Erocom Chapter 105: Eda Fukiko 14


「Are you gonna head home? Or would you rather show me your penis」1
「Shouldn’t you be saying something like “Want to stay and have dinner?”」

I put my stuff in my bag and stood up.
And then I looked at Eda and said.

「I’m going home. Thanks」
「I see…I wanted to spend a little more time together though」
「If that’s how it is then say something」

When I checked the time, it was already past 7:30 at night.

「What about your dinner? Don’t you need to eat with your parents or something?」
「If that’s what you’re worried about it’s fine…when I went to change my clothes I properly told them I’d be eating here」

Right when Eda explained that, the sliding door opened.
Yoshie-san was sitting in the hallway.

「Your evening meal awaits you milady」

I was surprised at the excellent timing.
Eda looked at Yoshie-san.

「Thanks, Yoshie-san. It’s fine for you to return now」
「Then if you’ll excuse me」

Yoshie-san put two trays into the room and then left.

「What is this?」
「I told Yoshie-san when we would be having dinner in advance」
「Even so…eh? Which means you knew we would be done studying around this time?」
「That was my expectation…so, what will you do?」

Eda placed the trays on the table and looked up at me.
The tray was decorated in a Japanese style with grilled fish as the main course.
It’s not like it was exactly extravagant but it looked like it tasted classy.
Above all else, it was exactly enough for two people.

「Aren’t you going home? Or will you have dinner?」
「I’ll help myself…」

Thus it was decided I would eat dinner across from Eda.
It ended up being quite a strange debacle but it’s not like it was uncomfortable
Naturally, she had asked for a second helping for me as well as an additional drink. The feeling of Eda being a considerate princess was terrifying.
Even the way she eats is refined; she would put a small amount of food in her mouth at a time.

「That reminds me, what about your grandma and grandpa?」
「Ah…my grandpa is in the hospital」

Eda laid down her chopsticks and looked straight at me.

「So my grandma stays at the hospital twice a week」
「Is that so?…Is your grandpa not doing well?」
「He has a light pneumonia but his life is not in danger」
「That’s good」

In other words, the only people in this one-story house is me and Eda.
The sun was already setting and the summer heat was dissipating.

「Were you just thinking of something perverted?」
「Eda…is that the only thing in your head?」
「Yes alongside getting first on the finals」

She ended up returning a serious answer towards my sarcastic comment.
Furthermore, she delicately weaved in some sarcasm of her own.
After dinner, Eda gave me some cold tea.

「What did your childhood friend do?」

I stopped my hand going for my tea because Eda suddenly pushed forward a conversation.

「She won over Kurusu-san…」
「When you say winning over…well I guess that is how it seems」

She probably heard from Shirota.

「What do you plan on doing?」
「What do you mean?」

Eda looks at me from directly across the table.
As I thought, Eda is beautiful. She had everything that would mesmerize men.

「Like I said…You have some sort of plan don’t you?」
「Yeah, that’s right」
「After all, I thought with your power it would all be settled but」
「Nothing’s been resolved yet」

*Fu*, Eda smiled.
It was different from the occasional childish smile she shows.
It was a somewhat horrifyingly bewitching smile.
After swallowing my saliva, I timidly asked.

「When you say…nothing’s been resolved, what do you mean?」

She could make peace with Mia.
And then she could befriend Mikoto and Shirota.
Ultimately trying to settle things with me.

「I said it, didn’t I? I will obtain your penis」

Saying that, Eda stood up and slowly drew closer to me.

「Weren’t you hoping for something like this?」
「Ah…th-that is」
「You weren’t? If so, wouldn’t you head home as soon as we finished studying?」

Eda slowly rolled up the hem of her one piece.
I couldn’t say anything looking at the sight right in front of me.
Eda’s long, slightly plump legs are gradually exposed to me.
I end up spilling what I was holding back and asked Eda.

「Stop…I have girlfriends」
「Ara, that’s a surprisingly strong refusal」
「O-of course…The reason I ate with you is because I would hate to have your efforts go to waste」

Cutting off my words there, I looked up at Eda.
Her huge breasts obstruct my vision and I couldn’t see her face properly from underneath.

「Also, I wanted to ask you something」
「What is it?」

*Pah*, she let go of the hem of her dress.
Her one piece slowly hid both her legs.

「Why didn’t you do anything when Mia distanced herself from you?」
「What do you mean?」

I wonder if it was in order to have a serious conversation but Eda sat down in front of me.
She had a natural aura that seemed to stretch out.

「It’s strange, right? You told me to leave Mia to you. Even so you didn’t do anything」
「Is that what you think?」

Our eyes met.
Floating a bewitching smile, Eda licked her lips.
It was somewhat stuck in my mind.
That’s why I thought I’d try to ask that question.
I couldn’t think of Eda withdrawing without doing anything.

「You don’t mean…」
「There’s only so much I can tell you」

We talked about everything.
The one who incited Mikoto was Eda.
I don’t know how she got to know her.
And I wonder how she talked with her.

Of course, Mia took her distance from Eda.
If she knew Eda was the shadow behind Mikoto, it wouldn’t go well.
That’s why she hid it.

It feels as if my head is dizzy.
My instincts were sounding an alarm. I’m no match for this woman.
Eda changed from her smile back to a serious face.
It made me think of an ice queen.

「Okutani-kun, I have a proposal」
「Wh-what is it?」

My throat was dry.
Looking over, the cup that was supposed to be filled with barley was empty.
I wonder if that timing was a part of her plan as well.
I ended up thinking that.

「Won’t you make me your girlfriend as well?」


  1. I fucking spit water everywhere lol