Erocom Chapter 112: Shirota Yotsuba 23


And then the fated time came.
Although I say that, it was just after school on Friday.
I was walking down the hallway in order to take my physics retest.


The person who called me out was Shirota.
It seems she prepared for her club in a hurry as her breathing was slightly elevated.

「Should we head back together?」

We both head down the hallway.
Recently, it’s become common knowledge Shirota and I get along.
There weren’t any particularly weird rumors. It just seems like we became friends to the committee members.

Shirota was a bit fidgety today.
Our eyes met over and over again during class and each time she would smile at me.
The sporty girl had healthy dark brown skin.
She had a plump body and moist lips.
Her round eyes were cute but the glint in them were sharp like a pitcher’s.

「How are you? Think you’ll pass?」
「I’m definitely fine. Everyday, Eda would go over the original test with me」
「Yeah, Fukiko is very helpful」

Shirota let out a sweet smile.
We reached the stairs. I needed to stay on the top floor while Shirota needed to go down.

「After club, I’ll wait at the school until you’re done…」
「It’s fine. I’m not going to head over to your place until night, right?」
「That’s right but I want to do as much as possible together」

Shirota said, seeming a bit embarrassed.
She says something while scratching her cheek with her index finger without making eye contact.

「I also said I would be meeting up with some friends…so it should be fine to show up late at night」
「Is that so?…Then, when my test is over, I’ll wait for you」

I already messaged the club that I wouldn’t be there today.

「Ah, then…at that empty classroom」

Giving a short reply Shirota heads down the stairs.
Without stopping, she turns around and gives a short wave.
And then only said「Good luck」.

I entered the physics lecture hall.
Other than me, there were plenty of people retaking the test.
The time limit was an hour. As people finished, they would go up to the teacher to get their grades.
Rather if you get a failing mark here, you have to wait for summer lessons.

「Good job」

I finished the test before the time limit and turned it in.
The teacher gave me a passing grade and gave me freedom.
When I looked at the score on the test, it was a perfect score.
Eda’s power is incredible.

>I got a perfect score.
>Isn’t that amazing?

For the time being, I sent a message to Eda.
I immediately got a reply.

>Good job.
>It’s great you didn’t have a rough time with the retest.

Smiling bitterly at the uncute reply, I headed towards the empty classroom.
There was still plenty of time before clubs ended.
I grab the desk next to the window.

Since it was an unused classroom, the cooler couldn’t be turned on.
However, the breeze today feels good so if I open the window it won’t be hot.
I took out the『The Murder of a Quick Bather』book I received from Ooki and opened it.
I’m already at the climax where the detective was about to expose the criminal.

I like reading these parts in mystery novels that deny expectations.
Since it isn’t a quiz, I purely enjoy the story and want to be tricked.


When I look up from my book, Shirota was standing at the entrance of the empty classroom.
She was in her uniform. There were rules that you have to leave the school wearing your uniform.

「That’s some amazing concentration」
「After I got here I stood around for about 5 minutes but…you didn’t notice me at all」

When I looked at the clock, quite a bit of time had passed.
The criminal was already figured out as well as the trick.
It was probably from thinking about the considerably surprising course of events.


I put in a bookmark and put the book in my bag.

「There’s still a bit of time before we have to leave…what should we do?」

Shirota entered the empty classroom and closed the door.
I could tell she locked the door behind her.

「Even though you say that, there’s only 15 minutes left」
「That’s because you didn’t notice me」
「It’s your fault for not calling out to me」

Although I said that, I stood up and drew closer to Shirota.
Shirota also draws closer to me.

「I smell like sweat, you know?」
「I know…even so, you want to do it right?」
「Nh…I’ve been exposed」

Shirota’s face got red as she glued herself to me.
The scent of sweat pricked my nostrils.
Her plump breasts were gently pressed up against my body.
Time continued on as we hugged each other in silence.

「12 minutes left」

Shirota looks at the clock and mutters that.
She looks at me and somewhat puckers her lips.


Immediately guessing her intention, I kiss her.
Her lips were soft and full.
Even though she had club outside, her lips weren’t weathered at all.
Her slightly sweaty arms brush against my skin.

Shirota got better at kissing.
Although she was pressing her lips in a daze, she was able to collect herself.
I suck on her upper lip as if pecking at it which causes her to open her mouth.
I use my tongue to brush her smooth teeth.


As I crawl my tongue over her gums, she entangles her tongue with mine.
It was like two wet and slippery living things mating.
We were both sipping on the large amount of saliva we were secreting.
*Chuppa chuppa*, an obscene sound raises as if on purpose.


We separate our lips.
*Tsuu*, a string of saliva stretched between us.
Shirota looks at me with enchanted eyes.

「Your kiss…I love it」

Shirota stuck her tongue out to lick the saliva off her lips.
Blood starts to collect in my nether region from her actions that were just too erotic.

「There’s still 9 minutes…」

Shirota glanced at the clock and muttered.
If the bell rings, that’ll be our time limit.
We’ll need to leave the empty classroom and the school grounds.
Although I will be spending the night with Shirota, we still have time after this.


I opened my mouth while undoing the belt on my pants.

「Lick it」1
「You’re in a hurry. It’s cute」

Saying that, Shirota gets on her knees and takes off my pants and boxers.
And then smiled when she saw my exposed penis.

「But this guy isn’t cute at all」


  1. Not necessarily a demanding voice or a plea. Kind of inbetween