Erocom Chapter 62: Shirota Yotsuba 16


Both of Shirota’s nipples were completely out.
They were small but they were hard up to the tip.

Was it because I sucked on them?
Or is it how it normally gets? I don’t know.
Shirota’s nipple had a slightly strong tinge of red.
It seems her statement about her nipples being her weak spot was right.
She feels it easily with her nipples.
Her chest kept rising and falling as she breathes.

「Haa…that surprised me…I let out such an erotic voice」

After giving a fleeting glance towards her own nipples, Shirota looks at my face.
After a bit of silence between us, Shirota turned her gaze towards my crotch.

「Hey…it isn’t standing」

It’s just not possible.
Shirota’s nipples popping out of her chest is excessively erotic.
I feel like blood is gathering way more in my pupils than my dick.
I don’t even know if blood can go in my pupils.
I was worrying about whether blood would pool in my eyes, and yet I couldn’t take my eyes away from her nipples.

「Oi, can you hear me?」

Shirota asks with a foolish tone of voice.
I looked at her taken aback.


Our eyes met but I ended up immediately turning away.

「Eh, why are you turning your gaze away?」
「If I do…I’ll end up wanting to kiss you again」
「Eh? Ah…hehe, it’s fine if you do though」

Shirota muttered in a tone seeming like she had regained a bit of her composure.
At that time, I remembered a certain something.

「My erect dick…You wanna see it, right?」
「Eh? Ah, well…you made my nipples erect」
「Then, isn’t it fine to do the same thing?」

I made eye contact with Shirota.
*Niyari*, she smiled and tapers her lips.


As we share a short kiss, I guide Shirota’s hand towards my dick.

「Eh? Ah…you want me to touch it?」
「Do you dislike it?」

My worry was needless.
Shirota already had an immense curiosity with the feel of my dick.
My dick was given a moderate amount of stimulus towards Shirota’s hand.
She was stroking it rather than rubbing it.
*Monyu monyu*, she touches it as if to ascertain its shape.

「You pervert…」
「N? Does it feel good? Will you get hard?」

Shirota looks at me grinning.
When our eyes meet we kiss. That ended up being our rule.

「N, chu」

And then when our lips separate, our conversation continues.
We talked while our lips were practically piled on top of each other.


While touching my dick, she tilts her head towards my words.

「If you want to see my erect dick, then you have to do the same thing」
「What do you mean the same thing?」

It seems she really doesn’t know what I mean.
Shirota creases her eyebrows a bit with her head tilted to the side.
I tried to propose something I thought of.

「Suck it…」

In other words, I sucked on Shirota’s nipples to make them erect.
Then, in order to make my dick stand, she should do the same.
In reality, My dick already started to get used to being touched.

「Th-that is, well…」

Shirota quickly became bashful.
The only knowledge she had was from manga.
Her lips wet with my saliva open and close.

「You mean…fellatio?」
「Since it’s sucking, it’s not just normal fellatio」

Shirota sucked in a deep breath.
There was tension in the air.
She pressed her pair of hills on me.
On top of them was her hard nipples.
Each time she breathes, those nipples tickle me.

「You mean a vacuum fellatio?」
「I-if I do that, you’ll get hard?」

I nodded my head in silence.
Making eye contact, we kissed 2 times.
Wrapping my hands around her back, I embrace Shirota’s body.
*Haa*, Shirota let out a hot breath.
She continued touching my dick.

「I’ll, try」

Shirota muttered.

「Wh-what would be good?」

I grab her hand and bring her towards the desk.
The silently following Shirota is so cute that my heart throbs to the point of pain.
I sit on top of the desk.

「You can sit on the chair」

For some reason, the mood is renewed by Shirota.
While holding tension like a student being shown to their seat by an exam proctor, Shirota sat at the seat.
Of course, her breasts were still exposed.
It seems her shame from it has already considerably faded.
Although, it seems she has no room to be embarrassed about that as the state of affairs has changed to her sucking my dick.

「It’s biiig…」

Naturally, as I sat on the desk, my dick was right in front of Shirota, who was sitting on the chair.
Shirota looked up at me bewildered.

「Wh-what should I do?」
「First, kiss it」

*Kokuri*, the sporty girl obediently nods her head.
She had round eyes and light brown, suntanned skin.
The tip of her nose was peeling from a sunburn.


After she wet her lips, she kissed my rod.
Shirota’s lips had a slight warmth to them.
I had already felt her lips over and over with my own.
And now, I’m feeling them with my dick.


“Is this fine?” Shirota looks at me as if asking that.
While looking at me, her lips tighten up and kiss my dick.

「Chu, chu…」
「It feels good…next, try sticking your tongue out」
「Li-like this?」

Shirota stopped kissing for a second and stuck out her tongue.
Her small tongue had a healthy pink color.

「Like that, lick it」

Shirota draws towards my dick with her mouth and tongue exposed.


Even though her tongue barely touched me, I quickly lost my ability to act calm.
Shirota smiles with her tongue out as if happy with my reaction.
And then, she flicks her tongue along the surface of my rod.
Rather than giving me stimulus, it feels like she is eating an ice cream.


Her awkward movements made my heartbeat rise further.
My pulse was so quick it hurt and blood gathered in my dick.
My reasoning was already eliminated by my instincts.
I started to get erect but that was unrelated.

「Shirota…open your mouth」

Shirota right now will do anything as long as I ask.
She opened her mouth so wide I could see inside.

「Be careful not to let your tooth hit…while…um…holding my dick in your mouth」

Understanding what I was saying halfway through, Shirota personally tried to put my dick in her mouth.
For some reason, Shirota was making eye contact not trying to take it out.
“Is this fine?” it felt like she was always asking this.
“This is good”, my facial expression, stiff from pleasure, maintained some gentleness.


Tucking in her lips, Shirota was holding my cock in her mouth.
Shirota’s saliva started to stick to my dick more than usual as she gradually started to enjoy it.
I wonder if it was because she showed me the inside of her mouth.
I could clearly feel the saliva Shirota was secreting.

「Ah, aah…good, feels good」

When she smiles seeming pleased, Shirota put my dick even further in her mouth.

「Aaaah? Wh-what is this…aah」

Just a fellatio where she is holding it between her lips is an inexpressible act.
However, the pleasure was more than enough.
I thought I was glad for sitting on the desk on my own.
If I didn’t, my hips would have probably gone out.