Erocom Chapter 115: Shirota Yotsuba 26


We locked eyes with each other in silence.
If I were to compare this to other silent moments, this moment now would be an obscene silence.

Without moving, we stared at each other.
We face each other behind a pillar that the air conditioner didn’t properly reach.
She had her upper half exposed with her nipples hidden.


The statement from a moment ago spawned this obscene silence.
The statement about making kids forcibly made us conscious.


After giving a nod, Shirota put her hand in her skirt.
And then, she pulled down her panties.
When she slipped them over her feet, she slouched a bit.
Her tits hanging emphasized their size.

I took a step closer to Shirota.
With just that, I could feel the tension in the air.
Shirota opened her eyes wide. Her pupils were wet.
Shirota put the panties she was holding into her pocket and opened her mouth to speak.

「I…want a baby with you」

There’s a lot of problems with that statement.
But, it’s not like I don’t understand Shirota’s feelings.
We love each other. With the exception of all the things like social standing, wanting kids is a natural thing.

「Yeah…I want kids with you too」

It’s still impossible.
Even so, I still had those feelings.
We both kiss each other.

Shirota’s lips were sticky.
As I thought, Shirota kissing me was the best feeling ever.
It gave me pleasure and a sense of satisfaction and security.

「Nh…chuu, chuuu, nh」

I rubbed her exposed breasts while kissing her.
The smooth skin that stuck to my hand made my hand numb.
When I press them they change and then would quickly return to their original shape.


I touched her inverted nipples with my index fingers.
Shirota opened her mouth and let out a deep sigh.

「Shirota…If we don’t kiss your voice will get out」

Giving her consent, Shirota stuck her lips to mine.
Her loveable attitude excites me.
I rubbed her tits with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other.
Since she took off her panties, she was naked right under her skirt.
Sometimes when I rubbed it, the softness surprised me.

「Nh…ahn, chu, yahnahn」

Shirota gasps while I kiss her.
I dig my index finger into her inverted nipples to stimulate them.
Gradually, her nipples stiffened.
And then, they forced my finger out.

「Aahn, chuu, nh, aahn, my nipples…they’ll come out」

With that declaration from Shirota, her teased nipple poked out.
It was a small nipple but it was the perfect size to suck on.

「Shirota. Here, these are the tits the baby will suck on」
「Nnnh, I’m glad」

Shirota smiled with a bright red face.
And then she licked her lips and said.

「I want you to suck them…before the baby does」
「Then, I’ll help myself」

Without my lips blocking hers, Shirota ends up letting out her voice.
A bit surprised, she covers her mouth with her own hand.

Clinging to her small nipple, I continue to suck.
*Chuu, chuu*, I desperately suck her nipple like a baby.

The hand I was using to rub her ass over her skirt is pushed inside.
Her thighs feel silky clean.
It’s probably because of the sports she does.
It was just the right amount of muscle to fat.

「Nnnnnnh, nnnh, aahn, nh」

Shirota twists her body as she desperately tries to hold back her voice.
Letting go of her nipple, I start to suck on her other nipple that’s still hidden.

「Fuuuuuhn, nnah. Ahn, nnnnh」

Her stiff nipple was hidden inside her tit.
I suck on it while stimulating it with my tongue.

「Yah it’s coming out, my tit is coming ooout」

Actually, it’s her nipple that came out.
However, Shirota didn’t have the leeway to notice that mistake.
*Pukuh*, the other nipple properly showed its face.
I quickly suck on it.

「Nnnnnnnnah, aaayahn, nnnah」

Shirota gasped as her face got red and her eyes moistened.
Biting on the hand she was using to cover her mouth, she desperately tried to hold back her voice.

I pushed my hand that was in her skirt further in.
I bring my hand along her legs up to her crotch.
Opening her eyes wide, Shirota was shaking her head.

「Now’s no good…yaaaahn, nnnnh」

Shirota bites down on both hands to keep her voice back.
I rubbed Shirota’s crotch while sucking on her nipple.
It was like a tropical rainforest. That’s how stuffy the sporty girl’s nether region was.
And inside that slightly thick bush was a plumped up mound.

「Yahnnnnh, Okutanii, aahn, nnnh」

Letting go of her nipple, I looked at Shirota’s face and squatted down.
She had an expression of half anxiety and half expectation.
With her eyebrows raised in the center, Shirota watched my movements with moist eyes.


I dropped to my knees on the floor and flipped up her skirt.

「Nooo, ah, Okutani?」

And without hesitation, I put my head in.
Although I heard Shirota’s bewildered voice, I was glued to the tropical forest in front of me.
It was stuffy. The inside of Shirota’s skirt was stuffy from her sweat and love juices.
The feminine smell made me dizzy and almost stole my consciousness.

「Ah…Noo, it’s no goodnogood!」

Shirota presses on my head from on top of her skirt.
However, I almost forcibly push my head forward and kiss her mound.

「Haa…you’ve been doing, real embarrassing things since a while ago」

She raises a criticizing voice.
Shirota’s hand was pushing me back but she was rubbing my head from on top of the skirt.

「I want to lick it」
「It’s super sweaty」
「Even so, I want to lick it…」

We had a short exchange of words.
I can almost forcibly lick Shirota’s important area.
However, if I didn’t do this, it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

「I want to lick」
「Like I said, it’s no good」
「Didn’t you also lick mine」
「That’s…nh, hey, don’t lick there」
「Do you feel it?」

Shirota’s voice was sweet.
Even though I drew my face closer to her privates, there wasn’t any resistance.
As I stretch my tongue out to its limits, I lick in between her labia.

「Yaaaahn, I said it’s no goood」

However, she wasn’t resisting.
On the contrary, she opened her legs a bit as if to make it easier for me to lick.

「Then, Okutani…if you want to lick then you have to promise」
「Promise what?」
「No matter what happens…don’t leave me」
「I promise」

I lick her at the same time as replying.
Even though she was holding back, the sporty girl let out the biggest voice she ever has.
*Toro, toro*, love juices flowed out.
Shirota’s sour and somewhat sweet love juices delighted my instincts.

「I don’t know…if I can hold back my voice」

Shirota whispered.