Erocom Chapter 38: Shirota Yotsuba 9 Eda Fukiko 3


It was quiet.
It was like we were the only 3 people in the world.
It was so quiet that’s what it felt like.

Standing before me in the middle of the stairway were two high school girls.
I was standing several floors above the ground and they were looking at me.
On one side was Eda with the air of a rather refined Ojousama coming from her.
On the other side was the sporty girl Shirota with her body wrapped in her uniform.
They were both certainly beauties.
However, their beauty was entirely different.
It was like the difference between black and white and I was full of expectations of the contrasting beauties in front of me.

「I thought so but…isn’t it fine even if I don’t show you? Look, it’s apart of my reward…in the first place, I was able to see it when it was not erect for free」

Shirota muttered that.
And as if to refute that Eda interrupted her.

「That’s not fair, Yotsuba」
「You already saw Okutani-kun’s penis in an empty classroom, right?」
「Th-that’s right」
「Then your reward is over. If you want to see it again, you need to pay compensation」1

It was a somewhat tough way of speaking but that was what I wanted to say.
When Shirota puffs out her cheeks, she made a sound while spitting out air like a child.
*Bu bu bu bu*, She expresses her dissatisfaction.

「Stop it, that’s improper」
「Yes yes. Fukiko-sama」
「Yotsuba, are you mad?」

While watching the two’s exchange, I ended up feeling pleased.
I asked while smiling.

「So…Who will show me?」

I don’t know why I was so confident.
Since my heart hurt and my hands were super sweaty too.
Even so, I bluffed in order to see tits.

「Of course you will be first Okutani-kun」
「There is a possibility that you won’t show us after we show you」
「Oi oi…It’s not like I particularly want to show my dick. If you aren’t gonna show me then should I go home?」

I really want to see.
If I continue to converse with Eda as an equal then I need to be able to bluff at least this much.

「Is that so?」

Eda stared with a bit of surprise.
Her surprised expression was made on purpose.

「I surely thought you were a pervert that wanted to show girls your penis」
「That’s an amazing misunderstanding」
「But, shouldn’t you at least have some resistance to exposing your penis outside?」

This person knew.
She knows about me and Kurusu at the back of the shrine.
Did Kurusu expose it? No, she was not that type of person.
Then, where did she learn about that?

「As I thought…」
「Eda…did you trick me?」
「There was no definite proof, but I heard about you from Yotsuba so I thought it was possible」
「Hey, what are you talking about?」

Feeling left out, Shirota alternated looking at me and Eda.
However, Eda and I continued our conversation ignoring her.
We converse while avoiding direct words and proper nouns.

「Is that a refusal?」
「Yeah, it certainly was. I was a bit disappointed but I feel lucky…to think you and Yotsuba knew each other」
「Hey!? Do you two know each other?」

Shirota slightly raises her voice and forces her way into the conversation.
I give a vague nod to Shirota and tell her to stop her.

「We aren’t acquaintances but this is not our first meeting」
「I don’t really get it but…what are you doing?」
「Yotsuba, don’t show him」

Shirota was taken aback at Eda’s sudden proposal.
She could not hide her confusion at her close friend’s betrayal.

「Now, I know there is no need to show Okutani-kun anything」
「What’s with that!? Is that so, Okutani-kun?」

Shirota directed her sharp eyes towards me.
I looked at Eda while escaping from her eyes.

「Did you not delete it?」
「Yes. I kept it in case I needed to negotiate a second time. For example, when I found the boy from the photo」

In other words, now.
I have definitely started a second negotiation with Eda.
This time not with Kurusu but with me directly.

「Your methods are filthy」
「It’s fine whatever you say. I will do anything for the sake of my work」
「I don’t know what’s going on anymore…」

Shirota scrunches up her eyebrows seeming to be at her wit’s end.
Although I was glaring at Eda, I knew she was not the type of person to simply leak the data.
Even if I refuse here, nothing should occur.
However, she has already discovered that I was the boy at the shrine.
If that’s the case, in order to get at least Shirota to strip, I need Eda to get onboard.

「Shirota…sorry. I have decided to show Eda my dick」
「Eh? What’s with that」

Shirota frowns.
Eda smiles for a brief moment and tells Shirota.

「That’s how it is, Yotsuba. If you want to see it too…strip」
「Wa-wa-wait! Explain it so I can understand!」
「It’s fine even if you don’t know…Now, Yotusba…Will you strip or no?」

Eda gradually approaches Yotsuba.
And then when she was cornered by the railing, Shirota looked at me seeming troubled.
My stomach was full just from this scene.
Beautiful girls were glued together in the stairwell.

「Hey…Yotsuba…you know already but I’m fine with either boys or girls」

While taking off her straw hat, Eda got closer to Shirota.

「I want to see Okutani-kun’s penis too but…I also want to see your embarrassing parts」

Eda touches Shirota’s neck with her lips.

「I-I’m…sweaty so」
「It’s delishous, Yotsuba…」
「Nnnnn, Okutani is watchinggg」

Of course I am.
There’s no guy who wouldn’t look at this.

「It’s fine isn’t it…Let’s show Okutani-kun」

Eda whispers into Shirota’s ear.
And then Shirota reaches her thin finger towards her black belt.

「Geez…you’re always so selfish」

Although Shirota was saying that, she did not put up any resistance.


  1. This is why Eda is best grill