Erocom Chapter 106: Eda Fukiko 15


The mood turned strangely tense.
I swallowed my saliva and asked.

「Do you like me?」
「I like you」
「By that I’m guessing you mean my penis, right?」
「That’s correct」

It was an immediate reply.
However, I blinked over and over again waiting for her next words.

「I like you, your penis included」

Her face when she said that is something I probably won’t forget for the rest of my life.
The huge breasted beauty tilted her head to the side with her cheeks slightly red.
Her long beautiful black hair swayed smoothly and her slightly sweaty clavicle shined.
The student council president looked elegant and dignified wearing her light blue one piece.

「I thought I said that earlier though」

She definitely did say something similar in the student council room.
She fell in love with me. Then, she realized she was in love with the same person as Shirota.

「But…you said you liked my penis」
「That’s right」

It was quiet but she nodded with a clear tone.
I ask while confused.

「I don’t know…Doesn’t that mean you like my dick and not me? And yet you’re even saying you want to be my girlfriend」
「It seems like you’re misunderstanding something so I’ll be more clear」

When she finished talking, Eda started explaining in a flood of words.

「You and you’re penis aren’t separate things are they? I thought your penis would be included with you…am I wrong?」

This huge dick is mine and not considered separate.
So that’s what she means.

「You really didn’t know. I thought you just wanted a young girl to say indecent things over and over again」
「Let’s discuss the definition of what a young girl is another time」
「You’ll do that for me?」

*Fuh*, Eda smiled as if loosening up.
Occasionally she shows a childlike smile.
When I see that smile, I feel my whole body relax.

In the first place, it was my problem.
When she said she fell in love with my dick, I thought that meant she didn’t fall in love with me.
However to Eda, my dick and I were the same thing.
If I think about it, it’s obvious. She wouldn’t fall in love with the dick of a guy she hates.

「Then is there something about me other than my dick that you like?」

See, there it is.
As soon as I start to believe she likes me, it’s immediately shot down.
However, I’ve also gotten a bit used to her.

「There isn’t anything special with your face. You aren’t really tall. You get failing marks in physics. I also don’t see you participate in any sports…You are always in the corner of your classroom and you don’t take your club activities seriously」
「Oi, isn’t that going a bit too far?」
「You think?」

Eda brushed her bangs aside.
After I gave a big nod, I said.

「How can you say you fell in love with me with that then」
「I can. I fell in love with you…」
「The only thing I can think of that I like about you is your penis. Even now, I can think of plenty of things I don’t like…」

It wasn’t that she couldn’t say anything.
The student council president stared at me without her glasses on and somehow tried to tell me her true feelings.
Guessing that, I couldn’t say anything.
My heart beat so fast it started to hurt.

「But I fell in love with you…I can’t help it I’m in a trance」

I could somehow hear fireworks going off in the distance.
It was probably some kids playing in the plaza nearby.

「If you want a reason for me falling in love, would you be fine with me lying?」

That last comment was probably a joke.
After smiling without saying anything, I shook my head.

「It’s fine, thanks…I also like your boobs」
「Ara, we match」
「But, if I don’t get permission from the others…」

There shouldn’t be a problem with Shirota. She’s Eda’s best friend.
If Eda was the one to incite Mikoto, I’m sure she couldn’t object.
The problem then becomes Mia.

「That’s how it is but in the near future I want to make an opportunity」
「To meet with your girlfriends directly and properly become friends」

I ended up stiffening up for a moment.
Rather if she became my girlfriend, then she would just need to meet with Mia.
However, Eda said all the girlfriends.

「Eda. Is it possible that rather than be my girlfriend you want to be friends with everyone else?」

That’s right.
Now that I think about it, it’s not like it’s a natural desire for someone like Eda to want to be my girlfriend.
I don’t doubt she has fallen in love with me and likes my penis. Those words shouldn’t be a lie.
However, I know she isn’t the type that would want a special relationship with me.
Because of that, if she says she wants to be my girlfriend there should be another reason.

「Y-you’re wrong!」

It’s the first time I’ve seen Eda be this easy to understand.
Her face got bright red and her cheeks puffed up as she looked away.
It was like she was displeased with that situation.
It’s not like she was coming from a place of not knowing anyone.
If Eda was the one to instigate Mikoto, then that thought process is weird.
Which must mean things didn’t go the way she planned.

Then, Eda’s reason for pouting is that.
She was unable to become friends with everyone.

Her cleverly noticing the rings.
All while putting on a show to tutor me.
Everything is coming together.

It’s very like Eda to not be able to say things like I want to play with everyone else or I want to be friends with everyone.

「Eda…Were you lonely?」

Eda glared at me and said once more.

「Y-You’re wrong!」

Eda’s face got even more red.