Erocom Chapter 37: Shirota Yotsuba 8 Eda Fukiko 2


East Shirotsuta High School is a private school just like Hashidzume High School.
Even so, there is a world of difference when comparing its equipment to Hashidzume High School’s.
It’s large courtyard and white walled building were both pretty.

I thought it wasn’t necessary to head out first thing in the morning so I left for East Shirotsuta High School just past noon.
It seems East Shirotsuta’s softball club is famous since the townsfolk nearby come to watch their practice matches.
While enduring the sun beaming down on me, I watch the last match.
Shirota was the pitcher.
A commotion was raised from the screeching ball.

「It’s over…」

I heard such a voice.
I don’t understand the rules well but I can still enjoy it.
I feel as though my heart is being washed over by the figures of uniform clad high school girls giving their all in sports.1


I let out a voice after noticing a girl in a fraction of the stands.
That girl was wearing a plaid blue dress and a straw hat. 2
I couldn’t really recognize her face from so far away but I knew those explosive breasts and round glasses.

「It’s Eda…」

Why is she here?
But then I immediately remember that her and Shirota were friends since middle school.
The beauty of Hashidzume’s student council vice president was not overshadowed by Kurusu’s.
Her refined cold aura was going strong even without her uniform.

East Shirotsuta won the match by a small margin.
My chest tightened at Shirota’s vexed face.
I unconsciously wanted to cheer Shirota up.

The club members started to disperse.
The audience started leaving and in order to not stand out I left East Shirotsuta.
I immediately got a call from Shirota.

『Sorry sorry. I ended up forgetting』
「That last match was regrettable, huh」
『Well our opponents were strong…We will definitely win the next』
「I’ll come to support you again.」
『Thanks. Where are you now?」

After leaving the school grounds there was a huge plastic greenhouse nearby.
I told her I was right in front of there.

『I got it, I’m coming right now!』

She actually immediately showed up.
It seems Shirota ran here in a hurry since there was sweat on the nape of her neck.
Her face still had some vitality even though she must be tired after such a long practice match.


Shirota didn’t stop her feet even though she was right in front of me.
I chase after her confused.

「What happened?」
「My kouhai are coming so…look, if they saw a lot of stuff would happen right?」

I don’t want there to be a misunderstanding.
Shirota running while wearing her uniform certainly stands out.
If she was seen with a man, I’m sure the next day would end up being talked about all over the club.
As if she had already decided on where to go, Shirota did not have hesitation in her pace.

「Where are we going?」
「There is an apartment complex nearby」
「Apartment complex?」
「Yeah. No one lives there so there seems to be a rumour that it is haunted」

A little ahead of where we were running there was definitely a plot of apartment complexes.
There was lot of buildings but there was a rope in front of the road that led into them saying no entry.


Shirota tilts her neck while looking at her cell phone screen.

「Where is the East C block?」
「Why? If it’s here anywhere should be fine, right?」
「It’s fine so hurry」

We tried to enter inside and were surprised at how desolate it was.
Weeds grew as they pleased and the walls that used to be white were covered in graffiti.
The rusty bulletin board had a bike that was missing its chain.
There was a dried up pool and a dirty slide meant for children.
The place’s golden age was nothing more than a lingering wind at this point. 3

「It’s here!」

Shirota stopped her feet.
On the top part of the wall there was a faded listing for 『East C』.
It was one of the furthest back buildings of all the complexes.
Certainly if we come this far, we won’t have to worry about someone seeing us.
Furthermore, even if there is a sign of someone, there are plenty of places to hide.

「Here, it’s a bit dirty but…」

While saying such a joke, Shirota entered the building.
I shrugged my shoulders and followed soon after.
We climbed up the stairs to the outside of the stairway and Shirota called out.

「We made you wait」

There was a surprising person on the 3rd floor entrance.
It was a big breasted girl wearing a plaid dress.
She wore a straw hat and strong circular glasses.

「Hello Okutani-kun」
「Wh-why…are you here?」
「Ara? Did Yotsuba not tell you?」

I looked at Shirota.
Shirota scratched her head giving a slightly mischievous smile.

「Etto…to tell the truth, Fukiko was the author of the doujinshi I saw」

I know.
However, that’s because I eavesdropped on Kurusu and Eda’s conversation.
I never thought that was how Eda and Shirota came to know each other.

「Yesterday you said that you would show your erection if you saw a girl’s ero place」

I definitely said something like that.
But, how is that related to why Eda is here.
The uniform clad sporty girl looks at Eda.

「That’s why I told that to Fukiko」
「Fukiko, is a little troubled for her next work…so…she’s been looking for something as reference」
「Shirota, you…listen here」
「It’s fine! You’re already showing me so…show her too」

It is no such thing.
No, well it may end up like that.
I thought the thing I was talking about was Shirota’s ero place but Shirota didn’t grasp that.
She seems to have interpreted that if I could see a girl’s ero place, I would show my dick to anyone.

「Since that’s how it is…」

Standing on the third floor entrance, Eda said in a frank voice.

「Could you show me? Your splendid penis」

Eda had an aura that could not be put into words.
No wonder such a person wasn’t really perturbed in front of Kurusu.

「Well…Ah, even so…Eda…」
「Of course, I won’t say it’s for free…」
「Eh? You mean…」

I looked at Eda and then at Shirota.
And then I looked at Eda again.
I end up looking at her huge breasts but they were considerably perfect.
Her style had extraordinary exposure of her limbs and she had a moderate amount of meat on her bones.
She did not have a slender build, in fact, she was quite plump.
She definitely was just as buxom as most male ideals. My lower body throbs just imagining embracing her.

「Please Okutani…if it’s just me it will be embarrassing but if it’s with Fukiko I can persevere」

Somehow it seems Shirota will show me too.
Yesterday, the one Shirota thought to drag into this was Eda.
And then today was expressly chosen to invite Eda.
I remembered the scales in my head.

On one hand, I will be showing my erection.
On the other hand, is the two beautiful high school girls’ erotic figures.

There was no comparison, I replied with my inner desires.

「Then…both of you, show me your tits」


  1. Fuck this sentence
  2. MUGIWARA!!! (If you don’t know go watch One Piece)
  3. ???