Erocom Chapter 75: Eda Fukiko 9



The one who broke the silence was Eda.
Politely lowering her head, she stated words of apology to me.

「No, I’m sorry too…I had no intention to have this conversation」

Flustered, I sit at the chair closest to the door.
I felt a strange exhaustion through my whole body.

「But, Okutani-kun…you’re misunderstanding」

I glared at Eda.
Eda’s eyes had the most kindness I’d ever seen out of her.
Taking off her glasses, she wipes her lens with a handkerchief she took out of her skirt pocket.
It didn’t seem like it had gotten dirty.
It seems that was an action she does to try and take back her pace.

「I am not your father…please don’t confuse me for him」

Eda without her glasses was frighteningly beautiful.
Usually she is a beauty who is always wearing glasses.
However, if she takes them off, that is another type of beauty.

「Y-you’re similar, to that damn father」

Not being deceived by Eda’s change, I looked away.
It was cold but she says in a motherly voice.

「You’re wrong. Your father certainly may be damned…I know I’m not supposed to talk bad of the dead or of someone I don’t know, but I think he is bad」

With just those words, my feelings felt as though they were getting lighter.
I got approval for my thoughts.
Such a thing strangely made me happy.

That guy was a shitty dad. As I thought.
After he got sick, my dad found fault with everything.
Although before that, he couldn’t be considered a great father either.
However, properly doing his work was his way of thinking about his family.
Even so, after he got sick he became terrible.
He wouldn’t focus on trying his best to get better and would just yell at my mother trying to nurse him.
And then when he died he left one word of passing.

「Eda, you acted the same」
「You’re wrong」

Despite my words, Eda calmly replies.

「I definitely won’t regret, but if I do, then I will blame you」
「Don’t you understand the issue with that?」
「I understand…but I apologize for making you bear the burden of responsibility」
「Too late」
「Yeah…that’s right」

After muttering that, Eda got up from her seat.
And then she slowly comes closer to me.

「You know, I…wanted to have you bear a part of the burden」

I look up at Eda getting closer.
Those pair of huge hills under her dress shirt were emphasized to the point of bursting.
Taking off her glasses, she said some unbelievably attracting words.
If Mia’s beauty was the original than Eda’s would be the opposite.
They were both beautiful. However, they were exact opposites.

「You know, I…was gonna have someone who I can view as important to me take responsibility for my life」
「And so, from now on I definitely can’t regret the way I live my life. Can’t you think the choice at that time wasn’t wrong?」

It’s not something a normal person would think of.
However, Eda’s strength was still there.
Eda came right in front of me.

「I’m that important to you…?」
「Isn’t that what I was saying?」

Eda slowly touched my cheek with her right hand.
Her hand was warm and yet somehow cold.
I wonder if it’s just my imagination acting up from being touched a bit.

「Wh-why? Someone like me…」
「I think I don’t need a reason but…if I were to deliberately say it, then I wonder if it’s cause I fell in love with you」

What kind of trap is this.
The eyes Eda was looking at me with made me think she wasn’t lying.
However, an unknown feeling swirled in her pupil like a whirlpool.
I had a feeling it was something akin to a type of hypnotized condition.

「Eda, you, what…are you saying…」

I open and close my mouth like a carp wanting food.
Even though I had just drank some water, my throat was getting dry.
Eda’s advance was close. And then, she extends her hands.
She hugs me as I sat there as if to wrap me up.

Her chest was hitting me right in the face.
Being held between the world’s highest grade cushions, I naturally close my eyes.

「…I thought when I suddenly took that picture. I like this person」

She’s talking about when I was doing stuff with Mia on the shrine grounds.
Eda accidentally took a photo of that.

「I couldn’t tell who it was but…the more I looked at the photo the more I was charmed. When I realized it was you, I realized you were the same person Yotsuba liked」

Eda’s chest was too soft.
Also being wrapped up in them, My head became a mess.
However, Eda’s soft voice is audible clearly through her breasts.

「Since Yotsuba was my dear important friend, I cooperated at first but…I found out it was you in the photo and cooperation became difficult…I didn’t know what was the best thing to do」

I spontaneously wrapped my hands around Eda’s waist.
It wasn’t to console her or out of sympathy.
It’s just Eda honestly telling me her thoughts was lovely.

「That’s why, for Yotsuba…ah I told her」

That monopolizing me wasn’t the only option. That’s what Eda told Shirota.
That way, she didn’t hurt her close friend and also didn’t have to give up on her feelings.
Of course it wasn’t because she viewed my relationship with Mia as a trivial matter.

「I also didn’t have any plans to monopolize you either. I don’t care if you do perverted things with Yotsuba or Kurusu-san」

Eda slowly let me go.
I came back to reality from the high quality feeling from heaven.

「Hey, Okutani-kun…I fell in love with your penis. That’s why if you could let me use your penis, that’d be good」
「I want to go back to the mood just a bit earlier」
「Sorry. But, since it’s the truth…」

Eda is being crazy.
But, that’s only comparing to a normal person.
Eda moves to her own will and tries to fulfill her own desire.

「I…want, your “that”」

The busty vice president, bit her lip and looked at my crotch.


I fought with my own wits seeming to break.
Being invited by the beauty in front of me, I almost shook my head up and down.
However, I suddenly resisted it.
If I don’t refuse here it’ll be bad.
Thinking that, when I opened my mouth Eda said.

「It’s fine. Then for starters can I just do a sketch? If it’s just that it should be fine, right?」

I knew she had guessed something and decided to change her strategy.
Since I refused to here, this is probably her real intentions.

「In other words you want me to be a model for a drawing?」
「That’s right…Since I can’t take a photo…I will sketch it」

Eda returned to her seat and took out a sketch book while saying that.
I had the intention to clearly refuse but I was already drained.
If it’s to be a model, there is no problem. I made such an excuse to myself.

「If it’s modeling it should be fine, right?」
「Th-that’s fine…」
「Thanks. Then, strip…」

Eda said with professionalism to the very end.
If I got embarrassed she would notice.
That’s why, I try to stay calm and take off my pants and boxers.