Half elves fall in love chapter 113

Chapter 113: Castle / Fantasia 2 [Dianne Laila, etc.]



The monsters annihilated in-front of Maia without any resistance.

“It takes less than an hour for that number of monsters……”
“That is a dragon……my ancestors a hundred years ago used to fight against that kind of thing.”
“That’s an ally…… isn’t it good?”
“Even if it is an enemy, we can’t do anything……”

The rumors heard in the city of Catalina were all about Maia.

“Eat calmly.”

In the corner of the station, she ate the finest meat steak from the city’s butcher. It was provided from Lister-san’s pocket money.

“I might have to sacrifice one or two of my daughters as an offering to dragons……”
“No, I don’t want human flesh.”

Maia answered immediately.

“……Have you eaten one before?”
“No, but my granduncle and Laila-sama have some experience.”

Sir Buster raised his eyebrows.


He looks at Laila. Laila didn’t know.

“Not that person.”

Maia noticed and followed up, so it was safe.

“If that’s the case, what’s the correct offering to the Dragon Palace?”
“For food, cows or horses are usually good. We don’t really need treasures. Everyone is happy with alcohol. I also like clothes a lot.”
“I, I see. ……Hey, someone bring the best alcohol.”

Lister-san arranged it in a hurry.

“But what is this little girl who is a dragon?”

Sir Buster muttered while stroking his unshaved face. And Sharon got involved.

“You can be an incarnation with your true identity as a dragon.”
“A, Ah……is that true?”

Maia responded stubbornly as she received a steak that Selenium had cut.

“It doesn’t matter.”
“I don’t think it’s going to work either way……”
“It’s the dragon body that’s strong and violent, but I can still make children with other races as it is.”
“Wh, What……!?”

Sharon turned red. After all, it was unexpected news for her head.

After eating the steak, Maia was toasting the alcohol which was bought for her with Laila, Selenium, and Hilda. As if Sir Buster resolved himself, he asked…

“Thereupon……after all I can say with confidence that, you’re on the side of the Renfangas army, right?”

Maia looked at Sir Buster with no expression. She looked to Dianne. Dianne took a step back as she knew it.

“Dragons have no obligation to the community, but only through personal relationships. I don’t want to get it wrong, but she doesn’t side with Renfangas, or, in turn, the human race, but she’s just showing her friendship to the elves of the northern forest territory. We’re just accompanying her as a witness.”
“Today’s battle was a lot of work for her as a play. That’s it. I’m sure she’ll be on your side as long as nothing interferes with the expedition action that is the main subject of your request to the Elf territory. But I hope you don’t think that the dragon’s protection has been obtained.”
“……I see. If you’re an enemy or an ally, it’s the will of the Northern Elves that the dragon will follow.”
“It’s not exactly the case, but I don’t mind you thinking so.”

Dianne was good at that. It was a form that once again strongly showed that we were the messengers from the Northern Elves. Besides……well, actually I was the master, but as long as I wanted to cooperate with Irina, we were not telling a lie, just hiding my presence in between.

“I understand. However, it is true that some difficult situation was avoided in this operation. I will not forget the utmost gratitude.”
“I hope that some messengers will send it to the clan council.”
“……I understand. So what are you going to do from now on? We’re going to go back to Rennesto once as it is.”
“We can’t send all the Gauntlet Knights, but we can take you back to Rennesto, if you like.”
“Thank you.”

We looked at each other. I thought we would collect information in Catalina.

“Are we returning?”
“Yes, we are. ……We don’t have to gather information or solidify our foothold this time.”

Time was missing. ……Well, it might be good for us to not be greedy, but it was easy to rush into the exploration if possible.

“Shouldn’t we be a little more persistent? We can let Maia fly to an area that we can see at least……”

We got out of town and I talked to Dianne for the first time while preparing the carriage (for flight transportation). Dianne smiled bitterly.

“This time it’s enough if we can make an impression of Maia and that our identity is closer to the elf territory. ……And I hope you guys understand the atmosphere around here.”
“First of all, we show our power by impressing them with Maia. Since this means the high strength of the elf territory, the more flashy it is, the more they will cooperate seriously.”
“And, in connection with that, we claim to be a force closer to the elf territory. This has some political implications. In fact, we are acting on behalf of the elf territory that has not provided any forces. That will be a “loan” from Celesta to the Elf territory.”
“……Well, that’s right.”
“Celesta wants to continue the trade with the Northern Elf territory. They want to make a loan to secure it. This loan is a ship for the central government.”
“I thought you would say that, but……is that okay?”
“Because of the action to make the loan, we are allowed freedom. For Renfangas, the impression that we are not only the Celesta army but the messenger of the northern elves, the companion of the dragon, it’s a great deal, and for Celesta, silent lending gets stronger.”
“……I don’t know politics well……but first, isn’t Celesta’s stock going up? In the end, Celesta won’t be able to lend a flying dragon.”
“In that regard, it doesn’t have to be a flying dragon. Separately, it’s also possible to use Ace Knight or Master Knight. It’s not the best, but it’s more than that.”
“……By changing the tip of the handle, we strengthened the connection to the elf territory rather than improving our impression of Renfangas……that’s what you mean, right?”
“That’s right. The dispatch of Ace Knights is still the best response for Celesta, who was unable to meet the original request to lend flying dragons.”

Then, Dianne laughs bitterly again.

“It was the root of this period that established the structure…… and made our special duty corps an essential element.”
“I, I see… ”
“I was struggling to make a proposal for a dragon-incorporating strategy while making the dragon rider’s existence clear.”
“……I’m not ashamed.”
“”Well, it’s for you, it’s worth it, so don’t worry.”

Diane was a person who really hid and struggled.

“And the reason why this time is enough for scaffolding is……well, you’ll know when we come here next time.”
“……Ah, maybe.”

Seeing the city of Catalina, like an ugly anthill, it was soaring behind me. The city, where the Red Arms had already spread the word that Maia had rampaged, would surely be much more supportive the next time she came.

“That’s what it’s all about. And, it is sparse when sitting while being awed. It’s more of a blessing once we’re away.”

……You’re cunning, Dianne.

“We’re ready!”

Selenium appeared in the carriage. Dianne muttered and gave instructions behind her.

“Anzeros, please call the Gold Arms. Maia, change into your dragon form soon.
“Roger that!”
“Andy, are you okay?”

Looking at Anzeros, who was running sideways, I nodded to Maia, who asked and she made a pose and transformed. A blue dragon appeared.

“Now everyone, get on! After returning to Rennesto, we will return to Polka tomorrow!”
『Roger that!』

A blue dragon took off from the grasslands in front of Catalina when the sun began to tilt. From the high rooftop of Catalina, Maia responded to the Red Arms who were waving brightly while being covered with bandages and wandered and then headed south.


In the evening, Dianne, who went to report to the Queen with the Gold Arms, returned to the same room as yesterday.

“……It’s over here tonight, Andy.”
“Are you bothering me?”
“Don’t ask for things that are insensitive.”

Dianne smiled. I was already naked and watching Laila and Hilda-san, while holding Maia’s head as she was giving me a fellatio.

“Hun, nnn……hamuuu……Andy-sama’s dick, I’m glad to have it……”
“……I did it last day.”
“Aurora’s and Selenium’s smell are left behind……”
“I also did it with Apple.”
“Selenium’s and Apple’s smell are similar……”
“Hoho. My nose seems to work better.”

Maia was naked and sucked my dick wholeheartedly while having her eyes closed. The dignity of being the impersonation of the destruction of thousands of Rock Dolls in the daytime was not there and the slender limbs of a dignified girl radiated a fascinating incense that invited a man’s lust.

“Maia……hey, Maia, can I move……?”

My dick was sucked by her innocent and neat mouth. Her tongue was entangled around my son and caressed it lovingly. Excited by the sight, I grabbed Maia’s head.


Maia softly nodded. I couldn’t imagine her refusing. I grabbed that little head and started moving. Carefully pushing my dick into the back of her throat, pulling it out and putting it in again so as to scrape through her thin and soft lips.

“Nu, gu, ngo, nuuu……nnn♪”

In such a situation, Maia didn’t resist and didn’t go against the posture which I started and she happily accepted my deep throating that was close to abuse. That destruction, and the processing of my sexual desire, were probably not much different for Maia. If she was useful to her master, she would be happy with it. Maia, who wanted to serve me as if she was breathing, just accepted my motivating waist movement.

“N, guu, nguuu, habu, nnn, ngugo……♪”

And even if I ejaculated after moving deep down her throat many times, there was no distortion of pain and suffering floating on her face but the sense of accomplishment that gave me the physical and mental pleasure of her being made to drink my semen.

“Nguu, Nguu……nkuu. ……Hahuu. Andy-sama……”
“It felt good……”

Thorough enslavement pleasure made this dragon unique. I loved Maia, who was so defenseless.

“Ho, that’s the reward for Maia.”
“Hey Hey, occasionally, why don’t you try seeding Hilda-sensei?”
“Older sister will be the last, if you’re the first who is having sex, Andy may faint from the pleasure and the play.”
“I want to serve Andy-kun with my pussy……”

The four people in the dark elf and dragons room that was different from yesterday’s younger elves room, were bewitching and strong. Dianne also took off her clothes before long and each of the four started to seduce me.

“Hey, Hey owner, my womb is already waiting for your semen.”
“This honey is awesome♪”
“Andy, you’ve been favoring Irina and Apple recently. Do you misunderstood that I’m too busy to have sex?”
“Andy-sama, I’ll be fine whenever I get fucked……♪”

Brown bewitching, snow-white charm. I swallowed fresh saliva from seeing each attractive limb. All of them had been tasted again and again, so just looking at their naked body made me feel like each pleasure got revived.

“We, Well then……Dianne and Laila hug each other in bed.”
“Ho, choosing a luxury way to have sex again♪”
“I don’t care. If Andy wants that, then that’s fine.”

Just like a widow who invited a man into an alley, Dianne lied on her back on the bed. Laila approached her with a natural and cool way of walking, embraced Dianne and pushed her butt up.

“Is this okay?”
“Now, hold me as you like……♪”

I approached as if invited by the two meat holes and grabbed Laila’s waist.

“Hoo, are you sure?”

Laila raised a happy voice. And I inserted,

“Ah, Andy……!?”

into Dianne below. ……No, I wasn’t aiming for any meanness, but it was somehow good.

“Go, Good grief, you really like strange feints……♪”
“Expectations… Good, I’ll give the first one to Dianne, so I’ll play with your ass.”
“Even if you don’t tell me, it is worth to rub my ass.”

I made a round trip through Dianne’s vagina with just a hip movement. It was a bit uneasy because it was not fixed by hand, but Dianne moved rhythmically with my waist movements and it moved exquisitely so that I rub against the vagina wall at various angles.


The timing of hip movement and her tightening were in synchronization, as she knew how I felt comfortably and how I reflected off the unexpected stimulation. While tasting this, I grabbed Laila’s hips with both hands and rubbed it.

“Nuu……hu, huhuu, you’re not good with your hand……you’re just touching my buttocks and knowing what my womb is targeting…♪”
“M, My womb is first……it is the first time to throw semen into my child bag……♪♪”
“I, I know……I don’t want to release you until I put it out, Dianne.”
“Even if you don’t want to let go, I’m afraid that you might get lost if you’re mean and pull out……”
“I won’t do it……be, besides, I can afford it……!!”

I was made to ejaculate into Dianne’s womb after a complex movement and her tightening up to unreasonable level such that it felt cornered at the end of the sperm fight which was antagonistic and my sperm was thrown out.


It was as if her cervix was a lasso and the vagina was chased and caught. Even ejaculation felt like a sense of defeat somehow.

“Haaa……haaa……it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to receive an ejaculation……”
“……I got a glimpse of the depth of Dianne’s frustration……”
“Wh, What’s with that way of talking.”
“That’s why I’m not going to distract my butt……I’m going to make you feel good with just my butt……”

When I was stubbornly defeated with a sense of defeat, Laila stumbled strangely, so I pulled out from Dianne and pierced into Laila’s pussy.

“GGu, aaaa♪”

At that moment, Laila screamed with joy and squeezed her vagina. It seemed to have shut down.

“Laila, don’t be selfish.”
“Ugu, so, sorry……hiuuu!!”

She shook her body without permission and tightened her vagina as I moved because she was having convulsions. It was a selfish blame that was only done by Laila.

“Hiaaaa! A, Aaa! Haaaaa!!”

And Laila loved this kind of forced sex regardless of her partner. I grabbed her lively body and violated her forcibly.

“If you’re not on the floor, you won’t be able to see Laila like this……♪”

Dianne, who had semen flowing down from her crotch, gently rubbed Laila’s breasts mischievously and Laila shook and trembled like having a shudder. And then…

“Laila, here, I’m thrilled……tighten it more!!!”
“Gugaa, a, aaa……it, it’s terrible……kuu♪”

Laila responded with her vagina to my self-declaration of ejaculation while dripping her eyelids and closing her eyes. Ejaculation started…

“AA, aaaaaa……!!”

She seems to have jumped one step further with the heat of the ejaculation and fell down on Dianne. ……It was a difficult dragon because I liked it the most.


I pulled out my cock while taking a breath and I heard a voice in the next bed.


When I turned my face, Hilda and Maia were hugged each other, laid down and beckoned, just like Dianne and Laila. ……Ah. Maia was convulsing while blowing the tide to the feeling that it was not good.


……Well, if I let Hilda play like this, Maia would be mentally in danger.

“I, I’m going now!”

It was a rescue. ……If possible.


“……Aurora-san, how did it go after that? Did that converged sonic shoot become a thing?”
“No, as expected, continuous use is still……”
“There should be a breakthrough because your older brother was able to use it. If you can use it freely……”
“……Th, there is a strange voice……”
“Ah……its next door. Andy-san isn’t here because he went over there tonight.”
“……Th, That’s……it’s not usually one-on-one……”
“Huhu, it’s a cultural difference♪ Andy-san is matchless♪”
“R, Rig……no, that’s the problem……”
“It’s alright. Right, Apple♪”
“We, Well it’s usually different, but we’re female slaves.”
“Nu, Nusu!!?”
“Ah……that, even if he gets another person, I’m not going to break up……I don’t need to be a bride or a lover.”
“Me too♪”
“Th, That’s what it’s all about.”
“Celesta allows that kind of love.”
“……Celesta is……”

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