Erocom Chapter 33: Ando Mikoto 13


Right now, I was holding the T-shirt that was hiding Mikoto’s upper half.
Her shoulders stiffen and her eyebrows crease as she holds her stomach with both her hands.
I could tell it was an act to not hide her breasts in order to confirm she wasn’t wearing a bra.

「You saw it earlier so I’m not really embarrassed」

Such a bluff came out of her mouth.
But she probably is considerably shy.
Back then she exposed her chest in my room.
But now is a completely different environment.
The stars in the night sky shine down on the paddy field road.
The damp wind gently strokes my cheek, and it seems the frogs started croaking again.

「Is it fine already?」
「You really aren’t wearing a bra…」

Even though it was dark, the outline of her breasts were properly conveyed to me.
Her pair of hills expand out from her slightly boyish figure.

「Koumei…give me back my T-shirt」
「Don’t wanna」

Mikoto right now naturally stimulated my sadist heart.
I don’t have a sadistic tendency but even so I want to tease her right now.

「”Don’t wanna” you say…Koumei…」
「You’re not really embarrassed, right?」

Putting the shirt I was holding in to the bag, I grasped Mikoto’s hand.

「Eh? Eeh?」

And then we continued walking.

「Wait! We are going home like this?」
「It’s fine. When we get close to home I will give you your shirt back」

There is still a bit of distance to the house.

「No way! What if someone comes!」

However, I ignore her and continue to walk.
Mikoto follows while looking around restlessly.

This is revenge for all the things she has done to me till now.
No, that isn’t it. I never resented Mikoto.
If that’s the case, why am I doing this to her?

「Hey…It’s embarrassing」

Finally Mikoto honestly told me.
She held my arm trying to hide her body.
Our skin came into contact and a strange sense of relief wrapped around me.
Mikoto’s body was warm. My arm was held between her two small swellings.
Mikoto tightly presses her body against me.

Somehow or another I could tell.
It’s Kurusu’s fault. Kurusu was not a woman I could handle.
Although she said she likes me, she is not a woman who would follow what I say.
I instinctively knew that.

However Mikoto was different.
Mikoto also likes me.
And it seems she would do anything I tell her.
If that’s the case I think she wants me to look only at her.
With Kurusu being the one I can’t control, I am trying to make Mikoto my follower.1

「Hey…Mikoto, if you don’t like it you can say no, but…」

My small childhood friend wrapped around my arm replied after a bit of hesitation to my words.

「I-I got it…What is it?」
「I want you to take off your jersey」

Mikoto was at a loss for words.
*Kyuu*, the power she used to hold my arm strengthened.
I imagine she just regained some power.

「What do you think?」
「Ah…but…such a thing…」

That’s right.
Mikoto wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.
In other words, if she takes off her jersey, she will be nude.

「Like I said, if you don’t want to it’s fine」
「Uu…what’s with that…you really are a pervert…」

Gradually Mikoto was spurred on by my urge to embarrass her.
She had a look of being troubled. And then she looked at me as if she wanted to complain about something.
Everything was lovely.

「You want me to take it off?」

Mikoto asked in a whisper.
*Gulp*. I just nod my head once to her question.

「I-if it’s here…it definitely seems impossible…」

Muttering that, we turned the corner on the road.
And then ahead of where we turned, was the park under the overhead structure that we went to last time.
Now was not a time where it got a lot of traffic.
If we hide behind the storehouse no one should be able to see us.

「Ah…it’s quite bright…」

However even if there was little foot traffic a park is still a park.
There was naturally lights there and it went all the way to the back of the storehouse.
In such a well lit place Mikoto’s bare skin was captivating.
On the tips of her plump reserved swelling pair of hills were pink areolas and solid red nipples.
Her flushed face turned the same color as her nipples and her eyes were moist with tears.
Her hair was damp from not being dried after getting out of the bath.


I just said her name.
Even so Mikoto seems to have thought I was urging her.
She grasped the waist of her jersey and took a deep breath in.

「Don’t look at it so much」

After saying that she slowly took down her jersey.
Mikoto’s secret place became visible. There was a thin bush growing within a limited area.

「…As I thought, it’s impossible」

Losing to her shyness, Mikoto tried to put her jersey back on.
However I lightly grab her hands and said in a gentle voice.

「Please strip, Mikoto…」

Mikoto shut her eyes somehow bearing it.
And then biting her lip, she puffed up her chest as if in order to regain control.

「The-then…since I will strip you should too」

Responding immediately, I took off my pants.
And then stripping all the way down to my boxers, my dick was exposed.


Covering her face with both hands, Mikoto became worried.
Taking the chance while both her hands were busy, I take off her jersey in one go.


Mikoto realized it. However it was too late.
Her jersey was already down around her ankles.


It seemed Mikoto was giving up regaining control but she glares at me resenting me.
I could tell she was somewhat consciously trying not to look at my dick as if worrying about it.

「Mikoto…can you make me feel good like before」

Drawing a step closer to me, Mikoto turned her gaze towards my dick.
It still wasn’t erect but blood was gathering there.

「At that time, it was sudden…」
「But since you did it once, you should be able to do it again, right?」

I approach the nude Mikoto wanting to quickly touch her.
She did not retreat, furthermore it seems she didn’t hate my advances.
Turning her eyes towards my dick, her brow drooped seeming troubled.

「You want to feel good?」

Rather than asking me, she was asking my dick.
My dick bounced up just once as if answering her.

「I got it…」


  1. This paragraph was very confusing I am not to sure what it is even trying to convey