Erocom Chapter 87: Ando Mikoto 25


I just realized it but the air conditioning turned on.
It kept the room at a good temperature and kept us from starting to sweat from the summer heat.
The reason Mikoto returned to her room early was because of that.
Expecting a tryst with me, she tried to make the room comfortable.
Mikoto’s praiseworthy actions raise my excitement.
I push my hips further forward.

「Hyaaaaahn, it’s coming, your, fat thiiiing…Nyaahnnnnn」

Mikoto spread her legs and received it.
She wrapped her legs around my waist and strengthened like she wouldn’t let go.
Since I couldn’t tell her expression in the dark, I was worried.

「It doesn’t hurt?」
「It doesn’t hurt but it’s amazing, I can feel it there…nnh, naaaahnahn, I’m fine, put it in, pleeease, I want iiiiiit, Koumei, I want iiit」

Mikoto yells like she’s going mad.
It was a mix of ecstasy and happiness.

「Aaaaahn I’mhappy, Koumei…you’re inside mee…Nyaaahn」

The pain shouldn’t have gone away.
However, she doesn’t let it show.
Maybe the pleasure is greater than the pain.
Tightening her legs around my waist, she was trying to pull me further inside.

「Nnnnnnnh, naaaahn, nyah, aaah」

My thick dick continues to invade Mikoto’s small body.
Mikoto opens her mouth wide and lets out her voice.

「Insiiide…It’s fine to go deepeeer」

The spoiled Mikoto was excessively cute.
I continue to hold back my urge to wildly pump my hips and go even further inside.
I spread apart Mikoto’s unused pussy.
Although it was winding around the unknown foreign object it felt, there was plenty of love juice coming out.

「Kahah, aahn it’s cooooming, insiiiide…I’m so happy, Koumei’s…I’m, soo happy」

Mikoto was crying.
She was desperately holding onto my hips with her feet and then looks at me and cries.

「Finally with Koumei…with Koumei…」
「Mikoto…I love you」
「Hyaaahn…me too, aahn, I love you…nyahn」

It was just a bit but I moved my hips back and forth.
The walls of Mikoto’s vagina was coiling around me. Even though it was over a condom, I could clearly feel the twisting and undulating.
I wasn’t even close to cumming but the excitement alone satisfied me plenty.
My eyes had already gotten used to the dark. Mikoto’s face with moonlight shining down onto it was beautiful.
She was wholeheartedly thinking about me. That’s what her expression was clumsily telling me.

「Koumei…It’s fine to move, you know?」

Mikoto says with a voice like a spoiled child.
When I incline my head seeming worried, Mikoto muttered.

「I’m fine so…I…want you to mess me up」

The inside of my head turned pure white.
My beastial instincts bore it’s fangs, and lost to the command to violate my small childhood friend in front of me.
She was a frail girl but her determination was strong.
It made my thoughts get rough and bore fruit.

「It’s fine no matter what you do」

It’s as she says, the joy overwhelmed the pain.
That’s why, she wants to be violated by me.

「Nyaaaaaahnaaaahn, nnh, I can feeel iiiit aaahn, it’s mooooving aahn」

I shook my hips.
I grabbed both of Mikoto’s small hips and shake my hips.
Her vagina constricted in surprise from the sudden actions.
I was inside Mikoto.
I was inside my childhood friend.
We’ve been together ever since we were little.
I thought of her like I would a sister.
I have my penis inside such an important person.

「Aaaah, Mikoto, Mikoto, Mikoto, it feels goood」

I swing my hips in a daze.
It’d be correct to say my current form resembled a monkey.
I didn’t have the leeway to think about my partner, I just entrusted myself to my instincts as I had sex.

「Really, naaaahn, me too, aahn something, nyahn moore, it’s fine to get excited, it’s fine to move moore」

Her tiny body was accepting my fat shaft.
Mikoto definitely seemed to be pleased seeing me in a daze.
I continually kiss the entrance of her womb over and over again pushing and pulling my dick out.
*Guchu guchu*, the sound of our mucus membranes rubbing together fills the room.
The bed creaks and Mikoto’s body jumps.

「Hah, aahn, hahn, nnnnyah…Koumei, ah, break meeeeee pleaaase…make me only think of youuuuu aaaahn」
「Mikoto! Mikoto!」

I lift up my body and embrace her.
Mikoto’s body was light. We end up in a sitting position facing each other without trouble.

「Aaaaahthiiiiis, amaaazing, the fat thing inside my stomach, it’s being so violeeent, aaaaahn, nyaaahn, you’re a pervert! Peeeeerveeert!」

Mikoto’s short black hair was disheveled and she was looking at me.
Mikoto’s eyes looked like those of a woman’s. Mikoto became a grown up before I knew it.
Although she was crying, she was entrusting her body to happiness rather than pleasure.
Because I was moving so desperately, Mikoto’s expression turned to complete ecstasy.
Transparent liquids endlessly pour out from where we’re joined and started to foam up from me moving my dick.

「Amazingamazing, amaziiing, Koumei’s is amaziiiing」

Each time I slap my hips against her, Mikoto would do a deep gasp.
Her high-pitched voice wasn’t rough on my ears.

「Aaaaaahn, moremore…I-I feel so goood」

Mikoto suddenly presses up against my body.
I end up getting pushed down face up on the bed.
Moving carefully in order to not fall, Mikoto squats on top of me.
My whole dick still wasn’t inside her but even so quite a bit was in.

「Don’t do anything impossible, okay?」
「I won’t…nh, I want to do it so I’ll just do it」

Mikoto was just wearing my dress shirt.
If I see them in the light, I’d probably also love her nipples.

「H-here I go…」

Mikoto muttered as if convincing herself.
And then, she starts to drop her hips on top of me.

「Kahahaaahn, thiiis aaahn, nyahn, I’m about to faiint, each time it hits inside, my head, my head, nnnnaaaahn, it feels- weird」

Mikoto puts my dick in on her own with legs in an M pose.
She would probably be drowning in pleasure.
However, it seems she was drowning in the pleasure of being connected with me.
That’s why even though it’s her first time, she became this assertive.

「Hiiiiiiiiiaaah, this iss, I can feel youu」

Patting her stomach from on top of the dress shirt, Mikoto yells.
*Guchan guchan*, an indecent sound continues to ring from where we are connected.
Love juices are endlessly excreted from inside Mikoto.

「Aaaaahn, I’m happy, nyaaaahn, aaah, sorry, I’m sorry, ah, ah, ah, I’m sooorrryyy」

Mikoto suddenly apologizes.
When I thought that, Mikoto drops both hands on the bed and bends her body.
My shaft comes out of her hole and at the same time, clear liquid flies out of her vagina in an arch through the air.

「Aaaah, ah…aaahnwhatisthiiiiiiis, yaaaaahnn」

It was a tide of liquids.
Mikoto blew out a tide getting the sweatshirt I was wearing drenched.
*Pyuu*, at first it was a long stream.
Afterwards, *pyuu pyuu*, it continued to let out smaller streams.

「Nyaaah…I don’t know anymore. I’m scared」
「Does it feel good?」
「Yeeeah, I don’t know…but…I’m way too happy…」

Exhausted from blowing out such a huge tide, Mikoto collapsed on the bed.
Taking off my sweatshirt, I get up on my knees and lay down next to her.

「Nyaa…nnnh…it’s okay, keep going if you want」

Hanging over the face down Mikoto, I pierce through her vagina from behind.


Mikoto yells from the foreign invasion happening again.
I was already about to cum.