Dragged into class transfer Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Youko sensei 3

「Wait, Sensei…what’s wrong!?」

Youko crawls on all fours, facing Hironobu. It’s just like a female leopard.

The usual calm and gentle atmosphere of sensei now brings unimaginable sex appeal.

Hironobu was bewildered by the gap and remained sitting on the edge.

「Ozawa-kun, since you’re young you can still do it right?」

「Do it?…What?」

「Isn’t that obvious? It’s sex!」

Youko’s appearance is completely strange.

「Sensei, wait a minute…Aaa!」

Youko has gripped the penis that’s smeared with semen after ejaculation with her right hand. Since he just came, it’s not hard and is deflated.

「It’s not big」

「I just ejaculated after all」

「Then, I’ll make it big」

Saying that, Youko did a hanjob of Hironobu’s penis.

Her thin fingers move as it sprinkles the semen, it’s making an obscene sound.

Due to the climax, she knows that he’s sensitive right now, Youko attacked the glans part obstinately.

「Ah…Kuh, Sensei…」

「You’re letting out a good voice, Ozawa-kun. I want to hear it more」


It feels a bit painful but it gradually felt good.

It’s steadily regaining hardness.

「If it’s like this…then it should already be fine」


It’s hardness isn’t hard enough to be inserted as expected./

Unable to understand what Youko meant, Hironobu had a question in his mind.

But, the answer is found immediately.

「Like this…hamo!」

Youko opened her mouth big and Hironobu’s penis was swallowed just like that.


The sticky feeling was transmitted to the penis, Hironobu’s waist floated.

Though it’s close to the warm and slimy feeling of her vagina, it also feels different.

It’s Hironobu’s first fellatio so he can’t suppress his arousal.

(This is…fellatio…it’s seriously pleasant…)

For Hironobu that loves ero, this situation is like heaven.

Furthermore, he’s being forcefully sucked by a female teacher that’s popular among boys.

It’s like an AV like development, Hironobu felt that it’s has become difficult to hold his desires.

「Juburu, juchupapapa, njuru…」


「Jubaba, Ozawa-kun’s penis…got big again」

「If you do that…of course it will」

Licking the tip of the tongue, the penis got hard.

It’s understood that it has been erect and frozen solid.

Youko understands that.


Showing off that smile, she speaks while showing pacifier.

「Jubo, rero…! Gubo, nbuu!」

「Haahaahaa…My waist is melting…」

「Feel more…Hamo, n, juburu, jubababa…!」


He just let it out inside but he’s about to cum again.

Hironobu is madly in love with the adult woman doing fellatio.

(Sensei…is so fucking erotic…!)

He just thought that her chest is big but she’s quite aggressive.

Is this her true character…? When he thought that, Youko sucks Hironobu’s penis like a different person.

「Jubo, gobun, chururururu…! Ozawa-kun, I love it…harden your penis more」

「Sensei…too intense…!」

「Jiboburu, jubobo, nbuu!」

The sound of water resonates.

The glans is being firmly held by the lip, it’s making a sucking sound.

Her cheeks narrowed and her upward glance made it feel lewder.

If this continues he might really just cum.

「There’s soup coming out from Ozawa-kun’s tip…」

「That’s because sensei is good at it…! It’s my first fellatio you know」

「Oh my, I’m glad. Then, let’s make this your best memory」


He tried to resist but he can’t do because Youko is hanging over him.

It’s probably the influence of the status why he can’t oppose her.

(In this world, the power relationship is according to the status…)

That’s why the boy Hironobu can’t push back Youko who’s a woman.

Thinking that, he was able to understand why they summon strong people.

(Well, in my case…status doesn’t matter)

Youko has turned to a simple beast but there’s a possibility of Hironobu being reverse raped.

(But…I don’t hate this either…)

Being pushed down by women, it’s something he’d never experience if he’s living normally.

(This has happened probably because this is an otherworld)

Though Hironobu is thinking, he’s about to approach his limit.

「Nju, bubububu, njuru, gyupo! Ozawa-kun, you’re trembling, you’re about to cum?」

「Sensei is too intense so I’m about to cum already」

「Want to release it inside Sensei’s mouth?」

「A-are you okay with that…?」

「Cum…let it out…!」


She’s somewhat carefree as she’s okay cumming inside the vagina and the mouth.

Since Youko sucks so hard, you can’t pull it out from the other side, ‘fellatio feels so good that I might just cum’, Hironobu thought.

「S-sensei…I’m releasing it」

「Gyubo, jubo…! Release it…cum…release iiiit!!」

「Aaaaa…I can’t anymore…C-cumming…!」


Youko sucks it at the same time he ejaculates.

In that comfort, Hironobu has ejaculated while thrusting his waist up.


Having it enter the throat, Youko’s expression looks painful.

Frowning her eyebrows, eyes closed, Hironobu released his semen without unrelated to that.


Her cheeks swelled in a moment.

Thinking that it she might vomit because it’s painful but Youko didn’t show signs of it at all.



She began to drink the semen.


「Goku, goku, goku goku…! You specially let out this semen…I’ll definitely drink it」

「D-don’t do the impossible」

「I’m not forcing myself…It’s just, it’s difficult to drink it…goku, as it’s syrupy…」

He tried to stop it but Youko seems to have no intention of stopping.

Her throat sounded earnestly.

「Goku…puha! I drank…all of it…」

「That’s amazing…」

「Ozawa-kun’s penis…looks dirty, I’m cleaning it」

「N-No…it’s fine, that…aaaa!」

Youko began the fellatio again.

She’s licking the semen with her tongue.

(Hey, hey…if you do that…!)

It’ll get hard again.

Youko noticed it too.

「Fufu, Ozawa-kun doesn’t seem satisfied yet」


「Then, I’m going to make you feel more pleasure」

「More pleasure…?」

Having expectations, Hironobu drank his saliva.

Youko sat on top of Hironobu.

「Sense….loves riding on top!」

Then, it came out unexpectedly.