Erocom Chapter 55: Ando Mikoto 16


「Why, isn’t it erect…?」
「Well, it’s an impossible request.」

I had my pants and boxers stripped.
Mikoto would rape me in this karaoke box.
I resisted but it reached the point that my dick was fully exposed.

「It stood up when you were doing it with that woman, right?」
「Damn it!」

I wonder if that made her happy.
Mikoto spit and grabbed my dick with her small hand.

「Don’t move! If you move, I don’t know what will happen to this guy, okay?!」

My son, she took my penis hostage.
Mikoto put only a little strength in the hand holding it.

「It’s huge…as I thought…」
「Wai-, Mikoto, it hurts…」
「Ah, sorry」

Mikoto obediently weakened her hand.
And then she slowly began to stimulate it.

「Oii, ah, wait」
「I’ll make you big so stay still」

It did not seem like she would get tired.
With cheeks dyed red, Mikoto was staring at my dick with round eyes.
There’s no man that wouldn’t get excited by the sight of her squaring off against such a huge rod with her small hard working hands.

「Aa…it feels good」
「Really? You’ll get big?」

Mikoto looks at me seeming pleased.
However, when our eyes met, they immediately changed.
And then, she puffs up her cheeks like she was pouting and wanted to say something.
She wasn’t going to stop moving her hand. My dick was receiving pleasure from Mikoto.
Gradually blood started to gather and the pulsing quickened.

「Here, hurry…become big」

Mikoto’s breathe quickened.
Her awkward hand movements gave me an indescribable sensation.

「C’mon, get big…」

Mikoto’s face observing something of great interest was mixed with an unknown amount of anxiety and expectation.

「Naa…show me your tits」

While stroking my dick gallantly, Mikoto looks at me.

「If you do that, then it’ll get big」
「…But, this a karaoke box, you know?」
「You’re saying that now…」

We finished confirming there was no security cameras in this room.
But since the door to the hallway was a concern, we moved to the deepest part of the room.
There was no indication of people.

I reach my hand towards Mikoto’s uniform.
She was sitting cross-legged in her girl’s school dress uniform.
There were four large buttons on the front.
Undoing those, I was able to strip her upper body.

「…Geez, as I thought you are a pervert」
「You are way more of a pervert for trying to rape a guy at karaoke」

When I undo her buttons, the front of her uniform opens.
Mikoto pull her arms out and the top part of her dress became bare.
Underneath was a white shirt. It was transparent and I could see her flower patterned bra.
It didn’t looked like she was wearing a camisole.

「Ah…It was true, when I stripped it got bigger」
「Is it fine to take off your white shirt, too?」
「Y-yeah…it’s fine」

Receiving permission from Mikoto, I take off her shirt while she strokes my dick.
My childhood friend was straddling me and stroking my dick with her utmost effort.
I was tempted by the unbearable excitement of such a childhood friend stripping her clothes.

「…It’s a bit embarrassing, probably」
「It is…embarrassing」

But she wasn’t resisting.
When I finish unfastening all her white shirt’s buttons, I could see her modest hills wrapped in her bra.
When the flower pattern bra was on Mikoto’s figure, it looked like a slightly adult like design.
That feeling of standing on tiptoes made my lower body hot.

「It got bigger, Koumei’s dick…ahn, amazing…」

My dick had grew big to its limits.
It perfectly fit in Mikoto’s clenched small hands and the stimulus was limited to that local area.
Rather that feeling felt unbearably good.

「G-geez, it won’t get any bigger than this?」

Undoing the buttons, Mikoto tilted her head to the side with her bra exposed.
I honestly nodded my head.

「Ah, it’s as erect as it can be」
「Th-then…I can, violate you?」

It’s not like you would ask before doing it.
However, where did Mikoto’s ambition from earlier go?
She ended up having a somewhat timid feeling.

「It should be fine if you try it」

Mikoto gets down on the floor from straddling me.
And then when she put her hand in her skirt, she started to slowly take off her panties.
Her face was bright red from shame.
Even though that’s how it was, the reason she was trying not to stop was probably because of her rivalry with Mia.
While I couldn’t stand at the same height as Mia, with Mikoto there was plenty of surplus.1

Mikoto’s panties pass between her thighs.
It was a similar design as the bra. It had a flower pattern.
Bending her hips, Mikoto pulled her panties off her feet.
She quickly balled it up and put it in her skirt pocket.

「Th-that woman…really put this in her?」
「Well, yeah」

We had already done it but looking back on it even I am impressed.
It’s definitely big. My dick is big.
When I was inside her, I didn’t have much leeway for anything other than excitement.
However, thinking about it now, I feel I forced her to do something quite unreasonable.

「Damn it…that woman, I’ll win…」

Since you aren’t popular you should stop.
While thinking such things, I was glued to Mikoto’s figure.
Her upper body had a white shirt with the front open and her bra was visible.
And then, her skirt was hiding the place where she stripped off her panties.
In other words, inside her skirt…

「I’ll do it, okay…I’ll do it…」
「Wait, I’m gonna put it on」
「What you say, the condom…」

Saying that, I took a condom out of my wallet.
Since there was only one left, I properly went out to get more.

「What’s that?」
「You don’t know?!」
「Eh? That, what do you do with it…?」

Mikoto looked in the distance blankly as I opened the green packaging.
And then, I covered my dick.
I finish up appropriately with slightly experienced movements.

「…Hey, why did you put that on?」
「Haa? It’d be an issue if we had a kid, right」
「Ah, hee…」

Mikoto nodded her head in admiration.

「You seriously don’t know!?」
「Eh? Ah, e-to…I know that, of course I know it」

She probably doesn’t know.
However, if I said that, it seemed it would become another issue.

「Since it seems you’re done with preparations, shall I start? I’m gonna do it! You can’t back out now!」

While saying that a bit quickly, Mikoto straddled me once more.
Mikoto got on top of my legs but her hips were slightly floating.
I couldn’t see inside her skirt but she should be ready, right?

「Are you wet?」
「If you aren’t wet, I think it will hurt quite a bit…」
「Ah, th-that’s right」

Mikoto nodded seeming flustered.
It somewhat seemed she was struggling on top of me.

「It’s fine, it’s fine. After all since I’m incredibly wet, I feel I could do it at anytime」

Mikoto at her wits’ end is too cute, I ended up grinning.
Mikoto saw and puffed up her cheeks.

「It’s irritating that you are so at ease but…it’s fine, shall I show you what I’m made of?」

Mikoto’s nose grew a little bit.
Furthermore, when she raised her hips, the inside of her skirt hid my dick.
And then in order to insert it, she starts moving her hips and adjusting.

「Nyahah, n…」
「Ah, it’s touching」

*Kuchu*, the head of my pole was hitting her wet private parts.

「Haa…Nyah, nnah, wait, eh? What? Hyahn, this is absolutely impossible…」

Opening her eyes, Mikoto looks at me.
It definitely felt like my dick was hitting somewhere that felt like her entrance.
But, it didn’t feel like it would go in at all.

「What do we do…Your dick, probably won’t go in me」

I didn’t know what was a good response to give.
Mikoto’s entrance was stubbornly closed tight.
There was also issues with Mia but not to this degree.

「Do you not do it alone?」
「…Eh? What do you mean alone?」

With my dick hidden in her skirt, Mikoto inclines her head to the side.


  1. Don’t know if he means popularity or height so I left it kind of vague