Erocom Chapter 100: Kurusu Mia 41 Ando Mikoto 33


「Aaanyah, nnnhyahnnya, ah, ahnnnnnn」

I bang my hips against Mikoto.
Mikoto already didn’t have the leeway to worry about her body.

「Mikotoo, Mikotoo, Mikotoo」
「Naaaaahnnnaah, nyaaaa so intense, wait wait」

However, I couldn’t stop my movements.
Even though I thought that, I move my hips back and forth roughly violating Mikoto from behind as she stands.
Love juices endlessly leak out from Mikoto’s vagina and was soaking into the futon.
Mia won’t stop gluing her body to mine from behind.
I could feel the entirety of her soft boobs on my back as I move my hips.

「I’m dying, nyaaahn dyingg…nnnnnnh」

I handle Mikoto’s small body like a toy.
When I do that, her vagina tightens even more.
It can’t be helped that Mikoto is cute as she receives pleasure with her whole body, red up to her neck.
My dick swelled up to its limits as it forcibly goes back and forth inside Mikoto’s vagina.

「Koumeii, Koumeii, aaaaahn, nyaahn, more, rougher」

Mikoto finally lost it.
She reached the point where the overly strong stimulation was pleasurable.
*Gan gan*, the tip of my dick wildly hits the entrance to her womb.
The love juices formed white bubbles where we were joined.


Mia badgers me for a kiss with an expression like she couldn’t hold back.
Turning my head to the side, Mia’s and my lips touch.

「More, more, more, more, nyaaaaaah I don’t know anymore, I’m turning weeeeeird」

Mikoto gasped seeming in disarray.
And then I kiss Mia like crazy.
Moving my hips, I put my tongue in Mia’s mouth.
She was already entangling her tongue with mine and was making sounds as if on purpose.
Even though Mia purposefully tried to keep the room at a decent temperature, the three of us started to sweat.

You can really feel the scent of「sex」filling the room.
That further heightens my excitement and I touched Mia’s privates with my right hand.
Mia smiles seeming pleased as we kiss.

I continued to massage Mikoto’s breast with my left hand.
Mikoto was also moving her own hips.
We are already like beasts. You couldn’t even think of these feelings as human-like.
However, Mikoto repeatedly shouts her love for me.

「Kou, me, i, I love love youuuuu, nyaaaahn, nahnhaaaahn it’s poking meeee」

And then, Mia also tells me her feelings as our tongues are entwined.

「Nchu, aaaaahn, Koumeii, I love you too…aaaaahn」

When I gently brush her clitoris with my middle finger, Mia shook her hips and opens her eyes wide in pleasure.
I was full of happiness looking into those eyes while kissing her.

「Nya, nya, nya, nya, Koumei, more, aaaahn I, ahn will end up cumming again, it’ll be an amazing orgasm soo, aaaanyaaaaahn, cummingcummingcumiiiiing, I’m cummmmiiiiinnng, cummiiiiiiiing—–」

Mikoto bends her body.
Because of that, my dick ends up slipping out of her small body.

「Nyaaaaahn, Sorrryyyyy」

Mikoto shakes her body while apologizing.
And then, transparent liquid is released all at once.

「Ah, aaah, aah」

Mikoto’s body quivers like a broken toy.
Mikoto hides her face with both hands and bites her lip at the endlessly releasing love juices.

「Miaaa…Sorry…it felt too good」

Mikoto was crying.
As she was falling over completely exhausted with teary eyes, she grabbed hold of Mia.
Mia caught her and stroked her head with an expression of overflowing affection.

「It’ll be fine if we just wash it…」

After that, Mia and Mikoto were already dealing with the futon.
They tore off the sheets and threw them in the laundry.
It was decided the whole thing would be washed at the laundromat.

「I’ll be fine with sleeping on the sofa…」

After the clean-up was done, Mikoto ended up sleeping on the bed.
We ended up looking at her cute sleeping face together.

「It was quite violent…」
「That’s right」

Mia and I both put clothes back on.
We both try to regain our calm.
However, we both knew that was a bluff.
There was still some sticky things wrapped around us.
It was like at any opportunity we would blow up and end up having sex again.

「It’ll be fine…if we go to the laundromat before today is over, right?」

I said while being a bit tense.
I feel partly responsible for polluting the futon.
I felt more than ever it would be good to go outside to regain my reasoning.

「I’d go for you」
「I’ll go too」

That’s not what I meant.

「No…I’ll go alone」

Mia looked up at me seeming a bit disappointed.
My dick tries to swell up with just that.
It really won’t be good if I can’t collect myself.

「I leave Mikoto to you…」
「Yeah, I got it」

I balled up the futon hanging on the veranda and tied it up with a string.
Carrying it under my arm, I made preparations to leave.

「You’re quite used to this」
「Yeah…somehow I’m stuck with the cleaning at my place」

I gave a wry smile towards Mia’s words and replied.
When I go to leave the room, Mia opens the door and holds it open for me.

「I’ll be gone for a bit」

She taught me where the laundromat is.
It was actually a little far from here.
I was happy that I didn’t pass any people and weren’t looked at with weird eyes.
I toss the futon in the large washing machine and put in the money. I put in the detergent and close the lid.


I sat down to take a breath.
It’ll probably be a bit of time until the laundry is done.
Somehow it’s already late. I just noticed I forgot my phone.

「Well, I’m quite free…」

There was a manga magazine nearby but it wasn’t the latest.
When it was done washing, I put it in the dryer.
It’ll need about an hour to dry.
For a second, I thought to go back to the apartment.
However, it’d be too much of a trouble because it’s far away.

After an hour the dryer finishes up.
Carrying the futon, I headed back to the apartment building.
When I press the room number on the auto lock, Mia opens the door.
As I enter the room, Mia flies towards me.


Although I lost my balance, I caught her.

「W-what’s wrong?」
「You’re late…」

Even though she says I was late, it can’t be helped.
Mia whispers as she is glued to my body.

「I held back the whole time…」
「Didn’t you promise you’d put it in me again…」

Mia looks up at me with wet eyes.
After a bit of silence, I laid the futon down in the corridor.
And then, Mia took off her short shorts.
Even though I came back after regaining my calm, it was no use.


Mia let out an excited voice as she was taking off her short shorts.
She took off her own underwear.
She was so ready for sex her pussy was wet to the point of dripping.
Her hair was put up and being able to see the nape of her neck was erotic.

「Yeah, ravish me…」

As I take off my own pants, my already hard dick popped out.
I notice something with my barely remaining reasoning.

「Ah, the condom…」
「That’s right…I’ll get it」

Mia ran into her room.
I laid out the futon I was carrying.
Mia had taken the condoms out of my bag.
After I lay out the futon, I embraced Mia from behind.

「Ahn, here is no goood…Mikoto-chan’s sleeping」

Mikoto let out rhythmic breathing as she slept on the bed.

「It’ll be fine, she’s a deep sleeper」

Snatching the condom away from Mia, I hurriedly put it on my dick.

「Shall we go to the living room?」

It seems Mia was thinking of Mikoto as she leaves out into the corridor.
I grabbed Mia before she reached the living room.

「Aahn, waiiit」
「Let’s do it here…」

She places both her hands against the wall of the corridor.
I grab her thin hips and place my dick against her privates.

「Mia, I can’t hold on any longer」
「Uu…I can’t either…put it in」

Mia presses her hips against me tightly.
We both couldn’t hold on long enough to make the short distance to the living room.