Dragged into class Transfer Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Encounter with an elf

Few days after leaving the castle, the elf forest is coming in to view.

「Is Youko-sama and Fairy-sama okay?」

The invasion operation is deployed. It’s normal for Firana to worry.

「Well, I heard that the enemies aren’t that powerful so I think they should be fine」


「Rather than that, we should worry about our own safety…」

Frankly speaking, Firana and Hironobu lacks fighting power. It’s not strange that they can meet an enemy outside the town considering the danger.

「It was wise to bring an amulet belll」

There are merchants who move from town to town without combat capabilities.

Those people walk in the maintained highway with an amulet bell. If so, then there’s a possibility of being able to advance safely.

They had some stops along the road to the elf forest, but the forest was finally seen while they were looking around carefully.

「Ooo! So there are elves there!」

「It’s also my first time so I’m nervous」

「But, they’re not on good terms with humans right? Are we going to be okay?>」
「Probably… I think they won’t attack as as long as we don’t go in deep」

Elves are highly intelligent creatures.

In addition, they can live longer than human so they know various things about the world.

(Other than that, their appearance is beautiful that it’s the best)

It’s an accepted opinion about elves that their appearance is beautiful.

Hironobu is looking forward on what kind of beauty he will meet.

「Hironobu-sama, your nose is widening」

「Really…You already embraced me so much last night but you’re still not satisfied?」

「Yesterday was wonderful too…」

Firana was turned crazy that you might think that she was a beast that has escaped.

She usually have the appearance of a clean princess but the gap when it comes to sex is bursting.

(Bad, bad. My groin swell just by thinking of ero stuff)
Since it would be difficult to walk with a tent, Hironobu changed his thoughts immediately.

「Well, men are weak to beauties after all」

「It’s fine but, please embrace me properly okay?」

「Of course. If you’d like…even now…」

When he’s about to tell that it’s a joke, Firana pointed at the entrance of the forest.

「Hironobu-sama, that!」


When he looked where Firana is pointing, there was a person that was falling.

「Firana, hurry up」


As soon as they rush over the blonde hair woman had fallen down.

Though her panties are in full view because of her terribly short miniskirt but he didn’t have time for it now.

When Hironobu looked at the body, he noticed it.

「Her ears are…」

It was sharper than a Human’s

It’s the proof that she’s an elf.

「Could it be…a female elf… Hironobu-sama, let’s carry her to a tree shade nearby」

「Got it. Firana, prepare water」


He carried the girl to the shade and put a wet towel on her forehead.


The girl has moaned, has she recovered her consciousness?

Looking at the wounds on her body, it seems that she had a fight.

「Oh…You’re awake?」
When Hironobu looked at the woman’s eyes.


The girl jumped out and held her knife.

「Hey hey, we’re not your enemies」

「That’s right. We tried to help you…」

But, the woman doesn’t seem to want to release her knife.

「Hey, Firana」
Hironobu spoke in a low voice

「Us or her…who’s stronger…?」

「The status of the elf is high. It’s probably her」


It can be understood that she’s strong from her appearance.

If it’s lucky, the reason of the enemy would be high.

「Stop it. You won’t be able to fight with that wound, would you?」

「Compared to letting someone enter the elf forest, I’d rather stab you」


She has the resolution it seems.

Hironobu shrugged his shoulders and walked towards her.


「D-don’t come…!」

「Seriously, you’re injured aren’t you?」

Saying that, he took out a healing medicine form his toolbag.

Since it’s refined with Magic, just one drink and wounds would recover.


「Don’t need. I won’t receive anything from a human」

「I don’t care if you kill me but drink your medicine. Okay?」


The bottle was put in front of her.



It seems that she’s hesitating.

「There’s no poison in there. 」

Saying that, Hironobu drank a sip.

The peculiar bitterness of the medicine extends

(It doesn’t seem to be appetizing…oh well…The effect seems to be good)

He heard that there’s one with better taste so he thought of getting that next time.
The woman has began to take the medicine as she might’ve understood that there’s no poison.

She drank it, after a while

「…It seems that your wounds have healed. 」

It seems to have been cured

(Well, it should be fine with this)

They’d have no chance if she recovered her power but at times like this, it’s best to appeal on the reason.

Hironobu winks at Firana and they walked straight to the woods.


When they heard the woman’s voice, they turned around.

「Humans…mustn’t enter further than this」

The woman looked with sharp eyes.

「That’s why, I will listen to you. How about that?」

「That’s okay. I hate danger after all」

「Fuu… Your names?」

Hironobu introduced oneself.

「Hironobu and …Firana, what a strange human」

「Then, your name?」

The woman put away her knife.