Erocom Chapter 86: Ando Mikoto 24


After being in the bath for 5 minutes, I get out.
It was a long bath for me but I didn’t want it to look like I was chasing after Mikoto.

My dick was hard to the point it would be difficult to even put on pants.
I’m glad the change of clothes I have at Mikoto’s is a pair of sweatshirt and sweatpants.
After throwing the towel in to the washing machine, I leave the bathroom.

*Shin*, the corridor was dead quiet.
And the living room was completely dark.
The sun was already down and I could hear plenty of bugs outside.
The frogs also joined in on the chorus making it feel appropriate for this season.

Mikoto’s room is on the second floor.
I head up the stairs trying not to make any noise.
And then I slowly head down the dark corridor on the second floor.
This should be where her room is.
However, there wasn’t a single sound.

Arriving in front of her room, I settled my breathing.
My dick keeps expanding in expectation.
I’ve already done perverted things with Mikoto before.
However, this time is a completely different experience.

Perhaps we will-no we definitely will be having sex.
It’s already been decided that I will be putting my dick inside of her.
Just imagining it makes my throat dry.

I open the door.
The lights were off.
At first, I thought Mikoto wasn’t there.
But, the bed had a bump in it.
It seems she was hiding under a thin blanket all the way up to her head.

I entered her room.
The room wasn’t very spacious and it had an antique desk and large clothes rack.
Her gray uniform was hung up in the window with her school bag underneath.
Away from the window, a single bed was lined up along the wall.
The white sheets had a certain cleanliness to them. The thin blanket was a cream color and was in the form of a mountain right now.

*Pikuri*, the blanket moved.
It seems Mikoto somehow noticed my presence.
I could feel a strange tension in the air.

I carefully drew closer to the bed in order not to provoke her.
And then I gripped the edge of the blanket and turned it over.
Mikoto didn’t move. Her body was curled up into a small ball.

I slid underneath the blanket I had overturned.
Mikoto was right in front of me. It was definitely Mikoto’s face in front of me in this darkness.


I immediately find her lips and kiss her.
It seems she was surprised but she obediently receives it.

「Why were you hiding?」

In the dark, I asked her while our foreheads were together.
Our voices are naturally at a whisper.

「Cuz it’s embarrassing」
「Even though we were both naked in the bath together earlier?」

There was a light soap smell coming from Mikoto.
We continue whispering to each other.

「This is different from that」
「How is it different?」
「Earlier…it was perverted but not as perverted as this」

It had a feeling like we were conversing secrets.
When we were young we would talk sneakily like this.
At that time, we both hadn’t awoken to our sexuality.
It’s different now. We are both adults.
We have awakened to our sexuality and also done perverted things.

「Mikoto…you, what are you wearing?」

If she wasn’t naked, it didn’t seem like she was wearing her usual T-shirt and jersey.
From what I could tell by touching it, I just knew it was cloth clothes that didn’t feel bad to touch.

「Wanna know?」
「This is your dress shirt」

Surprised, I ended up letting out a loud voice.
Mikoto smiled seemingly amused by my reaction.

「Hehe. Are you surprised?」
「I am but…why, eh- do you have it?」
「Earlier when you entered the bath, you left it in the changing room」
「Oi oi…」

I can’t really remember but that seems possible.

「Because of the size it was just like a dress…Was that bad?」
「No, I don’t really care」
「Thank god…」

Mikoto brought her face closer to my body.
I hug her and pull her close.
It seems she wasn’t wearing any form of underwear.
She was just wearing my dress shirt completely nude.


I told Mikoto while hugging her.

「My…is it fine if I put it in?」

*Kyuu*, Mikoto clinged onto my body harder.
And it was only slightly but she selfishly moved her head.

「Please…put it in」

Moving the blanket away, I climb on top of my childhood friend.
I couldn’t understand the subtleties in her facial expression in the dark.
However, I could see her moist eyes shine from the sunlight seeping through the window.

「You know…」

Mikoto mutters.

「I…in order for you to put it in…I was a bit obstinate」
「How were you obstinate?」

I take off my sweat pants while listening to her.
At that time, I take out my wallet from my pocket.

「I did a lot of things on my own…」
「What did you do?」

I take out a condom and quickly put it on.
I was already used to doing it.
I wonder if she was guessing what I was doing as she didn’t look towards me.
She was looking to the side only moving her mouth.

「I tried to put it in at the Karaoke but it didn’t go that well…」
「That’s why…I did a lot of perverted things using the inside as well」1

When my dick was covered with a condom, I once again climb on top of Mikoto.
I turn her face towards me and give her a kiss in an instant.
I muttered while staring at her.

「Is that all?」
「Also, you know…」

Mikoto was about to say something.


I flip up the dress shirt and spread her legs.
As that happened, I reposition myself and press my dick that has already gotten hard against her privates.
*Kuchyu*, Mikoto’s pussy makes a sound.
As I thought, it was wet. There’s no need for foreplay.

「Ah…nh…I also bought a toy…」
「Where is it?」
「It’s a secret…Nyaahn」

I spread apart Mikoto’s labia with the head of my dick.
It definitely seems like I will be able to put it in more than earlier.
However even so, I will definitely have to use quite a bit of force.

「If you don’t tell me, I’ll push it in right now, you know?」
「I’m not telling, I’m not telling, I’m not telling…I’m not sayin so! Hyaahnnn, nyah」

Mikoto raises her voice.
Gritting her teeth, tears start forming in her eyes.
My brutal penis was trying to pierce through her small body.
Her body wrapped up in a guy’s dress shirt, Mikoto desperately holds back her voice.

「Nnnnh, nyah, ah…I’m not telling so, I’m not telling soo」
「I’ll really end up pushing it in, okay?」
「Finefinefine, I’m not telling so put it in…I want your thiiiiing」

Mikoto wraps her thin legs around my waist.
And then she puts strength in them as if inviting me further inside.

「Ah, Mikoto…don’t push yourself too hard」
「I wanna do iiiit, pleeease…put it iiiin」
「I got it…I got it so, slowly」
「I can’t hold baaack…」

*Gugugugu*, the head of my dick finally reaches her vagina.

「Kah, ah」

Mikoto opens her eyes wide.
She could already feel my dick going inside her.

「Ah, aah, it’s completely different…Nyaaaahn, it’s completely different, from normal」

Mikoto put even more power into her entwined legs.
Hope could be seen in the insertion I thought was absolutely impossible.
With her vagina spreading, my dick enters deeply into her.

「Nah, nyah, nnnnh, it’s tiiight…nnh, it’s huuuuge」
「Is it usually an easier insertion?」
「I’m not telling…NyaAahaaAAAhn」

Mikoto turns her face away.
As she does, I push my hips forward.
*Nupun*, the whole head of my cock goes in her pussy.
Mikoto’s body stiffens at the sudden action.

「Ah, ah, ah」

Opening her eyes wide, Mikoto was somehow conscious.
She could feel my dick inside her.

「This iss…ah, amazing, I can feel it…」
「Mikoto, it feels good」

I thought my dick couldn’t get harder from the pressure of her vagina.
Mikoto looks at me while biting her lower lip.

「Since I’ve trained myself this much with the toy…it’s fine」
「Why go so far?」
「…After all…I am glad you are my first」

Mikoto smiled seeming embarrassed.


  1. She is referring to putting something inside her as she masturbates rather than just rubbing