Erocom Chapter 41: Kurusu Mia 15


It was sudden.
The club president Kawauchi made a sudden declaration during club activities.

「This weekend we will be going camping」

It was the beginning of June.
It was a Tuesday, two days after the events with Eda and Shirota.
It seems somehow the only ones not informed of this camp were me and Kurusu.
The other members applaud those words.

「Eh? A camp?」

The one who responded to my question was the vice president, Ebara.
Coincidentally, Kawauchi’s face is square and Ebara’s face is round.

「That’s right. We are going to a campground at the foot of Mt. Futagi」

Kurusu and I made eye contact for just an instant.
And then simultaneously look at Ebara.


I continued to ask as the representative.
Ebara replied.

「Near that campground there are the Mt. Futagi ruins. You knew about Mt. Futagi ruins, right?」
「I don’t know」
「Even so, aren’t we the Human Culture Research Club!?」

I was taken aback by Ebara’s exaggerated surprise.
It seems better to listen quietly.

「A few shell heaps from the Jomon period were found in Futagi ruins. There also seems to be traces of a village and there is also a museum of the Futagi ruins. It is an excellent topic for Human Culture Research」

We can get to Mt. Futagi in an hour by train too.
I also remember going there on an outdoor picnic in primary school.
At that time, I probably saw some shell heaps but I can’t remember.
Ebara gave a frantic and fervent speech with a round face.

「So, let’s go to study! And then after that we will go camping!」

The researching is most likely not the focus.
The real purpose is to camp.
I’m sure it was an idea in order to go camping with Kurusu.
It seems both the juniors also had that thought.
Karata and Ooki zealously nods their heads like a dog.

「Are we staying the night there?」
「…It’s a day trip」

Kawauchi replied to my question.
And then Ebara did a follow up.

「It’s because Kurusu will be there. There’s no way a girl can stay alone with 5 guys」

If that’s the case even I don’t need to be reluctant to participate.

「Since there is a hot spring near the day trip, I want to go there」
「Ah, yeah…」

I don’t want to go though.
In any case, it’s impossible to go in with anyone.

「What do you think, Kurusu?」
「I think it’s fine! It sounds fun!」

Kurusu gives a cheerful reply at Ebara’s words.
She must have realized the guys’ intentions but she made no show of it.
*Paa*, Kuwauchi’s, Ebara’s, Karata’s, and Ooki’s face became brilliant.

「I-If it’s been decided then, we’ll start preparing immediately!」

Ebara announced that and started preparing seeming happy.
It seems my going was already decided as I wasn’t asked if I would be abstaining from going.
After club activities, I tried to go home but Ebara stopped me.

「Wait up, Okutani」
「Eh? Why?」

Kurusu tried to go home too but she stopped her feet.

「Ah, Kurusu, you’re fine. See you tomorrow」

Kurusu tilts her head seeming just a bit curious.
However, after changing to a smile, she waves her hand to everyone and leaves the clubroom.
When Kurusu left the clubroom, there was just 5 guys left.

「Okutani, sit down」

Ebara indicates with a slightly tight expression.
“What is it?” I sat on the sofa thinking that.
The rest of the club members took the other seats.
Ebara looked at Kawauchi with a fleeting glance.
The taciturn Kawauchi gave Ebara a profound nod as if he was entrusting everything to him.
Ebara then returns the nod and looks at me.

「Okutani…I didn’t want to have to talk to you about this but…」
「What is it? You’re so formal」

Certainly, I participate in club activities but I have barely conversed with the other members.
Kawauchi’s, Ebara’s, Karata’s, and Ooki’s eyes are piercing me.

「It’s about Kurusu but…we can’t steal a march on her」

My head couldn’t follow the sudden topic.

「It is an agreement between the guys of the Human Culture Research Club…in other words, us」
「Wh-what do you mean?」
「You don’t get it? It’s a miracle that Kurusu is in this club! We want to keep this miracle as it is. But someone may try to steal a march on her. Of course if it doesn’t go well, then Kurusu may leave the club」

Ah, so that’s it?
In other words, everyone agreed to keep things the way they are.

「You aren’t as zealous for Kurusu but that’s how it is. Got it?」

I became tied up in a one-sided agreement.
Everyone’s eyes were serious.
The men in this club are the type to gather in the corner of the classroom.
They are happy just being able to converse with Kurusu and are desperate to keep it that way.

「If you understand then it’s fine for you to go home」
「Hey, what if the agreement is broken?」

The four were a bit frenzied at my question.
What a love for Kurusu.

「Y-you mean to take a march on her?」

Kawauchi opened his mouth.
Kawauchi probably liked Kurusu the most among the people here.

「I said if…if」

Kawauchi had quite an intensity on his face.
He usually doesn’t speak much so it is difficult to talk to him.

「If someone tries to steal a march then…at that time, we’ll kill them」

That’s too scary Kawauchi.
Since his eyes were serious, won’t Ebara and the two first years also draw back?

And then it was Saturday. It was the appointed day for the camp.
The meeting place was Ichikura Station, the closest station to Hashizume High School.
We met at 8 in the morning and rode the train to Mt. Futagi.

「This…It’ll probably rain」

The sky didn’t look that good.
Heavy black clouds hang low over the sky.
The forecast before noon said it would rain.
Ebara shook his head at my words.

「But we will go! If it only rains a bit then we’re fine!」

Kurusu finally came and was wearing a light yellow T-shirt and jeans.
She was carrying a black backpack and had her hair tied up in a ponytail.
It seems she chose attire that was easy to move around in for the camp.
The guys’ delight rose just by looking at her plain clothes.