Erocom Chapter 119: Shirota Yotsuba 30


Sweat drips down my forehead.

「Aaahn gooooood, ah」

I desperately shake my hips.
Shirota was receiving it with her whole body and raising her voice.

「Uuuuuhn, ahn, ah, gooood」

We were both going crazy having sex.
It probably hurts as Shirota grits her teeth and scrunches up her eyebrows.
However, the more we did it the more we fell into a trance and desperately sought for more pleasure.

「Aah, ahngoooooodnhahn」

An obscene sound played incessantly from where we were connected.
My penis was already about 80% of the way in Shirota.
Her vagina was tight. Each time I stroke, my body shook as it was particularly stimulating on the head of my penis.

「Shirota Shirota」
「Okutaniiii moremoremo-more, hardeeeeeer, aaaahn」

Doing as I was told, I moved my hips even faster.
In an instant, Shirota raises her voice and bends backwards.
Shirota’s forehead was also dripping with sweat.
Kissing her still moist lips, I quickly entangle her tongue with mine.

「Nchu, goodnhachuu, nh, ahn…goooooood, chu」

As we stop kissing, I take the strap from Shirota’s bag off of her.
And then, I unbutton her dress one button at a time.
Of course, I do so while continuing to thrust inside her.

「Are you taking it off? Aahn, hahn, nh」
「Good, it’s fine if you’re more forceful」

Shirota said that when I was having trouble unbuttoning it.
Although I was bewildered, I pulled open her dress shirt, stripping her as if to rip it off.

「That’s erotiiic…Nnnnahahn goooood」

*Guchu guchu*, I shake my hips.
It feels good. I reached the peak of my pleasure and my thoughts shorted out.
I forcibly take off her shirt. I then lift off the T-shirt she was wearing underneath leaving her in her bra.
While Shirota was raising her voice without reservation, she looked up at me doing it.

I unfasten the front hook of her bra.
Her plump breasts were instantly revealed.
Her nipples were completely hidden.
However, it seems they were already prepared to be let out like usual.

「Ah, aahn, goood, pleease, my tits…suck them」

Shirota looked into my eyes pleading.
However, I muttered while looking at her breasts.

「Ask for it properly」
「Say “please suck on my tits”」
「…Aaah, nnnhahah, nh」

I nail her hips even harder.
My swelled up dick violates her insides in a daze.
Shirota grits her teeth with tears coming out.

「Aaahnnnnhah…Pleeease, my tits, tits, tits, pleeeeease suuuuuck them, aaaahn cummiiiing」

Shirota’s body was shaking as she pleaded with me.


I sucked on Shirota’s breast when she was trying to catch her breath.

「Wai-, aaahn, waiiiiiit, aaaaaahngoooooooood I can’t stop cummiiiing」

I sucked on her nipples with all my might.
*Punyuri*, Her nipples popped out.
It seems they were sensitive after completely popping out.
With just licking it a little, Shirota roared.

「Hey Shirota…I’m also about to blow」
「Aaaaaahn, hiiiiihaaahn, gooood」
「I’m cumming too…gonna cum…」
「Aahn, gonnnaaaaaa, aaahn, goooooood」

Each time she tried to talk while I was licking her nipples, she couldn’t get out a good reply.
Seemed as if she felt it too much as it felt like her consciousness flew away when she was assailed.

「Shirota, Shirotaaa…」
「Ah, good…nnnnhOkutaniiiii」

In that instant I pulled my dick out from inside her.
And then, taking the condom off that covered it, I got on top of the bed.
I squatted down and put the head of my dick in Shirota’s mouth.
Continuing to breathe roughly, Shirota guessed my intention and sucked on my dick.


The magma-like substance flies through my urethra immediately.
*Buryu*, my semen filled up her mouth with so much vigor it made a noise.


Shirota sucked in as soon as I came.
It was like she was sucking my consciousness away as my eyes rolled back.


As she holds all the semen in her mouth, she drinks it with no hesitation.
And then I thought she would receive it but as I thought she was a bit surprised.


Shirota looked at me with bewitched eyes.
When I gently brushed her hair, she closed her eyes seeming delighted.

「It’s still…big, huh」

She muttered while looking at my dick.

「Wanna do it one more time?」
「Is it okay?」
「It’s fine…if you want to do it then…」

Somehow it seems she wants to do it again.
I wanted her to say that.

「Do you not want to do it?」
「Eh? ah…um…I do」
「Then, why don’t you properly ask for it?」

It seems Shirota was a bit of an M.
When I said that, she tightly shut her eyes and hesitated.
And then with her cheeks dyed red, she said in a small voice after biting her lip.

「I want…to put it…in here…once more…please」

Sending a fleeting glance towards me with upturned eyes, Shirota was way too cute.