Hero Pandemic chapter 56

Hero Pandemic chapter 56: First time anal sex ★★




Although I am not planning to compel it, should I consider it to be safe because I am also forced by Shizuyo-chan or should I respect the autonomy of Kurumi-chan, after all or should we separate the lower part of the body?

“……No well, that’s because we’re going to start with you Shizuyo-chan, because you were the first one who suggest it”

After all I abandon thinking or postponing the problem. Shizuyo-chan wont think to put handcuffs on her younger sister while being fucked anal.

However, I didn’t think at this time. Please pray that Shizuyo-chan is not in such a state yet…….

“Please leave it to me. Knowledge concerning anal sex, whether there is such a thing, the preparation of the tool is ready!”

Well then, we have prepared! Shizuyo-chan takes her damn enema that she showed to me and heads to the bathroom.

While seeing that dazzling back in a certain sense I remembered Shizuyo-chan who brought out a kitchen knife to kill me because of her younger sister.

……These past days won’t come back. It is a natural feeling to feel that sadness in that fact, but I could not embrace such feelings if I could. Although there may be places where it is self-income.



A few dozen minutes have passed since Shizuyo disappeared into the bathroom. She went to the toilet several times on the way, so it seems that the preparation will end soon.

I will look over the room as to whether something is necessary even for me, but there is no need for a book to serve as a reference for general household living. Even if you look it up on the net, it is obvious that the net will not be connected in such a world.

I want to do something but I can not do anything, I feel uneasy like when I was waiting for her shower at my first experience.

However, there was no choice but to have knowledge, a few minutes passed while fidgeting, finally Shizuyo came back. And like Shizuyo, Aya-chan disappeared next into the bathroom. ……Is Aya also motivated?

“I have kept you waiting, lets go straight to the room”

Because Kurumi-chan is sleeping deeply in the room of the Kasai sisters, anal sex seems to be done in Aya-chan’s room. I head to her room following Shizuyo-chan’s guide.

Although we didn’t change anything especially when we enter the room, the futon on the bed was put aside and several thick bath towels were laid down.

“Then, I would like to start with the practice of anal sex immediately”

Shizuyo-chan is undressing while spitting out this line that has no feeling of sex appeal. She isn’t shy like the first time and as a elder sister she told Kurumi-chan who sleeps in the next room not to come……by sending a telepathy. Of course, it is not clear whether it was received.

“Because it wont enter of course even if you try to insert suddenly, I would start with a finger first”

Shizuyo-chan on all fours, buries her face in the pillow and shove her butt in front of me.

……It seems to have started. It was so abrupt that it felt like it was a great game of graphics, shifting seamlessly from movie to player operation. I mean, “Ah……it’s starting” so I was caught by surprise.

However, unlike games, dialogue isn’t displayed and I picked up the lotion next to me.

It seems that it is for anal, because it’s a article with a higher viscosity than ordinary articles. Perhaps I will use this to expand her anal.


“Ah, sorry”

It seemed to be cold when it suddenly hung on her hips and her body bounced quietly.

I do not know the correct anal expansion method, so I try to hang the lotion from the crack of her buttocks to the constriction of the back part for now. Then I gently rub her pink anal hole with my index finger.


Of course it isnt painful because I only touch her, but rather it tickles and therefore Shizuyo-chan raises a voice which comes out of her nose.

I couldn’t feel any resistance when I pushed firmly, so I put a little effort into it and――――my index finger is buried.


When I touched the anal hole of Shizuyo-chan with curiosity last time, I was thinking that it was impossible to get in a state covered with lotion because my index finger was easily swallowed simply by love juice, but that prediction I swallowed sweetly enough to go far beyond.

Lightly repeating going in and out her hole steadily produces liquid which drips down on the bath towel laid beforehand.

It seems that anal is an weak point for Shizuyo after all, because she is trembling. ……Believe it or not, she climax just from this.

Because this reaction is just from one finger, it makes me a bit uneasy as to whether she will die if I insert my penis.

“Shizuyo-chan? I will put two fingers inside, okay?”


I tried adding the middle finger with the index finger, but it seems that the two are too tight and stop halfway. The tightening was further strengthened and it became impossible to move.

“Hey, omit the power”

Stimulating her clitoris with my other hand, I raise a rough voice that can not be regarded as human, but the tightening won’t weaken.

Although there was no choice, when considering not to scratch while pulling out my fingers strongly, Shizuyo-chan collapsed without being able to support her weight.

Thanks to her slightly floating waist, the anal is emphasized and the secret hole twitches like a worm.

……It is a hole which becomes tight by two fingers. I’m excited to see what it feels like to stab my dick inside.

If it is a finger, the shape becomes distorted, but if it is a penis with a condom and attached with lotion, I wonder if it enters unexpectedly.

While making such an excuse, Shizuyo-chan brought it and put on a condom. A lame name seems to have been chosen for this luxury product apparently and the package says “The thinnest of the world! The thickness is only 0.01 mm”.

If you break the bag and take it out, it seems there’s no mistake in complaining about it, and if you pull lightly, it’s as thin as the other side can see through. It seems that there are no problems with the durability and I feel the progress of technology in a strange way.

When wearing it, there was not much difference visually from raw. Although it feels like wearing, the appearance of nakedness is somewhat strange.

I attached lotion and put the tip to the anal hole of Shizuyo who invited me and I was able to perceive a slight heat.

She is more impressed by the condom than the first anal sex, therefore she pushes her hips out.


I cannot even enter the tip.

“Shizuyo-chan, omit the power”

“Uuu~, nnooottt goooddd……!”

Even though I was bothered by that much, the power of the sphincter muscles does not show loosening.

Because the tightness of the anus is tight, it is sure to go smoothly if I survive it. However, the first hurdle is the biggest obstacle and it doesn’t enter even if weight is put in. Shizuyo-chan´s back hole will be torn surely when I enter with force.


When I get impatient, it becomes unnecessary and the road to anal sex becomes distant.

I thought it was not easy, but this is unexpected because I thought it was just to break in and try to be honest.

“……Senpai, it looks like it was still too early for me”

Shizuyo-chan has given up anal sex quickly. On the contrary, I who wasn’t interested in it so much is curious now. At least the tip shall go inside……I think that, but Shizuyo-chan’s asshole has been shut tightly.

……Anal sex seems not to be a sweet thing that an amateur could do with thought. After all it seems necessary to take time to expand.

But how can I sink my brave son inside? When I thought that somehow it couldn’t be inserted today……the door opened. It is the appearance of my favorite Aya-chan who is late.

“Maybe Aya-chan is ready?”

When she heard that, Aya nodded and made a thumbs up. She is reliable, but I do not feel like having sex for now.

However, I don’t know whether such feelings are known and Shizuyo-chan who has given up leaves by rolling away and sleeps on the bed.

Shizuyo-chan was crawling on all four before, but Aya had taken a position like a normal position at first sight. However, she put a pillow under her waist and changed the position of the waist so that it is easy to insert even in a normal position.

When it is anal sex, is a normal position or the doggy position correct?

In order to figure it out, I put lotion on Aya-chan’s butt hole and prepare to insert.

“It’s really pink……”

Shizuyo-chan’s butt hole wasn’t a pink color rather than a pigmented skin color, but Aya is really pink. The color of internal organs.

Moreover, it is opening and closing――――hmm?

Shizuyo-chan’s ass was moving with twitch. But Aya’s butt, even though no finger is inserted, her hole is opening and closing as if one finger is inside.

It might be a good feeling that the power is missing. I might be able to insert my son unlike the previous time.

I thought so and did not start with a finger, but stabbed my penis inside Aya-chan’s cute little butt hole.


Beyond a slight resistance the glans head was completely buried.

When trying to pull the tightening strongly, the part caught accompanies Aya’s body. However, it seems that inserting to the root can be carried out relatively smoothly. I tried to insert my penis until the limit, but even Aya-chan’s small body all got hoarse. Moreover, there is still room.

As the inserted feeling, I feel the warmth and the softness that the root of my penis is put in the mouth while strongly held. I wonder if it is lean and fluffy. It’s hard to say.


It’s a little easier to open your mouth when you’re small, so Aya is moaning with her mouth open. When I was looking at it somehow, Aya realized that I was watching her and she hid her face with both her arms.


Even if my penis is inserted to the limit, it doesn’t reach the depths, so there is some frustration. But apparently different tightening seems like a habit.

“Hey, Aya-chan. This posture is easier to insert than I thought from the direction of the penis, did you studied to have anal sex too? Did you want to do ecchi so much in the butt?”

Shizuyo-chan have been interested in anal sex. However, Aya is not obsessed with that so far.

However, it seems that Aya studied the easy-to-put position, because she sees Shizuyo-chan as a rival. In short, it is love. Cute.

“Aya is pretty cute after all. You´re the best for me”

When I whisper so into her ear, the tightening became more intense.

It is very good to be able to see a different expression from usual thus the overall feeling good might be above. Somehow, there is a sense of fulfillment.

I want to move more violently and look at Aya with a different face than usual, but I don’t want to give her a burden for the first anal sex.

That’s why I pull out my penis that I inserted all the way to the point where the glans is slightly buried.

And enter inside quickly.


In order to ejaculate early, I repeated this act to stimulate the most sensitive part, but it feels better than I thought. The feeling of resistance as if you are putting it in and out without breaking the resistance. However, the anus part is entangled. If I become accustomed to ejaculation in this, I may not be satisfied with the front hole anymore.

I understood the feelings of humans who are a little addicted to anal sex. This is more unexpected than expected. If I say it, it’s like getting accustomed to hard type onaholes and won’t be satisfied with real things.

The catch at pulling out and the resistance at the time of insertion become a habit.

“Aya-chan, I’ll ejaculate in your butt. I’m going to release semen though you´re a junior high school student!”

Aya was hiding her face and lowering her head without saying anything to my joking. I experienced anal sex even with a junior high school student, which sounds great.

“I’m ejaculating……!”

Byururu! Dobyuu, byubyu, byuubyuu……dobyuu……

Push to the deepest, I ejaculate with full power. It is a terrible momentum of ejaculation like a hose with pressure, I don’t know how far it flies without rubber.

Because the tightening was strong, when pulling out I hold the rubber so that it didn’t come off. Her butt hole which was poking clearly did not close immediately, and suddenly moved like asking for a penis which disappeared.

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