know」 honestly
Because she wants to protect the Queen, it’s fine for her to lie.
Yet she showed that she’s loyal to me.

Well, even if she’s my slave doesn’t mean she’ll betray the empress, this might be conflicting Leona
Understanding the feeling of this fellow, I didn’t ask any further.

But, I want information.
The castle of the nation who governs 70 percent of the world Of course, capturing it would be difficult.

「…Can’t be helped」

I decided to use charm magic.

Charm magic that is something like paralysis.
I will ask Leona while she’s unconcious.
When I finished gathering information, I’ll turn it off because it’s Leona.
I cast charm magic.
「Leona, can you hear what I’m saying?」
「Yes. If it’s for master…!」

When affected with charm magic, they turn to my pure subordinate.
I can force Leona without using magic, but the unnecessary feelings would disappear if I used magic
The present Leona has changed to an existence that loves only me.

「Tell me, Leona. What’s the weak point of the empress’ castle?」
「That is…」

Leona fell silent just like earlier.

No, she’s making a more painful face than earlier.

「That is…that is…Ugh」

Leona holds her chest.
The pain is reflected as she bites her lips and having tears in her eyes.

「I’m sorry master. B-by any means…I cannot tell about it…!」

How could this happen?
The charmed woman doesn’t listen to me.
Could it be that charm magic is not working?