Erocom Chapter 63: Shirota Yotsuba 17


Shirota was holding my dick in her mouth.
And it was quite a big dick whose size grew with time.
Shirota continued to look into my eyes with her wet eyes making it seem like the most difficult thing in the world.


And then my dick is gradually guided in her mouth.
Half of my shaft was already hidden in Shirota’s mouth.
She was secreting plenty of saliva.
The inside of her mouth felt slimy.
The stimulus was low but the pleasure was surprisingly high.

「Ish hu muh…」

Shirota talked with my cock in her mouth.
It seems she was trying to say it’s already too much.
Her tongue rubbed me as she talked.
*Jin*, the stimulus shook my brain.

「Ah, aah…this is fine」
「Wu shu I do?」

What should I do?
Shirota should already know what to do next.
However, she was asking me.
It felt like she enjoys seeing my face warped in pleasure.


It was fully erect.
The considerable firmness was overrunning Shirota’s mouth.


Shirota was swallowing her saliva.
Even though it should be painful, she isn’t showing any signs of that.
I could tell she likes me just from her actions.
I felt fully satisfied and dizzy.

Shirota Yotsuba is a 2nd year in high school.
She is in the softball club and has been a regular member since 1st year.
She has to study math because she is slightly poor at it and after she became a second year, she hasn’t taken a single day off from school.
I saw iduring the practice match how popular she is with her underclassmen.


I don’t know what I should call her.
Shirota, who is popular with her underclassmen, is now holding my dick in her mouth.
And then, finally started sucking.

「Nnn, nnn, nnn」

Although I say she was sucking, It wasn’t like a straw.
My cock reached all the way to her throat.
When I thought she would try to suck, she was just sucking in her saliva.


But, she was properly doing a vacuum.
I was instantly struck with pleasure that made my hips shake.
Tears naturally started to flow down my face.
It wasn’t because I was sad. It also wasn’t because I was happy.
It just felt so good.
My body was rejoicing from the sheer amount of pleasure.

「Nn, nn, nn」

Squinting, Shirota sucks my cock.
The vacuum on my urethra made it go numb with a shock.
Coiling her tongue around the shaft, I was further struck with pleasure.
Each time I regained consciousness, I would stiffen up my back.

「Ngu, nnn, angu」

She would just continue to suck even as she breathed.
Such irregular stimulus threw my thoughts in disarray. They were swept away by a wave of pleasure.

Shirota was so lovable as she made eye contact.
She would hide her reasonably huge breasts with both hands and continue to suck on my dick without holding it.
*Tsun*, I saw her erect nipples.

「Ah…Shirotaa…ah, feels good…aaaah」

Even though I should have reached the limit on how erect I could get, blood started to flow into my already huge dick.
The blood in my head also decreased and it felt like I had anemia.
My whole body was sluggish. Meanwhile, my dick was filling the inside of Shirota’s mouth like it was full of energy.

「Amu…mungu, guguguguu」

Sounds resonate out of her throat as she was sucking strongly.
The feeling of ejaculation was rising to the brim.

「Ah, aaah…Shirota, cumming, I’ll cuum」

Shirota pulled my cock from her mouth in a confused state.

「Ah, eh? Wh-what should I do?」
「I want to let it out! In your mouth」

Shirota ends up unconditionally doing what I say.
That further raised my sense of satisfaction.
Once again, I was wrapped up inside Shirota’s slimy mouth and my dick swelled up to the point of explosion.
It was like magma gathered in the center of my hips and would burst out my urethra at any moment.

「Your tongue…use it…yeah, lick it」

While giving her instructions, I stroke the part of my shaft that wasn’t in her mouth.
At the final blow, my thoughts were repeatedly wiped clean.

「N, amuh, nn, nnah」

Sensing something instinctively, Shirota freely used her tongue on my dick.

「Aaaaaah, cumming」

Pushing my hips out, the head of my dick struck Shirota’s throat.
Misty eyes open wide in shock, Shirota stares at me.
However, her pupils didn’t show any dissatisfaction. They were saying they were prepared to receive everything.

The magma travels through my thin urethra and is immediately released.
The released seed immediately hit Shirota’s throat.


Shirota took my dick out of her mouth like it was painful.
She coughs a bit as semen comes out of her mouth.
My ejaculation still wasn’t over and the sporty girl’s tanned face was polluted with it.

「Nh, ahn…amazing, it’s hot」

Closing her eyes, Shirota caught as much of it as she could.
The remaining pleasure was the only thing left in my mind.
Shirota used her finger to scoop up the thick cloudy liquid from her cheek.

「Did it feel good?」
「Ah, yeah…」

I did the best I could to reply as minimally as possible.
At that time, I realized the school bell rang.

「Ah, it’s already this late…」

When I look at the clock, it had already reached the end of the school day.
If we don’t leave soon, the gates will close.
If we don’t get out of the gate in time, we will have to come up with some sort of reason for staying.
I whipped my sluggish body into shape and prepared to head home.
As I put on my clothes, Shirota ran to the bathroom.
When she returned, her face no longer had any semen on it.

「My nipples are still hard…somehow, when I move it feels weird」

As we are running towards the gate, Shirota said that.