Half elves fall in love chapter 115

Chapter 115: Cats Livin [Luna Anzeros Aurora, etc.]



Luna Basil, a cat beast girl, had sneaked into my room again. With her, I went to Dianne’s room in the girls’ barracks because it was too narrow to check the situation in my room. ……By the way, the 100-man commander private room of the main building that Dianne used before was inherited by Williams. Isaac originally had a larger room because he was an ox-ogre.

“Now, this will not be heard by the Mikagami sisters.”

Dianne made a sound-proofing illusion so that the voice didn’t leak. This prevented the people outside and those inside the room from hearing each other.

“……I thought, why do you hide it?”

Neia seemed to have noticed signs of erotic development but still wanted to confirm.

“Probably because it’s against public order and morals.”
“On the night of a full moon, a cat-beast girl is in the bedroom……what a suspicious picture scroll.”
“Well, I can say that there is no doubt because it is Andy-san.”

Dianne, Anzeros and Aurora complimented me with a face that seemed to understand everything. Yup. I sure saw such a fellow in the erotic picture scroll that Lantz or Williams showed me.


Luna, as usual, had an expressionless face……or rather, she was not interested in difficult things and was just looking at the complex expressions of other people.

“So, your name was Luna Basil. Andy, that……I’m sure you came to night crawl, right?”

When Dianne asked directly, Luna shook her head.

“I came to kidnap him instead of crawling at night.”

Neia unexpectedly put herself on guard. I was also on my guard but in another way. I meant, Luna had kidnapped me by our first meeting. Well, the other three were ready to ask what she was trying to say. As expected, the two Ace Knights and Dianne were on the guard if I was kidnapped without being surprised by the amateur Luna, even though her physical abilities rose during a full moon.

“When I came before, the blonde elf said something like 『Ecchi is not permitted』 and Lina and Yuna were waiting in the forest……moreover, I hadn’t seen Andy lately, so if I didn’t catch him, he might go somewhere again. ”

Dianne thought about it for a while with a slightly troubled face and immediately sought out a secret.

“Anzeros, explain!”
“Ah……Apple said,『If you’re going to be with Andy, you have to wear a collar and become a female slave』……perhaps that is the permit.”
“Hmm. What about Lina and Yuna?”
“I’m sure they’re her relatives. Last time they came with Luna.”
“Hmm… ”

Dianne thought again for a few seconds.

“You said you’d take him to the forest. ……You don’t have a fixed address?”
“I found the right cave, so I hunted there and sold everything in that city to save money.”
“I see. ……Hey Luna. I can’t give Andy to you, but are you ready to live within Andy’s reach?”

Dianne was grinning. Usually, it was common sense, but sometimes it was the strength of commander Dianne that could make exciting ideas. However, there were a lot of cases where it was bad for the heart for a moment.

“You can’t let them live in the barracks, no matter how much the Mikagami sisters have preceded!”
“I am not inviting them to the barracks.”

Dianne puffed up her chest.

“I’m just trying to hire her for my corps.”
“……No, the result is the same!?”
“On the address. It’s really different.”

Haa, Anzeros and Aurora shrugged their shoulders as if they were reading what Dianne said. And Neia sent me a glance to ask me for an explanation.

“But it’s a room with high fighting power……”

My abrupt and simple impression might have been heard only as an escape.


Dianne’s idea was this.

“In short, I want more people who can play the role of Selenium.”

Dianne’s Special Duty Corps was a corps which only had crossbow corps members that could be used for both chores and logistical support (Boyd can fight a little), and an Ace Knight and Dragon Duo that were good at avant-garde battle but difficult in acting flexibly (Dianne herself also belongs to this category) and Hilda, who was a special piece and Selenium to make up for each out of reach. Apple didn’t know what she could do, but it was good for now. Selenium had little fighting ability but had only been able to wander around looking for me in the wide Trot, therefore her single-action ability was outstanding. The existence of Selenium was very large, and therefore, the load on Selenium was certainly large in the sober part, such as that of transmission and reconnaissance.

“That’s why it’s a bit tricky to hire an underaged girl who hardly has any acquaintance.”
“We only need to make an acquaintance from now on. She has the ability to nurture. There’s a point of view that’s fast enough to scratch you from Laila and Anzeros.”
“Even so……”
“This is an urgent need. You understand Andy.”

Dianne told me seriously, I couldn’t follow in the second phrase when Dianne talked so seriously. Is Selenium alone useless? ……It was not good. In the part that we didn’t understand below, Dianne might have always thought like that.

“That’s why Andy… ”
“Try to persuade them. I’ll take care of the means.”
“Leave it to me……”

Luna brought the other two back to Dianne’s room.

“Good, you came. It will still be a long time before the army gets paid, but during that time I will personally pay you, and Andy will always be your night partner during the term.”
“……Leaving that aside, there is something important.”

The eyes of the cat beast girls as they were looking at me were mysterious. Luna was slightly retracted because of first-looking at Neia’s sword, but Lina and Yuna looked at me with a slightly flushed face and opened their lips…

“……I’m here again…… let us have sex? Okay?”

Their tails stood up intuitively and shook by swaying as they aimed at their catch and the cat beast girls, who were sure to be young girls, still approached me. And then, when Lina and Yuna were about to jump, they were caught quickly from their necks by Anzeros and Aurora.

“You are too wild.”

The two catgirls were dropped and Anzeros and Aurora stuck to me as if they were showing off each other. Then they took off their tight clothes.

“What are you doing……”
“As senior female slaves, we are just instructing our juniors on how to do things.”

Summary: They join.

“……Haa. First, shall we 『Educate』 Luna and the others?”

They happily whispered while taking off their clothes. Dianne was not going to participate and crossed her arms and watched quietly. ……Good. For now, let’s 「Persuade」 the three cat beasts.

For now, I loosened the belt of my pants and threw out my cock that hadn’t been filled yet with energy. It was hard to say that the momentum was still on, although Anzeros and Aurora from left and right were reacting fast because they were taking the initiative and making a good appearance. But Lina and Yuna looked at my son and changed the color of their eyes.


They both went down to the floor as if they were enchanted. The magic of the full moon and the memory of a month ago when they were raped by me would burn the secret parts of those two. ……I did my best, that night.

“This collar isn’t exactly a 『Permit that you can always do it』.”

Anzeros guided my hand between her crotch with one hand and entangled the thin fingers of her other hand around my cock and talked to the two cat beasts while playing with my son. In response, Aurora kissed my cheek and inherited the words while holding my bare ass in her hand.

“It’s proof that we´re Andy-san’s possession……Andy-san wants sex anytime, anywhere……no, it is a proof of obedience to accept mating.”
“You can’t just do it when you get excited.”
“Andy-san is a really naughty person, so he may take off your clothes to violate you when he wants to do it. It’s proof to Andy-san’s oath to accept it and leave yourself to the penis at any time.”
“Being Andy’s partner is hard……because when he feels like it, he will constantly ask for it♪”

I felt a lot of exaggeration. However, when I looked at the two who were happily looking from the bottom of their hearts at my crotch and butt, I couldn’t put in nudity. In other words, it was not necessary to be called a female slave too carelessly.

“So much……”
“H, He, always wants to get into a female’s pussy……?”

The two young cat beast girls said that with surprised faces. My penis was getting more and more lively as it was alternately squeezed by Anzeros’ and Aurora’s hands.

“It’s proof that you’ll be a pet for sex……we vowed to be this guy’s sex, seeding livestock……”
“Naturally, pets can’t remove the collar depending on their mood……”
While they were kissing me on my cheeks, I raised my hands steadily. Although I was fighting back by putting my fingers into their vaginas and buttocks and turning around, I was unable to stop these two lewd elves. In front of the catgirls who sneaked in, my penis was warped upright and spilled the juice because of the hand movements from the two female Ace Knights. I counterattacked with my fingers.

“Haaaa……Andy-san, how nasty fingers you have……♪♪”

The counterattack was already counterproductive. It was just getting faster. Two pairs of small but surely soft breasts were rubbed against my elbows and shoulders so that I couldn’t retreat.


Anzeros whispers something and added some extra power to that momentum.

“Ba, Anzero……!!!”

Before I could say anything, I ejaculated.

Byuuuuu! Byururuu, Byurururururuu! Byururururuu!

Because it was the beginning of the magic, the amount was only about half a small cup, but my semen filled with good energy was suddenly caught by Lina and Yuna’s faces.

“It, It smells like fish……bu, but……♪”

Although Lina and Yuna were surprised by the ejaculation, they received it from the face to the chest, abdomen and knees and by smelling it, they shook their heads and set fire to their full-fledged greed.

“I, I will go first……♪”
“Sly, Lina is sly.”

Taking off their head-on robes, they tried to approach me. Anzeros intercepted and pushed the catgirls into Dianne’s bed.

“Poor eyesight. I told you, Andy’s will takes priority♪”
“A girl who can’t stand it doesn’t make a good thing, right?”

As expected, they couldn’t resist the strength of Ace Knights. Lina and Yuna were held down on the bed, with a rich female scent drifting from their underwear. And I…

“First, Luna, your body.”

I nominated Luna, who took a step back to be patient. I approached her to show Luna, as she stood there silently, my penis which had semen on the tip.

“Do you really want a collar?”
“……I, I……”
“Are you ready to become my pet for the rest of your life, giving your secret hole to me at any time and be seeded without any grudge?”
“Whether you sleep or wake up or you’re bathing or hunting, I would always be lusting for you if you look cute.”
“……Th, This……”

Luna muttered as she looked straight into my eyes, showing the color I expected a little while touching my cock with her frightened fingers.

“……I think you’re cute and have a passion……”
“I’m not proud, but I can’t stand up to a beautiful girl and a cute girl.”

She was not really proud of anything. But it seemed enough for Luna.

“……You, I……do you want to make love?”
“That’s natural, what will happen when I press your penis.”

Luna cut off my belt with her nails when she narrowed her eyes for a moment and I thought she had an unusually happy face. …… Sure, the cat beast’s claws were sharp.

“Now, let’s make love, okay. ……I ’ll be Andy’s pet cat, wearing a collar……♪”

The full moon was likely to increase the tension even if it was unpleasant. The smell of semen must have accelerated her sexual excitement to the limit. So I was sure there was a lot of momentum in the current language. It would have just erupted in a form that allowed the desire to escape. Even so, I was thrilled by the current situation that this beautiful cat beast girl surrendered to me and undressed and asked for my seeding.

“I am a seeding pet……Andy……my master……♪”

Her well-proportioned naked body was exposed to me, impressing and approaching me gently. I caught it, pushed her down to the floor, rolled up the waist and thrust my dirty penis inside.

“Did you say, I’m your master now!?”
“I told you……I, Andy……I told you, you’re my master……♪”
“Good nerves, I’m really going to make you my pet! Really, like Anzeros, I’ll fuck you in the morning and at night! So be prepared!?”
“Hinyaaa, a, nyaaaa♪ I’m ready, I’ll be patience……no, expecting, I’m expecting to be seeded by Master every day♪”
“I’m going to do it every day in this hole, don’t think you’ll be forgiven for allowing it, female cat!”

The tension was already completely climaxed by the two of us. Sharing the pleasure of conquest, I slammed my hips to the fullest and then ejaculated inside the womb that she had stuck out of lust.


With that heat, Luna reached her climax while shook her head. A large amount of semen flowed into her vagina that was originally young and had no gaps, leaking out like a fountain and overflowing. The catgirl, who always had an expressionless face, let her eyes become blank and went crazy while drooling.

“Haa, a, aa……♪”

And the elf group was enchanted from seeing it and the two cat beast girls had shining eyes.

“Like Anzeros, what do you mean? If you say that, you’re going to have to do it every day”
“Andy-san’s manly hold down sex is fantastic……♪”
“Luna-chan, you said something like that……”
“Amazing, it feels good……juru”

I pulled out my dick from Luna, took off the shirt that had become heavier and heavier with splashing juices and headed to the four people who were lying on the bed with momentum.

“Hey you guys too, open your crotch! Stick out your hips! I’m going to fill everyone up, damn it Anzeros, I’m going to do something unnecessary!”
“Ehehe, I apologize and welcome you as much as you want♪”
“I want you to pour it into me also many times♪”
“Nya, Nyaa!”
“……E, Emm, I want you to grab my tail intensely……”

While changing soft asses from one to the next, I repeatedly stole kisses and ejaculated into the remaining four people with the help of sperm hell magic. ……I was a little scared about tomorrow. About things like dehydration.

“E, Emm, when should we leave?”
“Well……you can leave whenever you want. I mean, why are you there?”
“Did you forget about me?”

In the corner of the room, Dianne and Neia had a goofy conversation.


“Huu. ……After all. Laila-chan’s nose is amazing.”
“Ho. It’s good to be praised so much.”
“Laila-sama, I’m surprised that Hilda unexpectedly compliments you……”
“Emm, thereupon……what should I do?”
“N……it’s a difficult situation.”
“Haa……if I had been first, it would have been settled peacefully……”
“Ah, Apple.”
“Joke. ……But congratulations, Selenium.”
“……I really don’t know what to do, Dianne-chan. Selenium-chan is having a good time now.”

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