Erocom Chapter 58: Shirota Yotsuba 12


It’s not that I regretted my own actions.
However, I wonder if there was another way of doing things.
That’s what I thought.

I hurt the person I didn’t want to hurt the most.
That was just the reality of it but I have a feeling that even if I had other choices, it wouldn’t change anything.
Mikoto is my childhood friend and is a very important person to me.
When we hear painful words together, at least I’m relieved we are together.
I really don’t know what will happen without her around.
When I imagine it, my legs and hands gradually get numb.

She wants me to wait.

After deciding on something, Mikoto told me she wanted time.
In that case, I guess I can only wait without doing anything unnecessary.
I reached such a conclusion. Even so…

>I don’t have any club activities tomorrow…
>Do you have any plans? ~|д゜)

While I was worrying in my room, I received a text from Shirota.
It was 9 p.m. by the time I finished dinner.
My room was on the second floor and it was quiet.

I suddenly remember Shirota’s face.
It was always cheerful and energetic, and yet it had womanly feel to it.
She showed me her inverted nipples.
Shirota’s close friend, Eda, told me that Shirota was interested in me.

>Do you need anything?

I ended up giving a cold response.
It’s not like I didn’t want to meet her or talk to her.
I liked Shirota and I thought she would become a good friend.
But, if she is interested in me, doesn’t that mean I will end up hurting her just like Mikoto?
When I thought that, my reply ended up becoming cold.

>Did something happen to you?


>Just a guess?
>Kind of felt it from your message

>There is nothing in particular but…
>What about you?

>My situation isn’t important
>Tomorrow I will listen to all your troubles.

When I didn’t reply, she one-sidedly decided on a meeting place and time.
I thought to refuse but there was something that kept me from doing so.

The next day.
After school, I head towards the designated meeting place.
Club activities for the Human Culture Research Club were suspended.
It seems Ooki had to take a break from school because his condition worsened and the other members ended up losing their motivation to go.
Even though it was normal to go before Kurusu transferred in.
Since they had experienced the peak they couldn’t return to normal as it seemed like rock bottom.
It seems like something that’ll get resolved with time.

「That’s weird, you getting a break from club」
「It happens occasionally」

The place we met up was an empty classroom.
This was also the place where I showed Shirota my huge dick.

「So, did something happen?」

Shirota placed her bag on top of the desk and looked at me.
Although the classroom was gloomy, Shirota was cheerful.
Even though she had a boyish haircut, her looks were womanly.
Since we changed to summer uniforms, her breasts were emphasized.
Her exposed skin was tanned to a light brown and her thighs and calves were muscular.

「It’s nothing…」

I wonder if it was because I wasn’t making eye contact.
Or if it was because my tone was somewhat gloomy.
Shirota sits in a nearby chair and looks at me standing by the window.

「I know」
「About what?」
「Kurusu quit the club」

It seems she thought I was worried about that.
Certainly, if you look at the other club members, it’s natural to assume I received a similar blow.

「I heard from Fukiko」
「Do you know the details?」
「I don’t know the details but…」

Shirota tilts her head and speaks slowly as if choosing her words carefully.

「It seems she was constantly being invited to the student council」
「From Eda?」
「No…from the student council president」

The student council president right now is a 3rd year male student called Makado Tanji.
The president’s spirit is often said to be quite manly, they say he’s a rough, hot guy.
He’s about 20 centimeters taller than me and his shoulders are about twice as wide as mine.
He already retired but he was also the captain of the rugby team.
Usually every year, the second years who are busy preparing for tests don’t run for the student council election in the second half of June.
However, there isn’t a rule where they can’t.
So, Makodo-senpai was the student council president for 2 terms.

「But Kurusu always refused…then suddenly she told Fukiko she wanted to join」
「I don’t know that much…but, since Fukiko is planning on running for the next student council, it seems she welcomed a popular person like Kurusu-san」

Eda ran for the previous student council election.
She lost to Makado-senpai who had more experience and was better known.
However, the president decided she would be the vice president.
Naturally, he was thinking that she wouldn’t run for the next student council because she would be busy with tests but it seems like she will.

「If it’s her, then if Makado-senpai isn’t there she’d easily get elected, right?」
「That’s true but…because of that personality」

Shirota shrugged her shoulders seeming a bit troubled.

「So, are you disheartened because Kurusu-san quit the club?」
「That’s not why but」

In the first place, it’s not definite that I am disheartened.
I like Mia and I like Mikoto.
Of course I also like Shirota.
However, I am not clear on what type of like that is.
Since I’ve had sex with Mia, I put off my relationship with Mikoto.
In other words, if I did it with Mikoto first, I probably wouldn’t have done something like that with Mia. If I’m talking hypotheticals, they are endless but in the end that’s probably how it would be.

「Nee…Do you like Kurusu-san?」

Because she asked me with such a serious look, I couldn’t reply well.

「…No, well…I wonder…I like her but」
「I can’t explain it very well…」
「Well…anyhow, you’re troubled by a bunch of things, huh」

Standing up from the chair, Shirota drew close to me.
She came right before my eyes and then cast her eyes down.

「How can I cheer you up?」
「…I haven’t fallen yet」

I said that but Shirota asked me with an upward glance.

「Will you cheer up if I let you see my boobs again?」