Erocom Chapter 54: Ando Mikoto 15


Ando Mikoto is my childhood friend.
She’s been my neighbor for as long as I can remember.
We passed the time together like it was natural.

We were like siblings.

It’s a good way to describe it.
Rather it’s the best way to describe it.1

We were so close people thought we would get married in the future.

It was words of an irresponsible adult but I did not doubt it.
I thought it was natural to be together with Mikoto and we would be together till death.
After turning a certain age, we obviously understood.
We thought we would look for separate partners and would go down a separate road.
But, our relationship did not change.
We also had confidence in ourselves.

But, we have tried to change our relationship.
Actually, we probably already changed it.

Right now, Mikoto and I are in a karaoke box.
We did not sing in the karaoke box.
We continued on like that for five minutes.

I was ambushed by Mikoto at the school gates.
She had something to say but I could guess what it was.
Just like that, we searched for a place to talk.
And then we arrived here.
It was a karaoke box near Ichikura Station.
Two microphones were waiting on the table to be used.
The screen displayed a song from a new four man band.
Mikoto and I sit on the sofa with a bit of distance between us in the gloomy closed room.
The attendant brought drinks and left.
Seizing the opportunity, Mikoto opened her mouth.

「So, what?」
「Like I said, you stayed the night with a woman」

Mikoto drank a tropical juice the store had.
She asks with a fleeting glance and I felt fear shake me to my core.

「First, why do you know that」
「Haa…so it was true…」

I was dense. Mikoto places her cup on the table and looks towards the heavens.

「I asked Oba-san」

It was my mother.
Damn. I considered she would leak it.
However, if I hid it, it would be worse to find out later.

「Yesterday morning I went to your house」
「…Because I had some free time?」

That is usually the case.
Mikoto was free so she wanted to play with her friend and I am a common choice.
The next day, a television program informed them of the storm.
They both watched it in disbelief. 2

「And then I could not keep calm. When I asked Oba-san, she said the heavy rain kept you indoors and that you would be staying the night…furthermore with a woman」

She asked normally and was given a normal reply.
My mom considers Mikoto her daughter.
She also does not think for one second that Mikoto has feelings for me.

「So, was it that woman?」

She must mean Mia.

「Yeah, it was…」
「As I thought」

Mikoto wasn’t shouting or crying.
She was calm to the end and was rationally trying to find the facts.
I, on the other hand, was scared.

「Are you going out?」
「…We aren’t going out」
「Is that so?…」

Silence dominates the room.
We continued sitting in the karaoke box without singing.
We could hear someone’s voice leak out of some room singing an anime song from years ago.

「…Did you do it with that woman?」
「Do what?」

Our eyes met.
I know what she wants to ask.
In other words, she wants to know whether we had sex or not.
She couldn’t ask directly so her expression ends up becoming abstract.
She was vexed and impatient. She looks at me with a face mixed with these emotions.
Her cheeks turn red and she bites her lip strongly.

「What, you mean…a man and a woman spent the night together…」
「What’s on your mind?」
「N-Nothing, nothing in particular is on my mind」
「But, you expressly came all the way to Hashidzume and ambushed me」

When her face turned bright red and she turned it downwards, Mikoto stretches her hand to her juice.
*Chuu*, drinking her juice, she moves her mouth in a chewing motion.

「You did it…As I thought, you did it」
「Eh? What?」
「You did it, didn’t you?! You had sex with that woman, right?!」

With tears accumulating in her eyes, Mikoto shouts.
Violently placing the cup on the table, Mikoto stood up.

「You did it, right?!」
「D-don’t get so mad…」
「I’m not mad! I don’t care either way!」

If you don’t care, you wouldn’t let out such a loud voice.
Swelling up her cheeks, Mikoto battling with her emotions as much as possible was cute.
It wasn’t the usual jersey-clad form I was used to, furthermore it was her school uniform.
It must be her summer clothing. She had a white shirt and a dress.
There was a big red ribbon on her chest that gave off a tidy impression.


I wonder if it was alright to say anything, Mikoto’s glaring gaze shifts left and right.
And then, looking at me, she yelled a single word.

「Damn it!」

Hesitating at the end, the words that came out were「Damn it」.
Making a fist with her hands, Mikoto says while glaring at me.

「Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!」
「As I thought, you’re mad」
「I’m mad! I’m furious! Damn it!」
「F-first of all, calm down…because you’re also holding my juice」

Mikoto sits on the sofa and turns her face away.
And then, when I grabbed my drink back, I drank it.

「Even though, I thought I would be your first…」
「What do you mean?」

Sighing together, I asked her.
With her face turned away, Mikoto places her cup on the table.
And then folding her arms, she muttered in a hoarse voice.

「Hey, do it with me too」
「Do it with me too…sex…」

I heard a bit of the same anime song from earlier.
I don’t know how many times they sang that same tune, or if it was another room singing it.
Either way, I didn’t feel like I would hear this song so many times today.
After a twinkle in my eyes, I asked her.

「You, do you understand what you said?」
「I-I know! Even I know that much!」

Mikoto swells up her cheek.
She was trying not to look at me but I could tell her cheeks were bright red.
The karaoke box was dim. The mikes weren’t being used.
And I was talking about having sex with my childhood friend.

「I won’t lose to that woman!」
「Why do you hate Mia that much?」

Mikoto screamed again.
Opening her eyes wide, she looks at me with her well-featured face.

「Ah, ah, aaaaaaah!」
「You’re annoying. What is it? Are you doing vocal exercises? If you are gonna sing then I’ll clap my hands along」
「You’re wrong! You called that woman by her first name!?」
「That’s right but」
「Damn it! Hurry up and take out your huge dick! We’re doing it now!」
「C-calm down, stupid!」

Moving along the sofa on all fours, Mikoto draws closer to me.
Grabbing her shoulders, I try to stop her somehow.
She grabs my neck with both hands and a surprising amount of power.
And then, she pushes me down.

「Stop, I said stop!」

I layed on the sofa face up and yelled.
I was scared I would injure Mikoto if I resisted too strongly.
When Mikoto started straddling me, I groaned at her as she smiled.


And then she talked to me in a voice like an animal intimidating something.

「I-I’ll violate you, okay?」


  1. Actually a completely incorrect TL. Did what I could
  2. 99% sure this is wrong