Erocom Chapter 52: Kurusu Mia 26


「Nh, kih, aaaahn, hiihn, ah, wai-, slowwly, ahn, waiit, noo, yaa, nah, nh, a, yaaahn」

I was once again inside Mia.
I wonder if more came out this time, Mia let out a charming deep breath.
I was also touching her nipples at the same time which caused her to be attacked with pleasure.

「Aguh, Nnnh, it’s biig, it’s biiiig…Ahn, nooo, amazing, it’s banging, inside my head, it’s banging, an, nooo, nna, my nipples too…」

I was in a daze.
I pushed my son in and out of Mia over and over again.
It was only a movement of a couple centimeters but there was a scary feeling.
Gasping, the crying Mia was lovely and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

「Fuhn, ah, somehow, geeez, anything is fine ya…」
「What about the pain?」
「It huuurts, it hurts buut aaaahn, I’m fine, somehow, it hurts buut, aaaahn」

I was plenty calm.
It was during that moment.
Pleasure built up so quickly it surprised me.

「Ah, cumming」

We were both surprised.
I thrust the tip of my dick inside her and came.

「Aaaaaaah, waaaaaaiiiiiittt」

Since I poked her insides slightly stronger, Mia raises a loud voice.
But, that voice felt far away to me.
I was happy as numerous sperm flew through my urethra.
They jumped towards Mia’s womb.


I lay on top of Mia while still inside her.
I continued to cum. It was all stopped by the condom.
I repeatedly came over and over again while throbbing and gushing out.


The swelling was amazing.

「You came?」
「…Did you feel good?」
「Yeah, amazingly」

After exchanging a short conversation, Mia stroked my head.
Her expression was overflowing with compassion even though she was probably still in pain.

「That’s good…you were able to feel good」

*Chuu*, we exchange a short kiss.
I slowly took my son out of Mia.
At that time, I saw a slight pain in Mia’s expression.
However, it seems the pain wasn’t as much as I thought.

「Ah…it’s coming out…」

Mia smiled while patting her stomach.
Her tightly closed labia a while ago is now spread open.
My fat rod invaded her and Mia’s body rode the stairway from a little girl to a woman.
I could see her pink labia minora hidden inside as well as her vagina.

「Don’t look so much…it’s embarrassing」

Mia closes her legs puffing up her cheeks.
“Sorry”, after apologizing, I take the condom off my son.
The condom was filled to the brim with semen and had a bit of Mia’s blood attached.

「It’s still, somewhat…like you’re inside」

Mia looks at me and frowns seeming troubled.
When I wrap the condom up in a tissue, I throw it in the trash.
I lie down next to Mia and let out a big breath.

「Are you tired?」
「I just now noticed but…I’m super tired」
「You have no stamina, youngun」1
「Aren’t you also tired, Mia?」

When I ask that, Mia slowly turns her hand towards my body while in the nude.
I thought whether our skin would melt together or not.
Our body temperature was that close to each other.
The pointed ends on her breasts were giving my arm a moderate stimulus.
Fatigue starts to coil around the center of my hips and my son falls silent.

「I’m also tired…I will probably sleep soundly tonight」

Mia gets up from the bed.


Losing her balance, Mia placed both hands on the bed.

「What happened?」
「Hehehe…somehow, I can’t walk that well」
「Are you alright?」
「I’m fine…But, somehow here, as I thought it feels strange」

Mia stroked her stomach again.
The figure of Mia stroking her thin waist was erotic.
While combing her fingers through her disheveled hair to fix it, she takes out a towel and shorts from her luggage.

「I’m going to take a shower…」
「Ah, okay」
「Wanna take one together?」

The beauty looks at me with a fleeting glance and invites me.
Her perfect flesh shone in the pale lighting.
And then, her face became adult-like leaving behind her youth.
Her figure made me embrace my crime.

「Somehow…I’m sorry…」
「Eh? Why?」

Mia peers at my face.
I escape her gaze and muttered.

「I was thinking you were perfect…」

Mia was silent in the nude.

「…Even so, giving your virginity to someone like me, won’t you regret it?」

Mia let out a big sigh.
And then shrugging her shoulders, she glares at me with an expression like I was an idiot.

「I kind of regret it with those words」
「That’s a lie…I don’t get you…you’re a complete hetare, the spitting image of a hetare…c’mon let’s go take a shower」3

She extends her hand and I grab it.
While holding hands we head towards the bathroom.
Passing the toilet, we enter the one mat shower room.
After closing the shower curtain, Mia turns on the faucet.

「Prepare yourself!」
「Eh? Ah! It’s coold! Wh-what?」

I was with Mia in this shower that seemed like it would never reach a proper temperature.
Mia said with an innocent smile.

「That’s your punishment」

When the shower reached a proper temperature, Mia turned towards me.
I was a bit chilly from the cold water earlier.
And I was also a bit helpless.

「When did I say I regretted it? Did I have such an attitude?」
「Ah, but, I took your important first time…」
「You know, there is no need to worry」

She was saying harsh words but it had her kindness in it.
The goddess in front of me wetting her hair and not making eye contact with me always tries to not hurt other people.

「Even if I refuse, would you do it forcefully?」
「I wouldn’t but…」
「Right? In other words, I chose the right person…」

Mia looks at me with a fleeting glance.

「I chose you as a suitable partner myself…」
「But even so, it’s not good to decide my feelings at your own convenience」
「Then, is it fine if I ask?」

Mia said floating a surprised expression at my response.

「Well…I wonder. Rather, I think I know even if you don’t ask…」
「Mia, do you not regret it?」

Mia smiled at my question while showering.

「You really ask anything, huh…」
「It’s cause this is my first time」
「It’s my first time too. Well, it’s fine, I’ll tell you this time as a special occasion」

And then when she stopped talking, Mia looked straight at me.

「It is the happiest moment in my life…」
「Th-that so?…」

I was seriously relieved.

「If that’s the case, I’m glad…」
「You’re really making me say everything…」

Mia turned the shower towards me while her cheeks turned red from embarrassment.


Surprised, I shut my eyes.
However, it was different from the cold water earlier, it had a nice warm temperature.
And then I had a soft feeling on my lips.
I immediately understood it was Mia’s lips.
Our lips immediately separated.
It was a short kiss.
She asks in a sweet voice with her now separated lips.

「What about you…? Do you regret it?」

When I slowly raise my eyes, Mia’s face was right there.
Her wet bangs obscenely cling to her face and her eyes had an alluring light in them.
It was like my whole life stopped.
I could not describe her beauty no matter how many adjectives I used.
I ended up feeling happy just from looking.
There were countless droplets of water stuck to her white skin and when the dull fluorescent light hits Mia, they come to life.

「S-something like regret, n-no way…It was the best」
「I know」

For some reason, Mia smiled with a triumphant face.


  1. Said in old timey speech
  2. Sound of someone getting up
  3. Hetare is essentially like a beta male. Loser, wimp, all of the above.