Erocom Chapter 59: Shirota Yotsuba 13


I could hear the voices from the sports clubs in the courtyard.
It was filled with the sound of youth after school that I had grown accustomed to.
I also heard these voices when I was reading books in the Human Culture Research Club.
I am sure Shirota’s voice was one of the ones mixed in there.

「So, how about it? Will you feel better if you saw?」

Shirota asked me with slightly red cheeks.
I was hard-pressed for an answer and ended up saying something I didn’t think about.

「Eh, e-to, well…I-I’ll probably feel better」

Shirota had a slightly attracting feeling.
Noticing my own mistake, I tried to correct it flustered.

「Ah, that’s wrong…it won’t make me feel better!」
「Yeah, that’s a bit…」

That was definitely a bit rude.

「I’ll get better, I’ll get better! I’ll get completely better! Immediately!」
「Sorry, sorry. It’s fine already」

Shirota smiled seeming like she was having fun.
After messing with her bangs, Shirota said.

「Did you get a little better?」

In other words was her saying she would show me her boobs a joke?

「I have a question for you」

The Q&A suddenly started.1

「If you answer honestly, I will remove one piece of clothing」
「Now then, First!」
「Wai- Shirota?!」

The comical Shirota shot out words as if she was imitating a T.V. host.
Disregarding my bewilderment, she continued on.

「Do you like Kurusu-san?」
「…Eh? E-to」
「3, 2, 1」
「I-I like her」

Nodding in satisfaction, Shirota took off a slipper.

「Now then, Second!」
「Oi, what are you trying to do?」

However, Shirota ignored me and continued pressing on.

「Are you going out with Kurusu-san? 3, 2, 」
「We aren’t going out」

Shirota once again took off a slipper.

「Now then, Third…」

However, she couldn’t ask me the next question.
Shirota, who wasn’t wearing her slippers, started unbuttoning her shirt before asking more questions.

「You…Do you like Shirota Yotsuba…?」

It was a way too straightforward question.
I wonder if it would be fine to be indifferent towards it.
Recently everything has been spinning around me.
If it doesn’t slow down a bit more, the gears will break and will need to be gathered up.

「3, 2, 1…」

As she finished the countdown, she opened her T-shirt.
Just wearing a shirt under, it was quite a lewd appearance.
I couldn’t help but look towards her splendid hills pushing up her shirt from underneath.
Her cream-colored bra could be seen under her shirt.


Shirota started counting down again as if to hurry me when I didn’t answer.

「I like you」

I myself don’t even know what meaning is behind that “like”.
It’s hard to know our mutual thoughts past being friends.

「Then, the next question」

Shirota watches me steadily while smiling.
While staring at me with such a piercing gaze, her pupils had a shy light to them.
*Fuu*, letting out a short exhale, Shirota asks.

「Do you want to do perverted things with me?」
「I do」

It was almost an immediate reply.
Rather than replying with my intention, my instincts got words out first.

「Then…should we try it?」

Shirota tilts her head and draws near to me.
Shirota’s face was right in front of my eyes while I stood there unable to move.
It was dim so I wasn’t sure but Shirota’s face was dyed bright red.
Her abundant breasts hidden by her inner shirt hit my body with a *munyu*.

「Even though we aren’t lovers」

*Kusuri*, Shirota laughs.

「That’s right…But, don’t you want to do it with me?」
「W-well, I do」
「Then, it’s fine」

I wonder if it’s fine.
No, it’s probably not good.

「I don’t really care about that…」
「It’s not like I’m gonna get in the way of you and Kurusu-san」

Shirota shouldn’t know mine and Mia’s relationship.
Since Mia probably didn’t say anything to her, this is probably coming from her intuition.
Or maybe she means not interrupting me approaching Mia.

「It’s fine if you just like me normally…」
「What do you mean?」
「I asked Fukiko…it went smoothly with you and Kurusu-san」
「Ah, e-to」

Eda knew the exact spot at the shrine.
In order not to hurt Shirota, she tried to skillfully avoid it.

「It was also said…it was fine to honorably admit defeat but that wasn’t the only option」
「You know it right? My feelings…」

*Gugugu*, Shirota drew even closer to my body.
Our lips were almost touching and she let out a sweet breath while saying.

「I…really like you」

It seems like our lips might touch.
It was at the point where even if I were to move my chin a little bit we would kiss.
Trying to retreat, I felt like a frog being stared at by a snake.
My consciousness was going in waves and I couldn’t think properly.
I want to touch. I want to plant my lips on hers.
My instincts were shouting that loudly.

「It’s not like I’m going to monopolize you…」

Our lips were already almost touching.
No they have probably already touched.
The feeling of being a nail’s distance away from touching ran across my lips.
Each time Shirota talks, it was just a bit but our lips would touch.

「It’s just, it’s fine if you just properly look at me」

Shirota laughs with a grin.
Even though it was an innocent expression, she had the face of a bewitching woman inviting men.

「The final question…kiss me」

That was already no longer a question.
My patience crossed it’s limits, and I unconsciously moved.
With my eyes open, I press my lips against hers.


And Shirota received it.


  1. Used shitsumon corner which is directly questioning corner and is a sort of Q&A